We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! - Subor Z+ Early Review

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
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    Welcome to the next level, China - This console is on the cutting edge of technology, and even doubles as a PC! Is it any good?
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Comments • 8 091

  • Vulcanitu
    Vulcanitu 5 hours ago

    Windows 10 LGBT

  • Michael Lam
    Michael Lam 11 hours ago

    talk tooo much just play game man

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Day ago

    Should we call it a Winnie? as in Winnie the Pooh.
    A few of you will understand the joke.

  • Elias Habib
    Elias Habib Day ago


  • Adam Hooper
    Adam Hooper Day ago

    That console design is what we call a dust shelf.

  • Lyric Ruiz
    Lyric Ruiz 2 days ago

    i want it !

  • Ian Garvey
    Ian Garvey 2 days ago

    I was like damn this guy knows what hes talking about! Let me check out his suggested affiliate links in the description. (at end promotes square space which is shit) - passing on those affiliate links lol

  • mo reda
    mo reda 3 days ago +1

    What is blender doing there

  • Carmine
    Carmine 3 days ago

    meaby its because its like they scamming hardware

    FUCK YOU! 4 days ago

    M.U.G.E.N?! 2019...

  • karol trolowaty
    karol trolowaty 4 days ago +3

    2019 here , update pls ...but realy...i curious

  • Scharie Feldt
    Scharie Feldt 4 days ago

    what game is that? at the intro?

  • FrostFire 1987
    FrostFire 1987 4 days ago +3

    wtf...you didnt test any games on it?

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 5 days ago

    Did you ever do the Let's Play? I wanna see!

  • SP Ä WN
    SP Ä WN 5 days ago

    What was he playing at the start?

  • The Earth Is Bread
    The Earth Is Bread 5 days ago

    Subscribe to Oluv’a Gagdets if you are interested in more detailed reviews about Audio Equipment. He’s on the edge of stopping but i’m convinced that he has more potential to become a huge youtuber some day. It takes time to appreciate this guys content but believe me, its worth it!

  • James Meredith
    James Meredith 5 days ago

    Wanna see more about this

  • Daemous
    Daemous 5 days ago

    A Chinese gaming console running Windows? Interesting.
    I would have been expecting them to be running a distribution of Linux instead.

  • NAS Games
    NAS Games 6 days ago


  • Nicholas Howatson
    Nicholas Howatson 6 days ago +4

    Linus, the Xbox One and Xbox One S had DDR3 memory not GDDR5. Only the Xbox One X had GDDR5 0:20

  • pyrolatry87
    pyrolatry87 7 days ago +27

    6:40 Vote for :Let's play update with some Chinese games THIS YEAR!!!!

    LL FINN LL 7 days ago

    What’s the game at 0:01 ?

  • Francis Ue
    Francis Ue 7 days ago

    unboxing took like 2min and yet there are people milking views with 10min videos for $ that unbox something like a flashlight like brain-dead monkeys

  • Ryan Sherratt
    Ryan Sherratt 8 days ago

    UPdate this!!!!!!

  • niel546
    niel546 8 days ago

    Any updates about this?

  • GodBlessYou2008
    GodBlessYou2008 8 days ago +1

    If you connect anything from China to your device, technically you get just hacked.

    • ItsMeEgg
      ItsMeEgg 7 days ago

      @GodBlessYou2008 big sweat, no but your joking, right?

    • GodBlessYou2008
      GodBlessYou2008 7 days ago +1

      @ItsMeEgg if you can see my message, probably you might have been already hacked

    • ItsMeEgg
      ItsMeEgg 7 days ago

      Can you explain?

  • gdfanboy2015
    gdfanboy2015 9 days ago +2

    But can it run

    BeamNG.drive (at it's highest graphics settings possible)

  • Morenob
    Morenob 9 days ago

    Soulja Boy up in it (OH!)
    Watch me crank it
    Watch me roll
    Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy,
    That Superman dat (OH!)
    Now watch me do
    (Crank dat, Soulja)
    Now watch me do
    (Crank dat, Soulja)
    Now watch me do
    (Crank dat, Soulja)
    Now watch me do
    Crank dat, Soulja boys console!!!!!!

  • EC2Gaming 101
    EC2Gaming 101 9 days ago +1

    So it is better than my old ass AMD Phenom CPU And AMD Radeon GPU PC

  • Stefan
    Stefan 10 days ago

    It's either Riley or James playing chinese music at 4:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Who touched my patato
    Who touched my patato 10 days ago +1

    Chinese xbox=cold War veapon

  • J Rob
    J Rob 11 days ago

    Doesn´t the Xbox One have DDR3 RAM with some SRam?

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 11 days ago

    This thing dead man, it's a completely a garbage

    BYRON OTIENO 11 days ago +1

    just get a play station 4

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson 11 days ago

    Way to destroy the Xbox😂😂

  • Will Nunziata
    Will Nunziata 12 days ago

    y'all need some editing.

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling 12 days ago

    Now localize it and have it get official Android TV support

  • 魏銘廷
    魏銘廷 13 days ago

    Subor Z+ is DOA.

  • hAk
    hAk 13 days ago

    Steam OS into these machines, done.

  • Aris LA6600
    Aris LA6600 14 days ago

    Looks like bluetooth logo..

  • Evade Jr
    Evade Jr 14 days ago

    4:58 grand theft auto in the left corner sticking out

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 15 days ago

    "The battery refresh rate of the X-Box was great, instead..." 🗨😘🔋

  • John Maksym
    John Maksym 15 days ago


  • Spiral modding
    Spiral modding 16 days ago +2

    I'm Chinese Canadian. hahhahahha Chinese themed music playing in the background

  • Ayixlia Merrets
    Ayixlia Merrets 16 days ago

    No disc drive or steam games to test it's performance?

  • Haoliang Jiang
    Haoliang Jiang 16 days ago

    It didn't sell at all and actually died. People in China actually prefer to game on PC and care shit about PS4 or Xbox One

  • Dreamweaver John
    Dreamweaver John 18 days ago


  • mems4life Mathison
    mems4life Mathison 18 days ago

    Make a video on that

  • Jason Kuo Gaming
    Jason Kuo Gaming 18 days ago

    Update: Sadly they have dismissed the development of Subor Z+ as of today, their investors simply are not optimistic towards Subor Z+ and decided to pull out.

  • Leptonaut
    Leptonaut 19 days ago

    It's very simple.
    The official position in China is "labor, labor, labor for party." End of story. You work, you work, you die.
    Now, everybody owns a phone and everybody games and watches movies and blows their lives on the usual 10-second dance and prank videos, but that's something that does not really sit well with the rulers here. But they can't really stop it. Smartphones are a vital part of modern society. Period. Consoles, however, can be banned as "distractions" and "anti-patriotism" and "anti-society." It's the entertainment-primary function that means they will always be skating on thin ice. Building and selling a game-primary platform is a fool's errand in China. Even if it is China-centric and really strives to adhere to the schizophrenic whims of the party. Anything that rivals the party for attention of the people will be erased.

    B0ILERUP 19 days ago

    What is the thing he is using as his keyboard mousepad combo on his lap?

  • Absolutely Solid
    Absolutely Solid 20 days ago +1

    Yooo I’m down to see that foreign gameplay let’s see them 25fps😆😆

  • Prince Steven II.
    Prince Steven II. 22 days ago +1

    Yes, let's play!!!!

  • romain savarin
    romain savarin 23 days ago +1

    Hey Linus, isn't time for an update ? Plizzz

    • dimap
      dimap 21 day ago

      Subor Z+ team was disbanded. Site is closed. So... probably RIP

    GLOBE EARTH 25 days ago

    Next time to save 13 mins or so just include the words..."It's shit!" in the title.

  • Johnny Splash
    Johnny Splash 25 days ago +2

    right after i get sponsored by glasswire for the 1000th time

  • kjetil Bergesen
    kjetil Bergesen 27 days ago

    Chineese cant engineere. Only work at factory

  • Kall_Mii_ Kemo
    Kall_Mii_ Kemo 27 days ago


  • SkwitchIzPlaying
    SkwitchIzPlaying 28 days ago

    Yeessss pleaseeeeee

  • Lunastarling
    Lunastarling Month ago

    fuck 4k or 8k just give me a crt any day of the week

  • Eugen Wolf
    Eugen Wolf Month ago +1

    Subor still exist? Wow. And i still have one of theirs famicom clones, that working fine till today.

  • MantiaRyche
    MantiaRyche Month ago

    Xbox one is also from China
    So what?

  • Jeremy Kowalski
    Jeremy Kowalski Month ago

    The Xbox is better than my pc

  • Lochlann Donnelly
    Lochlann Donnelly Month ago

    Wait your saying that a pc with a consoles specs will be slower than the console can someone please explain

  • Reynold Santiago
    Reynold Santiago Month ago

    I made my computer in $1,000 by buying pieces when they came in special price, making my computer very cheap for the perfomance I get. Even runs Shadow of The Tomb Raider at Max or high settings 1080p 54-60FPS(It take time to find good parts but finally my computer work after a while buying piece when I save money)

  • lol
    lol Month ago +1

    too bad the development team for this disbanded

  • SSP Gaming
    SSP Gaming Month ago

    Speaking of really annoying sponsor plugs...

  • 21 Grams Tm
    21 Grams Tm Month ago

    Love your reviews and where can I get that keyboard 😍

    • dandypajamas
      dandypajamas Month ago

      Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard for Mechanical Keyboard

  • Roderick Richardson
    Roderick Richardson Month ago +1


  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan Month ago

    I would rather buy this than a shit xbox

  • Primeguey
    Primeguey Month ago +1

    The playzplus link is dead. Is this because the console team is disbanded?

  • WebbySpice16
    WebbySpice16 Month ago +1

    This is some hardcore clickbait

  • Scott Maday
    Scott Maday Month ago +3

    Who else wants to see Dennis play Chinese games in the coming update?

  • Ryan LeBear Kearney

    Hi, does anyone know what keyboard/mouse combo he's using?

  • Gnytmare
    Gnytmare Month ago

    what game was being played at the beginning?

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat Month ago +1

    its a great idea for the chinese market but it needs better triple-A game performance to attract the PC gamers.

  • xxBXTxx
    xxBXTxx Month ago

    it looks really cool to be honest

  • Gee Buttersnaps
    Gee Buttersnaps Month ago +1

    Didn't even play any games. I'm unsubbing. Bye.

  • kavon the Israelite
    kavon the Israelite Month ago +4

    Didn't even play the Damn console/PC😶

  • henry benson
    henry benson Month ago

    When you say “we got our hands on one” it make it sound illegal

  • Beenster
    Beenster Month ago

    i hate sonic the hedgehog

  • Babu
    Babu Month ago

    Funny...they will not even make any headway into Asian countries,except those that are indebted to them!!!

  • SilentGhilly
    SilentGhilly Month ago

    HELL YEAH, Bout time someone makes a CONSOLE. I Digg it hopefully they continue they would have my support. This things already superior to the Xbox, an PlayStation due to the sear fact its running windows. Ima have to keep eye out for one of these puppys EDIT: I cant find this thing no where

  • Humberto Montes
    Humberto Montes Month ago

    Could someone tell me what keyboard he is using?

  • DogmaticDissident
    DogmaticDissident Month ago

    now with more chinese spyware!

  • Rzkkk l
    Rzkkk l Month ago

    The box logo is like pg

  • Uvuevuv Jjjjn
    Uvuevuv Jjjjn Month ago


  • pomegranat2000
    pomegranat2000 Month ago

    Interesting though

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful Month ago

    That’s a sexy console

  • KittyKittaw
    KittyKittaw Month ago

    is there nothing China won't rip off and call their own?

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray Month ago

    who gives a shit about a fucking lame Chinese Xbox......

  • DJ Trillest
    DJ Trillest Month ago +2

    This mite sound cheesy but what game are U playing at the beginning of video??

    • Daemous
      Daemous 5 days ago

      X-Morph: Defense.
      I recently bought and am currently playing it.

  • david brown
    david brown Month ago

    Please tell me you did a lets play update

  • Rnl Valen
    Rnl Valen Month ago

    Xbox One X's GPU ROPS has 2MB render cache which doesn't exist on Polaris 10/20

  • Nawres Hamid
    Nawres Hamid Month ago


  • Nasrul Amir
    Nasrul Amir Month ago

    i can see linus is addicted with chinese market now..yeahawww

  • Noble Nemesis
    Noble Nemesis Month ago

    Steam tried to do this too, and it flopped.

  • Jake Xake
    Jake Xake Month ago

    ANOTHER CHINESE PRODUCT THAT VIOLATED copyright infringements. China is NOTORIOUS for what is called reverse technology where they take the product (XBOX and PLAYSTATION in this case) and re-create it to market it as their own. This is A WAY OF LIFE THERE and they do this all the time all with the blessing of the People's Liberation Army and the Communist Party Government. China can NOT create anything on its own. It's always INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY VIOLATIONS. The trade war against China has one of U.S. demand is to stop this illegal activity.

  • CryptiCypher Darkhand
    CryptiCypher Darkhand Month ago +1


  • Pain Cycle Of Hate
    Pain Cycle Of Hate Month ago

    Flys to china