HAVE YOU HEARD OF SALAD FINGERS? | Reacting To Scary Stories (SSS)


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  • Brain Killer
    Brain Killer 34 минуты назад

    Skin walkers are just witch who wear animals skin that represent there spirit animals and can turn into them

  • Icot ****
    Icot **** Час назад

    U push the likes

  • E-Man
    E-Man Час назад

    I watched midnight snack at school

  • kitty boy love kitty star
    kitty boy love kitty star Час назад

    I feel bad to salad finger :(

  • Da Thunder Boi
    Da Thunder Boi Час назад

    0:01 *wakanda foreva*

  • Andrew Hennessy
    Andrew Hennessy 4 часа назад

    I’ve only seen sixteen seconds of this vid and I’m already terrified

    Later on..JEUS

  • Traillis Randle
    Traillis Randle 5 часов назад

    Bro salad fingers don't ever do that again

  • Glitchy Gaming0
    Glitchy Gaming0 5 часов назад

    After seein this video im never goin camping again

  • MDCToby12
    MDCToby12 5 часов назад

    The lofi transition is bootiful!!

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan 6 часов назад


  • Pastime gamingIOS
    Pastime gamingIOS 6 часов назад

    Watching at 11:00.

    Nightmares have join the chat

  • milly and loi
    milly and loi 6 часов назад

    First 2:00 minutes sxared me more then the whole video

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan 6 часов назад

    And the thing he ate was a heart.., and I thought it was a wall potato

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan 6 часов назад

    I thought the girl in midnight snack was that girl that came out of a tv
    (Witch was in the movie The Ring)

  • dark lightning vlog
    dark lightning vlog 6 часов назад

    How did you know that I like all three of the candy in the beginning how did you know I like them all all three of them you are either the devil or you spy on me but seriously how did you know I like them all that's confusing I'm kind of scared now are you watching me man who cares I honestly just don't care and I want to watch a creepy video so this better be scary or I will be angry.

  • Manuel Montano
    Manuel Montano 6 часов назад

    I live in abq nm

  • rosalina Torres
    rosalina Torres 6 часов назад

    I thought the salad fingers was someone with fingers made of salad buuuut noooo it is something waaaayyyy worse 😐😐😑

  • PikaCam™
    PikaCam™ 6 часов назад

    That heart would have shot out my butt hole

  • Mario’s Adventures 21
    Mario’s Adventures 21 6 часов назад

    the first animations is the best animation i have ever seen

  • CRIES IN GUCCI Fngsxfgb
    CRIES IN GUCCI Fngsxfgb 6 часов назад

    2:25 to skip cory being crazy

    WOLFGAMER312 7 часов назад

    Hey does anyone know if the Creator of Salad Fingers is making new videos? I have watched every salad fingers episode and watched game theory's theory on it. But I have never seen the episode Cory watched.

  • Abel Raso
    Abel Raso 7 часов назад

    Part that scared me was the skin walkers searched them up and found out it really is a Navajo thing

  • Yustavius
    Yustavius 7 часов назад

    Another video like this!!

  • Trinity Johnson
    Trinity Johnson 7 часов назад +1

    in the first animation I never realised that man had bars!

  • anime is good
    anime is good 7 часов назад

    This is the first video I watched but this youtubers good

  • The El3ctr1c Show
    The El3ctr1c Show 7 часов назад

    *falls off a chair*

  • shadow aedan
    shadow aedan 7 часов назад

    I will slice that like botten but just don't hurt nobody

  • anime is good
    anime is good 7 часов назад

    Yes I've heard of it and I wish I hadn't

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 7 часов назад

    I can't slice buttons. Get realistic Cory.

  • ink bendy
    ink bendy 7 часов назад

    (Watches this on Friday the 13th) this was a bad idea...

  • Si Le
    Si Le 7 часов назад

    Are you celebrating the return of salad finger?

  • Ethan Gomez
    Ethan Gomez 8 часов назад

    Neck gos back hell no 😑

  • De’Avion Frias
    De’Avion Frias 8 часов назад

    People are so dumb why would you investigate something just report what you saw to everyone else and stay inside at night

  • Sincere Edmund
    Sincere Edmund 8 часов назад

    Sunday is for a day of god but ok let’s go baby

  • A Depressed
    A Depressed 8 часов назад

    Really cory your gonna start pulling
    The sex card

  • True Gamer Legends808
    True Gamer Legends808 8 часов назад

    10:20-25 Cory sneezed and said thank you look at the face cam!

  • Crazy Combat
    Crazy Combat 8 часов назад

    I like it how this is all scaey and i am having night terrors but I am still watching this

  • Jie Rocks
    Jie Rocks 8 часов назад

    20:49 that sound tho

  • Zoinks Xb
    Zoinks Xb 8 часов назад

    Hamster hell I meant

  • Jess Woodson
    Jess Woodson 8 часов назад

    salad fingers :) i saw the whole series my favorite was 7 or was it 8? i forgot it was the one where jeremy fisher was a loop of salad fingers

  • Kevin Guevara
    Kevin Guevara 8 часов назад

    Is so scary

  • Kevin Guevara
    Kevin Guevara 8 часов назад

    I dont likc this

  • Cj Jennings
    Cj Jennings 9 часов назад

    I watch Cory eggs Kenchen of the lake all the time I am the one stop watching it I watched a scary Gary Sundays

  • Emily Alanis
    Emily Alanis 9 часов назад

    That slenderrenda stuff right there

  • Emily Alanis
    Emily Alanis 9 часов назад

    That me tho

  • Potato Doggo
    Potato Doggo 9 часов назад

    Poor, New and Improved Hubert Cumberdale (The real boy)...He just wanted to dance on the rooftops for everyone to see.

  • Dark Collector
    Dark Collector 9 часов назад

    Me: bless you cory:thank you Me: no way 10:21

  • Jayden Wilson
    Jayden Wilson 9 часов назад

    Omg i loved the intro XD

  • Puppy’s rule
    Puppy’s rule 9 часов назад

    I wish I hadn’t watched this at night

  • Lukemazo
    Lukemazo 9 часов назад +1

    I'm dead LMAOO 9:00

  • smtin2gr8 for meme
    smtin2gr8 for meme 9 часов назад


  • Evilgirl 54
    Evilgirl 54 9 часов назад

    Me before watching salad fingers: Alright this video is cool so far!
    Me after watching salad fingers: * Sticks gun in throat * * Pulls it out and shoots every mirror in house * * Put it back in and shoots *

  • Tasha Watson
    Tasha Watson 10 часов назад

    Cory,you know there are more salad fingers episode

  • Jay Cub
    Jay Cub 10 часов назад

    Got scared into slicing that like button

  • ProphFN
    ProphFN 10 часов назад

    the guy running edit when it was like *GO CRAZZY ULALALAAL GO STUPID ALALALALALAL* had me dying 😂

  • Golden Wolf
    Golden Wolf 10 часов назад +1

    I heard of the skin walker before and that scared the poop out of me 😖

  • Elizabeth Cruz
    Elizabeth Cruz 10 часов назад

    Yo da fist one lit the rap tho

  • Skykidd #1
    Skykidd #1 10 часов назад

    The ladt one reminded me of a episode of courage the cowardly dog

  • Sensei9000 Ajpw
    Sensei9000 Ajpw 10 часов назад

    This has become my favorite series on all of RU-clip ❤️

  • Elizabeth Cruz
    Elizabeth Cruz 10 часов назад

    Did u take ur medicine??😹

  • Parkour Prime
    Parkour Prime 10 часов назад

    Nice beard intro

  • Joshua Solis
    Joshua Solis 10 часов назад

    Why are there so many dislikes?

  • Keyla Allen
    Keyla Allen 10 часов назад

    I didn't even get to the ending I was soo scared

  • Hope Foye
    Hope Foye 10 часов назад

    Am i the only one that thinks cory has a nice butt?

  • Pamela Brooks
    Pamela Brooks 10 часов назад

    Don't hug me I'm scared

  • Kronosaurus and spinosaurus Studios
    Kronosaurus and spinosaurus Studios 10 часов назад

    Wow I am spooked

  • H2O Hilarious
    H2O Hilarious 10 часов назад

    I live in Arizona, and the skinwalker are real cause i faced one its a shape of animal, u smell dead human or animal, and I am Navajo its a scary story as well... I bless myself and my family will corn pollen

  • Slaw
    Slaw 10 часов назад

    I don’t have snacks that’s offensive

  • Johanna Braun
    Johanna Braun 11 часов назад

    Well I’m not going to sleep tonight

  • gg smith
    gg smith 11 часов назад

    i have seen every ep of salad fingers

  • Roger Yeatts
    Roger Yeatts 11 часов назад

    I know I have 😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😀😀😆😆😆😆😆

  • Goku Black Rose
    Goku Black Rose 11 часов назад

    6:06 Straight bars 🔥🔥🔥

  • Melon! Sans
    Melon! Sans 11 часов назад


  • Kaisy &Hiccup
    Kaisy &Hiccup 11 часов назад

    That salad finger shit is disgusting

  • thatdeltagamer delta
    thatdeltagamer delta 11 часов назад

    Great video

  • Benton bell
    Benton bell 11 часов назад

    oh no i only have a lolipop shaped as a unicorn

  • deakon taylor
    deakon taylor 11 часов назад

    salad fingers are yummy

  • Kellan Scherrer
    Kellan Scherrer 12 часов назад

    I almost barfed

  • Jolene Medeiros
    Jolene Medeiros 12 часов назад

    Knives solve everything cory NOT SHOTTIES

  • KindredVirus 31
    KindredVirus 31 12 часов назад

    Why on Sunday for the Samurai occult

  • JC Martinez
    JC Martinez 12 часов назад

    This sucka never cook know more

  • Emerald Machine
    Emerald Machine 12 часов назад +1

    Cory: You're just in time for the ceremony
    Me: Why a sheep tho?
    Cory: What?
    Me: The sheep u killed sumhow
    Cory: Oh I was just hungry

  • WhiteLotus God
    WhiteLotus God 12 часов назад

    That first one was full of BBBAAAARRRRSSSSS!!! It was so freaking lit!

  • Megan Sangathit
    Megan Sangathit 12 часов назад +1

    I remember salad fingers...

    Needed some ranch though.

    TBK UnKNOWN 12 часов назад

    That first one was barsssssss🔥🔥🔥👌🏽😂

  • Chester Cat_gacha
    Chester Cat_gacha 12 часов назад

    Narrator:what I saw was bone chilling
    Me:oh it’s just me then

  • Trxppy namikaze
    Trxppy namikaze 13 часов назад

    Looks like my ass aint goin camping again

  • Lauren Street
    Lauren Street 13 часов назад

    Bruh when he said the ritual was to get me to slice the like button I looked down and realized I'd already done it... NO NEED FOR THE RITUAL CORY I GOTCHOO

  • Broom Stick
    Broom Stick 13 часов назад

    Yoh that first one

  • KawaiiPotato XOX
    KawaiiPotato XOX 13 часов назад

    *oNe Of Us! OnE oF uS!* I’ve only seen the start so that explains this comment

  • onix mendoza
    onix mendoza 13 часов назад

    salad fingers is not creepy

  • Shavolic Trice
    Shavolic Trice 13 часов назад

    16:35 I'm dying lol and i feel bad for the homeless man

  • Dar Trice
    Dar Trice 13 часов назад

    I love you Cory

  • Jelea Allen
    Jelea Allen 13 часов назад

    The first one that dude went crazy 0 to 100

  • 16Kidd
    16Kidd 13 часов назад +1

    2:31 what my mom say before i get a whopping

  • Kalon Alleyne
    Kalon Alleyne 13 часов назад +1

    Cory: if u don't know what scary Sundays ur either new or u d0nt frickin listen
    Me: I'm laugh so hard I could put the screen up to my face and not get scared

  • XXcode Ranger5
    XXcode Ranger5 13 часов назад +1

    Lol skin walkers are fast and they can slaughter the family

  • Draco-And-friends 89
    Draco-And-friends 89 14 часов назад


  • Matthew does youtube
    Matthew does youtube 14 часов назад

    (10 minutes later: GO MY DUDE 🏃💨 RUN DON'T STOP (FALLS) what the freak

  • Matthew does youtube
    Matthew does youtube 14 часов назад