TUA | Homecoming - Part 3: Taulia Tagovailoa's evolution from Tua's center, to starting quarterback

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
  • In part 3 of TUA | Homecoming, Tua's parents, aunt and uncle, take a look back at the Alabama quarterback's youth football days, with younger brother Taulia (2019 4-star QB commit to Alabama) as his center.
    The brothers also discuss Taulia's transformation from center to quarterback, their reciprocal admiration, competitive relationship -- and what it will be like to play on the same team, at the same position, for the first time ever.
    During this five-part series, TUA | Homecoming, you'll be transported to Tua's hometown of Ewa Beach, HI, and meet the people who helped raise the reigning national champion.
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  • Glenda Freeman
    Glenda Freeman 5 days ago +1

    The usos tua tagovailoa
    Taulia tagovailoa

    Roll tide Roll tide Roll
    Dallas chase Estes Freeman

  • Luag Gaopoa
    Luag Gaopoa 5 months ago


  • barry walker
    barry walker 7 months ago

    Tua and his family are fake ass fuck.this is fucking pure bullshit!!!!!!!.tua is the most fucking overrated quarterback in the history of college football.tua is so fucking overrated that his ass is brushing against the fucking moon.fake news at it's fucking best.tua is the greatest flop in college football history.tua looks like a girl and plays just as soft as one....44-16😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😀😄😀😄😄😀😄😄😀

  • Jose Posada
    Jose Posada 10 months ago

    Go to Auburn and compete

  • Andrea Baker
    Andrea Baker 11 months ago

    the looks on the lsu fans faces @ the end of game was priceless! the caption could've been Tua & Bama came to town & that's what happened!

    CDWAMLP 11 months ago +1

    didn't think I could love this kid and his off the chart positive radiance any more... then he says, "I just hope he can be better than me." OMG

  • Andrea Baker
    Andrea Baker 11 months ago +2

    TUA.....the University of Alabama

  • Andrea Baker
    Andrea Baker 11 months ago

    I say it's great to be a Bama fan; the Dynasty! I love watching Tua just letting the football fly from his hands that ends in touchdowns! I also ♡ when we play the elephant sound after each td while @home. very cute idea! ♡♡♡Roll Tua Roll:)

  • ImNotMad ButUR
    ImNotMad ButUR Year ago

    I don’t know, Mom, I watch the O-line, Bama fans watch both the lines, and closely too. We’re so proud, thrilled, excited that both the Tagovailoa boys are Alabama Crimson Tiders. Even more so that they’re Christians and leaders. We need more kids who are like them as role models. RTR, Tagovailoa is now a household name, a family name. 🇼🇸 Aloha‼️

  • mark price
    mark price Year ago

    So his brother is there at bama? Competing for the q/b job?

  • Toney R. Chappell
    Toney R. Chappell Year ago +1

    Ewa Beach..first place I lived in Hawaii..Beautiful place!

  • Kapolei Hammah
    Kapolei Hammah Year ago

    Yessuh Kapolei

  • Justin Whittington
    Justin Whittington Year ago +20

    I absolutely love that Hawaiian/Samoan culture and players are being brought into the Alabama Crimson Tide Family. These Tagovailoa kids are incredible young men and incredible athletes. Hopefully they lead the way for more players from the islands to come play for the Crimson Tide!

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago +1

      Justin Whittington yes, Amen!

    • Trevor Darnal
      Trevor Darnal Year ago +3

      Heck yeah! just make a direct pipeline for them to come over to Alabama. You better believe when I go to Hawaii one day I'm sporting my Alabama gear! Roll Tide!

  • RPG 808
    RPG 808 Year ago +4

    Saint Louis 73' grad here. I believe one V. Passas who was our QB was Tua's QB coach. Wow! The Lord moves powerfully in people's lives and we are so very proud of Tua in what he has accomplished and his witness for Jesus. He looked fantastic yesterday in Bama's win. May the Grace of God be with you all! Roll Crimson Tide.

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago +1

      RPG 808 I started watching Bama football when I was 2 years old watching Mr. Joe the quarterback

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago +1

      RPG 808 I love the book of Psalms & my two favorite scriptures are 31:14 & 118:14

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago +1

      RPG 808 Amen! God is definitely using Tua as a witness! ♡♡♡♡

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Year ago +1

      RPG 808 Amen RPG! RTR♡♡♡♡ God Bless

  • TheRawfishking
    TheRawfishking Year ago +41

    "No one watches the O'Line except their MOMS" LOL...ain't that the truth.

  • Eric De La Cruz
    Eric De La Cruz Year ago +2

    where did he get that black with baby blue Hawaiian shirt?

    • FormEEh Ohyeah
      FormEEh Ohyeah Year ago +1

      Eric De La Cruz the company is called Missing Polynesia. Follow them on Instagram. They have amazing shirts and dresses, like poly styles.

  • The Original American

    Tua is a real QB with skill, Mac Jones is right behind him.......... But Hurts is the worst passer I've ever seen and in bigg games he cannot rise to the occasion

    • 4 7
      4 7 11 months ago

      Sense of Tumor
      You're always talking Tumor
      Tell me about Jake Coker
      Blake Barnett
      Brodie Croyle
      Blake Sims
      AJ McCarron
      You're just spoiled with Tua
      No way is Blake Sims or Coker better than Jalen

    • The Original American
      The Original American Year ago +2

      WiltChamberlain Trell Yep, every game in college football counts

    • WiltChamberlain Trell
      WiltChamberlain Trell Year ago +1

      Melaninated Native every game is big

  • sfields619
    sfields619 Year ago +18

    There's a pretty good chance Alabama will repeat as champs as long as Tua is playing.

    • Rebel Weaver
      Rebel Weaver 10 months ago +1

      Plus his brother coming in next season. Is it next season? Either way both will be playing for Alabama. With those boys there it's going to be hard to stop Alabama. Hurts leaves, graduates before Tua right? Could you imagine Tua and his brother in a game, one opening and one closing? Wow that's gonna be a team to be afraid of. Plus bring title after title.

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago

      sfields619 you got that right! get ready for #18, coming soon

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Year ago

      sfields619 yes that is very true Go Tua go & Bama!!

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Year ago +13

    I love these brothers and family. Special family . I believe God has brought them both to Tuscaloosa for a great purpose. Roll Tide family!

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago

      J Johnson I love the book of Psalms & my two favorite scriptures are 31:14 & 118:14

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago

      J Johnson Tuscaloosa....aka Tualoosa

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago

      J Johnson God is definitely using Tua as a witness!

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 11 months ago

      J Johnson Amen!! #13 is my favorite new number now! ♡♡♡

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Year ago

      J Johnson Amen I agree with what you said! I'm a Christian & proud of Tua ♡♡♡♡

  • Abramo Chun
    Abramo Chun Year ago +1

    Sup uso

  • L.A.W 100442
    L.A.W 100442 Year ago +2

    Roll Tide Roll!!!!! Go for Broke!!!!!

  • Joan Mandeville
    Joan Mandeville Year ago +2

    Time to focus on team!!

  • Vladik Valasiuk
    Vladik Valasiuk Year ago +7

    I go to the same high school as taulia go warriors

    • Aaron Caldwell
      Aaron Caldwell Year ago

      Impaler Vlad tell him to go to auburn to play against his brother

    • HSN HudSportsNetwork
      HSN HudSportsNetwork Year ago +1

      tell Taulia that a diehard BAMA fan says hello and ROLL TIDE!!

  • Douglas Ray
    Douglas Ray Year ago +10

    God bless y’all