Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Instagram

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • So I've been seeing these beauty hack videos all over Instagram, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different instagram accounts and pages and ended up with exfoliated underarms, spicy undereyes, tweezed eyebrows, spooned eyes, and vacuumed hair!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +9610

    HELLO FRIENDS!! here is a silly video i made just to torture myself, basically. BTW, i will be reaching out to those who won the frankenphora giveaway tomorrow night! xoxo, saf

    • No More
      No More Day ago

      There were 499 comments here before I commented

    • Haley Galapati
      Haley Galapati 10 days ago

      Hi! Love your vids and keep on going!

    • Kawaii_ Frog
      Kawaii_ Frog 3 months ago

      Hi safiya! I’m the 500th comment lol

    • T Does Art
      T Does Art 4 months ago


    • Matthew Marlee Ross
      Matthew Marlee Ross 5 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard Hi Sophia! I watch your videos literally every single day! I love you so much!!!

  • Kirra Davis
    Kirra Davis 14 hours ago +1

    I'd much rather use concealer than put potatoes with pepper under my eyes😂 but that's just me

  • Kirra Davis
    Kirra Davis 14 hours ago +1

    U know he's a keeper when he puts oatmeal in ur armpits😂

  • Lymmle
    Lymmle 19 hours ago

    I once tried this weirdo 'hack' where you have to put an EGG on your FACE. Nah, I'd rather eat 'em than put them on my face.

  • Charine van den Bergh
    Charine van den Bergh 23 hours ago

    I just already love you, and I'm only at the armpit video commentary...

  • kelly
    kelly 2 days ago


  • Oleh Babiy
    Oleh Babiy 2 days ago

    i dont understand that so many women make their eyebrows always so heavy when its totally unnecessary and not pretty... do other guys like it?

  • BlueJayInJuly
    BlueJayInJuly 3 days ago +1

    Omg when she said "is that james charles?" I was scrolling through james charles videos 😂

  • Iris Meyer
    Iris Meyer 3 days ago

    Troom troooooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayley
    hayley 4 days ago

    When is Tyler going to propose

  • Becca C
    Becca C 4 days ago +1

    Come on u gotta post more

  • Jeanine Marie
    Jeanine Marie 4 days ago +1

    I love 5 minute crafts and so does Jenna marbles

  • Kylie Snyder
    Kylie Snyder 4 days ago

    I skid marked.

  • Cleofé Vera Garví
    Cleofé Vera Garví 5 days ago

    Si quieren hackear su cuenta de instagram o cualquier otra les recomiendo 100% a

  • Emily Wright
    Emily Wright 6 days ago


  • alena hernandez
    alena hernandez 8 days ago

    I love that you always recognize the original poster of the videos you use.

  • mara denchuk
    mara denchuk 8 days ago

    tylers face when he eats the oatmeal mixture.... he's not having it

  • Aman Zahid
    Aman Zahid 9 days ago

    The way she says “HELLOW “ is every thing ❤️

  • Firewolf 40
    Firewolf 40 9 days ago

    I’m just like this is food not meant to be put on your armpits or face.

  • Bicth
    Bicth 9 days ago

    eating your girlfriends armpit oatmeal seems like a kink I want nothing to do with

  • Vivan Doan
    Vivan Doan 9 days ago

    I'm convinced that Troom Troof skits are written by bots that take data from other hack channels and compile them into skits that actors then perform.

  • Cookie_yt _playz
    Cookie_yt _playz 10 days ago

    You know has one of the people on the armpit hair removal said in the comments this made me throw up coincidence I felt sick today and I watched this video I put my dinner on the bench rannnn to the toilet and
    Mum: ARE YOU OKAY?
    Me: n...
    Mum: get water and the bucket for bed
    Me: okay
    Now I’m here still watching the video that triggered me to throw up 🤭

  • Elly O
    Elly O 11 days ago

    Eeeeeeeeewwwy 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Alex Danelle
    Alex Danelle 11 days ago

    IDK why, but when you said "bleaching your "b-hole'" I dieeedd! lmao!

  • Meenu Roy
    Meenu Roy 14 days ago

    I love my boyfriend too but my parents are making me to marry another guy plz pray for me so that I can marry the love of my life plz

  • Lyra Stewart
    Lyra Stewart 14 days ago

    Can you do part2 of this?!?!? Please

  • Ash MCcGill
    Ash MCcGill 14 days ago

    So far all the videos of Safiya I’ve seen are her failing at stuff and I love it

  • 아리스 킴
    아리스 킴 15 days ago

    7.15 it looks like she's crying honey lol

  • Jade Kitagawa
    Jade Kitagawa 16 days ago

    4:16 just me or did Tyler look naked?

  • Margaret McMahon
    Margaret McMahon 17 days ago +1

    Tyler is the best boyfriend/fiance ever

  • Emily and Kjirstin 999

    I have a question. For the eyeshadow look would you recommend the spoon hack for beginners you are trying to master an eyeshadow look?

  • Gacha Baileigh
    Gacha Baileigh 18 days ago

    Yes sister

  • Bear Paws
    Bear Paws 18 days ago

    It's salty because of the baking soda

  • Sidney
    Sidney 18 days ago +2

    Move over cucumber slice potato is coming for your wig

  • Force 2160•
    Force 2160• 19 days ago

    That hair vacuum hack : rewind....

  • Maria Kjærem
    Maria Kjærem 19 days ago +2

    3:55 the bag in the back is smiling:)

  • Isabella Rajski
    Isabella Rajski 19 days ago +1

    iTs NoT A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE

  • Abigail Plays and Vlogs

    Move over, cucumber slices! Potato is coming for your wig!

  • Phoebe Hitchings
    Phoebe Hitchings 22 days ago

    My dad has actually used a vacuum to tie up my hair lol

  • pearl bailey
    pearl bailey 22 days ago

    I have to go to bed so good night

  • Red Snow
    Red Snow 23 days ago

    0:23 - 0:24 see the beauty and the beast joke

  • Astrojunky
    Astrojunky 23 days ago


  • Raucous Ravenclaw
    Raucous Ravenclaw 23 days ago +2

    5:45 anyone think of Virgil from Sanders Sides?

  • [insert name]
    [insert name] 24 days ago

    I freaking love your videos.

  • Arpita Kalyani Mohanty

    The last hack made me cry . I can't stop laughing

  • jay den
    jay den 24 days ago

    Troom troom is cringy asf

  • kay. jay. cee.
    kay. jay. cee. 25 days ago

    *"wedged in between the potato and me"*

  • Margaret Whitley
    Margaret Whitley 26 days ago

    Not to be political but what even is oatmeal

  • Margaret Whitley
    Margaret Whitley 26 days ago

    When you wake up and still have arm pits 😩😤

  • Nataleigh Zigler
    Nataleigh Zigler 26 days ago

    I have contacts too

  • April Surma
    April Surma 26 days ago

    You should totally do a makeup look with food only. China and Japan have allot of hacks with food

  • Isabella G.
    Isabella G. 27 days ago

    My father did the hair one and he like REALLY failed. You did better than him!

  • Crisis-P
    Crisis-P 27 days ago

    I feel like the potato pepper trick actually did reduce safiya's dark circles! Tho it may have been lighting or just the fact that time passed.

  • Caitlin Hennessy
    Caitlin Hennessy 27 days ago

    I love this beautiful woman and her beautiful feyonce.

  • Maricruz Ruiz
    Maricruz Ruiz 27 days ago

    My 8 year-old daughter Emma and I laughed a lot at Safiya when she tried the eyebrow and nose contouring (“Narrow it, narrow it!). Hahahaha. Safiya, you are funny girl!

  • Madison Parker
    Madison Parker 27 days ago

    my father used to use the vacuum to do mine and my 3 sisters hair when my mother was at work, he did it pretty easily and neatly lol

  • Kristin Langone
    Kristin Langone 28 days ago +1

    I am new to the channel and I have watched several of your videos in the last few weeks. So I thought it would be nice to say hello and let you know you are AWESOME!🌼😉🌼😉🌼😉

  • Camille Strawberries
    Camille Strawberries 29 days ago +8

    I havent read a lot of comments, so this is really old, and has probably already been said Many times, but I really love their relationship. I love their banter and how supportive they are of each other. @SafiyaNygaard, I really wish the best for you two. It makes me happy watching how you guys can laugh with each other

  • Risa Salvador
    Risa Salvador 29 days ago

    Does Safiya need glasses?

  • Faith Mcgregor
    Faith Mcgregor Month ago

    "Move over cucumbee slice, potato is coming for your wig" LIKE BIG MOOD

  • Marilyn Razo
    Marilyn Razo Month ago

    Yes the hacks are fake they make them self to have acne or dark circles so it come off easy

  • Suddzy 07
    Suddzy 07 Month ago

    I tried the last one and it just sucked up the hair tie. Is that just me being bad at stuff?

  • Poonam Chopra
    Poonam Chopra Month ago +4

    *"she just puts a spoon on her eye and goes to town"* lmao

  • Sandy Dewrock
    Sandy Dewrock Month ago +1

    You guys are my new favorite. I've been watching for 2 days, my hubby thinks I lost my mind. Really loving the Wish stuff. Thanks from a fellow wish addict.

  • justforsomething
    justforsomething Month ago

    Poor Tyler

  • Eliza C
    Eliza C Month ago +1

    That smile Safiya had at 3:05 cracked me up, you’re really funnyb😂😂

  • Jess Chrz
    Jess Chrz Month ago +1

    That guy eating the armpit oats makes me wanna vomit

  • Sophie MacInnes
    Sophie MacInnes Month ago +29

    It's not true love until you eat each others armpit oatmeal

  • Rahul Peters
    Rahul Peters Month ago

    Saf does know that there is a difference between bicarb and baking soda... Right?

  • sleepykitty1985
    sleepykitty1985 Month ago +1

    While I wish I had found you sooner, I'm glad I'm subscribed NOW and have all this amazing content to binge on :D

  • Rebecca van Dorsten

    Oats supposed to scrub and also work against eczema but I doubt that’s why lol 😂 .. but then colloidal lol.. eating that afterwards though sounds disgusting

  • Almost Spilled My Tea

    Safs hair is giving me a Corinne vibe in this vid

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Month ago +1

    She wakes up and OH NO she has armpits is a whole new level of relatable content

  • Ava caker
    Ava caker Month ago +1

    The hair thing works with shorter hair

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller Month ago

    New fan. 8.6 m views, wow! Good for you!!

  • Rebecca Inspiring Hope

    Move over cucumber slice! 😂

  • Casey O'Neill
    Casey O'Neill Month ago +1

    The vacuum cleaner hack is just so gross! The filth inside the hose just makes me want to go wash my hair immediately! Ha! Love your videos, Saf!

  • Jenna Adkins
    Jenna Adkins Month ago

    'Left hand no good' hahahhaa

  • Catarina
    Catarina Month ago

    If you would like a good eye trick is to use tea bags especially for very puffy eyes, 15 minutes with them on and you're good to go! Please don't put pepper again in your eyes XD

  • Sylveon Gaming
    Sylveon Gaming Month ago

    My Life
    My Life is
    My Life is Crazy
    My Life is Crazy and...
    Did you really think I would waste my time

  • miss Contortionist
    miss Contortionist Month ago

    Crisrein's "Favorite" chanel....

  • agent _k
    agent _k Month ago


  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille Month ago

    1:40 “what am i doing with my life?”

  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe Morris Month ago

    Move over cucumber slice, potato is coming for your wig..
    I never laughed so hard

  • Dagmash Yara
    Dagmash Yara Month ago

    *Move over,CuCuMbEr sliCe!PoTAtO iS ComING foR yoUR WIG!* -Safiya Nygaard

  • Royce Shaver
    Royce Shaver Month ago +3

    You should have a disclaimer saying: DO NOT EAT WHILE WATCHING THIS VIDEO!

  • Abby's life
    Abby's life Month ago

    Your videos are so entertaining!!

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago

    U know thats a different kind of potato, right? (Ur using gold, the hack chic had a russet--one's for mash, one for fries)lol

  • Savannah Zemlicka
    Savannah Zemlicka Month ago

    The black pepper won't damage anything, will just hurt.

  • Cate Benschoter
    Cate Benschoter Month ago

    Promise Tamang is beauty guru dope2111

  • Amelia Andrews
    Amelia Andrews Month ago

    love it when u make these vids x

  • illi mm
    illi mm Month ago

    that vacuum thingy i have like actually done it.. like my mom and dad.. and if you get all the hair its actually pretty simple and you can get it down in a few tries... just out the tie or whatever tight enough..

  • Cheese
    Cheese Month ago

    I'm scared for their children

  • Slimy Hoseok
    Slimy Hoseok Month ago

    I’m so disgusted ew when he actually put it in his mouth 😭

  • Mills
    Mills Month ago

    I think it might have been a baked potato in the video on instagram

  • Olena Gladysh
    Olena Gladysh Month ago +7

    The way Safiya peels the potato makes me anxious

  • Life With Lisa
    Life With Lisa Month ago

    I want a boyfriend as dedicated as Tyler 😂😂

  • Katrina Adams
    Katrina Adams Month ago

    Love watching your channel! I am pretty new to watching you, and now I am addicted! You are such a fun and pretty young lady!!! Thanks so much!

    • Katrina Adams
      Katrina Adams Month ago

      This is too funny! Love the fact he eats the oatmeal!!!!

  • Johanne Jacques
    Johanne Jacques Month ago

    the vacuum works better with shorter hair