10 "Healthy" Foods That Turned Out To Be Unhealthy!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
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Comments • 2 515

  • L B
    L B 9 hours ago

    Quit eating all the foods that people will tell you are bad for you and you're probably going to starve to death. Life is short. Eat what you enjoy!

  • Checkers_or_wreckers 007

    Imma still gonna drink a diet dew

  • Melanie martinez
    Melanie martinez 2 days ago

    Fruit juice

  • mirandared1
    mirandared1 3 days ago

    Turkey bacon is the worst! So glad to hear it's unhealthy now I can eat regular bacon without guilt, although I have learned to live with the guilt LOL

  • AnImAWild
    AnImAWild 3 days ago

    my family eats almost all of this xD

  • Romy Ann Garcia
    Romy Ann Garcia 3 days ago

    I just saw the Snapple apple juice ad

  • Tigger Pooh
    Tigger Pooh 4 days ago

    Bacon is the food that makes other food taste better

  • Н. Д.
    Н. Д. 4 days ago

    Well, I am going to die young.

  • Jael Veniegas
    Jael Veniegas 5 days ago

    Couscous more like DeathDeath

  • Nicole Fisher
    Nicole Fisher 5 days ago

    When you said sushi I cried a bit :'(

  • Travis Hardy
    Travis Hardy 6 days ago

    I stick with sushi I love my 🍣 and a bottle of sake

  • Mikage Okumura
    Mikage Okumura 6 days ago

    I'm happy you did proper research for this video. A lot of health related videos tend to be filled with incorrect or misleading information.

  • TheDirewolf 1234
    TheDirewolf 1234 7 days ago

    Please just drink water.

  • Haven Sabaini
    Haven Sabaini 7 days ago +1

    Real butter, real granola (made by you), whole fruits...Y.E.S.!!
    ANYTHING “energy” is NO...as with ANY kind of soda!
    Couscous is a pasta, duh.
    Turkey bacon...yuck.
    Coconut oil is great for the skin...rub it on!
    Homemade veggie burgers are amazing for you...use agar agar for binders.
    Don’t touch my sushimi or my BOOZE!!

  • Gordon Marshall
    Gordon Marshall 7 days ago

    Yule Gibbins was the Granola food type promoter, I beleive a heart attack got him.

  • vaajji87
    vaajji87 8 days ago +1

    It's wrong about coconut oil. Yes it has lot of calories but its contain medium chain saturated fatty acid so it won't turn as LDL. Actually it's good for health.

  • Fabis Diaz
    Fabis Diaz 9 days ago

    Wish I didn't have seen this. 😕 goodbye granola, coconuts n sushi 😢😢😣😢
    Do a video of foods that r hella healthy for the body.

  • spacelover132123
    spacelover132123 10 days ago +1

    Health chart Olive oil=100%fat>pancakes=25%fat as it turns out the only reason the fat in pancakes is less healthy than the fat in olive oil is shape but its not true that oil kills the most dominant species on earth(bacteria,protazoa/protazoan/parisite,virus,prion/rogue indestructible protein(unkillable),and truly not anything but you since it does not effect pathogens, its the same with crystals[crystal part-->] it may heal buildings and products but never disease

  • Britishman85farmer sub to djgoham

    I well never eat a veggie burger there killing the burger

  • Amanda Harker
    Amanda Harker 15 days ago

    I'ma still eat veggie burgers and dairy free "butter". I'm also going to continue to use coconut oil for my skin and hair lol.
    A lot of health food related info is pretty subjective because it's going to vary according to a person's health conditions. For example, a person with a dairy allergy would be better off eating margarine than butter. I have been told by my doctor to INCREASE my salt intake in because my salt levels get very low and that causes my blood pressure to get too low. While general information is great you must always take your circumstances into account.

  • hplexmark1
    hplexmark1 18 days ago

    make your own damned granola. it's easy.

  • I F
    I F 19 days ago

    Please please PLEASE keep your hands out of frame!!! They are driving me crazy like Chinese water torture!!
    (I loved this video it was very informative. Thank you.)

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 20 days ago

    Granola bars are gross to be honest.

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 20 days ago

    Butter is actually like a billion times healthier then margarine. I always use butter didn't eat margarine for 10 years.

  • Ben Finny
    Ben Finny 22 days ago

    Thanks Matt.. Ill just finish my real Bacon double cheese burger wash it down with a Jack and coke.and give you a thumbs up 👍

  • Marissa Smith
    Marissa Smith 27 days ago

    I'd rather use coconut oil in beauty products. I love the smell

  • Paras finn
    Paras finn Month ago

    The invention of margarine actually goes back to the Great War. Scientists were commissioned to make a lubricant for the engines of war submarines AKA uboats. Crisco is what they came up with, and because money is the root of evil they decided they should demonize completely natural saturated animal fat as artery clogging. It’s been a lie to make money off of us.

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome Month ago +1

    Fxxk it, everything is bad for you or makes you fat, I'm off to McDonald's for a Big Mac and a regular Coke,

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A Month ago

    Hate to say this but drinking too much water washes out needed body salts and other things causing water overdose/poisoning, try to drink no more than 4 liters in a 24 hour period.

  • Natalia Pola
    Natalia Pola Month ago +1

    I just saw a cannot believe is not butter comercial.

    • R. Whitaker
      R. Whitaker 24 days ago

      Me too. The one with Eva Longoria.

  • Pave Stiletto
    Pave Stiletto Month ago

    Sir, please calm down. On all your further uploads. What you're talking about doesn't warrant the constantly startled look.

  • Pave Stiletto
    Pave Stiletto Month ago

    All so-called health food is awful. That's why it tastes bad!

  • Andrew Guerra
    Andrew Guerra Month ago

    Sushi is number 1? 😞

  • gladys
    gladys Month ago

    Coconut oil is the healthiest oil in the world. It's even healthier than olive oil. Pls do ya research Matt. But good video

  • Deedee Lovett
    Deedee Lovett Month ago

    I am allergic to soy. I found that out after drinking an iced vanilla soy latte. I got a stomach ache so bad that I thought my appendix had ruptured.

  • Deedee Lovett
    Deedee Lovett Month ago

    I love Snickers. They are my second favorite candy bar. My favorite is Butterfinger.

  • Paul Nubreu
    Paul Nubreu Month ago

    Content is good, host is horrible.

  • King Nona
    King Nona Month ago

    Dude I’m eating toast with butter right now😐R.I.P

  • Taylor T
    Taylor T Month ago

    OMG I'm dying laughing I had a "I can't believe it's not butter " ad before this

  • Kelly Moneymaker
    Kelly Moneymaker Month ago

    I use Sprite Zero in my Norfolk Long Island Iced Tea......the alcohol probably negates the negative effects of the aspartame 🤔

  • Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

    I have been living by the following rules for ten years now ; No alcohol , No coffee , No tea , No chocolate , No fat , No eggs , No dairies , No salt , No sugar , No vinegar. Don't get me wrong , I do eat meat and fish but only the leanest cuts and btw farm raised fish is seriously unhealthy I avoid it as well. In essence this means I don't eat any processed foods because the more is it transformed the more unhealthy it has became. I will admit that eating healthy is much less flavorful but our senses become unsaturated after a while and those raw foods become somewhat enjoyable.

  • IdiotKid
    IdiotKid Month ago

    i eat 5 - 25 gronala's a day

  • MystiqueHorizon
    MystiqueHorizon Month ago +1

    *sluuurp "tastes like sugary death,,,"
    I have a friend who calls KD "Orange Death" 😂😂😂

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    Probably the best you could do is prepare your food from scratch. That way you can at least make sure there is nothing inside that you don't want to.

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    A lot of margarine packs actually have the warning on it that you shouldn't heat it up or else it will develop dangerous trans fats. So when fat is needed for cooking or baking it is definitely better to use butter or oil (not all sorts of oil though since some of them shouldn't be heated either).

  • Fionna Sherri
    Fionna Sherri Month ago

    I literally got an “I can’t believe it’s not butter” ad 🤣

  • Mo W
    Mo W Month ago +1

    Why wouldn't you just kill me

  • Mo W
    Mo W Month ago +1

    Who else knew like 5 of these

  • Sara Strong
    Sara Strong Month ago

    yes sir your facial expressions are abundant in this video not a bad thing just so ya know :+)

  • Jessica Linares
    Jessica Linares 2 months ago

    Make your own veggie burgers. Much healthier and tastier. =)

  • Super Bee
    Super Bee 2 months ago

    "I only eat couscous cuz it doesn't harm any animals I don't care if it tastes like mother nature's fart!" lol! I died and spit out my pop!

  • AudriAnna O'Connor
    AudriAnna O'Connor 2 months ago

    I love sushi

  • Tim Estevez
    Tim Estevez 2 months ago +3

    Once he got to fruit juice might have killed my childhood.

  • the dabbing deer
    the dabbing deer 2 months ago

    wait fruit juice is not a food

  • Stuart M
    Stuart M 2 months ago

    Grain causes diabetes proven back in 1870 to 1874 nice to know

  • Peaches Delight
    Peaches Delight 2 months ago

    9:15 is there a good kind of cholesterol?

  • Da pokeTuber
    Da pokeTuber 2 months ago

    Diet soda diet die with a T.

  • Y Chi
    Y Chi 2 months ago

    oh i dont really eat any of these so i should be fi-(mathew says sushi equals bad)thats is (jumps out window)

  • Lynn Jr Loud
    Lynn Jr Loud 2 months ago

    You look like vsauce so Hey Vsauce Michel here

  • C L
    C L 2 months ago

    It's fairly obvious. Anything you can grow or do yourself is going to be a more natural way and in turn be healthier. Although we do get used to things like dogs have with carbs etc.

  • Dragnmastralex
    Dragnmastralex 2 months ago

    I eat what my body wants. I don't care what doctors and nutritionist say. after all they use to both say cigarettes was healthy.

  • Mike Dertouzos
    Mike Dertouzos 2 months ago

    I love this channel but you get a little corny sometimes my man...

  • Ralph Vermolen
    Ralph Vermolen 2 months ago +1

    Can't wait for 'unhealthy foods/habits that turned out to be healthy'.
    Better stock up on some cigarette cartons.

  • G Gaming
    G Gaming 2 months ago

    Nice intro

  • mr. poprovolski
    mr. poprovolski 2 months ago +3

    Heart this and i will eat everything on the list this summer

  • Pav KR
    Pav KR 2 months ago

    9:03 12 grams of fat per table spoon? Sounds a tad stretched

    • Saleh Al-Derazi
      Saleh Al-Derazi 2 months ago

      Pav KR actually, it's 13 grams of fat per tablespoon. But with all due respect to the guy, organic coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats around. Obviously nobody should be drinking it by the cup full, but it's far healthier and more heat stable than other vegetable oils and animal fats.

  • marcosz angel
    marcosz angel 2 months ago

    I don't know what you're talking about because I have a huge amount of motabalism

  • mattrex94
    mattrex94 2 months ago +2

    5:30-6:05, especially at 5:55 is why I went I aspartame free a year ago. Also not just DIet Soda, but also TAB and Fresca too.

  • Manasi PURPLE ARMY
    Manasi PURPLE ARMY 2 months ago

    One of my verryyy fat friends... she was 90 kgs and 13 years old at that time.... actually brought a whole huge tiffin box which alone should be enough ALONG with a really big granola bar....the granola bar was added in cuz she was dieting. 😂😂 Even the bar would have been enough for lunch that day but she ate both - the tiffin AND the granola bar.

  • Emely Plays ROBLOX
    Emely Plays ROBLOX 2 months ago +1

    “ number 8 is fruit juice” I looked at my juice and YEETED IT INTO TH TRASHCAN

  • Garth Vader
    Garth Vader 2 months ago

    Heh...tiny balls...

  • Kerry mw
    Kerry mw 2 months ago

    Aww Matthew! Hahaha margarine! You say it so weird. Its pronounced mar-jar-een lol. Do all Americans say it like Matthew? Bless.

  • kauã clan dab
    kauã clan dab 2 months ago

    I liked and subscribed

  • Automation2BFree
    Automation2BFree 2 months ago

    I've read a well researched book on cholesterol, and so I will share a little bit from it. LDL cholesterol is not actually bad, its just smaller bits which oxidize easier simply because they are smaller. So in the end its just a myth that HDL is good and LDL is bad. What is actually bad is OXIDIZED cholesterol, which is why it's important to have a diet with plenty of antioxidants, like fresh fruits and such.

  • santos hernandez
    santos hernandez 2 months ago

    @Shane Dawson for the diet root beer 👀

  • Loubug 777
    Loubug 777 2 months ago

    “I’m out. Sushi is my favorite!”-Matthew Santoro 2018

  • Alissa Burgan
    Alissa Burgan 2 months ago

    I’ve know all this since I was a little kid thought it was common knowledge. Thanks mom 👍

  • Patricia Richardson
    Patricia Richardson 2 months ago

    😄 "just don't go wild hog"? I always thought it was 'hog wild'

  • Gav P
    Gav P 2 months ago

    Most of what you said is alright, in summary (with a few corrections):
    Margarine - Manufactured fat
    Juice - sugar
    Granola - sugar
    Snack bars - sugar
    Diet soda - Artificial sugar
    Couscous - carbs
    Turkey bacon - Artificial additives (animal fat and sodium is not an issue)
    Coconut oil - NO! IT'S HEALTHY
    Veggie burgers - additives and fillers
    In summary, eat natural and avoid sugars. Natural fats and salt won't harm you...

  • Carol Hexem
    Carol Hexem 2 months ago

    your gonna have to remake the video to make that correction, sorry

  • Carol Hexem
    Carol Hexem 2 months ago

    Coconut oil is very healthy. Don't obsess about calories. they aren't equal . Coconut Oil is a medium chain triglyceride. This is very healthy for the brain.

  • Texican
    Texican 2 months ago

    supposedly coconut oil had ketone sugars that pass into the brain matter and provide nourishment to your brain tissue. tjis is supposed to help alzimers and other patients because dectrose will not pass through their brain tissue and the brain starves. chubby butt healthy brain.

  • Shadow Renegade
    Shadow Renegade 2 months ago +3

    You can die of water if you drink too much.
    Nothing is safe.

    • Shadow Renegade
      Shadow Renegade 19 days ago

      I F
      My point still stands
      And I did say too much water soo

    • I F
      I F 19 days ago

      Shadow Renegade it’s an unholy amount of water that would kill you

    FIRE DEMON 2 months ago

    Wait you mean soy is bad I never would have guessed ....don’t be a soy boy

  • Nathan Wilmot
    Nathan Wilmot 2 months ago +1

    Margarin? No "margareen"

  • DJJA 102
    DJJA 102 2 months ago

    But what about Tropicana?? That brand makes orange juice that is just straight plane juice without added sugars or other stuff...

  • Shnoopy Bloopers
    Shnoopy Bloopers 2 months ago

    Diet Pepsi killed my dad, RIP Indian Vern.

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 2 months ago

    2:42 I hate nuts. I once tried a cashew and I gagged. I’m not allergic. They’re just too crunchy and crumbly for me.

    OHMY DANK 3 months ago +1

    You are not a MAN if you eat turkey bacon
    The hell is wrong with you

  • Ramses production
    Ramses production 3 months ago

    When was sushi ever healthy?

  • Sheogorath the Mad God
    Sheogorath the Mad God 3 months ago

    I cook turkey bacon in regular bacon fat, mostly cause I just don't like waiting for my bacon to cook. It's delicious.

  • Chloe vicarage
    Chloe vicarage 3 months ago

    Did anyone actually think that fruit juice was healthy? I knew it wasn't but idc 😂

  • Whole Food Plant Based Mama

    All processed foods are unhealthy, just eat fresh fruit and vegetables along with some grains and legumes! Too easy

  • Yoyle Muffin
    Yoyle Muffin 3 months ago +1

    Why is everyone obsessed with stupid bacon? I hate it. Don't reply.

  • Pyromaster And C.O.
    Pyromaster And C.O. 3 months ago

    The truth is that high fat foods are good for you, high fat foods are good for you because they feed your brain. So using butter and eating actual bacon is actually really good for you. FYI artificial fats and processed fats are bad for you

  • Zion James
    Zion James 3 months ago


  • Zion James
    Zion James 3 months ago

    Any other Trini was the Trinidad flag🙂

  • Ladygossamer76
    Ladygossamer76 3 months ago

    Okay this is cool. I know you work out as I can tell, however do you have a regimen? I was hit head on by a semi and all though I am a survivor, do to my being unable to exercise like I needed I decided to cut any and all energy drinks, bread, ice cream and started eating in small portions throughout the day and I lost 21 pounds in two weeks and now I’m down 30 pounds in a month, I got up to 230lbs at 5’1 tall and 43 years old... yes I know, I am a disabled woman but I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and this video is really good and I share the great Matthew on Facebook. Godspeed

  • Kikori
    Kikori 3 months ago

    He seems to be a little bit over dramatic

  • Alfahad Wahiddan
    Alfahad Wahiddan 3 months ago

    "sugary death" AHAHAHA