DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Does it make ANY sense to make your OWN SSD from Micro SD cards?
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Comments • 5 916

  • Super Smash Dolls
    Super Smash Dolls Year ago +1274

    "Do NOT support UHS-I" means they don't support the higher-speed microSD modes. UHS-I cards are require to work in non-UHS bus microSD slots. It means that it'll work, just not anywhere close to the rated speed for the card.

    • Rizky Kazuto
      Rizky Kazuto Day ago

      UHS = ultra high speed??
      1 = means classification, like number one?

    • Andrew Siegel
      Andrew Siegel 29 days ago +1

      Try running windows 10 on floppy disks

    • Toni Corvera
      Toni Corvera Month ago

      @Johannes Nielsen when it comes to these kind of products it's obvious he's drawn his conclusions beforehand and usually misrepresents them

    • Johannes Nielsen
      Johannes Nielsen Month ago

      @doppeltegenkidama my thoughts exactly

    • Johannes Nielsen
      Johannes Nielsen Month ago

      @Nathan Lang well then let's find something that is better made that will do the same job because it's very appealing to me as professional photographer

  • Sarcasm Studios
    Sarcasm Studios 13 hours ago

    This isn't a DIY SSD, this is a *GHETTO* SSD

  • Johnny English, PhD

    It would be very useful if you could disable RAID and access all 10 cards individually.

  • Ultrathemeus
    Ultrathemeus Day ago

    will this die ever

  • YouTube Pro
    YouTube Pro Day ago

    How about use 10 1tb MicroSD cards

  • Erick Reza
    Erick Reza 2 days ago +1

    Well if you have about 4.5k laying around you can have a 10TB SSD Drive

  • lol lol
    lol lol 2 days ago

    Fuck shit fuck

  • Tea Cup
    Tea Cup 3 days ago

    absolutely useless bullshit.
    also expensive.
    Expensive and pointless.
    It is better to buy Chinese ssd. Kingfast great ssd.

  • Aidan Jaros Grilli
    Aidan Jaros Grilli 4 days ago


  • Matt J Depression
    Matt J Depression 6 days ago

    WaiT WhaT is This Item ???

  • Matt J Depression
    Matt J Depression 6 days ago

    That Is Interesting never Knew That

  • fred fries
    fred fries 6 days ago

    i wish to get one of those sd card 😅

  • AmountStax
    AmountStax 7 days ago

    Can you run 2 in raid 1?

  • herrskymarshall
    herrskymarshall 10 days ago +1

    Might some photographer use this as a quick way to make 9 sd card backups?

  • unicorn back
    unicorn back 11 days ago

    "Impractical solutions for Improbable problems" Best one yet

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea 10 days ago

      Samsung T5 500GB External Portable SSD USB 3.1 Gen2 MU-PA500B $128 Delivered @ PC Byte (AZ eShop) via Amazon AU new
      jimz666 on 06/06/2019 - 14:49
      Super fast external storage with transfer speeds of up to 540MB/s. Compact and lightweight aluminum exterior. Solid inside and out; can handle most drops of up to 2m * The internal free fall shock …

  • Somebody VIC
    Somebody VIC 11 days ago

    3:31 scared me and my phone drop hitting my face):

  • Danny Sadrulah
    Danny Sadrulah 12 days ago

    If you had 10 x 512 GB microSD cards, you could have had a 5.12 TB SSD. Make 3 more to get 20.48 TB. Now here's the neat part. Buy a PC with 4 SD card slots and put them in there. Now you can make a server for Minecraft. Your welcome.

  • Jrei34
    Jrei34 12 days ago

    Just stumbled across this now 06-2019......without reading through all of the posted comments, why would anyone potentially spend money to put this to whatever use???????

  • Manj Sher
    Manj Sher 12 days ago

    I want one.

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 15 days ago

    Probably Built for Chinese markets. Obtain large number of junk micro sd cards (buy in bulk from used phones and other salvaged products). Put into DIY SSD. Shove it into a crappy case. Sell it as a knockoff SSD.

  • Biplob Khan
    Biplob Khan 16 days ago

    Nice idea. Need more about ssd.

  • Irgendein Account
    Irgendein Account 17 days ago +3

    0:10 did he ... Did he just say he's got the product page *behind* him while facing *towards* it?

  • Sombrero
    Sombrero 21 day ago

    but is there something on the market for linking up ten of these in the shape of a 100 SD cards SSD?

  • Leahpar Suidualc
    Leahpar Suidualc 26 days ago

    First i felt that biting feel of a generation gap, when he 'tries to make sense' of it, in a way i normally assign to scooterkids. Second, i tried to follow his telltale of to him obviously mystic appliances such a board fits in to. Third i heard him saying: "... when you try to run a real OS from it" straight followed by " ... waited already for the Windows install to complete" ...

    1) Business .. notebooks, mostly convertibles who have specific requirements like under 7mm height in the drive-bay or limited in space, due to adapters, angled connectors, specialized meta-casings in heavily rugged devices like military tablets, or in general field-worker-tools. - In many of these devices 1.8" bays are also used and due to the circumstance BUSINESS these devices are meant to be used in general for at least 5 years, mostly 6 to 10 and sometimes even longer than that, besides underlying the premise of providing interfaces and measures already proven for the same time; Well, you can guess how well that goes with supernoobs gamer-fitter perspective. It does not.

    2) with actually a bit of experience, the right words to search for, or simply by studying the generics and reading the cards inerts, you are able to find out - quickly - that you actually may use the slots individually in JBOD, which opens up the possibility of using custom arrangements that are only dictated by the limiting factor of the slowest SDCard leading the pack, but otherwise enable you to flipout damaged cards and renew your array.

    3) a SSD nowadays is hard to battle with this method; on the other hand: what requirements do actual SSDs have? Specific commandsets, a minimum version of the protocol handled, clean signaling, just to name a few? - You are right, why in hell should one use an idiotic device like this SDCard Raid at all - so many bad points: can be customly stacked with memory of my choice, can be installed into spaces, never meant to be used for drives of any kind, e.g.: in 6.5mm ultra-slim-DVD-drive-slots in travel-dock-expansions and last but not least, hey why bother at all with anything else than Windows, right? - Just in case you can't follow; it's called sarcasm.

    Oh and please would you tell how they behave - in contrast to a SSD - when completely mantled in goo that hides its temperature signature and/or while you are at it, please scan all bands for the typical spectral 'noise' of SSD and HDD ...

    Ah, yes sorry i totally forgot, there is broad diversity of cards that actually themselves are already rugged, as in RUGGED rugged, meaning "Sure, drop it in onto magma, no problem." or meaning "Siberia? Minus 60° Celsius constantly? Yeah, will work". - But, yeah alright, for sure there are SSDs for that. "What do you mean there aren't? Not even for my security-(s)camera, mounted on my warehouse, which runs from solar-power? No ultra-low-power-SSD rugged available??"


    Not knowing something is worth using it doesn't prevent from being a total fuckup - let me go with that, i mean: Hey, you are a geeky nerdy Techie, right? - More a wannabe wannabe it seems to me right now. - You should stick to gaming. It's a welcoming generic that mostly is defined by the freshness of marketing-soup. Fits your profile perfectly.


    Oh and just for the sake of naming it: Did you ever compare what your storage costs are when you need much of it, but .. only .. RUGGED AND READ-ONLY ... as in rugged and read-only?

    You may be allowed to calculate the cost of a 16 drive stack of your favored SSDs versus 16 SDCard-Raids plus the necessary Cards, now. Would be interesting at which point you consider to drastically cut down the specifications actually needed from your holy SSDs, to end up with a batch that does still cost 5 times more than the SDCard-variety. - But: Hey! SSDs can write, too. And .. and .. they are just as big as HDDs. And .. and ..

    Yeah, i see. Didn't go that well with the 'highly specific' target of creating a READ-ONLY ARRAY, hmm?

    Don't worry. I hereby grant you to not be pestered again with the real world. You fullfilled your duty, READ-ONLY.

  • Damir Maatar
    Damir Maatar 27 days ago

    Can you send me 1 microsd card ?

  • mrFalconlem
    mrFalconlem 27 days ago +1

    I didn't know HODOOR made guest appearances, nice.

  • skeetso09
    skeetso09 29 days ago

    If all of these are 128 gb, then he has 1,280 gb or 1.28 tb. This guy is a fricking legend.

  • Ecktor
    Ecktor 29 days ago

    You could put in it 10 chinese 1TB micro sd cards

  • Edward Ehrhardt
    Edward Ehrhardt Month ago

    Found this because I just got a 64g sandisk mSD from walcrap for $13 USD and thought, HMmmmmm.... but he answers that thought process.

  • Andrew Merrell
    Andrew Merrell Month ago

    Why not a raid 10 option.. or raid 5?

  • SmitiaS _
    SmitiaS _ Month ago

    It could get a good use out of all that microSD cards lying around... If it didn't required them to be all the same

  • Pipii Kaka
    Pipii Kaka Month ago +2

    That big guy is da real mvp, he Comes and knows everything. Like Liam Nielsen.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago +1

    oh Linus we all know what real Special K is....much funnier than cereal.

  • Mario Quark
    Mario Quark Month ago

    linus: *how to upgrade SD cards*

  • T Orrent
    T Orrent Month ago

    It says 1, 2, 4, 8, or 10, and don't use 3, 5, 7, or 9. So what about 6?

    • softcubes
      softcubes Month ago

      6 isnt a number according to them i guess

  • PhillipZX3
    PhillipZX3 Month ago +7

    You have 10 slots and 10 SD cards. There IS no order.

    PS VITA Month ago

    this type of adapter is for a data backup only or where speed does not matter only backup.because simple (rotating) HDD's are not immune to portable applications mostly head crashes( even on small jerks head crashes ).2nd you can add or remove space as per your requirements.3rd consumes much low power. 4 1 tb ssd's are too much costly to buy now days this could be a low cost solution also.

  • Emperor Blobby
    Emperor Blobby Month ago

    Surely at least put it in raid 6

  • Angel-Emanuel Capra

    1:37 (Windows) 7 ate (Windows) 9 🤣🤣🤣

  • 西木野羰基
    西木野羰基 Month ago

    SSD: So many SDs

  • Danny V
    Danny V Month ago +2

    Can Linus grow a beard?

  • Daniel Dahan
    Daniel Dahan Month ago

    Dollar shave club, their razor is f**** mediocre.
    Better than a bic or the cheapest crap, but far worse than any shick or gillet midrange product.

  • Ben P
    Ben P Month ago

    Just use two of them full of SSD cards inside a raid1 enclosure to made this even more laughable.

  • Joe Roque
    Joe Roque Month ago +6

    "Drive letter K!!... as in special" lmao

  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 Month ago


  • Gabriel Dubé
    Gabriel Dubé Month ago

    rich ass fuck lol

  • Adam_BG_02
    Adam_BG_02 2 months ago

    It’s probably for those people who just have micro sd cards lying around,
    Yes those people do exist

  • wierdw
    wierdw 2 months ago

    I dont want to be "That Guy", but your performance benchmarking is geared toward a 512byte sector size, which is typical for a desktop hard drive. SDcards, especially high capacity ones, include a flash controller inside them to handle such tiny writes, but at the expense of re-writing the same flash cell over and over and over and over again with sequential writes. This is why you shouldn't use SDcards as system drives. (full stop.) Desktop file systems are not geared for the very humongously large erase block sizes used by SDCards. exFAT supports such enormous cluster sizes, but is really just a dirty kludge around the problem.
    What I am discretely saying here, is that this adapter is spending lots of time doing redundant writes when your benchmarking software is feeding it 512 byte sectors. This is very very bad for the cards, (since it burns their durability up real fast), and very very slow since the controller has to go into a coma while it tries to do umpteen bazillion Read-Erase-Modify cycles. THIS CARD WILL NEVER WORK WELL WITH WINDOWS. FULL STOP. The maximum allocation unit size you can use with NTFS is 64kb. The erase unit size of your typical SDHC card is FOUR MEGABYTES. *AT BEST*, each 4mb of sequential data from a 64kb sector size NTFS file system will overwrite each memory cell 64 times!!! (This is because what the card does is read the already written to portion of the memory cell into its controller memory, erase the cell, append the new data at the end, then write it again.... Then the next cluster comes in, and it repeats. Again.. And again.. and again!!) The only way to get anywhere close to reasonable performance out of a card like this adapter is to set it up like a logical RAID0 LUN. NTFS IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE FILESYSTEM FOR THIS. FULL STOP.
    To properly use this card, and get a truly accurate impression of what it is capable of, you will need to use a linux box. My cursory research on this adapter indicates that it raid0 combines each even and odd card slot together, then just logically appends the resulting LUNs together, so they appear like one big disk. This is why it does not support odd numbers of cards inserted. This means to properly set up this device, you need to know what the page size and erase unit sizes are for the cards you insert, and then do some math, and then properly set up an EXT4 file system on that after being very careful with your partition alignment.
    Let's say you have cards with a 16kb page size and a 4mb erase unit size. This adapter board combines pairs of these cards into logical units with raid0. So, we end up with an effective stripe size of 8mb. We would create a partition exactly 8mb in from the start of the drive, and ensure that the total capacity after that is perfectly divisible by 8mb. This will ensure that the partition's start is aligned with the media in the cards. (VERY IMPORTANT!) Next, we need to understand that the default allocation unit size used by EXT4 is 4kb. This is tiny, like what you get with NTFS, and by itself will pose exactly the same problems I outlined above. We can get around it though, because EXT4 has baked in support for logical raid0 devices; You just need to turn on some special options when you make the file system. The extended options you need are "stride" and "stripe-width". Stride is the granularity of data chunks you are throwing at the array. We want this to exactly match the page size of the controllers in the SDCards, so that the data going in fully fills the buffers in the cards, and gets max performance. This is true for both reads and writes. The value we feed mkfs.ext4 is a multiple of the allocation unit size, which by default is 4kb. SO-- for a 16kb page size bearing card, our value for this option would be 4. (4kb * 4 =16kb. The exact size of the page). Next is the stripe-width parameter. This is how much data is in each written stripe, divided by the allocation unit size. In the case of our hypothetical SDHC cards, each card has an erase unit size of 4mb, so our stripe-width will be 8mb, since it works the cards in pairs. This gives us a value for stripe-width of 2048. (4kb * 2048 = 8mb).
    We then get a command that looks like this:
    mkfs.ext4 -E stride=4,stripe-width=2048 /dev/sdXY
    (where X is the letter assigned by your kernel to this device, and Y is the partition number.)
    What this does: When you try to write to the device, the OS will cache up 4k allocation units until it reaches the stripe requirements, then slap down the whole stripe at once, using data block increments defined by the stride size. This ensures that every write operation has parity 1:1 with a full erase unit utilization, and at ideal transfer packet increments-- Doing so will ensure that the controller completes the transaction in the fastest possible manner, and the media in the array does not suffer absurd numbers of redundant write operations.
    You will find that such an adapter as this performs SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER when you take these considerations into mind, and properly partition and format the device.
    What would this be useful for?
    I could see this adapter being used effectively as the "high speed" partner in a Disaster Recovery mirror pair, for the role of providing frequently accessed but never, or rarely modified data. Say for instance, the backing store for a TFTP server that provides for hundreds of diskless workstations that do network booting, or for an archive of hard disk or cdrom image files for rapid VM deployments. The zero seek time of the card allows for pretty good read performance from multiple simultaneous users accessing it, (which a mechanical disk would not tolerate well), and it would have a disaster recovery partner that is slower, but is only used as a backup for when (since this device will indeed be very prone to failure) one of your cards in this thing fails. I could thus see it being used by some of the more intelligent NAS boxes out there, if it was set up properly, and paired with an appropriate spinny disk.

  • Jayson
    Jayson 2 months ago +1

    It seems silly, but I would give a purpose to all my micro sd cards floating around. Aside from collecting dust.

  • Dan TheMan
    Dan TheMan 2 months ago

    I know what this is for. Have you ever watched prison break with "syilla" and the card holders. You can use this to divide up your super secret data.

  • Jerbs
    Jerbs 2 months ago

    Next Vid: Making a SSD out of floppy disk

  • ahmed wrya rwandwzy
    ahmed wrya rwandwzy 2 months ago

    This actually a really good product for right person .
    For example there's 4 ppl that have access to same data , and they all need to be present to open it , if u use this u can use 4 sd cards and each one have 1 card ,so the only way to access the data is all 4 of them plug in there sd cards .

  • Cern Stormrunner
    Cern Stormrunner 2 months ago

    I have a couple SD cards sitting around from old devices. I could maybe see using them in this card just for shits n giggles

  • George Queiroz
    George Queiroz 2 months ago

    The best part of the video is at 8:09... hahahaha

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 2 months ago

    You Americans are being beaten by the Japanese whiz nerds at every new hardware and software development! Are you Americans losing that inventiveness and innovativeness abilities and capabilities already? A group of South Korean computer engineers has has developed a multi-raid 1 multiple-slot and hot swappable non-stop desktp PC wherein they can insert 2, 4, 8, 16 or more computer components for each designated functions by using an adaptable single contact edge cartridge that ALSO HAS A HEAT SINK SURFACE CONTACT CONNECTOR TO THE SIDE COPPER SPONGE PASSIVE RIBS OR BAFFLES HEAT SINK. If a particular component is functioning normally the light in that sub-section stays green but if it is in trouble it is blinking red. Then the PC will bypass it in that section containing 2, 4, 8, 16 or more computer sub-section slots and all they have to do is unplug it and plug in a replacement while the PC is still in continous use.

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 2 months ago


  • Bel Mordok
    Bel Mordok 2 months ago

    You suck ballz

  • ᚛ Vyper ᚜
    ᚛ Vyper ᚜ 2 months ago

    Do you really listen to someone who uses a TV as monitor?

  • Jansel
    Jansel 2 months ago

    "It only supports 1, 2, 4, 8 or 10 SD-Cards at one time" Well, whats with 6 Cards??

    • Jansel
      Jansel 2 months ago

      @flabbergast When 2 is the double of 1, then tell me, why 2 i a prime number!?

    • flabbergast
      flabbergast 2 months ago

      Yeah, it doesn't support that either. Notice that 8 is the double of 4? 4 is the double of 2? 2 is the double of 1. Raid 0

  • gamerbomb365
    gamerbomb365 2 months ago

    What if... 512gb sd x10 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Beba 2
    Beba 2 2 months ago

    im starting to like you for having and testing the utmost bizarre ideas. Hell yes..

  • 2019 Ford Focus
    2019 Ford Focus 2 months ago

    new episode
    "SD card raid"

  • Tsrif Tsal
    Tsrif Tsal 2 months ago

    This exists because it came out 6-7 years ago when a 1TB SSD was $700

  • []HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[]

    It's actually not that hard to make if you understand good PCB manufacturing, and if you know what parts you need, you can order them and make a SMALLER SSD :) if you can get a good PCB

  • MrSeekLoad
    MrSeekLoad 2 months ago

    Think of a backup HDD, were you do not use except it runs in the background as an automatic backup HDD. Only used in case of a mass crash. However that backup is shit too as they are not so durable in long term use.

  • TB_ Alexander
    TB_ Alexander 2 months ago

    4K dislikes, 4k quality!

  • moar pewpew
    moar pewpew 2 months ago

    It exists . just because

  • TheCopperFrog
    TheCopperFrog 2 months ago

    Don't know how old you are Linus, but I believe it exists from the days when people had a boat load of these and now instead of sitting around or getting thrown out, someone came up with an idea to utilize all the cards sitting around in a desk drawer. Let's see if they come out with a card that will hold all our thumb drives! hahaha
    And also, back in the day, you could spend 8 hours, easy installing Windows and forget about the updates-you could be in it for 2 days with dial-up! And I also remember the day of it taking hours to get signed in on AOL. Heck, in the old days, adding a hard drive meant you had to partition on your own-no going to Disk Management.

  • MS Edu
    MS Edu 2 months ago

    #Linus Stop copying others ideas then posting them on your videos ao you can later on Block and seu them you blond bastard

  • aw11roman
    aw11roman 2 months ago +1

    *You'd probably get better results using toe nail clippings instead of Kingston micro sd's. Kingston is trash*

  • CrackerJack
    CrackerJack 2 months ago +3

    So basically, this thing was a Rednecks attempt at a SSD. Clearly, since I ... AM ... a Redneck ... Hick... Nerd... whatever. This is exactly what I'd do to make an SSD. Think back in the day when some old hick made his LAPTOP PC, Redneck version. Basically flipped a Mid-Tower PC onto its side, placed a CRT Monitor on it, keyboard and mouse had its own space on it too, but barely ... a power strip and a 20 foot extension cord ...
    Then he set it on his lap ....
    This IS exactly what I just described.
    Why do you think Aliens only abduct Rednecks?
    1) Minimal Witnesses
    2) No Credit with the Media
    3) They can fix anything... to a point.
    .... Example.... Your Nuclear Fusion Doohickey sprung a leak. Get me a Coat Hangar, a Mountain Dew can and some Duck Tape and I can get you as far as Uranus.
    Point and Case.
    This will function as an SSD, but ... Its like a spare tire. It'll get ya by, for a short bit.
    Now... I need another beer.

  • KmanAuto
    KmanAuto 2 months ago

    I’ve actually been thinking of getting one of these boards. Why? I’m a videographer and you tuber, and i’ve since moved on from 64 gig memory cards for my cameras. As such, i have quite a nice collection of 64, 32 and 16 gig cards that work perfectly fine but no longer useful in the sense of day to day. hate to throw them out, worth nothing for resale. Plan is to make them a “render” drive. when exporting and rendering my videos, have them export to this. I’m currently using s SDXC in my laptop, that is 64 gig for output on that, as i don’t want to put the cycles on its internal add.
    While it’s not worth wile do BUY memory cards just to make this, it IS worthwhile if you already have the cards.
    Also, i sell stuff on ebay. i use my old 2005 laptop, and it’s setup just for my ebay sales, label printers and everything related to my online sales. Original HD failed about 7 years ago. I replaced the HD with a 32 gig SDXC card. it has been running flawlessly since. A little sluggish on boot, once XP is loaded it’s pretty fast. Again that’s a single SDXC card and not a fast one at that.

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 2 months ago +1

    🤵🎤🎶Ok Scratching A video >🎵 TRY THIS >> Hit 0.5 speed and THE 0 THEN TRY THE NO'SNo 7 and 9 oh and O again 🤪👍🎵 sounds like 👋 🎵 wrapvile 🤵🎤

    ANNHIRO DAIOH 2 months ago +24

    He should use 10 1 TB sd Cards
    to get a 10 TB SDSSD

    • Ben jiro
      Ben jiro Month ago

      @Velian Lodestone Micron 5210 ION 7.68TB, SATA only costs 900 Euro's, so yea, SD for storage is painfully expensive.

    • Velian Lodestone
      Velian Lodestone Month ago +1

      @Bidwellz9 yup, 1tb now on sale. 5.000 dollar ssd tho....

    • Bidwellz9
      Bidwellz9 Month ago

      @Od3stroyer sandisk has a 1tb card

    • Od3stroyer
      Od3stroyer Month ago +1

      Radictor *512 GB

    • Radictor
      Radictor Month ago

      @Shadow Fall DEF NOT REAL. The largest card are 400 GB and they are really expensive.

  • Kerta Losataure
    Kerta Losataure 2 months ago

    If it had RAID 5 or 6, I could see some minor use for it due to the extra fault tolerance... Now... can you RAID 0 a dozen floppy drives?

  • alto
    alto 2 months ago

    The audio sounds potato to me

  • GamerKing 1
    GamerKing 1 2 months ago

    Whz zou not use 10x 1TB MicSD cards ___

  • Jessy Tremblay
    Jessy Tremblay 3 months ago

    Maybe you are just supposed to put old 16gb sd card in there and just put photos that you want to access faster something like that

  • DarkSideGryphon
    DarkSideGryphon 3 months ago

    Just as I like it: big, heavy and prone to failure.

  • HardManbow
    HardManbow 3 months ago

    If you're going to do anything like this, don't do RAID-0. Use RAID-10. That way you can lose an SD card and not lose all your data. In fact, you can lose every SD card on the same mirrored array and it'll be fine. If you lose two SD cards on the same striped set, then all your data is gone.
    Better yet...just don't do this.

  • Ron Swartz Anonymous
    Ron Swartz Anonymous 3 months ago

    You are extremely annoying.

  • Dude
    Dude 3 months ago +1

    Today we have 512GB micro sd cards...
    Multiply that by 10 you have a stupid awesome SSD👍. It's a conversation starter. Just make a housing for it.

  • Jokudami
    Jokudami 3 months ago

    1:54 TF2?

  • Eìon O'hInneirghe
    Eìon O'hInneirghe 3 months ago

    I wonder what the max amount of memory per sd card can go up to, like is it limitless/unlimited or is it limited to like 256gb per sd card slot?

  • Lil Sicc
    Lil Sicc 3 months ago

    I would just use it so i can write payloads and just on diffrent micros, like for a ducky or a pi.

  • Sioux TV
    Sioux TV 3 months ago +2

    I could see it used as a game library on some kind of emulator. Maybe raspberry pi? Have low capacity cards each with a game, and use it as some sort of weird 10 disc cd changer for sd cards

  • Ken Miller
    Ken Miller 3 months ago

    Think it a secure hard drive. Take one of the cards away and it can't be unlocked. So it designers and programmers have the ultimate safe guard from hackers. Or even someone hiding their porn. No one can look without all the puzzle pieces.

    • Brek Martin
      Brek Martin 3 months ago

      You can read any SD card raw, block by block.

  • GamesOn
    GamesOn 3 months ago

    Because 7 ate 9 😂

  • Ben_ Yt
    Ben_ Yt 3 months ago +2

    Can linus tech tips upgrade ram laptop for free, without buying ram?

    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE 3 months ago +2


  • JakeDaSpud
    JakeDaSpud 3 months ago


  • Get Smart Media Worldwide

    Special k?

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 3 months ago

    Sd + Sd + Sd + Sd = SSD
    Quick Maths

  • brokenmoth08
    brokenmoth08 3 months ago

    I was expecting to see a Brazzers logo in the bottom corner of the thumbnail

  • Aaron 572
    Aaron 572 3 months ago

    So it's an SD SSD

  • xylfox
    xylfox 3 months ago +2

    O.K. Nice joke.Some company or engineer wanted to proof he can realize that gag.But whats the point?It isn´t even cheaper if you sum up. And technically still not a full replaicement.

  • Iamdonald duck
    Iamdonald duck 3 months ago

    Linus is a spoiled brat

  • Iamdonald duck
    Iamdonald duck 3 months ago

    Great if you have spare sd cards laying around

  • Thepeet Channel
    Thepeet Channel 3 months ago

    why use memory low speed!

  • david coffin
    david coffin 3 months ago

    i'll tell you what the purpose is. for those of us that are super paranoid about their highly classified super secret data, this is a good way to deal with it. put your data on that 'drive', then take it apart, and hide all the individual sd's in various places, then have the spy scavenger game started! reassembly would involve putting the individual sd's back in their original locations on the card (so implies some kind of identification marked on each sd), then plugging the 'drive' in and reading the contents.