Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • Hugo Lyall
    Hugo Lyall 6 hours ago

    I heard Nintendo is probably make The gameplay a bit like red dead redemption 2

  • Super Chicken TV
    Super Chicken TV 8 hours ago


  • Diego López Soto
    Diego López Soto 8 hours ago

    I sincerely hope that this Ganondorf is a real challenge as a boss, all bosses are very easy to defeat including Ganon. I would like this Ganondorf to be a super hard boss to defeat since the other one bored me.

  • Hi Im DakPix
    Hi Im DakPix 10 hours ago +1

    omg!!!! miyamootoooo rompeme el ortooooooooooooooooo wnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

    • Juanpe gaming
      Juanpe gaming 10 hours ago

      jajajaja no no no men es una secuela xd despues de botw

  • yeetus fetus
    yeetus fetus 10 hours ago +1

    my gut is telling me twilight realm

    as a fellow Twilight Princess player the vibes I get from that hand, and the "chanting" screams out twilight realm

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      @yeetus fetus really? I must have missed that. He's the unknown hero.

    • yeetus fetus
      yeetus fetus 7 hours ago

      @Kuuderekun they already confirmed its way in the front of every other game

    • yeetus fetus
      yeetus fetus 7 hours ago

      @Kuuderekun Yea I hope we get some information when we get to play BoTW2

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      @yeetus fetus I wish we could get some more info on the past Link who fought the original calamity.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      @yeetus fetus the 10,000 years are pretty confusing because we don't know when they fit in the timeline. I know it's not possible, but the Zant hands just made me super stressed.

  • Forenzyx
    Forenzyx 11 hours ago +1

    Hey, come here often?

    Bc I do EVERYDAY

    LEGENDARY SSR 11 hours ago

    I still want to play legend of Zelda as Zelda herself

  • Christopher Arteaga
    Christopher Arteaga 13 hours ago

    The darkness is near

  • Andy
    Andy 14 hours ago

    This symbol.. the Zonai symbol, was on Twilight princess , too. In the bottom of every dialogue box. Interesting.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      Tingle is the Zonai leader.

  • Joshua Suh
    Joshua Suh 15 hours ago

    The one thing we need to see is link taking

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      Not likely though

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      Nah maybe, MAYBE at the end, but not in every scene.

  • The prince Of the scrubnation

    If you play it really slow you can hear really weird guardian noises

  • SMEGIK 315
    SMEGIK 315 18 hours ago

    I can’t wait I hope you can play as Zelda also Legend of Zelda botw is my #1 favorite video game

  • Shivu
    Shivu 18 hours ago

    Hot take: I think that is actually Majora taking over Ganon's corpse. The eyes look a lot like the Moon from MM.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      They're the malice eyes from the pools. Just some clarification.

  • TTV_ Louistrotter
    TTV_ Louistrotter 18 hours ago

    that looks like the goddess hylia

  • jess claus
    jess claus 19 hours ago

    why does Zelda have that ugly hair cut 0:35

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      Looks fine. It's a Japanese culture thing symbolic of a new beginning.

    - TH4TDUCKY0UKN0W - 19 hours ago

    Why can't Gannon just stay dead for God's sake

  • TGKRift
    TGKRift 19 hours ago


  • Erin Weber
    Erin Weber 20 hours ago

    Here after 2020 release rumours T_T

  • Mr. Fazbear
    Mr. Fazbear Day ago

    Ya but pl,ease at least make the weapons last a little longer

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      Well, yeah I guess they should probably do that though.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 8 hours ago

      They lasted pretty long imo. Maybe a bit more variety though.

  • Lastful Last
    Lastful Last Day ago +2

    0:51 "You dare bring a light to my lair?! You must die!"

  • Joachime Ville
    Joachime Ville Day ago

    I hope this is like the Majora's mask situation

  • אלימלך רסקין

    אני רואה היום את הפרסומת החדשה של זלדה2

  • madgameradam
    madgameradam Day ago +2

    If it’s delayed as long as BOTW 1 was from its first announcement (it probably won’t be since the engine is already fully developed) then the game will come out mid 2022 😂

  • Corn Corn
    Corn Corn Day ago

    Let’s play GEUSS THAT RATING
    Hmm I think it might be rated teen or maybe even M due to that well trailer but we just have to wait
    You can let’s see you you other commenters think

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      E10+. Or at the VERY most, T. First is more likely though.

    • ChrisXD
      ChrisXD Day ago


    • Corn Corn
      Corn Corn Day ago

      I dis liked because I said you twice please call be stupid

  • the plague doctor

    Next time, let us be able to play the game after we finish

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      You can in every zelda game.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      You can. Just load your save.

    SAITCHO Day ago

    Game Awards trailer is better 😎

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 7 hours ago

      Psst, Time traveler! Tell me what happens!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Day ago +1

    Still Waiting.

  • Kirby Gamez
    Kirby Gamez Day ago

    *”Help us...please”*
    *”Find us...for Link”*

  • Chloe Murray
    Chloe Murray Day ago


  • Tanner Ultimate
    Tanner Ultimate Day ago

    Still has not come to the switch come on now I was actually excited for this

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      If we're lucky, it'll come out next year, but you know Nintendo and their release dates 😑

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun Day ago

      We'll be waiting until 2020 at the least.

  • Benjamin Sandhu
    Benjamin Sandhu Day ago

    Is it possible that botw is part of the child timeline? I mean Ganondorf literally has a wound on his chest just like the Ganondorf from Twilight Princess. And it's leaking pure malice. And that hand is most likely a sages hand, dude this trailer...!...

  • Curious Viewer
    Curious Viewer Day ago +1

    Ganon: I am Ganon, from the darkest depths of ancient history. I HAVE COME BACK TO LIFE
    Link: uh-huh
    Ganon: Perhaps you did not hear what I just said. I am a sorcerer and warrior. I was dead, but now I HAVE COME BACK TO LIFE!
    Link: yeah no I heard that. I got that. Welcome back.
    (Also Link: aw heck no, what the freak)

  • Aixa Almeda
    Aixa Almeda Day ago

    I just want Paya to be back

  • Leidiany Lima
    Leidiany Lima Day ago

    O link tem poderes neste zelda 2?

  • slippery_ fish
    slippery_ fish Day ago

    ooooooh so exited hope it's the same hyrule we all know and love

  • Alpocko and Stuff

    0:42 that symbol look familiar on the rock?

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex Harvey Day ago

    How are there only 5.9 million views on this? I make up about half of those

  • SniperShot 186
    SniperShot 186 Day ago +1

    Please make it co-op with link and Zelda @nintendo

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun Day ago

      It's single player. It always will be (other than fs).

  • Mark 5 Trollpedo

    God I hope they remove weapon durability.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 23 hours ago

      @Mark 5 Trollpedo I would get LESS "fun" from spamming the same weapon over and over.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 23 hours ago

      @Mark 5 Trollpedo Also, you can't remove low tier weapons from the game later, so the wooden mop will always be there. Nobody even uses it anyway. I've never had less than a full inventory of swords and lynel weapons.

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 23 hours ago

      @Mark 5 Trollpedo If there was no durability, wouldn't you just pick up an endgame weapon and never use anything else? They want us to experiment with different weapons and not spam the same high-level ones all the time. But you're talking like durability makes weapons obsolete, when in other games, you literally stop using your first sword once you get the master sword. Example: why use the ordon sword at all once you get the master sword?

    • Mark 5 Trollpedo
      Mark 5 Trollpedo 23 hours ago

      @Kuuderekun It doesn't balance the weapons at all. Mid-way through the game a large portion of weapons become obsolete (that isn't balance). Weapons are also heavily unbalanced in their allowable damage output, making using odd but cool weapons like a wooden mop, unrewarding and a waste of time.
      Its about fun, plain and simple, and restricting the weapons the player can use due to breakage isn't fun.

  • InShape Morenicco
    InShape Morenicco Day ago +1

    What if in this version we get to play with Zelda?

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun Day ago

      I hope we don't. This is a sequel, where link defeats ganondorf once and for all.

  • Alpharune
    Alpharune 2 days ago

    -Link is dead
    -Link has a glowing hand now
    -Ganon snaps his neck
    -Zelda cut her hair
    -Hyrule Castle rises up once again
    -Someone’s heart is beating at the end
    I like this

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      @Kuuderekun he's dead coz of the loss of blood (from the nosebleeds)

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun Day ago

      But still has a glowing hand? So he's dead but alive?

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun Day ago

      Are you kidding or something? What makes you think Link is dead?

  • Michael Palotti
    Michael Palotti 2 days ago +1

    OH MY GOD that music in the beginning is sooooooooooo disturbing.

  • Faith Waver
    Faith Waver 2 days ago

    Has anyone seen my wallet?

  • CegeRoles
    CegeRoles 2 days ago +8

    Ganondorf: "You should've gone for the head."

  • Deibe Paiva Lima
    Deibe Paiva Lima 2 days ago +1

    Que. Dia. Vai sair este zelda

  • Adrian Nunez
    Adrian Nunez 2 days ago +3

    It’s not Ganon you need to worry about

    It’s Beatle

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      He must be stopped

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      And do you know why he makes a big deal when you don't give him one of your beetles? He was tryna make a beetle army all along....

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      He gave you only one and thought you could use it to do his dirty work...

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      He stole many

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      How did he get the ancient arrows from robbie? He stole them...

  • Alcer scruro
    Alcer scruro 2 days ago

    I think this gate is Arbiter's Grounds

  • Unsung Guardian
    Unsung Guardian 2 days ago

    I hope you can explore the castle in it’s beautiful form

  • Deibe Paiva Lima
    Deibe Paiva Lima 2 days ago +1

    Tem. DLC. Neste. Zelda

  • Deibe Paiva Lima
    Deibe Paiva Lima 2 days ago +1

    E. Traga. Mais emformasoes. Sobre. Esse. Zelda 2

  • Deibe Paiva Lima
    Deibe Paiva Lima 2 days ago +1

    Que. Dia. Vai. Sair. O. Zelda. 2

  • Lolo 27
    Lolo 27 3 days ago +5

    0:59 We cannot see the sheikah tower of Akkala at the right

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      We can't see any sheikah tech, so perhaps it'll be kinda like oot?

    • Kuuderekun
      Kuuderekun 2 days ago

      That was the Great Plateau

  • Kallipige Pictura
    Kallipige Pictura 3 days ago

    Is it just me or Zelda's really got shorter hair ???

  • jciaxioc
    jciaxioc 3 days ago +3

    I just bought botw and i cant keep my hands off of it im so hyped for botw 2 😁

  • Midnight Calloway
    Midnight Calloway 3 days ago

    its the same map

  • Dalan White
    Dalan White 3 days ago +2

    Me before buying BoTW and a switch: Oh a new zelda game, cool...

  • Grecia Montes de Oca
    Grecia Montes de Oca 3 days ago +1

    When I am felling sad or angry I watch this

  • fingunagirl
    fingunagirl 3 days ago

    I’m way to excited for this. So excited imma try and do a breakdown trailer, that’s how much I’ve watched this.

  • Leakpatjolly
    Leakpatjolly 3 days ago +1

    Summer 2020?!?! Who thinks this?

    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      @DylanDude 2021? You know Nintendo :(

    • Leakpatjolly
      Leakpatjolly 3 days ago

      @DylanDude ok fair point

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 3 days ago +2

      Leakpatjolly There’s multiple problems with what you just said.
      1. Development started towards the end of 2017, not right after BOTW’s release. Using 2018 as a base for the starting point is more accurate.
      2. BOTW is a much, MUCH larger game than Majora’s Mask, and is made on much more advanced and complicated hardware to boot. Development is naturally going to take longer due to both that and higher standards in general.
      3. Even with how scaled down it was, Majora’s Mask took 18 months to make, not a year. The goal was to make it within a year, but it was delayed.
      4. They spent a year on the engine for BOTW, and about three years on everything else. They can’t reuse every asset like they could with Majora’s Mask, as open world games do not work that way.
      2018 + 3 = 2021.

    • Leakpatjolly
      Leakpatjolly 3 days ago +1

      @DylanDude well the reason I thing 2020 is because they're using the same engine, they had all of the ideas because it was supposed to be dlc for botw, production started right after botw was released, they already have 80% of the models and assets made and look at what they did with Majora's mask, that game was made in 1 year due to the same reasons. But I would say 2021 at the latest. But that is my opinion

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 3 days ago +2

      Way too early. It’ll be 2021.

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago


    • 《 Vixxý 》
      《 Vixxý 》 Day ago

      Hmmmm although I'd rather have a zelda without the British accent, it would be weird to have a different voice actor for zelda in this game