Liquid vs Air CPU Cooler - Which Should I Choose [Simple Guide]

  • Published on May 15, 2018
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    So should you go with a liquid or air cooler for your PC?
    Liquid obviously wins, but not for the reasons you think. Keep watching!
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  • Ninja WA_Team
    Ninja WA_Team Day ago

    Just Fill with vodka and its better

  • Matingm
    Matingm 12 days ago +2

    I’m traveling to much and I always keep my pc in my bag i want to know if I install liquid cooling in I shake the case on the case moves to much it wouldn’t have any problem?
    Help me

  • Star Mole
    Star Mole 13 days ago +1

    I'm one of those people that bought it but probably don't need it cos I'm not OCing - just bought it on instinct. I think the best benefit for me has just been not having to bother cleaning the old fan and heatsink. Certainly seems a neater solution overall... might actually look at OCing now tho...

  • Eureka
    Eureka Month ago +1


  • MrHmongz
    MrHmongz 2 months ago +1

    Wow, thanks

  • lyianx
    lyianx 2 months ago

    Fans are there to move heat away from the fins, not "keep it from over heating". The fins dont 'overheat', but rather the heat equalizes with the Cpu. The fans just keep that from happening so its always pulling heat away from the cpu.

  • YTM
    YTM 2 months ago +2

    Which would you recommend for the intel core i9

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago +2

    Water cooling needs fans which it is air cooling therefore air cooling is better because both uses AIR too cool heat, while the water is just like heat pipes that leads to a fan.

    • Laittomuuksia
      Laittomuuksia 2 months ago

      Big and heavy air cooler can bend your motherboard, water cooler can't

  • K4yr4h
    K4yr4h 3 months ago +1

    If you invest in good components, aircooling is more silent than lq.... Only reason to go LQ is optics, OC works just fine with ac as well.

  • jay are o.
    jay are o. 3 months ago +2

    Tnx for the info, now i go to Air cooling and i install aircon to my room, its work great

  • jako997
    jako997 3 months ago +3

    Meh I got a 240mn liquid cooling on my computer and runs perfectly well and I don't even overclock. I think both are good but if you plan to Overclock in the future than liquid cooling seems to be the better long term investment

    • K4yr4h
      K4yr4h 3 months ago

      bullshit. i overclock on ac since ever

    • jako997
      jako997 3 months ago

      @K4yr4h again though, if you plan on overclocking than a Air cooler won't help at all.

    • K4yr4h
      K4yr4h 3 months ago

      long term the lq will become more and more unreliable while an aircooler basically is indestructible if you replace the fan when upgrading the system.

    • Diego Bahena
      Diego Bahena 3 months ago


  • mankind and destiny
    mankind and destiny 4 months ago +13

    Il give you an advice don't ever water cool you're PC or you'll regret it the choice is yours if you want the safety of you're components

  • crystalier
    crystalier 6 months ago

    My computer has 9 fans including the heat sink but i added more which is i turned my AC at 15° and my electric fan at max power and the CPU is at 29°

  • Pazelloxu
    Pazelloxu 6 months ago +5

    I wished ROG made air CPU cooler.

    • Diego Bahena
      Diego Bahena 2 months ago +1

      @ACEZHI it's the best STOCK cooler, but an even more powerful aftermarket cooler won't do any harm (except for my wallet)

    • ACEZHI
      ACEZHI 2 months ago +1

      @Diego Bahena amd wraith cooler is the best

    • Kemo
      Kemo 3 months ago +1

      @Diego Bahena I'm not sure about a water block atm, but maybe in the future.

    • Diego Bahena
      Diego Bahena 3 months ago

      @Kemo yup, BUT there are certain low profile air coolers. Not trying to convince you tho. I also love the look of an AIO on the CPU.
      Are you planning on adding a waterblock to your GPU?

    • Kemo
      Kemo 3 months ago

      @Diego Bahena I have a small case so a big air cooler wouldn't work, and AIO's don't have many issues

  • Mohamad Nasmeer
    Mohamad Nasmeer 6 months ago

    I think this girl has good pc but I also thinks she is bad at gaming

  • Marlenne Ambriz
    Marlenne Ambriz 6 months ago +2

    What's a liquid cooler?

  • Cyphex
    Cyphex 6 months ago

    Help, If I’m going to overclock my i5-9600k to 4.0 ghz, should I get water or air cooling?

    • Rotez
      Rotez 25 days ago

      XZ Electro yeah your right i overclocked my i7 8700k to 5.0 gigahertz and my motherboard broke

    • XZ Electro
      XZ Electro 6 months ago

      Your welcome

    • Cyphex
      Cyphex 6 months ago

      I c... Thank u for your help kind stranger

    • XZ Electro
      XZ Electro 6 months ago +1


  • Cyphex
    Cyphex 6 months ago

    I’m the 69th comment

  • That's That
    That's That 6 months ago +15

    Just to give an answer....air cooling because it's easier and cheaper only get liquid cooling if your using your CPU to the MAX 🥰😄

    • Samuel
      Samuel Month ago

      @Diego Bahena wow you're having the 1st world problem right there..

    • K4yr4h
      K4yr4h 3 months ago +1

      @Diego Bahena a good AC like Noctua is more silent and even cooler than most LQ solutions.

    • Diego Bahena
      Diego Bahena 3 months ago

      OR if you want a quietter cooling system.
      I myself found that the stock air cooler from the CPU i'm planning on buying is not that good so it'd be a good investment given that I don't really mind the extra price. Air blower noise is quite a concern to me.

  • igor masl
    igor masl 7 months ago

    if i put a new cpu cooler..a stronger one will my temprature fall?

    • K4yr4h
      K4yr4h 3 months ago

      @NPC #79993557 eat clen, tren hard

    • NPC #79993557
      NPC #79993557 7 months ago

      Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favour of yours. We had to find out what he told you@igor masl

    • igor masl
      igor masl 7 months ago +1

      @NPC #79993557 of course ;p

    • NPC #79993557
      NPC #79993557 7 months ago

      If u do moar roidz, do u get moar gainz?

  • Atik Mahamud
    Atik Mahamud 7 months ago

    Is need to fill a new aio CPU cooler with any kind of liquid to it.? Please anyone tell me. I don't have any knowledge on this thing.please

    • Diego Bahena
      Diego Bahena 3 months ago

      generally new ones already come with cooling liquid. You'll have to give maintenance to the cooling system every now and them according to the manufacturer.

  • Veron Stafai
    Veron Stafai 8 months ago +1

    whai about overclocking i5 9600k

    • ACEZHI
      ACEZHI 2 months ago +1

      What do you mean

  • osama emad
    osama emad 8 months ago

    if i bought a cryorig R1 and raised one of the fans up a little to avoid blocking ram banks......would that affect the performance of the cooler ? what percentage do you think ?

  • Bas Franke
    Bas Franke 9 months ago +10

    When ur new to pc’s And u wanna build one this is the best Channel ever

    • K4yr4h
      K4yr4h 3 months ago

      actually its pretty bad.

    • Caspzz
      Caspzz 3 months ago

      Ohh no buddy no

  • MejiCast
    MejiCast 9 months ago +6

    liquid cooling is pointless, unless you're an overclocking enthusiast with brightly colored pc cases and want to show off or have a pretty little case blah blah. but overall it's pointless really and a waste of money. just upgrade your cpu and a use a good aftermarket air cooler, pretty simple, and far more convenient! lol

    • Moon Star
      Moon Star 8 months ago

      @MejiCast what is your Spec?

    • MejiCast
      MejiCast 8 months ago

      @Moon Star yup!

    • Moon Star
      Moon Star 8 months ago +1

      @MejiCast ok u go with air cooling?

    • MejiCast
      MejiCast 8 months ago +1

      @Moon Star yeah thats a good one. almost any aftermarket cooler with 6 heatpipes or more with a turbine design are great. my personal favorite brand is zalman.

    • Moon Star
      Moon Star 8 months ago +1

      Bro i want to use gigabyte aorus atc700 air cooler is it good? I hate liqui/water because it can get leaked

  • migchiel faber
    migchiel faber 10 months ago +2

    good video air cooling would be way to go for me at this point

  • AndyDhafin
    AndyDhafin 10 months ago

    I’m confused if I have a air cooler can I still play games on ultra/high settings without the cpu overheating

    • Vyrisus
      Vyrisus 8 months ago

      Yes you still can. Your CPU generally shouldn't run into heat issues unless you're trying to heavily overclock it and need to increase voltages which in turn produces more heat.

    • Giannhs Siasios
      Giannhs Siasios 10 months ago +1

      if you have a good cooling system then u can do everything.. no differences, you are lucky u use less prices air cooling system

  • שקד בר אוריון
    שקד בר אוריון 10 months ago +3

    air cooling is more efficent you dont need a pump its more cheap watercooling is a gimikonly to show off or beacuse you like it

    • Vyrisus
      Vyrisus 8 months ago +1

      No. Unless you are investing in the higher-end more expensive air coolers (~$70 or more), a decent liquid cooler will almost always be better for achieving high overclocks at higher voltages. Water cooling is not a gimmick; there are clear-cut and well-researched advantages to both liquid and air coolers, and which one is better for you depends on how much you're willing to spend and how well-versed you are in tweaking various settings and fan configurations to play to the strengths of your chosen method. What model and size of case you have can also play a role in determining which one is better.

  • Andrei
    Andrei 11 months ago +1

    for the price of AIO you can get a Noctua NH-D15 which is as good as Kraken x62. Dead silent at idle, built as a tank. With low TDP CPUs could even be used without the fan (although why would you). The only issue is the size, but then again, you have to find the space for the AIO radiator as well.

    • Andrei
      Andrei 10 months ago

      @Tornado Chasing it depends on a motherboard. And concerning the higher temps - if you put the water radiator on the front of the case, and the cold air from the room would flow through the radiator into the case, then essentially you have the same problem - the CPU is heating up the GPU. GPU would use heated air for cooling.
      I honestly don't think that the hot CPU radiator is affecting the GPU temps to a point when it matters, unless the fans of the CPU radiator are blowing the hot air directly onto the GPU back panel. But usually the hot air directed right onto the case exhaust fan. In fact, the GPU would probably affect the CPU temps since the GPU radiator is dissipating hot air in every direction inside the case and there are no exhaust fans nearby.

    • Tornado Chasing
      Tornado Chasing 11 months ago +1

      @Andrei You can only use low profile RAM, and you would also deal with higher GPU temps (since the heatsink is very close to the GPU).

    • Andrei
      Andrei 11 months ago

      @Tornado Chasing what about it?

    • Tornado Chasing
      Tornado Chasing 11 months ago +1

      RAM clearance.

    RAGNES7 Year ago +6

    This is a good channel.
    And this was a good video, straight to the point. No confusing terms :D

  • Dsmwarrior1996
    Dsmwarrior1996 Year ago +10

    From my understanding, unless your running like an over clocked threadripper, a good fan setup is plenty sufficient

  • Marco Rossi
    Marco Rossi Year ago +1

    Good aircoolers are better than liquid coolers too lol.

  • Panicthescaredycat

    aww shit.. I was planning to buy a mini ITX or a Micro ATX but you just said they have cooling problems so recommended liquid cooling..... shit...

    • akyhne
      akyhne Year ago

      @Panicthescaredycat - As long as your cabinet has suffiecient fan holes, it will never be an issue. The same goes for large cabinets. It's much more important to buy a motherboard, that allows space between the components. Like try to avoid placing a second PCI-E expansion card, so that it blocks the fans of your GPU's fans.
      Enjoy your new purchase :)

    • Panicthescaredycat
      Panicthescaredycat Year ago

      @akyhne thanks for your reply, I ended up going with a midtower, I was too afraid of it failing me somehow..

    • akyhne
      akyhne Year ago

      My oldest son recently build a custom PC in a micro ATX form factor. I recommended him to use air cooling, like I do myself. They tend to be less noisy.
      The Noctua NH-D15 aircooler is an excellent choice. As for temperature, he has no issue at all, only thing to worry about, is the height of the cooler, it only fits in some micro-, and mini cases.
      A good air cooler will allow some overclocking, but in most cases not to the extreme. What this means in performance, is a matter of taste. You mostly will only gain a few extra FPS. Does it matter? Not to me. Whether you are running a game at e.g. 77 or 82 FPS, you won't be able to tell.
      Btw., the Noctua NH-D15 aircooler beats most liquid coolers.

  • Owen West
    Owen West Year ago

    Considering a 2600 for my next build so thanks for the vid it helps alot.

  • Pianime -Varities of Music

    If you're a hardcore gamer and you want to overclock, liquid coolers are suggested. But if you just want it for office, playing smaller games like PvZ, Gamehouse, air cooling will work fine.

  • Zhang Bao
    Zhang Bao Year ago +1

    Recommend me the best fan cooling pls

    • Mashmacster
      Mashmacster Year ago +1

      Nactua nh d15 or any of those varieties

  • nilo fernando
    nilo fernando Year ago +1

    720p is cool. 😎

  • Awesomeguy951
    Awesomeguy951 Year ago +12

    While liquid maybe better there’s just more to go wrong in the pump system and if it leaks you screwed air cooling maybe not as good it is cheaper and not much and go wrong. I say for a new person to building/prebuilt computer it’s air cooling but if your more experienced and have heat problems go with liquid cooling.

    • Vyrisus
      Vyrisus 8 months ago +1

      As a person who generally prefers liquid cooling, I still 100% agree with this. Good advice.

    • Spence
      Spence Year ago

      yea thats why i dont wanna get liquid cooling cuz im scared it will leak or something and ruin my pc so prolly gonna stick with air for now

  • Nasir Grant
    Nasir Grant Year ago +2

    So liquid cooling is better for overclocking and using the CPU a lot and air cooling is for normal and using the CPU less?

    • GamingScan
      GamingScan  Year ago

      Liquid is better for overclocking, yes. Even if you use the CPU a lot and don't overclock, air coolers are just fine and cheaper.

  • Shubham Bhonkhade
    Shubham Bhonkhade Year ago +2

    good video

  • Tou Iij
    Tou Iij Year ago +2

    What about AIO liquid coolers?

    • jackieboy
      jackieboy 8 months ago

      Its liquid cooling df

  • DB
    DB Year ago +2

    Can you still overclock with air coolers

    • Jess
      Jess Year ago

      Samuel unless it’s a ryzen build

    • Samuel
      Samuel Year ago +1

      What ever you do, don’t use those stock coolers if your planning to overclock your pc for he best performance.

      SAAD HERO Year ago

      Yes but u may need to increase the Fan speed to cool it
      if u dont mind noise that is but watch ur temps

  • Starfals
    Starfals Year ago +61

    Air cooling it is then.

    • Elias L
      Elias L 5 months ago

      NS 55 water never ends, there is no escape, only if the cooler brake.

    • Elias L
      Elias L 5 months ago +5

      Just download more water

  • Koome Kimathi
    Koome Kimathi Year ago +52


  • Sumit Maharjan
    Sumit Maharjan Year ago +1

    Some People say the any AIO is better for cooling CPU with the same price range of Air Cooling.

    • ArchangelofLight
      ArchangelofLight Year ago

      From what I can tell AIOs are still more expensive than Air coolers for the most part although they do seem to do a better job of cooling. I've always been an air head (lol) but lately after watching lots of videos on AIOs it seems they almost always drop temps on both CPUs and GPUs by about 10-20C. I am personally thinking about making the swap to an AIO for my GPU since it is always the hotter component when I am gaming. Again, they will run you about 2-5 times more money depending on brand and size of the radiator, but if you're like me and heavy gaming makes your GPU temps high (65-75C with a custom fan curve) then you may want to look at investing in one.

  • rustigsmed
    rustigsmed Year ago +6

    noctua nh d15 [air cooler] for the win.

    • Vyrisus
      Vyrisus 8 months ago

      @PrimeRibGaming - Agree. I'd go with a BeQuiet air cooler any day as they are about as good as their Noctua counterparts and they look way less obnoxious since the fans and heatsinks are solid black.

    • PrimeRibGaming
      PrimeRibGaming Year ago +3

      E102 Gamma
      Yeah, but I don’t want a giant brown box in my rgb builds.

    • E102 Gamma
      E102 Gamma Year ago +1

      So? Still better

    • PrimeRibGaming
      PrimeRibGaming Year ago +2

      That thing is ugly af

    • Reign Of The Beast
      Reign Of The Beast Year ago +5

      Noctua beats almost every AIO ... Air cooling FTW !

  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia Year ago +9

    Good Vid!!!!

  • sudzy
    sudzy Year ago +1


  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma Year ago +3

    water absorbs a lot of heat buut tends to acumulate it so air coolers are better.

  • P_X
    P_X Year ago +5

    Im starting a new build but will go with liquied cuz i plan to overclock in the future