Mom walks out after 5th-ranked wideout Jacob Copeland commits to Florida | ESPN

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • No. 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland breaks down his decision to commit to the University of Florida and why his mom walked out after the announcement.
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Comments • 15 534

  • Zac Dickey
    Zac Dickey 12 hours ago

    Bruh i live there

  • Bryan Nixon
    Bryan Nixon Day ago

    She is thinking, "damn, there goes my new house, new car, and money for life".

    GARDEN STATE SMOKE 8 days ago

    She thinks it's about her. We don't give AF about you lady.

  • Solar Knight
    Solar Knight 8 days ago

    Disgusting behavior by the mom. Good man making his own decision feeling what’s best for him and HIS future.

  • Michael Caesar
    Michael Caesar 8 days ago

    The man made a bold move right there don’t get me wrong. The mom did not approve that just right there at that exact moment. She came back out and that’s all we needed to see. It may be a tough road for them but he is willing to accept that I really admire for his choice.
    From the looks of it the family did not wear any Florida colors and it seemed like they were avoiding the school. If he knows what his path is at Florida then that’s his path, not mine, not yours, his.
    So please, stop with the name calling on her and appreciate this moment here for them and his new journey.

  • Young Banked
    Young Banked 12 days ago

    I would b upset to she's trying to make a better choice for him

  • Elliot Johnson
    Elliot Johnson 14 days ago


  • T4
    T4 16 days ago

    Bad move Mom!

  • Edgardo Salazar
    Edgardo Salazar 23 days ago

    That was so fuck up..she just took her own son day by walkin off like that mad selfish..smh congrats kid...

  • Lil Scorpii
    Lil Scorpii 27 days ago +1

    I'm not supposed to laugh but... 💀

  • La county Johnson
    La county Johnson Month ago

    Who would wanna live in miserable Alabama anyway

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Month ago

    Good for him, she's not the one playing football, he is. Probably a control freak whose used to getting her way all the time

  • TGS_GucciGod
    TGS_GucciGod Month ago

    Couple of gold digging cunts

  • Y Yuh
    Y Yuh Month ago

    Dumb bitches hahaha

  • Hitman_harrison
    Hitman_harrison Month ago

    Bruh I would’ve broke down crying

  • 90's Baby
    90's Baby Month ago

    She'll be the first one there at draft nighy lol watch. Smh just pathetic. Your son got into college, be happy for that brat.

  • Miguel Arriaga
    Miguel Arriaga Month ago

    Is his dream not hers

  • Nita Beachbum
    Nita Beachbum Month ago

    So nobody is going to talk about dude in the orange had nearly choking his girl she look like lowkey she cant breathe lol lol

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller Month ago

    He just became a man during that moment... His mom was used to him listening and doing what she told him as a child.... It goes to show that women will always treat their male offspring as children... It's like they can't see that their boys are growing to be men with their own decisions and choices in life.... Her husband should've explained that to her before this event took place but you can see he just sat quiet when she left... She must've castrated her husband at some point....

  • Frank Rice
    Frank Rice Month ago

    It’s not about her lol

  • Ryan Oneil
    Ryan Oneil Month ago

    I still say he was disrespectful to his mom. His mother and grandmother both wearing a ln Alabama shirt. He picked Florida against her wishes. He could have talked it over with her before publicly embarrassing her. If anybody knows Alabama fans, they know the crazy.

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt Month ago

    Actually probably all of you could

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt Month ago

    I wanted to insult her but I forgot that's his mom and he could beat my ass in seconds

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper Month ago

    Thats right, stay ur ground young man!!! Best wishes and happiness on ur future🙏

  • Esteban Izaguirre
    Esteban Izaguirre Month ago

    Mom said "🚶‍♀️"

  • jay jay
    jay jay Month ago

    Simple!! Single mother home. Where is the Father. You never see any father's at these events.
    She is the mother God, what she says goes. He disobeyed her strict command. A black boy is an investment to a single black mother. That's her new house and car and future, making a decision she don't agree with.

  • iIiIIIiiIIiIi
    iIiIIIiiIIiIi Month ago +1

    Yo snoop dog came to support

  • Holden Glavin
    Holden Glavin Month ago

    Mans talks like bobby Boucher

  • Glen haggard
    Glen haggard Month ago

    Cash money

  • DocBrewskie
    DocBrewskie Month ago

    How can you do that to your kid? It’s not like he’s going to ichigan , then you walk out crying.

  • Jonathan Hogan
    Jonathan Hogan Month ago

    She should be happy that her son's actually going to Collage and the right path in life rather than turn to a life of crime. And I am proud that this individual made his own decision rather than is mother making it for him. She needs to know that it's time for him to leave the nest and be dependent on himself rather than others. His mother is privileged if that's her worries for not going to the school that they want him to go to.

  • Burt Sampson
    Burt Sampson Month ago

    Never heard from him since. Sad that he’d rather do gang shit then go to a school he will actually be successful at. Pos

  • Lisa lovely
    Lisa lovely Month ago

    Bye Felicia! ✌

  • URGG
    URGG Month ago

    I hopd he walks out on his mum when he earns a shit ton

  • crazyaboutboxing !
    crazyaboutboxing ! Month ago +1

    Mr Copeland America and myself is proud of you, it’s your moment not your Mother’s enjoy it, I’m sure you worked your butt off ... God bless you young man, just hope it was really your heart and not because of gang affiliation. If not Mom knows best . Get away ASAP!!!!

  • KazNomad2
    KazNomad2 Month ago

    Stay strong and make it to the NFL, brother. I support your independence!

  • mason ryals
    mason ryals Month ago

    I hate Florida, but I’ll be a fan for this Kid

    SNVRE Month ago

    All of you blaming the mom but we dont know the whole story! Maybe she was mad because she doesnt want to see her son leave to another state???

  • g d
    g d Month ago +1

    Wow that's selfish I wish this was a click bait moment, moms yall gotta stop being selfish

  • Slap yo Pussy ass
    Slap yo Pussy ass Month ago

    I'd leave her in the hood also..2.4 years from now

  • jeremy anderson
    jeremy anderson Month ago

    She did it because he’s part of a gang in Florida an she wants him out of that

  • Martez Sams
    Martez Sams Month ago

    Fuck ya heart your brain is the biggest functioning muscle in the human body second learn how to speak properly .

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Month ago

    Typical _____ parent walking out on her children.. That's why they all become a statistic..

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Month ago

    Fuck alabama

  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston Month ago

    What he said was right and how all bm should be. Too many bm let these women control them and its ultimately why most of us dont get anywhere

  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston Month ago

    Be your own man.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues Month ago

    She needs to start playing so she can choose where she wants to go. Fuck out here. Smdh

  • Mitch Last
    Mitch Last Month ago

    Commentators should have not asked about the situation. Unprofessional and selfish by the commentators. They need to remember these are kids!

  • Pat CB
    Pat CB Month ago

    Wow talk about being rude!!

  • team jj
    team jj Month ago

    You seen her take her purse, that's what in it PADS

  • team jj
    team jj Month ago

    It's not like that, she had to go change her pad!!!!!

  • Juvonne Merriman
    Juvonne Merriman Month ago

    So this isn’t the full video...

  • cheetoh macias
    cheetoh macias Month ago +1

    Looks like momma was taking free stuff from.alabama promising shit she couldnt chew about her sons future

  • Almighty Gos
    Almighty Gos Month ago


  • Ramel34
    Ramel34 Month ago +1

    I need more on this story.

  • Dynamo
    Dynamo Month ago

    That fucking sucks man.

  • paper towel
    paper towel Month ago

    he even wore the red suit his moma picked for him loool then he picks florida hahahah

  • Nate V
    Nate V Month ago +1

    Typical salty black woman, what's new?

  • Christo Misto
    Christo Misto Month ago

    Bruh he was hurt dude, I feel bad for him

  • NightHawk4Hire
    NightHawk4Hire Month ago

    That Ma’s a bitch ass bitch

  • Lil Pup
    Lil Pup Month ago

    He wouldnt even be where he was wothout his mom and her money growing up as a kid and he has the audacity to go against his moms wishes that is toxic

  • Josh 7
    Josh 7 Month ago

    Black mom did it to her own son.... smh she’s no mother she in it for her selfish needs

  • The Baliens
    The Baliens Month ago

    don't talk about things you don't know the full story behind. he had gang affiliations in florida and his mom didn't want any of that with him.

  • Ruthless 12 street
    Ruthless 12 street Month ago

    Was that whoopie

  • Zachary June
    Zachary June Month ago


  • WavyTooRaw
    WavyTooRaw Month ago

    Wow, her son doing great things. He could have been out on the streets doing gang affiliated shit and that's how you treat him?

  • nailbender ripp16
    nailbender ripp16 Month ago +1

    Mom probably had a pay day from Bama if her son signed with them.

    DEVOFF Month ago

    I hope he doesnt give her any money when he makes bank how fucking disrespectful

  • Marco Beltran
    Marco Beltran Month ago


  • Transparent Motives
    Transparent Motives Month ago +3

    What kind of mother is that?! One of the biggest moments of his life and she walks out. This is his life and his dream, not hers. Extremely selfish.

  • gmshadowtraders
    gmshadowtraders Month ago

    Don't worry bro, white becky gonna show you the love you never got from your own people. I'm sayin

  • OmgNoBadges
    OmgNoBadges Month ago +9

    I know he’s in pain bro you can just tell , what a selfish mom

  • Slasher Nalgas
    Slasher Nalgas Month ago +1

    When u fool ur fam with the red suit

  • Mr. DroCro
    Mr. DroCro Month ago

    What a rude ass women... It's his life you had your time and choices so run along!

  • Booty Pounder
    Booty Pounder Month ago +1

    I mean... I would of to

  • Nitro
    Nitro Month ago

    What a good mom trying to protect her son and if not everyone knows he has gang relations in Florida

  • RTdurango 2014
    RTdurango 2014 Month ago

    The mom is a piece of shit its not like she is the one playing that bitch can only play with balls in her mouth she suppose 2 support his sons decision

  • Kalamite
    Kalamite Month ago

    It’s always people who don’t know shit who comment on topics and give opinions as if facts😂

  • Christian Joseph
    Christian Joseph Month ago

    That’s just so demeaning to her son he worked so hard to get where he is she should be proud of him she just ruined what should have been one of his fondest memories

  • Skara Brae Man
    Skara Brae Man Month ago

    Brutal to watch. Classy mom. Especially the walking across in front on the desk in full view. As a parent I get it but walking out on your kid when he makes a decision you don't like? Tough love or bitterness? Tough to tell. I heard she wanted him away from his gang trouble but both Alabama and Florida are 4 hours away from his home so not sure I get it.

  • TheSpaceGazer
    TheSpaceGazer Month ago

    Trash, looking for a free ride anyway

  • Midnight Toker
    Midnight Toker Month ago +6

    Maybe his mom would prefer him selling crack..

  • I J
    I J Month ago

    Its nice to see a black man own a white woman :) so proud

  • I J
    I J Month ago

    Thats so ghetto of the mom to stand up and walk away. So childish

  • Doug M.
    Doug M. Month ago

    Can anyone understand this idiot???

  • ArchAngelofLife
    ArchAngelofLife Month ago

    Like father like mom.

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin Month ago

    That’s a selfish cunt

  • Statenizzy1
    Statenizzy1 Month ago

    The fucked up thing is he chose to stay in his home state, and shes still butthurt. Cunt

  • Yelleauxboybeatz
    Yelleauxboybeatz Month ago

    Mom seems childish ignorant and ghetto

  • Ernesto Maldonado
    Ernesto Maldonado Month ago

    My mom wouldn't show up probly because she knows that i would only chose the school that gives me the best opertunaty

  • Randy Scott
    Randy Scott Month ago

    D1 school and he cant even speak uba daba umano y sheba

  • Frosty Revan
    Frosty Revan Month ago

    That's fucked up.

  • Anson Jones
    Anson Jones Month ago

    The new Tyler Perry movie looks depressing.

  • Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater

    That was about as low class of a move that a parent could ever do to their child. Of course I only know what I've seen in this video, but the boy seems like a fine young man. At what is probably his greatest day of life thus far, she pulls that sh*t out of the bag. What she's too shallow to realize is that by walking out on what should be a tremendously proud day for a parent, she's crossed a line with her son that she can NEVER come back from. She immediately changed the relationship she had with her son. With enough time, she'll be forgiven, but that young man will NEVER forget it. Just a low class move...she should be ashamed. Look at the kid... having to answer a lowlife reporter and his prying, personal questions (which is pretty low too) with that look of pain on his face. Such stuff, and probably a bunch more personal questions, shouldn't be asked without the support of his mother (but alas, her sorry butt walked out...she probably had already spent some of the "under the table" cash that Saban sent her). The kid was obviously just crushed. She should be ashamed. I assume that the father couldn't be there for whatever reason, but he should have been so he could "jerk a knot in her a*s" for pulling that crap...(and easy, I'm not saying it's ok to abuse a spouse...I was just using a figure of speech)

  • MuniciPRO
    MuniciPRO Month ago

    foolsball is the Devil

  • philis nonstopalis
    philis nonstopalis Month ago

    Would you like or dislike?

  • jesse aguirre
    jesse aguirre Month ago

    Selfish momma!!!!....just be glad that his hard work and dedication brought him to this moment!!!

  • j o e l m s h a n e 4

    To everyone who doesn’t realize:
    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this video before but I heard that they wanted him to go anywhere but Florida because he was involved with gang stuff in Florida and they didn’t want him to be. So they got very upset when he picked Florida

  • Comics Book Awesomeness

    Every saying the mother was right because he was in gang. How is the mother right? That is supposed her son. No real mother will abondon her son.

  • Hunter
    Hunter Month ago

    What a fuckin bitch, the is one of the most important moments of his life, and she’s making it about her.
    I bet his dad did more raising than his piece of garbage mom