Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

  • Published on May 17, 2018
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    You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!!
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Comments • 42 691

  • Harley Hafley
    Harley Hafley 8 hours ago

    yay black death whoo yeah

  • AshReaps
    AshReaps 9 hours ago

    i know just giveb
    an infinite amount of food water land and space for the people in the universe

  • Bernard Soul
    Bernard Soul 17 hours ago

    Well, WOG has confirmed that he extinguished half of ALL LIFE, not just human life. That includes half of all life in the ocean, where a mass extinction problem already exists, as well as plants, fungi, healthy bacteria, etc. So no, he didn't think his plan through at all.

  • Constantinople, 1054
    Constantinople, 1054 19 hours ago +2

    I feel it’s worth mentioning that if everyone has 2 kids, the population stays the same as it takes two people to produce two kids.

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear Day ago

    Every person who sits in a traffic jam on a hot commute thinks Thanos was right.

  • Eibonamarini rasseru

    Why didn't thanks double the size of the universe and it's resources

  • Pumkinseed Lilly Rose

    Couldn't Thanos just double or even triple resources instead of dusting half the universe. And like make another planet for each planet. So we have space? IS THAT SO HARD!!???

    • Pumkinseed Lilly Rose
      Pumkinseed Lilly Rose Day ago

      @kermit sue of side He could just keep expanding the universe.

      Good point though. Didn't think of that.🙂

    • kermit sue of side
      kermit sue of side Day ago

      He can't double them because it would cause for population to grow again

  • Rubbish Sarah
    Rubbish Sarah Day ago

    I’m living in Europe even though I’m asain

  • zeng22
    zeng22 Day ago +1

    why doesn't thanos just make it so there are an infinite number of habitable planets each with the size of a trillion suns or something

    let's face it he just like killing stuff

  • Automatic Pump Action
    Automatic Pump Action 2 days ago +1

    At least introduce something like the Krogan Genophage from Mass Effect after the snap to make sure populations don't just bounce back straight away. lol

  • Theodore Melland
    Theodore Melland 2 days ago

    We have population control it’s called anti-vaxxers

  • Noble Nichols
    Noble Nichols 2 days ago

    Show me Pat you decide to erase Logan Paul but not Jake Paul I don't get that they're both bad people delete both of them Jake did not have a second RU-clip channel Logan then so would it make more sense that you got rid of Jake but as you would say that's just a theory of film Theory

  • Kenny Dang
    Kenny Dang 2 days ago +1

    There's a few reasons he is wrong about what he said.
    Over population may lead to poverty, starvation, and many people die after that, however, it won't be in vain. The people whi died come back to the ground and become resources for the ground, then for the trees, in turn became food the animals and so on. It is the cycle of life. All those time Thanos and his army keep on their slaughter on planets, the kill people, people return to the ground and so on, the cycle of life continues. However, the moment he snapped, he turned half of the population into dust, to nothing, so the planets lost their resources, so the people in the future might suffer from starvation because of him. The cycle of life on wach planet was heavily damaged.
    He erase people at random, so if some of the unlucky ones that were erased were someone who were controling some high tech machines, and with them gone, those machines may someday goes haywire and may cause some mayor disaster.

    • Bernard Soul
      Bernard Soul 17 hours ago

      EXACTLY. I wish people would stop treating these movies like they're actually smart, it just fantasy after fantasy after fantasy.

  • Juli Pfeili
    Juli Pfeili 3 days ago +1

    Thanos could just make more food an more Planets for people, instead of killing them 😑😑

  • Eduardo Osorio
    Eduardo Osorio 3 days ago +1

    Thanos the "rainbow titan"???OML HE'S GAY!!!

    • Le Misérable
      Le Misérable 3 days ago

      Eduardo Osorio wHaT’S wRoNG wITH tHaT?

  • Eduardo Osorio
    Eduardo Osorio 3 days ago +1

    At least V sauce is okay

  • Rodolfo Romo
    Rodolfo Romo 3 days ago

    Who needs webmd ti scare you you can just watch this video

  • Bekalharger 1234
    Bekalharger 1234 3 days ago +1

    Doubling resources would not work because we use more resources then we make children

    • Bernard Soul
      Bernard Soul 17 hours ago

      Then he snaps his fingers again to make us all infertile or whatever, are you seriously fixating on that? He has INFINITE power. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!

  • Riley Watts
    Riley Watts 4 days ago +3

    he literally got rid of half of the resources

    • Bernard Soul
      Bernard Soul 17 hours ago

      I know, it's driving me crazy that no one's even mentioning that. Makes me think Thanos should have killed all humans just for being so stupid.

  • Sydney Gilbert
    Sydney Gilbert 4 days ago +2

    There are too many people on this earth, we need a new plague
    - Dwight Schrute


  • ItsWhiteFang
    ItsWhiteFang 4 days ago

    That's why economists are looking forward to Space X programs which will let humans inhabit different planets so that those who stay can get a better life.

  • Cameron J. Wallace
    Cameron J. Wallace 5 days ago

    I mean... I'm kinda pro plauge, but hey...

  • Nathan Pyle
    Nathan Pyle 5 days ago

    I agree with the clame

  • McCrizles
    McCrizles 5 days ago

    Now here’s my way and facts on how to keep the earth settled so a lot of people say abortion is good but it’s not and that’s a fact cause having a previous human get killed is not ok so that’s why Elon musk is trying to go to mars so that some of us humans. Can go live there. Tell me if you agree

  • Frankie sucks at multitasking


  • Yemane Desta
    Yemane Desta 5 days ago +1


  • Yemane Desta
    Yemane Desta 5 days ago

    i alredy wached infinity war AND endgame >;3

  • Michael Ricks-Aherne
    Michael Ricks-Aherne 5 days ago +1

    Half the population = half the resource-gatherers. Thanos was an idiot.

    There's no such thing as overpopulation. Texas alone is 7 TRILLION square feet. You could fit all 7 billion people in the world in Texas, each with their own modest 1000 sqft apartment.
    There's more than enough food to feed everyone in the world. It's just distributed poorly. There's more than enough wealth in the world, but the top 1% owns half of it.

    Our problem is not resources, it's distribution.

  • Linxin Stuff
    Linxin Stuff 5 days ago +1

    He has the power to do literally anything though, he could just double the recourses.
    Nvm he did do mention that.

  • maximumrisk2004
    maximumrisk2004 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does the number of Humans our World can sustain keep growing as well? Kind of like they dont want us to know that it is already too late. The thing is I am a 100% sure, that a few years back our limit was supposedly 8 Billion and before that it was 6 Billion. So either they really got their numbers wrong the first 2 times, or we are already royally fucked, which is why the new limit is so high up. If we ever get to that stage, it will be 1 minute before 12.

  • maximumrisk2004
    maximumrisk2004 5 days ago +4

    Jake Paul didnt get snapped? You monster!

  • SCP Personnel Mobile Task Force

    I agreed with the title before I clicked

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray 6 days ago

    Malthus and the black death stuff i learned about that is history so i feel smart now

    W.D GASTER 6 days ago explains all of this

  • Edz. Ramz
    Edz. Ramz 6 days ago

    Iron Man Died The best Sentence of spoiler

  • Elburns
    Elburns 6 days ago


  • lemonsauce_
    lemonsauce_ 6 days ago


  • alicjata
    alicjata 6 days ago +29

    What if thanos used the reality stone to make infinite resources?

    • Ankush Das
      Ankush Das Day ago +3

      It would degrade human value

      Ever wonder what is the cost of life of one insect (nothing)

      Just because of population

    • RiftWolfen
      RiftWolfen 3 days ago +2

      @Nino Kiss Actually that isnt the issue. While one day we will run out of resources we actually have enough resources to give everyone a good life right now is supply and demand. We cant supply and then reform enough resources properly to keep everyone in a good life. Thanos actually would make it so much worse by destoryig half the population. Tons of places would go out of buisness since not enough people would be there to run the supplying and making sure there is enough. Places who need constsnt shipping of types of food and supplies would starve out pretty quickly and well even more people would die and only places that could self-sastain or at least go long enough to set up some type of trade.

    • Nino Kiss
      Nino Kiss 3 days ago +2

      Or if he just snapped to make enough food for everyone forever...

  • Caleb Maessen
    Caleb Maessen 7 days ago +1

    Turn on the captions on the beginning of this video. Every time MatPat says "Thanos" it misspelled to different names.

  • Lieutenant Ghost
    Lieutenant Ghost 7 days ago

    The best part of infinity war when mr grape man snapped his fingers and they all turned to grapes

  • Danielle RAMBAUD
    Danielle RAMBAUD 7 days ago +1

    BnL from WALL-E:Thanos ,you killed half of the population loser.I killed 99,98 percent.

  • moonchild4evaneva
    moonchild4evaneva 7 days ago

    An infinite amount is a lot... Can you can conceive the idea of an infinite amount of fish? Or fruit trees? Or vegetables? Or even the water required for it all? If there was a way to do this then looking at it will send you insane.......... Might as well enter a staring competition with cthulhu

  • moonchild4evaneva
    moonchild4evaneva 7 days ago

    Tbf I live in a socialist country where you're paid for having kids and now there's drug addicts with 12 kids at home and another 30 in the welfare system... And countries like Japan are all about efficiency to the point they fall asleep and wake up between their stops on public transport like clockwork and In a country where financial security rules and overpopulation is a problem it would just be illogical to have kids

  • Maxamae Lynn
    Maxamae Lynn 8 days ago

    Ayyyyee my sisters school did that play and i loved it.

  • keelermatt77
    keelermatt77 8 days ago

    He is not pink, not purple, but GRAPE!!!!!!

  • rahul choudhury
    rahul choudhury 8 days ago

    What about my Muslim driver...he has 3wives with 3 kids from each...looks like Thanos need to snap every 10 years for him😂😂😂

  • Dalia Saqqa
    Dalia Saqqa 8 days ago

    Well couldn't Thanos just double the resources rather than wiping out half of the worlds population

  • Shiny Unicorn
    Shiny Unicorn 8 days ago

    This vid came out on my b day

  • GodIsNotWithMe _
    GodIsNotWithMe _ 8 days ago

    I choked on air when I saw 'The Sim Supply'

  • Senior pantalones
    Senior pantalones 8 days ago +2

    What happens if thanos uses his unlimited power to double everything to scale except the living population

  • lisa lui
    lisa lui 9 days ago

    towards the end i forgot i was watching a thanos theory

  • Max1muslegend
    Max1muslegend 9 days ago +3

    Thanos could’ve just quadrupled the resources

    • maximumrisk2004
      maximumrisk2004 5 days ago

      That does not help, but for the majority it wont change a thing. Even worse, I know from Personal experience that I am even more careless with stuff if there is more of it. So doubling or even quadrupling the resources would spell the end of the world.

  • Daniël Drumstel
    Daniël Drumstel 9 days ago +3

    And now half of the supply chain workers are dead.
    Great! Now... where did my food go? Oh. Oops.

    • W.D GASTER
      W.D GASTER 6 days ago

      Daniël Drumstel thats what they said!!

  • Itz Gacha Gemma
    Itz Gacha Gemma 9 days ago +11

    *The Beginning Part Is Like When Your Videos Get Taken Down For Copyright*

    The Sad Truth

  • michael kelley
    michael kelley 9 days ago

    As long as billionaires and politicians and their families were wiped out, and their resources were absorbed by the commons, it would be a huge BOON to Earth.

    • Ignacio Ruiz-Retegui
      Ignacio Ruiz-Retegui 8 days ago

      First, if the commons get rich they will become the rich and in time people would be divided again in billionaires and commons. It doesn't matter if people die, their possessions will turn the takers into the new rich people.
      Second, if the people who pick up those riches are worse distributors or just bad people, those resources would cause more harm than when they had other owners or just be misused
      Third, it would be a brief BOON. When those resources are consumed the remaining people will have to work enough to sustain themselves, therefore there would not be more for them, just the enough amount.
      10 people produce and have 100 X
      5 people kill the other 5
      5 people have 100 X
      they consume it and then they have to produce more
      5 people will have to produce 100 X to have as much X as before (doubling their work)
      Less people to produce, less production, less benefits to reap

  • michael kelley
    michael kelley 9 days ago

    Then I’ll say it “yay, Black Death, wooi!”

  • Aedan Liggett
    Aedan Liggett 9 days ago

    Imagine have .6 of a child

  • Jacob Glare
    Jacob Glare 9 days ago +2

    Thanks for the science class

  • Carl Heffner
    Carl Heffner 10 days ago

    .4? What do you mean, point four? HOW CAN YOU HAVE A 4TH OF A CHILD?? HOW DOSE THAT MAKE SENSE???

  • Gamerboy18635
    Gamerboy18635 10 days ago +5

    MatPat made me notice how much Thanos has a skin color change.

  • KittyCat Gamer
    KittyCat Gamer 10 days ago

    I have the knot of what will happen

  • Ella McGuffee
    Ella McGuffee 10 days ago

    strangely enough my sister was a lead role in a production of your entire hand I know exactly what you’re talking about

  • A Wild Commie
    A Wild Commie 10 days ago +1

    He really ignores the fact that the middle ages are different then now, because of half the population was gone, food would turn out to be even more expensive, because there's less people to make the food

  • Black Wax
    Black Wax 11 days ago

    Did anyone see alli a

  • Rish Fish
    Rish Fish 11 days ago

    Yay there are no spoilers for endgame but only infinity war

  • BigDawg King
    BigDawg King 11 days ago

    With the way global warming is know this might be a good idea

  • anskey family
    anskey family 11 days ago

    hmm. though what he said about the population growth at the start may be true, more and more people are now I guess comfortable to.. live more gay lives? I don't really know but I guess they'd adopt? Or maybe some people wouldn't want kids.. and for adopting where would those kids come from? other peoples' lives that.. didn't work out or.. bunch of other ways I can't be bothered to list. Or maybe if gay couple rates go up, possible so wwould adopting rates? And then I guess you'd.. run out of kids to adopt..
    well hey
    Also how do you have a .2 birth? or a .4 birth? Is it a percentage?

  • Codename: Xelda
    Codename: Xelda 11 days ago

    Thanos could've snapped away criminals, sjw's. The they's and zie's The KKK and more!
    You had one job Thanos!!!

  • Matsa Sune
    Matsa Sune 11 days ago

    You convinced me lets do it and in the mean time ima watch this video.

  • Magnaboss Prime
    Magnaboss Prime 11 days ago

    Um ronan never came to earth, sorry i just had to point that out

  • X dabs Epic
    X dabs Epic 12 days ago

    I was hoping T sireres disapiring

  • sacha falcone
    sacha falcone 12 days ago

    How can you have a 6th of a child...

    Were’s the rest of it

  • Thomas Engelman
    Thomas Engelman 12 days ago +1

    So basically what you did with the kid example is that you mulitiplied them all with there kids by 2 with every generation which frankly is a good example for whay the countries are doing with population control

  • Mostafa Yasa
    Mostafa Yasa 12 days ago

    I think this video is just about mattpat saying Thanos is good and the Avengers are not.

    oh, by the way, you forgot to like this comment and this video

  • Gamer girl 3924
    Gamer girl 3924 12 days ago

    Bad jake Paul he was the worst btw what year is it for you it’s 2019 for me

  • DJ Binx 2.0
    DJ Binx 2.0 12 days ago

    Thanos could've just doubled the univers's resources

  • h h
    h h 12 days ago

    Today was my last final test and I watched this video today, it was mostly over the linear and exponential lines, coincidence? I think not

  • Roger Song
    Roger Song 12 days ago

    and don't get me ideas of going on a purge

  • Roger Song
    Roger Song 12 days ago

    no, actually I wouldn't really mind if my dad didn't come its pretty understandable

  • Eloi
    Eloi 12 days ago +1

    I wanted Thanos to snap again in Endgame so only a quarter of the population would be left

  • ktoś
    ktoś 12 days ago

    Actually, Thanos was right, but in his plans. Seriously no one thought that planet with half of fkin most advanced population(on the planet), broken countries, half of people crying after family and people who are scared to fight against Thanos is easier to control than planet without military war between 5 countries with best technology, not tired people, not physically broken people (in most cases) and Elon Musk?

  • Nate B1313
    Nate B1313 12 days ago

    11:33 woooooo that's posotive

  • Aaron Slaats
    Aaron Slaats 13 days ago

    Avengers made it worse by adding the lost half after 5 years of progess, maybe that's another theory, how bad did they screw the universe ( if at all)

  • JD Rodger Allen
    JD Rodger Allen 13 days ago

    Who cares about spoilers endgame and infinity war is already out

  • JamieJabberwockie
    JamieJabberwockie 13 days ago

    now I feel proud for knowing the musical Urinetown :D

  • divyansh reacts
    divyansh reacts 13 days ago

    Matpat you should watch @supercarlinbrothers theory why thanos was wrong because we reproduce more when world is ending check out them for more

  • divyansh reacts
    divyansh reacts 13 days ago

    After watching infinity war I fallen love with Thanos butt theory 🤩

  • Jaren Frederick
    Jaren Frederick 13 days ago +1

    0:25 how do you snap with your index finger?

    • Gamerboy18635
      Gamerboy18635 10 days ago

      Jaren Frederick idk how to snap so I sadly can’t help 😔

  • Whittle Fox25
    Whittle Fox25 13 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Mr Booshit
    Mr Booshit 13 days ago

    instead of watching just watch from an economist debunking thanos philosophy. and matpads theory.

  • Yuji Yagi
    Yuji Yagi 13 days ago

    Why didn't Thanos just doubled the resources?

  • Malak Bahamadi
    Malak Bahamadi 14 days ago

    Hey matpat I just watched season 5 of the flash on CW and I really want you to do a theory about it.I have no idea what theory but I feel like if you do that my life will be complete

  • Jiminsjamminjams Aj
    Jiminsjamminjams Aj 14 days ago

    Ah yes, I’m old so I understand Mat Patt. Depressing :’)

  • Levi McGlynn
    Levi McGlynn 14 days ago +63

    By the snap of my fingers...

    James Charles will be gone.

  • Beaver Scope
    Beaver Scope 14 days ago

    You absolute tool killing half of the life the universe is not justifiable in any way and if you think it is then your an absolute phycopath !

  • Gacha Time
    Gacha Time 14 days ago

    Do a video about the 7th infinity stone

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker 14 days ago +1

    is it just me that saw the rainbow thanos had the colours of the stones

  • Black Batman
    Black Batman 14 days ago

    No he wasn’t you idiot

  • Shadow Dawns
    Shadow Dawns 14 days ago

    Give double
    Increase everything
    Humans will never say enough or be satisfied for anything Money or resource
    More money - more greed - more crime - more disaster
    It will be just race to the point who gets more when everything is infinity

  • Shadow Dawns
    Shadow Dawns 14 days ago

    Hmm I already told that to everyone I knew before
    But they called me Mad Human