The ASRock DeskMini A300: A Big PC In A Small Package

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • ASRock DeskMini A300:
    Ryzen 5 2400G:
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Notebook Memory (3200):
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Comments • 222

  • Quadcopter Reviews
    Quadcopter Reviews 17 days ago +1

    Hey Wendel another great video! It would be really nice if they made thr case just slightly larger with perhaps enough room for a Wraith Spire cooler and use a b350 chipset that allows some level of overclocking. Obviously it wont be a beast gaming rig with a Ryzen 2400g, but have seen that these chips provide a pretty significant bump in gaming performance even with a very mild overclocks to CPU, Integrated graphics, and just a little memory tuning. The case would only need to be maybe 1 inch taller and I doubt using the B350 chipset would have cost much more. They could probably charge $20 more, slap the word gaming on it, and a lowly Windows user like myself would probably pay that for just a little extra horsepower.
    Awe hell I just like to tinker with my stuff .more and need to shut up.
    It pretty damn cool...but one can hope. 😉

  • Chris
    Chris 22 days ago

    do you know how to change the dedicated VRAM on this a300 bios? I have the Ryzen 2400g.. but it's defaulted to 1024Mb.

    • Chris
      Chris 18 days ago

      +retro_Ed - awesome, thanks for this information.. much appreciated!!

    • retro_Ed
      retro_Ed 19 days ago

      I updated UEFI/BIOS to latest 3.40 ver. After that, there is a new option in North bridge section.

  • Wolfgang Christl
    Wolfgang Christl Month ago

    Tiny thing, looks great and reasonably priced. Might pick one up.

  • MichaelVash7886
    MichaelVash7886 Month ago +1

    Any update on a video talking about optimizing this for Linux gaming? I have one on the way.

  • Honsum Siu
    Honsum Siu Month ago

    Is it support HDR output?

    DAVID GREGORY KERR Month ago +1

    VALVES STEAM client for Linux will also run Windows games.

  • Jacob Bevis
    Jacob Bevis Month ago

    Anyone find a way to get this in Canada? and dont carry it.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Month ago

    Bionic Beaver? Going to ride that LTS to the very end (lol, jk). Love this video! L1T is awesome sauce!

  • bud riley
    bud riley Month ago

    Looks like the hiked the rams price...

  • OldMan_PJ
    OldMan_PJ Month ago +3

    Minor complaint: holding a black object while wearing a black shirt in front of a black background surrounded by a black microphone on a black microphone arm next to a black box makes it incredibly difficult to see what you are holding.

    • George Senda
      George Senda Month ago

      AND he shows us a test screen pattern and not what it looks like on the net or running Windows or Linux or the web. Dumb.

  • Peter England
    Peter England Month ago +3

    Is the HDMI 2.0, and does it support HDCP 2.2 for Ntflix 4K streaming?

  • MzNToS
    MzNToS Month ago +1

    This Ryzen Vega optimization guide would be awesome :)

  • Hee Kau Bian
    Hee Kau Bian Month ago

    The only reason to consider something like this is if you want a gaming rig but don't want to buy a dedicated graphics card and decided to go for the APU solution offered by AMD. Because if it's space saving that you really want, an Intel NUC8i3 smokes these in smallness, and has all the processing power for the light tasks you doing it on. Yes, if you game, the NUC i3 isn't going to compete.

    • Michael K
      Michael K 23 days ago +1

      This does quite well against NUCs including the 8th gen according to the Anandtech review. The cost advantage for the DeskMini is pretty big and easily makes up for the larger size and maybe not as slick case for me. It's only a case, motherboard, and power supply, right? Also, I'll note that this DeskMini supports 2 x 2.5" SATA drives and 2 x NVMe m.2 drives for more storage options which can offset the size issue a bit if that's helpful for some.

    • Night Shade
      Night Shade Month ago

      There is pricing and core count too. I got the Deskmini 110. And to this day, the only quadcores I can get still cost over 200 euros. That's just stupid. I am trying to find a CPU upgrade for it that I can defend the cost of still..

  • djemidjema
    djemidjema Month ago

    I know Asrock Beebox didn't support DP to HDMI adapter. I wonder if this Deskmini does. Does anybody know?

  • Erich Kaltenbrunner

    Big Mac diet nerd

  • Wolfie254
    Wolfie254 Month ago

    I want to see what the Ryzen 3000. APU can do for gaming in the A300 when it comes out.

  • Bhang Shart
    Bhang Shart Month ago +2

    add m.2 egpu and it's perfect already.

  • I need SUBs to payoff intel for his Xeon Platinum

    paying for windows?!
    you poor poor child

  • rwslwong
    rwslwong Month ago +1

    100 DOLLAR windows key LOL.... I can buy with 2 dollar only ....

  • jason campbell
    jason campbell Month ago +3

    It’s an April Fools joke as far as I can see, since no one can buy one. It’s what a 110 is supposed to be.

  • Carvin0
    Carvin0 Month ago

    A "tiny cube", whoopee. But a honking big power brick. Naah.

  • thereddog223
    thereddog223 Month ago

    25 for 250 gig ssd is pretty good lol

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne Month ago

    I've actually been using Inland SSDs and so far it's performed far better than the SanDisk SSDs I've owned (which have failed and stopped booting in less than a year and SanDisk support was quite slow and unhelpful). Right now my system contains both the 480GB and 240GB Inland SSD drives and have been pushed quite a bit without breaking a sweat. I will be buying a Crucial MX500 m.2 drive as the 500GB drive can be had for $70 at MicroCenter.

  • uncivilizedengr
    uncivilizedengr Month ago

    for only the low low low price of $700 you can have a meh, barely "gaming" pc :D

  • zewaTris
    zewaTris Month ago

    Can you overclock the iGPU with the integrated mainboard?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    4:00 Why does a300 have hdmi logo on front panel? Lol they could put displayport logo or usb logo. That thing supports sata interface so wheres the logo? Also a300 features realtek audio, why they didnt put realtek logo on the front panel?

  • alireza kf
    alireza kf Month ago

    cool video

  • Michael Raymond
    Michael Raymond Month ago

    Will it post without a GPU (or APU)? I'd love to run one of these as a little headless compute node with a Ryzen 5 2600.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +1

      Check latest video on ETA PRIME. some man in comments there said that he tried it and it wont post

  • thesilviu silviu
    thesilviu silviu Month ago

    2200g, 8gb of completly random Samsung e die 2133 8gb to 3000mhz and its enough.
    This is my next desktop pc.
    3200g or 3400g is another next story...

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago

    Thank You!

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green Month ago +3

    I am sorry if this is too forward, but please get some better lights/lighting man... :(

  • Alberto Martinez
    Alberto Martinez Month ago

    Hi! If you remove the stock fan what would be the biggest fan that would fit, a 120x20mm could be screwed to the case?

  • spiralout112
    spiralout112 Month ago

    Sheeitt, this looks like a good NUC alternative!

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      NUC, you need to see as a LaCie drive, just running! General managed, no gear on it.
      This build is just a low power system, needing input, a user!

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    With the nvme slots a egpu from those should give you better results then a thunderbolt 3 port

    • Rich Bordoni
      Rich Bordoni Month ago

      +Cody Where have you seen those? Can you send me a link?

    • Cody
      Cody Month ago

      +Rich Bordoni there are adapters that run off 2 nvme slots

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    Level1Techs I noticed you use Ubuntu for most of your videos. I like bleeding edge too and xfce (cannot stand unity) but have you tried Manjaro? I've had amazing results with it

    • jothain
      jothain Month ago

      It's gnome these days. There's just some unity mimicking going on.

  • pspicer777
    pspicer777 Month ago

    Lots of cognitive disonance on my part ... everytime you pick it up I think it’s a power supply ... every freaking time.

  • Brandon Burton
    Brandon Burton Month ago

    That's actually a bit smaller than I expected.. I was thinking MircroATX FF.

  • А Н
    А Н Month ago +1

    Cool! This is really modern PC (if you don't need extra performance) and want to save some space)
    I want this small nice box!

  • Phantomwalker
    Phantomwalker Month ago

    Does the motherboard on this allow virtualization? (Or is that in the processor itself?) I'm wondering if I could use these to make neat little docker/vm appliances with unRAID or something.

  • Noname Entered
    Noname Entered Month ago

    hate having powerbricks outside the system, its not smaller just cause you take everything out of the case, whats next, take out the GPU?

  • Garry Perkins
    Garry Perkins Month ago

    This is rather cool

  • Kabbone
    Kabbone Month ago

    the idle power draw would also be interesting. With a B350M Mortar, 2x3,5" Idling HDD and a 2200G I can't get below 27W with undervolting, but honestly was hoping more for 15W when I bought it...
    after this I was already curious how 2x 3,5" drives should fit in there :D but it's 2x 2,5" of course.

  • Jason Zsiba
    Jason Zsiba Month ago +1

    I wonder if I can build one of these for my brother in law as a mini gaming system. How is integrated vega graphics? Could it do fairly simple gaming?

    • G00gle GOGGLE
      G00gle GOGGLE Month ago

      2400G with 16GB of DD4 3200 (Like Wendell did in this video) will allow you to game comfortably at 900P with medium details. 1080P is also pretty easy provided you lower graphic quality in some games but the Vega graphics are powerful enough for the casual gamer, yes.

  • Nicholas Croft
    Nicholas Croft Month ago

    That BOTTLE!!!

  • Nick Guscott
    Nick Guscott Month ago +2

    I plan on getting this is exact kit and would love to see the Linux optimization guide!

  • Cyber Cat
    Cyber Cat Month ago

    If only I could get this in a dual gigabit ethernet configuration I'd be all over it :D

  • SolaLupus
    SolaLupus Month ago

    I was waiting for this one to come out for a while and will buy it this summer as a basis for my new multimedia HTPC setup. Probably will go with Athlon 200GE for start and maybe upgrade in the future to the R3 2200G (wish I could get hands on the lower power 2200GE though)

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      OEM builders? yeah I know a few, and no I won't rob them :-P

    • SolaLupus
      SolaLupus Month ago

      +Jesper Andersen You happen to know any? :D

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      just rob an OEM builder ;-) only way to get em

  • realista182
    realista182 Month ago +1

    at 3:18 i see a chewin gum to FIX THE M2 ssd ???????????? wtf

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell Month ago

    We shall now call you Beefier Cooler, from DBZ.

  • Marian N.
    Marian N. Month ago

    Some gamimg tests?

  • Ivan Karamazov
    Ivan Karamazov Month ago +1

    The 2200G is a surprisingly capable little chip. I'm using one for my main system now, which runs a Windows VM for work purposes and can run 3D games pretty respectably. I run Fedora on it. Damned good for the price, and I'm sure it helps save energy (and therefore money) over a system with a discrete GPU.

  • josh Katz
    josh Katz Month ago

    I with something like this supported CEC

  • John Stehlik
    John Stehlik Month ago

    why is the water bottle in the way......?

  • Frederic Purenne
    Frederic Purenne Month ago +1

    Support for Ryzen 3000 series?

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago +1

      should be if they update the BIOS when they launch

  • CheapBastard1988
    CheapBastard1988 Month ago

    Seems like a great product for a great price! If you give it a second RJ-45 Gigabit ethernet socket (either by M.2 or USB) and combine it with an Athlon PRO 200GE APU, it would make an awesome and secure pf-sense router.

  • Jason Hurdlow
    Jason Hurdlow Month ago

    Too bad you can't actually buy it anywhere... Not that I can find anyway. NE is out of stock, and can't find it elsewhere.

    • Jason Hurdlow
      Jason Hurdlow Month ago

      +Ivan Karamazov Yeah, I've looked into that option too. Can't find anything quite as cheap or small. Though with ITX I would have a PCI-E slot to work with should I need it in the future. All the AM4 ITX mobos start at $100, can't seem to find any cheap ones. I'm coming in just a bit under $400 in my ITX spec-outs, vs about $300 for an equivalent build with this A300.

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      Build an ITX system. You can get a case that would be nearly as small, and you get a choice of motherboards that way.

  • Motoryzen
    Motoryzen Month ago +7

    4:41 to 4:45. Wendell..LOL. That's two 2.5 inch storage drives..not two 3.5" ( which are your desktop hdd's for example). Ya need a nap :P

  • Motoryzen
    Motoryzen Month ago

    I've been asking for literally YEARS now. WHERE did you get the plush penguin on the desk that I see in this video as well as Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday show? Seriously..PLEASE tell me.

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago

      I got a similar one many years ago from a shop called "everything Linux"... It was Australian though, and I'm pretty sure it closed years ago.

  • Doctor Unicorn
    Doctor Unicorn Month ago

    I had seriously considered a pair of these, but once I learned that Raven Ridge doesn't have OpenCL support on the iGP, I realized how high the price would be, and I was unable to find the low-power 2400GE APU, I opted against it. Ended up with a pair of thin-mITX H310 systems with 8400Ts instead. The motherboards were a full $100 cheaper open box or $80 new. Sure, they didn't come with a case or power supply, and I accidentally bought tray CPUs so I needed to provide my own coolers (whoops!), but the net cost ended up lower.
    These DeskMini systems are in a weird place, honestly. You've got NUCs on one side and standard mITX on the other side in terms of size, and when you consider the relatively high price for the system and the fact that it combines the worst traits of mITX (size) and a NUC (lack of expansion), it becomes less appealing as a tiny PC.

    • Doctor Unicorn
      Doctor Unicorn Month ago

      My brain made the idea "cluster but it's a laptop" and that seemed fun. There's some quantum chemistry software I'd like to run with OpenCL acceleration.

    • Jason Hurdlow
      Jason Hurdlow Month ago

      Just curious... What application do you have for low-powered OpenCL boxes?

  • DEcobra11
    DEcobra11 Month ago

    so... 150 for a case, mb and psu, all sff, is a nice deal... like... 50 for each thing

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      +DEcobra11 should watch it anywhere? golden rule: would you say it in real life? no? then don't do it online either

    • DEcobra11
      DEcobra11 Month ago

      +Motoryzen Thanks for ruining my day, I didn't know I should watch my language on yt.

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen Month ago

      Not " like" 50 for each thing. It's ACTUALLy around 50 bucks for each item. xD Take a break from It's not healthy.

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper Month ago +2

    Did I just see an NVME drive being installed with blu-tac ???

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago +1

      I've used rubber bands for mini-pci, mini-pcie and msata before... I also once backed up an msata disk to a HDD using the target HDD to hold the msata in the adapter I was using 😂

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago +1


  • Samuel Schwager
    Samuel Schwager Month ago

    What's in the box?

  • schmudge
    schmudge Month ago

    ASRock always seem flimsy and even seen 1 reviewer, hear a crack in the board during a review

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago

      The cheap ones are quite flimsy. But most are pretty solid. And even the flimsy ones work great if you don't physically abuse them... They're just not ideal if you swap cards in and out a lot.

  • Brent Thorne
    Brent Thorne Month ago +1

    Just built mine same config for htpc but got windows 10 pro on sdkey for $15. Love it

  • RDE Lutherie
    RDE Lutherie Month ago +4

    Level1Techs You can remove Tux's blindfold he's still wearing from the last Windows install you did: You are installing Linux on this box after all!

  • Nicolas Winyard
    Nicolas Winyard Month ago

    This would probably make an interesting pfsense box if only it had an expansion slot. I guess you could make a horrible spaghetti monster with USB lan cards.

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      It sounds like an ITX build would be what you want.

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden Month ago +5

    When a PC the size of a power supply is better than your rig

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Jason Gooden
      What does it need to run the only question!
      your rig? what services it runs?
      PSU? why you need that in 2019?

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      Comparable, in my case. I have a 2200G in a nice micro ATX case. Awesome way to buy and run a modern Linux system on the cheap.

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago

      I'm still gaming on a 3rd gen i5... On a 2nd gen motherboard. 😰

  • Peter Fiser
    Peter Fiser Month ago

    wear bright shirts , Wendell!

  • schtive81
    schtive81 Month ago +3

    Sadly, out of stock everywhere I go. Nice review, though.

  • Findecanor
    Findecanor Month ago +1

    Are there any viable competitors to the ASRock DeskMini in the STX form factor?
    I would like to see something with a fan filter, for instance.

    • Atte Räisänen
      Atte Räisänen Month ago

      You can buy magnetic dust filters for like 4 dollars

  • jaime@pc:~#
    jaime@pc:~# Month ago

    If it fits a NH L9x65 or a Scythe Shuriken would be awesome

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      pretty sure the NH L9 AM4 version fits just fine, but it is an extra cost

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    .... And it was too good ... out of stock in newegg and not availible in europe (we also like good and cheap coputers ... even if we [soon] can't use them for the internet anymore ... well I guess watching MSM and online shopping still works, tho)

  • phil breen
    phil breen Month ago +1

    Its funny to me, how I've been wanting to do this for a while, and it took a video review from Wendell to get me to commit. Thanks for the video.

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller Month ago

    Anyone have a link to the RAM Wendel dropped in there?

  • Uncle Gamer
    Uncle Gamer Month ago

    I have had really good luck with Inland Pro drives, I use their NVME drivers and while not the fastest are still way faster than a SATA and at a reasonable price point.

  • Andrew Joy
    Andrew Joy Month ago +1

    Its almost as if asrock had a meeting and went , you know what , what if the mac mini was not shit and had a decent GPU.

    • Andrew Joy
      Andrew Joy Month ago

      ​+Ivan Karamazov Some apple stuff is fine , the iPad is an amazing bit of kit, shitty business practices and limited servicing aside the iMac pro is not a bad deal. But they should look at AMD. Some AMD products would be a good fit for macs. You could make a mac mini thats not shit , you could put a APU in a low end laptop and have a good entry level mac with the fantastic touch pads ( think 2012 retina with a AMD APU in it, the old retina was a fantastic design) . Apple could do so much, but as usual , the biggest problem with apple , is apple being shit and being apple nowdays.

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      It is such a shame that Apple and AMD have not partnered up for AMD CPUs in the Mac. They could be offering this in the mini, higher-end Ryzen CPUs with discrete graphics in the iMac line and a modern Mac Pro with Threadripper, and the entire line would kick ass.

  • Chun Woon Law
    Chun Woon Law Month ago

    How to mod the stock cooler?

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago

      just pop the "amd" ring clip off of it? that's it. It just snaps on.

  • Andy Nicholson
    Andy Nicholson Month ago

    That BluTak on the SSD :)

  • Artyom Havok
    Artyom Havok Month ago

    ♪♫♬its my fan in a box♪♫♬

  • Antonie van der Meer

    I am in the process of making a Ryzen Linux HTPC and do you know how to get 4k Netflix working on it can't get past the ridiculous DRM requirements

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      Antonie van der Meer
      Process, are you able to do any HDR good 4k on open crap?? what process you do try, why you fail? What parts u use, cables etc?
      ARM enough to do 4k Netflix HDR good, you need secure channels, or get less quality content.
      How to connect the HTPC on DisplayPort, or use lower level HDMi 4k? stream the content over WIFI?
      Guess they are not willing u to do this any near good, only releasing it this good on apple TV and all.

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      +Ivan Karamazov they just promote piracy is all

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      DRM is of the devil. It is such a shame that this industry goes to such lengths to make life difficult for people who just want to watch TV!

  • T3 Servo
    T3 Servo Month ago

    Off topic: Do you know how to make Linux Mint or Ubanto use two GTX1050 video cards with the Nvidia driver? I’m trying to run three 4k monitors. They work fine without the driver, but only the 1st card works with the default 390 driver.

  • Nikita Skakun
    Nikita Skakun Month ago

    Would be fantastic if it had more than one ethernet port

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat Month ago

    shut up and take my money!

  • Miles Hanna
    Miles Hanna Month ago +16

    Happy to see an AMD system in this form factor. I'm still dying to see some sort of widely accessible eGPU/mxm implementation for a system like this.

    • Moes
      Moes Month ago

      No please nothing propriatary.. Just thunderbold WE want egpus

  • TimeofDying00
    TimeofDying00 Month ago

    Doesn't look so mini to me compared to the Gigabyte Brix which is literally the size of a drink coaster. I'm using one now as my main computer and I couldn't be more satisfied.

    • Allan Sh
      Allan Sh Month ago

      DeskMini is the smallest you can get if you want to use the AMD stock cooler. At least it runs very quiet.

  • jamerican347
    jamerican347 Month ago +1

    Sponsored by Nestle PureLife

  • Frozenfar
    Frozenfar Month ago +1

    That APU is Sh-t, you watch these videos and think happy thoughts like all the wishful thinking he did in the beginning of the video (Linux steam box??? really??? f-cking really??????) and then buy it and you see it's sh-t and then specially in this small case situations you can't do jack about it. there are bugs that are still there since 2 years ago, there are stupid bugs in Linux itself that hasn't been fixed since decades ago. i don't say don't install Linux or every AMD thing is bad but i am saying you need to be realistic about it and leave yourself some leeway in order to compensate for some stupid decision someone else made or faulty design. if you buy that APU especially the 3 version its going to take a month for you to realize you need a real graphic card and the CPU power isn't really there so you need a better CPU, and that is if everything goes to plan ( wtf is painless?? ). if you know how to code and you have total control in bash and terminal then sure go ahead and do this. BUT THIS IS NOT IN NO WAY NO HOW A BEGINNER STUFF FOR A NOOB. if your system doesn't boot and you sh-t your pants or just reinstall everything again, this thing is not for you. If you can't fix double display in one screen this APU isn't for you. and if you just want something that works, DON'T DO ANY OF THIS.

    • Frozenfar
      Frozenfar Month ago

      +lucas rem LOL, dude we could have never been more on the opposite side than this. i like to give the people here more credit but trust me Apple is in no way an example of a good thing, especially in this industry. but i like what you said about ARM, but then i want ARM more in server-side under a FreeBSD system so, this video might as well being a cat video for us. and by the way, PC is the ground on which everything grows so we might die someday but they print our death certificate on a pc.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      +Frozenfar Most here never understand this business, investors, how you do promoted item shows.
      Just a small case, run games on it, muhwahahaha.....Steam box that does 4k HDR > 220FPS good, 12 bit colors???
      PC is kinda dead, most are happy on ARM now, webkit! Need small boxes, i do love what apple is doing too here.

    • Frozenfar
      Frozenfar Month ago

      +lucas rem I was thinking about how many people who actually watch this stuff have an understanding of basics, I mean who's better to sell this stuff to than someone who can't fully understand it?. but sure you can do that too, you can either make your food in the house or buy it from a restaurant. i still get stuck in Linux all the time but i like the challenge of fixing it, even though it's tedious but i like the result and for 4 years i never had a pc without a varient of linux as dual boot. but really building pc isn't that hard, buy some hardware from a shop tell them you want Intel, Motherboard, PSU, VGA, HDD, ram and then just put it in a case. all have labels all have their own special places, there are hundreds of videos on how to build, install a Windows and you're done. in the end, it's about interest, some people like to cook some never step inside a kitchen, both are ok.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      old steam HD ready levels, you still need x86 support? Unix?
      First you need to understand what it needs to run, TV HDMi, old monitor? SimCity levels good?
      Stopped reading, realize that you better buy a fixed system!

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago

      If you want something that just works, you pay someone to do it for you.
      If I wanted a custom car, I'd either pay a pro or learn how its done, make many mistakes and spend heaps more cash than was necessary.

  • Chris Fraser
    Chris Fraser Month ago +2

    This form factor is awesome. Hoping to see more offerings from more OEMs utilizing the STX form factors. I wonder if that board will support a non Vega CPU like the Ryzen 7 2700 for headless computing, or any "non-G" 65W Ryzen CPU with an M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter with something like a pico PSU for power... If it could, one could 3D print a tiny little powerhouse of a machine. It is a shame that MXM GPUs aren't as commercially available as their desktop counterparts.

  • Dan Hessler
    Dan Hessler Month ago


  • Günay Orbay
    Günay Orbay Month ago +45

    man, this is dark. not in content but in lighting.

    • Adam Maqavoy
      Adam Maqavoy Month ago


    • Peter
      Peter Month ago

      its the darkest timeline

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago +4

      oh I quite liked it, I don't like those that have blown out highlights because of too much light

    • tin2001
      tin2001 Month ago +2

      Filmed at 2am using the windows for lighting like they do for the news 😂

  • Jan Witkowsky
    Jan Witkowsky Month ago

    In Denmark, it goes for about 190 US$.
    It's cheaper to build a mATX build, where you can upgrade :-/
    Doesn't even have to be a dirtcheap a320. You can go for a b450 build and still come out cheaper than the A300m.
    The only challenge is to find a tiny case, that doesn't blow your budget.

    • Énio Fernandes
      Énio Fernandes Month ago

      +Jan Witkowsky I understand, can't even find it here in Portugal, not a single listing.

    • Jan Witkowsky
      Jan Witkowsky Month ago

      +Énio Fernandes I know, but it does go against the "budget"-market as well.
      If it was priced even close to the 150$ here in Denmark, I'd have a much harder time, trying to build something cheaper. That is my gripe with the pricing.
      In US; yup, it's very cheap, for what you get.
      In DK; niche product and priced as such.

    • Énio Fernandes
      Énio Fernandes Month ago

      This is much smaller than even ITX tho, that's part of the appeal

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    I love the intro!

  • flandrble
    flandrble Month ago

    Does anyone know the height limit on the 2.5" HDDs?

    • Michael K
      Michael K 23 days ago

      +lucas rem Yeah but you can use this as an HTPC that has local media in the box! You can unplug it and bring it to a friend's house easily.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      +flandrble Drives, you should make a NAS.
      You never need ATA in 2019 PC's, slows the system down.

    • flandrble
      flandrble Month ago

      +lucas rem was thinking about making a portable LAN rig, I have two 5TB 2.5" drives but they're 15mm

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem Month ago

      just use a NAS!
      You never need ata in this, slows down any system.

    • flandrble
      flandrble Month ago

      +johnm2012 thanks

  • tleydxdy
    tleydxdy Month ago +2

    Sold out, lol

  • Ryan Cribari
    Ryan Cribari Month ago +1

    Those Inland SSDs from Microcenter are an awesome bang for the buck. Can't speak for long term longevity yet but I've used at least 20 in clone jobs and none have died yet.

  • Bash
    Bash Month ago +1

    Firstly thx for the review !!
    But as an owner of the R5 2400g I keep asking myself why all reviewers do the same mistake ?
    Turn off performance boost and the CPU will run much cooler, you don't need 3.9Ghz since the iGPU is the bottleneck here, in fact you can set it to 3.5Ghz @ 1,15v or so and by that you get yourself some headroom for overclocking the iGPU
    and btw you can overclock the CPU as well as the iGPU on this Mobo, I don't know what you meant by that info @2:00
    Thx again for the review!

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      the way to OC the APU's is to ignore the CPU part and clock the GPU higher = win. Let the CPU run on standard base/boost clock, they actually do really well that way

    • Bash
      Bash Month ago

      +Level1Techs Thx for the informative replay !! That's actually odd, I saw the review from Tech yes city and I saw the option was set on manual where one can change the multiplyer as well as the voltage, Maybe it's a bug I don't know ... btw I just measured the thickness of the stock fan and compared it to the 120 and 140 mm fan from be quit, they are identecal, have you considered changing the fan to say 120mm ? I guess it'll fit
      Again thank you for the replay ^^

    • Level1Techs
      Level1Techs  Month ago +1

      I thought so too about the OC, but got wonky results. More heat, but no more speed. Couldn't get the numbers to line up for the same chip/cooler on a desktop board. The bios does have settings for it, but I don't think they work except possibly for undervolting. That may be fixed in a UEFI update, though.

  • ElettroStef92
    ElettroStef92 Month ago +1

    Wow that ssd is really cheap. I need to do some research : it's hard to see people that buy low capacity spinning rust

    • Daiku Coffee
      Daiku Coffee Month ago

      ElettroStef92 I hope M.2 or PCIe SSDs also come down in price.

  • tommihommi1
    tommihommi1 Month ago +1

    could you throw a normal Ryzen CPU in there and use this as a server?

    • FireMrshlBill
      FireMrshlBill Month ago

      Saw some comments on other videos were people said they couldn't get Ryzen CPUs to even post.

    • Jesper Andersen
      Jesper Andersen Month ago

      just slap an Athlon 200 in there? still contains a GPU and is dirt cheap

    • johnm2012
      johnm2012 Month ago

      Why not simply use an APU as intended? Do you need more cores?

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov Month ago

      Probably better just to build an ITX system, which would give you one PCIe slot for a simple video card but allow you to build something almost as small.

    • Énio Fernandes
      Énio Fernandes Month ago

      +tommihommi1 there are, but it can't even display the bios to configure it since the GPU is part of the CPU, there is no integrated GPU on the motherboard nor an exixting slot to connect one. In short, you either need an APU to do it locally or need another PC to provision an OS.

  • Richard Bogan
    Richard Bogan Month ago +13

    I've built tons of systems but I've never built a mini system. This video now has me looking into doing that. I'd like to build a small (but good) gaming system for my nephews and maybe a Steam box for myself to play around with. Thanks for the video.

    • Night Shade
      Night Shade Month ago

      Can speak from experience that it is a comfy little machine. Put in a noctua and it is quiet too.

  • sageosaka
    sageosaka Month ago

    What a cool little machine thanks for the review Wendell :D