GTA Online Why After Hours Was The Most Underratted DLC

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Me talking about why after hours was the most underrated dlc in my opinion on GTA Online.
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  3 months ago +164

    After hours wasn’t a perfect dlc it had problems. The nightclub itself did not have that many things to do inside it . However if we look at the business in this dlc it was amazing and I still see many people that do not have it. I have made close to $84 million from after hours. If we take a look at arena we truly see how much better after hours was. It was not really overpriced had a new business and it made good money and had great activities.

    • Rati0 -447
      Rati0 -447 Month ago

      TheProfessional Fix the thumbnail

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago +2

      Anderson Walker What he said ^^^^... they have to be operational, don't have to be supplied unless you still want to sell from them which is what I do except for document forgery it isn't really worth selling from tbh but all other MC businesses are.

    • Dennis Lundgren
      Dennis Lundgren 3 months ago +1

      +Anderson Walker Move them around, should reactivate them. Also make sure your businesses are activated. I you failed a raid for example they will count as inactive til you do a setup mission.

    • Anderson Walker
      Anderson Walker 3 months ago +1

      TheProfessional I’m not getting any supplies in my night club when I have all the workers on my five mc businesses

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago +1

      Tristan Graves You can only own one Cocaine business

  • Hedning1390
    Hedning1390 11 days ago

    It's not really that passive since you have to have other businesses active to make it profitable. The MC and bunker costs large sums of money to keep open unless you use an exploit to avoid the daily staff fee so you can't really just have them open and not work them. The post op van and garbage truck missions of the MC are among the most boring missions in the entire game. I shut down my only MC business when the bunker was released because I don't play games to do boring work.

    I have the hangar and bunker linked to the nightclub, but the money gained from just those two is so tiny it's not noticeable unless you idle a lot (paying real money for the electricity).

  • Ben Regazzini
    Ben Regazzini 14 days ago

    So what businesses should I purchase prior to purchasing this? I already own cocaine, so should I plan to buy meth, counterfeit cash, bunker, then hangar? Do those businesses need to be upgraded? Thanks :)

    KC2TONE 18 days ago

    Is there still an AFK method that works for the club

  • Carlos
    Carlos 22 days ago

    It’s been my fav dlc I’ve made more money than any other business (around 22 mil)

  • SylenceYT
    SylenceYT 22 days ago +1

    Hey Professional! I am just starting out I bought GTA a few days ago. -I would love if i could get some cash or some personal tips. Thank you

  • Yettai
    Yettai 22 days ago

    this DLC was worse than Arena War cuz this was the update that added he Opressor MkII. Fuck After Hours

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 26 days ago

    Just a question do you have to have the business to assign a technician to it

  • Alpha Raccoon15
    Alpha Raccoon15 Month ago

    I feel like people do not like this dlc because of the fact that the oppressor mk2 exists

  • TheReal Willbarrow
    TheReal Willbarrow Month ago

    It is a very good dlc I have made lots of money from the business but I do see the business as only being good due to other businesses, the popularity missions that made u no money were mainly nightclub themed. It’s no where near as bad as arena wars but there are certain things that would have been nice like opening clubs around the city’s so new places to go instead like the vanilla unicorn for example is a open place we should have got other places opened , the only downside to this dlc was to make money you really had to invest a lot to maximise the nightclub with storage to make most money was around 5 million + the technicians and equipment upgrade and you had to own the other businesses anyway , but overall it’s a good dlc but personally I don’t like one thing about the dlc that makes it not one of the best for me and that is that it brought the oppressor mk2 which is way to futuristic and overpowered.

  • Yannick Naert
    Yannick Naert Month ago

    Arena wars is nothing but PvP shite while after hours music is gay af, and the overall theme is kind of lame, at least it makes the investment in my biker businesses not a complete waste of money. After hours wins easy.

  • CConnerGD
    CConnerGD Month ago

    2019 the hanger mission planes are no longer needed to be used

  • Harley Bowers
    Harley Bowers Month ago

    What I liked about it is that it brought 2 big ways to make money and save time what I do sometimes is I do all the client jobs what take like 5 minutes each and then I source and sell a top range car and sell it and then do the client jobs again when my nightclub is producing and my bunker also coke,meth and cash I sometimes weed but it’s just better to do he client jobs and I never do document forgery and I make quite a lot of money from it I make 240k for the client jobs per hour and 80k for Import export and a ton of other money from the other businesses

  • SledgeHammer
    SledgeHammer Month ago

    I find it a good dlc the only thing I have a problem with is the oppressor mark II and the fact of it being kind of confusing

  • Rafael González-Calero Alcalde

    It was my truly favorite update! I've made huge amounts of money,
    and the nightclub is very funny with friends!

  • Harley Bowers
    Harley Bowers Month ago

    Wait so you have to buy the vehicles to use then in the night club

  • Fline
    Fline Month ago

    I don't understand, I love the after hour dlc, it's an awesome dlc with lots of money to make, am I brain dead ? XD

  • Bob Vaillancourt
    Bob Vaillancourt Month ago

    agree with most of what you said (nightclub is what make me the most money especially when im lazy) i can just drive , play golf of whatever AS LONG im in the game (you can go AFK too) you just need to have GtA open thats all it make money over time . . . what im disapointed (like you mentioned) they did not focus enouf on the club part . . . even the terrorbyte (yes its usefull) but nothing to do with a nightclub you cant even start promotion mission from it (or any nightclub related stuff) . . . the festival bus now its a HUGE waste of money i believed they would add something to do with it but not (start a festival on the beach for sample) you have 4 DJ 1 is in the club you should be able to hire a 2nd one for the festival bus (or what i would like the most be the DJ myself) and that with the bus or in the club . . . you can go behind the counter to give free shot but whats the purpose of that just invite them in the back (your office) where all alcohol is free dam . . . the nighclub is the best update ever made but it need more work (improvement) for sample organise event in it (love fist concert why not ?) and entrance fee get higher (you get a small cut from all entrance the balance go to the band) every friday ladys night . . . things like that . . . they made arena wars a whole carreer (but no one play it) its not solo friendly (i would enjoy it if players where in it or even NPC , more benefit cause its not a good way to grind money ect ect) but the subject here is nightclub I would LOVE the club to be a whole career where you can really control what your club is . . . the underground is perfect as it is but upstairs ww need more stuff to do (not dancing) while our underground work for us

  • Thauã Aguirre
    Thauã Aguirre Month ago

    I spent 12 million buying and upgrading the Nightclub with the most expensive shit in the catalog on Day 1, including buying the Weed, Document Forgery and Cash Creation businesses I didn't have up until then.
    It broke even in three months. I've made more than 40 million with it so far. Only my Bunker made more money (in theory, since I buy my supplies), but that's my oldest business. And I never leave my PC on at night because it disturbs my sleep.

  • Benjamin Piper
    Benjamin Piper 2 months ago

    This is so true

  • Di Bardo
    Di Bardo 2 months ago

    Hi , i need to know if we must upgrade our business when we have a nightclub ? thx

  • trickster 876
    trickster 876 2 months ago

    Can somebody tell me: So to be able to make the nightclub staff produce cargo, I need the MC businesses?

  • Cerjomaks
    Cerjomaks 2 months ago

    The reason I like the nightclub is because like you said it’s always will be one car to deliver supplies because my friends can only play on weekends so I could just play and sell it by myself

  • Pedro Valente
    Pedro Valente 2 months ago

    It isn't underrated, it is bad. It takes like 50 hours to get a 2 millions

  • Isvvc 17
    Isvvc 17 2 months ago

    This is my favorite DLC besides import export because I like the customization that you can do in the nightclub and terabyte and even on the delivery vehicles. It’s one of the best DLC’s in my opinion.

  • maninredhelm
    maninredhelm 2 months ago

    I'd give back my nightclub if it would delete the Mk 2 from the game.

  • Himmelsgucker
    Himmelsgucker 2 months ago

    The nightclub also covers the daily bills for new players and partly the ones of the others. A good boost to stay positiv even if you didn´t earn any money from at all!

  • Peter Treur
    Peter Treur 2 months ago +1

    I have made 20 million with the nightclub

  • Ben Haas
    Ben Haas 2 months ago

    After Hours was hot fucking garbage. Anyone that’s really bothered by the cost of DLC’s is probably a noob. I’m not saying that’s always true. But if you’ve been in GTA Online for over a year and still worry about money, you’re doing it wrong. Even if you don’t duplicate cars and make money completely legitimately, you can easily make enough money to not worry about the cost of entry for updates. Arena Wars shit on After Hours.

    RED SEA GAMING 2 months ago

    The nightclub is making me a lot of money right now during my stream a couple days ago I ended up making 2.1 million dollars in less than 2 hours that's everything so that's that's the MC businesses that I owned all the warehouses I own and 600 Grand just from the nightclub alone. I would have made 2.3 million if the plane glitch didn't happen where it won't register my drop and I couldn't restart my application because I was streaming at time so I lost $240,000. I don't spend money on worthless cars I spend money on buying more businesses this morning I made 1.6 million and I managed to buy my hanger for 1.4 million at Fort Zancudo that way Ron will stop harassing me I'm probably going to look at the hangar and see how I can make money with this I would like if you could make it tutorial how to use the hanger to its fullest

  • Young Nation
    Young Nation 2 months ago

    I hadn’t done a Nightclub sale in a while and I came back and it had amassed $1.5M worth of stock! Jumped lobbies until I was on my own and sold in one sale

  • tadziuzdzislaw
    tadziuzdzislaw 2 months ago

    I liked after hours from beginning I bought 5 businesses to link it together, many hours of grinding money. And it was worth it. Now I make not bad money thanks Pro.

  • Star Cannon
    Star Cannon 2 months ago

    I love how everyone complains about making money when you literally sit and it accrues income. You have honestly a nice hangout and more over the biker businesses are great just just buy supplies and just sit on simple easy missions. To be honest. Remove the orbital cannon. Mk 2 oppressor and rc car. Get rid of the explosive sniper and emphasize on crew more. It would be m ore rewarding than just branishing a tag.

    HOMiCiDE CLYDE 2 months ago

    The worst dlc is doomsday, after the heist the facility is useless unless u care about the avenger and want the orbital cannon. I'm not saying the heist was bad I still did them thru friends that owned it but me personally never bothered buying it.. I already have an MOC and a buzzard so why I need an avenger?

  • PKMisey
    PKMisey 2 months ago

    Nah it sucks

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 months ago

    I've been getting back into GTA V recently and been binging your videos. Finally decided to sub after a couple days. Very well made channel with great quality and production.

  • RebelGamingTv
    RebelGamingTv 2 months ago

    You keep comparing the after hours to arena wars. All this does is say that after hours is better than arena wars. It doesn't really say anything about any other update in the game

  • THATe36 KID
    THATe36 KID 2 months ago


  • Alfred
    Alfred 3 months ago

    Why are most GTA 5 updates called DLC even tough they are free? Isn't it that you need to pay for DLC?

    • Alfred
      Alfred 2 months ago

      +Frostii Bolete Then call it an update

    • Frostii Bolete
      Frostii Bolete 2 months ago

      Dlc-down loadable content, has nothing to do with it being free or having to pay for it.

    BIG NASTY 3 months ago

    I've personally have made $86 million out of my nightclub basically from doing nothing...💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘

  • Don Charle
    Don Charle 3 months ago

    Imho. I make just over 5 mil per week. Afk+ about 6hrs per week refilling and selling businesses..
    After hours GIVES me about 1.5 of that . So easy. Maybe when my underwater base is added to game

  • Steven Gordon
    Steven Gordon 3 months ago

    Its the perfect DLC when your an Electronica head like me :)

  • BigMobe
    BigMobe 3 months ago

    If you really want to save time with the Terrorbyte, park it outside of an apartment that you have a heist invite to. After you make a delivery you can immediately teleport from your business back to your apartment, then go outside to your Terrorbyte and start the next mission. It not only saves time but you are less likely to encounter a griefer that might be waiting outside of your business.

  • Nasty _
    Nasty _ 3 months ago

    Amazing video as always. Keep up the great vids💙

  • Dyodoleu
    Dyodoleu 3 months ago

    Is there even a point in armour? Does the armour slow down the vehicle?

  • Black Man
    Black Man 3 months ago

    It feels so good when i destroy people's cargo with the mk2, it made gta so much fun👌

  • The Mike Doesn’t Play

    You should do all DLC’s in GTA ranked

  • Marco Rodrigues
    Marco Rodrigues 3 months ago

    Man you should make crew so your views can play together and help them out

  • Matts FN
    Matts FN 3 months ago

    Is there a free weekend going on? I can play GTA online but I don't have PSN plus active.

  • Logan Naslund
    Logan Naslund 3 months ago

    That update was trash idk who your fooling also gta5 is trash if your still playing that game get a fucking life bro 😂 that shit died along time ago I quit last summer and even then that was too late to quit

  • wood kid
    wood kid 3 months ago

    You sound like you are about to cry and beat someone up😂
    What is pissing you of so much?😂

  • Ionut DU
    Ionut DU 3 months ago

    It was trash, both dlcs were trash.
    AH had shit missions.

  • Strong Entertainment
    Strong Entertainment 3 months ago

    Its obvious they are killing off gta online to push people to red dead online. Crappy business.

  • Tim Thanks
    Tim Thanks 3 months ago

    I just ran him out of a lobby , he need skills

  • Big Chungus ,
    Big Chungus , 3 months ago

    @The Professional What should i buy with 2mil???

  • djdtxx
    djdtxx 3 months ago +1

    Dude Im fucking tired of this game.
    Everything is so fucking expensive, I loose money without doing a fucking thing, and I get killed by random tryhards if I walk down every fucking street.
    Yesterday I got all my cargo destroyed, so I searched another lobby and guess what happened
    I got fucking blown up by an oppressor while I was selling my cargo.
    I'm so disappointed all the people I find in gta online are just tryhards.

    JAMES BROWNING 3 months ago +1

    I made 40,000,000 night club

  • Daniel Bowman
    Daniel Bowman 3 months ago +1

    I agree, Night Club is a gift especially to solo players. AFK few nights and you are millionaire (provided you invested in some other businesses).
    Last week the special event when you got 100k on random business battles.....perfect. I won like 15.
    On other account with half a mil I bought Club on sale. Harvested popularity (also week event), did Heists etc.. Won a few battles. Bought cheapest Hangar and boom.
    Made me enough to buy Bunker (cheapest on current sale event) and few extra floors for club also reduced price.
    Now it is producing up to 600 000. When I save enough I upgrade the equipment. to speed things up.
    Then voila. Buying Office and Car warehouse for extra instant cash. Then Terrorbyte and Broomstick and Nightshark for traveling and Business Battles and I'm set.
    Opressor MK2 needs serious nerf thought. The rockets need to be like the rockets on a Jet at least or homing launcher - longer lock on and narrower angle.
    You hear one beep and you call insurance.
    Funny enough the broomsticks are greatest danger to each other. If I go somewhere and I usually use broomstick (faster and more nimble than anything) I constantly poop chaff. If I miscalculate I call insurance.
    Harry Potters hear lock on sound and they just fire away at whatever. Maybe it would be smart to have like 3 cop would screw their targeting with many cops around.

    DADDY_COOL BUTTPIRATE 3 months ago

    But you always spawn a fresh helicopter from your CEO building . 😁

  • Break-Racer
    Break-Racer 3 months ago

    You misspelled "underrated" in the title and the thumbnail. Just wanted to let you know.

  • Richard Wetzel III
    Richard Wetzel III 3 months ago


  • SharkBoi
    SharkBoi 3 months ago

    I didn’t like it because it introduced to us the pussy mobile, I mean the oppressor mk II. Also for some reason I get 50k for business battle.

  • Freddy Zom
    Freddy Zom 3 months ago +1

    This makes me want to use the nightclub more.

  • TheLionGamer 650
    TheLionGamer 650 3 months ago +1

    What are the best buisnesses to link up to the nightclub?

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago

      TheLionGamer 650 all businesses

  • HeLi0nPrImE
    HeLi0nPrImE 3 months ago

    The Terrorbyte can be useful for hangars too. Especially when hangars are x2 RP and Cash.
    Park right ouside the hangar and you won't have to go inside every time and run all the way to the computer.
    Saves a lot of time.

  • Gil Edwards
    Gil Edwards 3 months ago +1

    I once had high hopes for GTA online but now that 6 years have gone by I realize we're not ever getting the complete package.I feel growth has been stunted by micro transactions...Rockstar has become complacent because they realize they don't have to add anything solid to make mass amounts of money, so instead of adding solid on line game mechanics like relationship meters and exclusive missions.perks and unlockables with the established Gangs already on the map,Turf Wars, Cops and Robber mechanics,The ability to hire NPC body guards with upgradable skills from whatever gang you rank up in, New survival and create a survival Modes for Turf Wars,New Shops, Towns, City's ect. they'd rather just keep adding copy paste game modes,stunt races and superficial things into the game. Some of us wanted a solid crime experience with more interaction and standing with the living world they've created but why should Rockstar put in that hard work when they can just add quick easy stuff and make a fortune from it...Its why I won't even play Red Dead Online cause I already knew what its gonna be..but imagine if everything I mentioned was added to GTA online? I'd never get sick of it!! but instead I left years ago due to everything I wanted being totally ignored...Its a shame

  • Flowerthuirsty Butterflyinthewind

    Good one thx

  • Plopp
    Plopp 3 months ago

    Everything is grind for you 😑

  • Justin Gray
    Justin Gray 3 months ago +1

    After hours is the main business I use. Easy money to be made.

  • Bavarian Motors
    Bavarian Motors 3 months ago

    Its not A Gift and im not Being Negative, What most People Need to Understand is, You have no Choice but Only to Produce and Sell in Public Lobbies, The Part where You Making your Money Alone and Unbothered seems To Be forgotten Always And Rockstar Wonders Why We Cheat And Steal Their Money

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago

      Bavarian Motors make a Solo Public Lobby

  • Jacy KoKo’s Red dead life

    Soild information, I seen the benefits of the night club dlc right away. But red dead ruined every game for me, bar fight any one?

  • Clyde Shaw
    Clyde Shaw 3 months ago

    After Hours: I'm the worst DLC ever!
    Arena War: Hold my beer...

  • BlacKyd
    BlacKyd 3 months ago +1

    After Hours isn't bad it's really a great DLC it's just that some people don't know how to use them

  • sadomasochist
    sadomasochist 3 months ago

    Nothing will be worse than the Beach bum update.

  • Angelo Coppola
    Angelo Coppola 3 months ago +1

    It's my favorite dlcs

  • turkey 115
    turkey 115 3 months ago

    Saddest thing about afterhours.. maro 2 opressor

  • Leonitas Alexander
    Leonitas Alexander 3 months ago

    i dropped a comment on one of your guides... im a grinder in GTA as well but need ppl that are, soo if u wouldnt mind adding me - PS4 THAGREAT136 (any grinders welcome as well)

  • Prowel !
    Prowel ! 3 months ago

    What about Sport Series DLC? It was awful as hell

  • fallshimjager1
    fallshimjager1 3 months ago

    I'm still on the fence about the B-11 being the best dogfighter in the game.
    While I do prefer it over the Starling (even though the Starling IS better) because I can't fly that thing no matter how much I try, I would still take the Pyro over the B-11 any day of the week.
    The B-11 is so broken that it makes it limited on all sides.
    The ONLY plane with limited missiles in the game (buzzard missiles at that, not even Mk2 missiles which would create the counter for the mk2), the only plane that needs warm up time for it's engine because R* decided that introducing the spin of the blades of the engines in this plane was a good idea, a cannon that can't kill you even if it hits because either the damage, or the blast radius or the bloody firerate, which is a quarter of the Lazer's cannon (the ONLY plane to deserve a meme cannon got that POS instead) and the really low speed at low altittudes, which coupled with the fact that a missile to the tail or explosion in one of the wings WILL blow up your controls makes the B-11 a plane that sucks at CAS, which is what R* markets it for, because is hard to kill someone on ground and if you don't kill your enemy, he calls the Mk2 and it's over for the B-11.
    The Pyro doesn't have anything of that.
    Missiles or explosions never damage the controls, it has infinite missiles that can be spammed, it is the fastest jet on high and low altittudes (I never lost a race to the B-11), has a crazy acceleration, MGs that do almost stromberg damage and has the tighest turn radius (and is a plane that carries 2 people).
    Yeah, it sucks at air to ground, bit it is effective against jets and has more of a chance against the Mk2.

  • Panda Potatoes
    Panda Potatoes 3 months ago +1

    Im curious and wondering if someone can help. I was wondering if having the MC business upgrades for production if it affects nightclub source time. Anyone know?

  • Sam Wasserman
    Sam Wasserman 3 months ago +1

    Been playing since 2013. After Hours is my favorite update. I see why it had to come so late, it's the cap of the pyramid. Combined with bikers and finance you got the holy trinity of free updates.

  • ImmumbGaming
    ImmumbGaming 3 months ago +1

    I just recently upgraded my Nightclub fully, how much would I make when the cargo is finally full?

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago

      ImmumbGaming Do you own all businesses? If so 1,690,000 per sell

  • Gamer Fanatics
    Gamer Fanatics 3 months ago

    Off topic.... Ebola on the wall 0:30 lol?

  • i hate programming i hate programming

    After hours is good dlc if you spend time play gta online

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy 3 months ago +1

    The night club and the bunker are best in my opinion

  • fordi mies
    fordi mies 3 months ago

    Only one thing what I hate this dlc is opressor mk II

  • Dylan Goodboy
    Dylan Goodboy 3 months ago +1

    My nightclub is still broken my techs won't produce coke

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago

      Dylan Goodboy or try emptying out the cocaine business shut it down and restart it,see if that helps

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. 3 months ago

      Dylan Goodboy try switching them around

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    I think it was the WORST because it included the oppressor mk2

  • Luke Riley
    Luke Riley 3 months ago +1

    Business battles give $100,000 every time until midnight tonight. (Feb 13)

  • Xavier Morales
    Xavier Morales 3 months ago

    I like the after hours update with the business battles & the event battles they got going right now & that you can link it with other businesses I have all 3 delivery vehicles fully upgraded

  • D3-fnc God
    D3-fnc God 3 months ago

    After hours is the worst it brought the Mk2 oppressor into the game.

  • Lachlan walter
    Lachlan walter 3 months ago

    I have everything hooked up apart from meth and they are all active yet my value is still at 0 after a six hour grinding session?

  • P.J. Thä ßøîî
    P.J. Thä ßøîî 3 months ago

    The real reason was the fact that anyone could afford a club. There's no exclusivity to it. Plus every faggot has their shit closed. The only spot you can use is the dance floor. Again, no exclusivity. What's the point of being a billionaire if I can't atLEAST sit in your V.I.P. lounge?

  • Ed Jellock
    Ed Jellock 3 months ago

    I like to park my Terrorbyte next to my warehouse so I can prepare for the next cargo run immediately after completing the last one

  • Kevin Cole
    Kevin Cole 3 months ago

    I'd rate After Hours even higher. I'm a solo player and, as you mentioned, it opened up a bunch of new jobs plus made sourcing much, much easier and more efficient. I've made $110 million over and above what I spent after this DLC dropped, and I bought a LOT of stuff since.
    Not only that, but R* gave us quite a few very good bonus weeks to make money using the jobs added with this DLC.
    The cars they added could have been better, but weren't bad.

  • Robert Andrei Borz
    Robert Andrei Borz 3 months ago

    4:54 we can clearly SEE that your money are All glitched. Please stop.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    This game is fucking terrible. Including every single DLC. If you play this game still that's sad.

  • JCMartoia
    JCMartoia 3 months ago

    Anyone know why and or how to fix the issue where my nightclub technicians arent getting any goods

  • CrApPy cHaNnEl
    CrApPy cHaNnEl 3 months ago

    even after hours the infamous dlc didn't get the fame it deserves

  • Jessie Rodriguez
    Jessie Rodriguez 3 months ago

    I watched one of your videos on how to make money solo in a lobby and on i can tell you that shit works bro. 😂 I made a million in just that lobby alone but idk what to get. Invest into another business or buy the Savage once I have enough.. can you give me tips on what to do?im trying to have the money you have now bro.