• Published on Feb 7, 2019
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  • Alister Sutherland
    Alister Sutherland Month ago +28

    I think kids might enjoy this. Some basic principles of engineering, electricity and physics with simple, fun-to-make toys that you can show and explain as you make them together.

    • Martina Roters
      Martina Roters 6 days ago

      @Larry jones I can tell you from my own experience that I worked harder than a lot of the men around me. Boss from another department came to me and said s.th. like: "I would need a person like you, not like (a woman in his department) who has 2 children." What he did not know was: I had two children, too!
      Another situation in the elevator: Manager said to me: "I would not like being married to you" (with regards to the late hour).
      Or when I suggested to my boss that he, too, could come at 7 a.m. because we had not finished the preparation for an important meeting in the evening: "I may be crazy, but not that kind of crazy."
      And the worst that has ever happened to me was: I had applied for a job and they preferred another (male) candidate with the words "because you have 2 children and the other has only a dog". By the way: The other candidate had to leave the company not long after...
      That enough? I left that company for health reasons and I have started my own business.

    • Lenny Tobin
      Lenny Tobin 14 days ago +1

      Why can't they slow down and explain. Instead of playing awful so called music

    • John Hofmann
      John Hofmann 26 days ago

      You are a facking full !

    • Godspower Okezie
      Godspower Okezie 27 days ago

      What's that metallic object?

  • 什小 沐
    什小 沐 6 hours ago


  • Fly Vice
    Fly Vice Day ago

    I am still trying to figure out how any of those are "useful!"

  • manfred bendlin
    manfred bendlin 2 days ago

    Ethisch ökologische geldanlage

  • noah zentz
    noah zentz 2 days ago

    lol this is so weird

  • Viola Allain
    Viola Allain 2 days ago


  • fartwrangler
    fartwrangler 2 days ago

    Y'know... I wasn't really amazed by any of these, and I don't find them incredible.
    Maybe you can explain how they're "useful"?

  • Laura Mol Lous
    Laura Mol Lous 3 days ago

    Is the battery at the beginning charged? (If so the wire would stop spinning as soon as the battery is emty?) Does anyone have a detailed eplanation of what happens?

  • Bu Jin
    Bu Jin 3 days ago +7

    Amazingly worthless ideas would have been a better name!

  • Neil Zod
    Neil Zod 4 days ago +1

    Neither Amazing nor useful.

  • ömer faruk
    ömer faruk 5 days ago


  • Christopher Herrmann

    definetly usefull!!!...

    for the glue industry....

  • guido micillo
    guido micillo 6 days ago

    how the name of the second song is??

  • Bob Rushton
    Bob Rushton 6 days ago

    The second one looks like a good way to get to know And E staff or the local Fire Brigade !

  • Esamgames999 mano
    Esamgames999 mano 8 days ago

    You can actually show your friends because this is a clever vid! 😎😎

  • RoSo
    RoSo 9 days ago

    Useful? Ok...

  • Giorgio Vetrone
    Giorgio Vetrone 9 days ago


  • Ms. Chin BK
    Ms. Chin BK 9 days ago +1

    I seriously feel like flagging this video for clickbaiting us.

  • zzzut
    zzzut 9 days ago

    Educational, entertaining, surprising even, yes. But useful? I doubt it.

  • Vogel Kindjes
    Vogel Kindjes 9 days ago

    why the heck is this usefull???

  • Ryan Self
    Ryan Self 10 days ago +1

    Uhh the click bait heading said "3 Useful ideas" wtf? Not useful at all. Wasted 6 minutes of my life on this stupid S4!+

  • crandf
    crandf 10 days ago

    How does the second one work?

  • D'yer Maker
    D'yer Maker 10 days ago

    Allah akbar!

  • Laurent Guerin
    Laurent Guerin 10 days ago


  • Joseph King
    Joseph King 10 days ago +1

    Always get bummed out when the first "tool" I see is a glue gun. Just sayin'

  • SmokeMe Son
    SmokeMe Son 11 days ago

    Very usefull. Thanks

  • Justyna Dybowska
    Justyna Dybowska 11 days ago +4

    lost 5 min of my precious life..... crap

  • Anthony Haskin
    Anthony Haskin 12 days ago +1

    Here we go again. It's the handyman who loves hot glue.

  • laythell
    laythell 12 days ago


  • John Ganimead
    John Ganimead 12 days ago

    Useful for what?

  • Sinan Ozten
    Sinan Ozten 12 days ago +1

    Amasing usefull? I don t think so...


    ENTERTAINMENT YES!. Usefulness NO! We like the first project however it only uses electromagnetic principles that any science student knows.

  • mac plastering
    mac plastering 13 days ago

    Ok I was not expecting that thing to shoot

  • Newc70
    Newc70 14 days ago

    What's with the silly music track? Is that really necessary? How about a few words of commentary instead?

  • stony stoner
    stony stoner 14 days ago

    I see the amazing but where is the useful?

  • Frank Guglielmino
    Frank Guglielmino 15 days ago

    "Useful"? for what?

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. 15 days ago

    Horrible music.

  • Noulen Basson
    Noulen Basson 16 days ago +2

    "useful" ideas lol

  • rick foster
    rick foster 16 days ago +1

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You are fun!

  • Roy Martin
    Roy Martin 17 days ago +1

    now he has done this project with battery and wire , he is now applied for a job at NASA. AS A ROCKET TECHNICIAN

  • Soon Kuek
    Soon Kuek 17 days ago +6

    not amazing and not practical

  • karimbaida
    karimbaida 17 days ago

    انت تَتَمنْيَكُ

  • Oscar Monterroza
    Oscar Monterroza 17 days ago

    didn't work for me ..as soon as saw it I did but .... didn't get the nice effect. I had batteries, copper, keys and tape but I won't try again.

    • Oscar Monterroza
      Oscar Monterroza 10 days ago

      @Norman San I had the magnetic piece too but didn't work

    • Norman San
      Norman San 16 days ago

      The block of metal was a neodymium magnet. Won't work without the magnet. It's called a monopole motor

  • Just Rick
    Just Rick 17 days ago

    What is the music playing? It's great?

  • Mikael Huldtén
    Mikael Huldtén 18 days ago

    Blir väl samma skit som när man får en "ny mobil" med Apple care, mest skit o massor av problem!!!

  • Sonia Levitin
    Sonia Levitin 18 days ago

    Neither. Meh.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 18 days ago

    Nice clickbait :I

  • Nick Hughes-Hubbold
    Nick Hughes-Hubbold 19 days ago

    Just what we need.... More guns.!!!

  • Eric VB 3hugger
    Eric VB 3hugger 19 days ago +1

    Amazing, maybe - Useful? :-) I like what you are doing,keep going.

  • Birth Of The Beatles
    Birth Of The Beatles 20 days ago

    Painful watching...

  • John Munson
    John Munson 20 days ago

    Pretty boring.

  • Andriev Bastichy
    Andriev Bastichy 21 day ago

    how is it useful? is that what all of you ask?
    ill tell you how... its useful for the channel to get you to watch the video! :D :D :X

  • José Andrés de Esesarte

    How are they useful?

  • Snakebite Magee TV
    Snakebite Magee TV 22 days ago


  • ML H
    ML H 22 days ago


  • Todd Warren
    Todd Warren 22 days ago

    Interesting? Sure (and therefore still a 👍). Amazing? Not really. Useful? No. (I wonder if these vids are sponsored by the makers of glue guns?!?!? 😂)

  • Gerontius
    Gerontius 23 days ago +1

    The electric motor cannot possibly work for more than half a turn because if has no commutator.

    • Ian Blows
      Ian Blows 22 days ago

      It could possibly work if half of the varnish was taken off so that it lost contact on each half turn, allowing momentum to keep rotation going

    • Ian Blows
      Ian Blows 22 days ago

      I agree, its fake as there is not way of changing polarity every half turn. Basic physics!!

  • robert frederick
    robert frederick 23 days ago

    The 1st one must be a dead battery.

    GOOGLE USER 24 days ago

    How is that useful

  • Gareth Davidson
    Gareth Davidson 24 days ago +14

    Amazing maybe. Useful? Not at all

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago

    clickbait, fucking delete your channel

  • Хоз группа
    Хоз группа 25 days ago

    Can you please tell me what track is playing?

  • Cod vs Fortnight
    Cod vs Fortnight 25 days ago


  • Mohammad Anwar Momin
    Mohammad Anwar Momin 25 days ago

    Nice One especially the last one

  • Sneek Sheets
    Sneek Sheets 25 days ago

    I see nothing in the video that would be useful.. why do you lie like that?

  • Eric Van Vlierberghe
    Eric Van Vlierberghe 25 days ago

    Limozldl8, ik ga niet xg 4dglfkUbfh ccm

  • ThePostal67
    ThePostal67 25 days ago

    Nice! I have done thermite and now on too some as fun. At least I won't have to replace my picnic table again

  • linclinc5
    linclinc5 26 days ago +1

    The second ones a great idea if you want to blind someone. Well done

  • Lingua tONICA
    Lingua tONICA 26 days ago

    Useful at another level, the worthless level of these ideas

  • roger perner
    roger perner 26 days ago

    Lol....you mean ...use..less.
    Full points for your sharing though.

  • Terry Massie
    Terry Massie 26 days ago


  • Benjamin  Orozco
    Benjamin Orozco 26 days ago

    I mean... its cool. But how is it useful?

  • paul turbo
    paul turbo 26 days ago

    I think I'd rather watch love island then this pointless 💩 again

  • Dolores Du Bois
    Dolores Du Bois 26 days ago

    Um....and how is this useful?

    ELI FOLEY 26 days ago

    you could make the first one into a portable phone charger

  • Mitsuo O
    Mitsuo O 27 days ago

    Useful??? LOL

  • Jhagarsingh Mgr Roka
    Jhagarsingh Mgr Roka 27 days ago

    Madrachot bahir arkai video arkai sale chor

  • Ritchie Williams
    Ritchie Williams 27 days ago

    didn't see anything useful except for a science fair project perhaps

  • metaldude
    metaldude 27 days ago

    No sorry, if it is not on an ipad…….forget it.

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan 27 days ago

    GOod nice my name is farhan

  • jenbill1602
    jenbill1602 27 days ago

    Suppose it all depends on how you define useful I might just go with creative instead but still neat to watch basic science you can try at home.

  • F K
    F K 28 days ago

    Useful? To whom? Bored individuals or retards!...lol

  • Got twice wear
    Got twice wear 28 days ago

    Useful for people, who still believe, planes would fly with kerosine

  • ishteyaq khan
    ishteyaq khan 28 days ago


  • george scarlett
    george scarlett 28 days ago

    what is the "thingy" at 1:32???

  • Jay wer
    Jay wer 28 days ago +1

    I didn't understand the second one. How did closing the switch shoot the peice of rubber?

    • Daniel GOODWIN
      Daniel GOODWIN 26 days ago

      The spark from the piezoelectric transducer ignites the vapour from the alcohol. You can get the transducer from bbq lighters.

  • PasnThrou
    PasnThrou 29 days ago +4

    RU-clip Click Bait Crap
    Not amazing, interesting maybe. Useful? Hardly, unless *maybe* you want to keep kids occupied for an hour.
    If this had been labeled 'Fun Stuff' or similar, then great. But YTubbers need the clicks. It's all about the clicks.

  • Eigener Kalender
    Eigener Kalender Month ago

    this is funny but not useful

  • Bart van Dooren
    Bart van Dooren Month ago

    Useful? How on earth is this useful?

  • Finally it's Ed
    Finally it's Ed Month ago

    Hey!! With a little tweaking these are nice hacks for inmates to take over the prison!

  • Lidija Rankovic
    Lidija Rankovic Month ago


  • Dan
    Dan Month ago


  • Glock Durkel
    Glock Durkel Month ago

    useful for what?

  • rosito quimat
    rosito quimat Month ago

    ru-clip.com/video/ZdFUXydMIiU/video.html amasing free energy charger

  • Idris
    Idris Month ago +1

    Wasteful Ideas...Good For Nothing.
    Imagine so many batteries used for this wasteful act increasing earth pollution.

  • Alexandros Toptsikiotis


  • Victor Guevarra
    Victor Guevarra Month ago

    so whats the use?

  • Mary Anne W. Johnson

    Like I really need to do that

  • greg reyes
    greg reyes Month ago

    very usefull

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago +2

    Showing cleavage is always a good way to distress a situation.