Single-use plastics: are you #ReadyToChange?

  • Life moves so fast that we don’t always have the time to think about the impact of the small, daily choices we make - like using a take-away coffee cup with a plastic lid or accepting a straw with our drink.

    43% of all marine litter polluting our oceans is made up of just 10 types of single-use plastic items; food containers, take-away beverage cups and lids, cotton buds, cutlery (including plates, stirrers and straws), balloons and balloon sticks, packets and wrappers, beverage bottles, cigarette butts, sanitary products, and carrier bags. As soon as we’re finished using these items, they often end up in the natural world; washed up on beaches or submerged in our oceans. This litter negatively impacts ecosystems, biodiversity - and even human health.

    This can’t continue. We need to be ready to change the way we think about single-use plastic.
    The single-use plastic initiative is part of the EU’s broader Circular Economy agenda, including the world's first Plastics Strategy: an EU-wide drive to increase awareness about plastic waste and our transition towards a more sustainable, circular economy. The awareness-raising campaign has been launched to accompany and promote new measures to tackle the problem at its root cause, including reduction and collection targets, obligations for producers, and awareness-raising measures.
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  • Jason Hanna
    Jason Hanna 5 months ago

    If you like to see their impact on the ocean

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 7 months ago

    Great video! :D

  • moodini99
    moodini99 8 months ago

    Interesting vid, but I'll stick to wanton use of single-use plastics. I really couldn't care less about the environment. If humans want to save the earth, they shouldn't reproduce

  • * Crafticorn *
    * Crafticorn * 9 months ago

    Damn this one is really awesome! Maybe the message reaches more people in this commercial style and funny way!
    Lately I am really seeing progress in changing all the shit that´s going on in the world - at least in Germany!!!! I mean fucking plastic bags are banned!!!! Hope straws and party dishes are next.

    • Rahayu Hanaa
      Rahayu Hanaa 2 months ago

      Hi, I'm Ayu and currently I'm doing my final essay for my undergrad on IR. I am writing about how Environmental Organization videos and campaign can change people's paradigm about using plastic which can affect reduction of plastic in European Union Countries. I am interesting by your comment in this video which I believe that you do care about better plastic management. But before that, are you one of EU citizens? and do you think that those videos can change your behaviour towards using plastics? Thank u so much.

  • Earth life
    Earth life 9 months ago +1

    Perfect motivating video, very good for environment !

  • DutchMongol
    DutchMongol 9 months ago +1

    This video gave me cancer.

    • moodini99
      moodini99 8 months ago

      It gave me AIDS. But, hey, I look slim and awesome now ;p

  • mugglesarecooltoo
    mugglesarecooltoo 9 months ago

    It's the individual's fault that littering happens, because common citizens are stupid people. Got it. Thanks to the Elite for helping us understand how we are worthless 5-year-olds and that we can't be trusted even to the degree that the EU has to ban plastic.

  • cookie gamer
    cookie gamer 9 months ago +1

    No I’m not.

  • PeωDie Pie
    PeωDie Pie 9 months ago

    EU Sucks!!!
    Article 13 sucks!!!
    RU-clip Ads is bullshit

  • PdRy
    PdRy 9 months ago +2

    Yeah ! GO FORTH @EU !! 🇪🇺💪 we are #ReadyToChange ! Make it happen !

  • Fun Stun Yum
    Fun Stun Yum 9 months ago +4

    I see the trailer always but there should be other languages AS well. Not only english.

  • Vivilon Rane
    Vivilon Rane 9 months ago +3

    provide better alternatives through political initiative so bigger companies will change!

    • Wilmhill
      Wilmhill 9 months ago +1

      Single use plastics will be banned in 2021.

  • sunsetworms
    sunsetworms 9 months ago +2

    Remember, people: This is what the EU was founded for. Nation states would have never managed to ban plastic forks. XD

  • radzimir2
    radzimir2 9 months ago +2

    Typical EU-Hate-Speach: they hate us for our freedom of choice! Calergists know better.

  • marsnr1
    marsnr1 9 months ago

    Can you please stop using this as an advertisement. I don't want to see anything from fascist, antidemocratic organisations as the EU on my youtube videos. Freedom and sovereignty are worth fighting for. We can only have freedom in Europe when the fascist EU is destroyed.

  • N. Oric
    N. Oric 9 months ago +1

    Best AD

  • ApollonCZ
    ApollonCZ 9 months ago +2

    *Socialism is shit*
    *EU is shit*

  • NoobGyver
    NoobGyver 9 months ago +2

    Stop this ad is annoying.

    • MadaraCZech
      MadaraCZech 9 months ago +1

      Fucking propaganda paid with our money.

  • ka rindl
    ka rindl 9 months ago

    wie heißt der song?

  • Termina - Thor
    Termina - Thor 9 months ago +2

    Idiotic childish and retarded ad. GG L2P

  • Mine Forcers
    Mine Forcers 9 months ago +1


  • Bence Róka
    Bence Róka 9 months ago +2

    I got my driving licence.

    I saw my friend using a plastic straw.

    I lost my driving licence.

    My friends funeral will be on next week.

  • GG
    GG 9 months ago +4

    Dont care about environment lmao

  • Termina - Thor
    Termina - Thor 9 months ago


  • voorhalven
    voorhalven 9 months ago +6

    But why the consumer? Yes, we are all responsible. But don't sell plastic if it can polute.

    • Noémi Fehér
      Noémi Fehér 9 months ago

      Because we are more intelligent and responsable ;)

    • Jakub Kučera
      Jakub Kučera 9 months ago +3

      Since EU is largely based on capitalist principles, it probably believes the problem would be better solved through supply and demand.

  • Pfouuu
    Pfouuu 9 months ago +3

    propose alternatives, and ban plastic tools

  • Dangel
    Dangel 9 months ago +2

    Fuck you European Union and all your "almighty awesome ideas". Fix way of governing and then implement these annoying things.. Thx

  • Jmenuji se Filip
    Jmenuji se Filip 9 months ago +17

    If you really want a change, consider making contact with China. It's currently the biggest plastic waste country. Whole EU only makes about 10% of waste. But I get it's smaller steps to reach the goal.

    • PdRy
      PdRy 9 months ago +4

      China produce largely for EU markets. If we don’t order plastic stuffs, Chinese factories will stop making them.

  • acha
    acha 9 months ago +7

    Great add for real !

  • dominik hecker
    dominik hecker 9 months ago +3

    Das Video ist nicht mal ansatzweise lustig es ist nur Traurig das sie hier den wohl ungeschicktesten Menschen der Welt zeigen. Und was soll mir jetzt dieses Video zeigen, dass alle Menschen die Plastik benutzen ungeschickt wie sonst was sind? Und zum Thema Plastik im Wasser wer schmeißt es denn ins Wasser? Ich habe noch nie Plastik in einen Fluss oder See geschmissen. Und wenn es Normale Menschen machen und nicht irgendeine Müllanlage in China es machen dann Lehrt sie halt es nicht zu machen aber doch nicht mit so einem Video. Dieses Video hat null aussage neben den "Der Typ ist ungeschickt und dadurch schmeißt er Plastik herum". Also was nehmen wir hier raus: 1. Macht besser Videos (Die ihr dann als Werbung Verbreitet wie dieses hier) die Menschen Lehren besonnener mit Plastik umzugehen 2. Sucht und stellt die Leute oder Firmen an den Pranger die Plastik in die Ozeane kippen aber nimmt nicht den Normal Verbraucher den Plastik manchmal hat er keine andere Option (Oder alternativ gebt ihm eine Option die genau so viel kostet oder weniger aber nicht die Umwelt verschmutzt).

    • Ms. Nutellaninja
      Ms. Nutellaninja 9 months ago +2

      Ich finde das Video gut. Man kann es natürlich einfach so verstehen, dass der Mann zu ungeschickt ist, aber ich denke es ist eigentlich klar was die eigentliche Message dahinter ist. Es ist doch super, dass die EU mal darauf aufmerksam macht! Und anfangen können wir ja erstmal bei uns. Vielleicht machen es uns andere Länder nach. Natürlich kostet das nicht-Plastik Besteck mehr, ist dafür aber mehrfach benutzbar, womit es am Ende vom Preis her recht egal ist ob man mehrfach Plastikbesteck kauft oder einmal das nicht-Plastik Besteck.
      Du weißt, dass China unseren Plastikmüll importiert? Insofern haben wir schon einen (indirekten) Einfluss darauf, wie viel in China in die Müllanlage kommt.

  • SurroundedByStupidity
    SurroundedByStupidity 9 months ago +5

    Would you stop wasting my tax money with these stupid youtube ads, please? Second time already I had to watch this shit. I'll keep using plastic anyway. Nothing better than one way plastic for parties, 'cause you don't have to clean dishes and stuff afterwards. The EU however (at least in its current state) is the worst that could happen to Europe. It was a good idea at first (for free trading etc.) but it has become an institute for prohibitions. Only two things the EU is good at: Banning things and making lobbyist happy.

    • MadaraCZech
      MadaraCZech 9 months ago +1

      Just propaganda paid with our money. :/

  • i wonder if you're reading this

    Give me money to buy stainless steel forks instead of buying cheap, decent plastic forks

  • Nadia
    Nadia 9 months ago +1

    So cool - love it!!!

  • René von Bielefeld
    René von Bielefeld 9 months ago +3

    Why is it always in commercials, that males are being displayed as stupid morons?

  • Mimitos29
    Mimitos29 9 months ago +10

    You’re right make them stronger i hâte when forks broke

    • OX televizija
      OX televizija 9 months ago +1

      Mimitos29 yeah i hate when i can't hold plate properly

  • wc spotter
    wc spotter 9 months ago +2

    So this is where Alexander the horrible,terrible, no good very bad day is.

  • random things
    random things 9 months ago +3

    big haha want to die please kill me

  • Cillit Boom
    Cillit Boom 9 months ago +3

    Buy me a dishwasher and we'll talk. Until then I'll stick with disposable convenience, thanks. HashTag:UseItThenLoseIt

    • PdRy
      PdRy 9 months ago +2

      You are garbage man

    • Optim
      Optim 9 months ago


  • Dairis
    Dairis 9 months ago +7

    Why cant you just ban it? Who asked for plastic? Nobody, on USSR times we had one bag for shopping and paper to put meat, fish and so on, i didnt ask for plastic but i will keep using it if you cant ban it.

    • Jakub Kučera
      Jakub Kučera 9 months ago

      @Sloft-70 In what year?

    • MaXtremeTrains
      MaXtremeTrains 9 months ago +1

      OX televizija Yes, of course. This video is about the EU

    • OX televizija
      OX televizija 9 months ago

      MaXtremeTrains *in eu

    • Sloft-70
      Sloft-70 9 months ago

      On USSR times I had to eat one poor slice of bread per day.

    • MaXtremeTrains
      MaXtremeTrains 9 months ago +4

      It will be banned in 2021.

  • FluFflE WaRrioR44
    FluFflE WaRrioR44 9 months ago +22

    Sehr lustiges Video und sehr gute Message dahinter! Weiter so!

    • Optim
      Optim 9 months ago

      Je suis d'accord, même si je me demande , qui achète vraiment des fourchettes en plastique :)

  • AnotherChosenOne
    AnotherChosenOne 9 months ago +2

    Yea. The problem is Plastik forks and straws and not that industries dump all their shit in the ocean.
    Not saying that we shouldn't do our part as well and use less plastic material. I am just annoyed that we have a massive plastic problem in the ocean and who is fault? Those gosh damned plastic straws

  • ikagura
    ikagura 9 months ago +9


  • Rory Scottish
    Rory Scottish Year ago +7

    Good video😎

  • visualiza
    visualiza Year ago +1

    guys, i cant find estonian versio of that clip, also the whole projectpage is not translated. Is the project english only? It has to reach more audience than only english speakers!

    • Random Chicken
      Random Chicken 9 months ago

      eestlane xd

    • skypjuh
      skypjuh Year ago +1

      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    • EU Environment
      EU Environment  Year ago +1

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment! The translations in all EU languages will be available in the coming months.

  • Ra Friction
    Ra Friction Year ago +2

    nice one