Are 144Hz Monitors Worth It For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    So is a 144Hz monitor actually worth it or is it a gimmick? Why do all competitive gamers use a 144Hz or a 240Hz monitors and will it improve your gameplay?
    Keep watching to find out if a 144Hz monitor is something that you should get and why.
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Comments • 58

  • Gamer Life
    Gamer Life 14 hours ago

    hello, what if my grahpics card cannot reach 144 hz?

  • bpcgos
    bpcgos 8 days ago +1

    If its support freesync and LFC , then its worth it because virtually it support freesync range from 0 fps to 144 fps. And Nvidia also support freesync including LFC nowadays, so there is no doubt about value of freesync monitor 144Hz with LFC no matter what your GPU is, even if you only had the midrange one

  • RevivaL
    RevivaL 15 days ago

    0:31 Joey delgado

  • Pushee Enterprises
    Pushee Enterprises Month ago


  • Anwar Abrarov
    Anwar Abrarov Month ago +2

    Yes. Definitely worth it

  • Dino Konjic
    Dino Konjic 2 months ago

    Does 60fps feels the same on 60hz monitor as 60 fps on 144hz?

  • entry
    entry 3 months ago +1

    Why of all the number why 144hz?? 30 60 120 why 144?

    • Patrick D.
      Patrick D. 2 months ago

      because the additional 24 frames represent 20% of 120Hz (basically 120 x 1.2). So somebody thought adding 20% more frames to 120Hz would be a great idea. 180Hz monitors are 60Hz x3 and 240Hz monitors are 120Hz x 2 or 60Hz x4.

  • Jesper
    Jesper 4 months ago +1

    thanks, loved the video

    ITECH 4 months ago +1

    I game on a 4k 60 Hz monitor I just prefer the better clarity and detail and just don't really see that big of a difference between 60 and 144 I do play multiplayer and single player games but I don't take multiplayer very competitively

  • al3xboy
    al3xboy 4 months ago

    Im using two TN Panel monitors(60Hz,144Hz)and i dont have any problems with it.

  • al3xboy
    al3xboy 4 months ago

    I upgraded from a 60 Hz to a 144Hz and it is so fucking epic.

  • KongIrS
    KongIrS 4 months ago +3

    I’m buying a 144hz monitor for my rtx 2070 :)))

    • Veqtrah
      Veqtrah 2 months ago

      +MrBurnSuckers depends what game he's playing. Some games can't go above 144 even with high end gpus

    • MrBurnSuckers
      MrBurnSuckers 3 months ago

      u should save some money and get more than 144 your gpu can handle it

  • RandomUser221
    RandomUser221 5 months ago

    Yes.... Yes they are.... I mean it is so smooth.... And feedback is like instant.

  • Nick Kendall
    Nick Kendall 6 months ago +33

    Short answer: Yes

  • Raoul Moosa
    Raoul Moosa 7 months ago

    Great video.

  • Keevy
    Keevy 7 months ago +1

    Oh btw, i loved this video! Another video idea for ya is a mouse sensitivity guide for online fps games. A topic that gets bought up a lot while im playing overwatch is mouse sensitivity and dpi settings. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Keevy
    Keevy 7 months ago +3

    Yes they are worth it! Once you go from 60hz to 144hz, there is no going back! And i only spent 140 bucks on my 144hz monitor. The color isnt as great as Ips monitor, but it does the job well enough for me!

  • Roger Mellie
    Roger Mellie 7 months ago +8

    I've got a 144hz va monitor and I don't get ghosting or motion blur. Not that I've noticed at any rate. But a guy who reviewed it said it was pretty good for a va panel.
    It has 1ms response time and low input lag.
    Colours are fantastic.
    I noticed how smooth games were straight away.
    But going back to 60hz is when you really notice the difference.
    It's like 144 is how it should be and 60 feels like my pc is broken.
    I can get used to 60 again after a while in some games but in FIFA it seems terrible.

    • ibrahim dagher
      ibrahim dagher 5 months ago

      +RytjeRomario idk what he bas but i recommend this budget 1080p 144hz acer gn246hlbid 24 inch or 27 inch

    • RytjeRomario
      RytjeRomario 5 months ago

      What is your monitor called?

  • S A D
    S A D 7 months ago +38

    Your like the watch mojo of gaming

  • S A D
    S A D 7 months ago +1

    Well its worth it but i have a budget for 150$ monitor i cant buy a 144hz but i bought a 60hz-75hz 5ms But 60hz if you can afford a 144hz but i would tell you GET A 144HZ MONITOR

  • Tristan Can
    Tristan Can 7 months ago


  • Kiko Yu
    Kiko Yu 7 months ago

    Came first for your voice, second for the content. 😍

  • Gestapo member Jenkins
    Gestapo member Jenkins 7 months ago

    I have one monitor at 144hz with a GTX 1070 and with shooters it feels awesome since its also curved(1800R)

  • Alexis Cruz
    Alexis Cruz 7 months ago +9

    Your really good at making videos

  • Jasraj22
    Jasraj22 7 months ago +2

    Thanks! For The Info

  • Kenny Gibson
    Kenny Gibson 7 months ago +2

    240hz is so worth it i can’t go back to 144hz or 60

    • Dogs and Gooses forever
      Dogs and Gooses forever 2 months ago +1

      Lol in bfv on low i get over 200 fps can't tell a difference between 14p and 180 it's there but it's very small

    • Veqtrah
      Veqtrah 2 months ago

      +Dogs and Gooses forever yea csgo is an exception. You can play that on the shittest equipment

    • Dogs and Gooses forever
      Dogs and Gooses forever 2 months ago

      Im getting over 500 in csgo eith my 1070ti and i7 8700 and i barely find any difference its there but not really worth it i would have bought a 1080ti and a 144hz monitor if i can go to the past again

    • Veqtrah
      Veqtrah 2 months ago

      +Dogs and Gooses forever well you probably aren't getting 240 fps to notice

    • Dogs and Gooses forever
      Dogs and Gooses forever 3 months ago

      Well 30 to 60 is huge
      60 to 144 is huge too
      244 to 240 isn't really huge
      I honestly barely find a difference between 144 and 240

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos 7 months ago +4

    *_Of course the more the BETTER :-)_*

  • Starfals
    Starfals 7 months ago +2

    Lol ;p Battlefield 2 ? Its Bad Company 2 :D Anyways, great video. I do game on 144 hz myself and its sweet. 60 hz is not too bad either, if you always hit the 60 fps and the monitor is low ms. It can feel pretty quick too. I'm still waiting for the day when IPS and G sync monitors become cheaper, so i can buy an extra 2.

  • BillnWa
    BillnWa 7 months ago

    Thanks for the summary. Makes sense. I mostly play single player games and I have a good IPS 60 Hz monitor with very low lag (Dell U2715h). I've been looking at Gsync monitors for awhile now. However, I've never noticed any of the issues people talk about when they talk about 60Hz monitors. You summed it up well, and your thoughts are close to what I was thinking, that these high refresh rate monitors are mostly for multiplayer gamers. I think the computer/gaming industry is always coming out with something new, which means we have to upgrade our computers and monitors to get the latest and greatest tech, which keeps them in the money. I think I'll stick with my 60hz monitor for now and next time I'm due for a GPU upgrade, maybe then upgrade my monitor at the same time.

  • ArchangelofLight
    ArchangelofLight 7 months ago +36

    Going from 60hz to 165hz g-sync I can personally say it is a world of difference if you are wanting to play online shooters. For most action games or single player I still use my 60hz tv for better picture quality. I can tell a big difference when i cap my shooters to 60fps now. If you are worried about price, there are several cheap 144hz on amazon ~$200. Also screen tear would be a LOT less noticeable even without any kind of sync since it will last 144th of a second

  • MadKhiladi
    MadKhiladi 7 months ago +3

    I get 150fps in csgo and i am struggling with screen tearing so it might be a good option to buy a 144hz moniter

    • Metal Videos
      Metal Videos 3 months ago

      +MadKhiladi its not true. read my other comment

    • Metal Videos
      Metal Videos 3 months ago

      +GamingScan not true. 144hz and up doesnt have screan tearing. the monitor is too fast for that. everything under 144hz do need some kind of help. wether its freesync gsync or Vsync.

    • MadKhiladi
      MadKhiladi 7 months ago

      +GamingScan tysm

    • GamingScan
      GamingScan  7 months ago

      To get rid of screen tearing, make sure that your 144Hz monitor supports FreeSync (AMD GPU) or G-Sync (NVIDIA GPU) :-)

  • Green David
    Green David 7 months ago

    Are you editing the videos?

  • Bob Dickinson
    Bob Dickinson 7 months ago

    ;-; idont have a 144Hz

  • Xavier Marcha
    Xavier Marcha 7 months ago +7

    Hi gamescan i game at 75Hz

    • GamingScan
      GamingScan  7 months ago +9

      Hi there - that's better than 60Hz at least!

  • Mechanicalogic man
    Mechanicalogic man 7 months ago +2

    Well. I am fourth