Craig Burley is such a hipster he prefers Ajax vs. Spurs over Barca vs. Liverpool | Best of the Week

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Craig Burley and Steve Nicol's Scottish accents, Shaka Hislop going to the Masters, an absurd Lionel Messi vs. Tiger Woods debate, Alejandro Moreno's haunted house, Mina Rzouki's desperate Premier League top manager pick, and Craig's hipster attitude about Ajax vs. Spurs and Barcelona vs. Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League semifinals all make ESPN FC's Best of the Week.
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  • Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    Hipster?! Nah, just tired of the good old huge clubs buying their way to trophies! Fuck Barcelona! Fuck Real Mandril! Fuck Man £ity! Fuck PSG!

  • Jaden Thomas
    Jaden Thomas 8 months ago

    Here after ajax vs Tottenham . Boy he is was right !!!

  • Felix Ruiz
    Felix Ruiz 9 months ago

    If I had a million pounds I say ajax is the next champion

  • Liam Naughton
    Liam Naughton 9 months ago +3

    Ajax are the most exciting team left in the competition.

  • Sayik Abass
    Sayik Abass 9 months ago

    Byiest piece of shitzzzz

  • Sayik Abass
    Sayik Abass 9 months ago

    Fuck u guys ...

  • QueenInTheNorth
    QueenInTheNorth 9 months ago

    Personally I’m more exited to watch Ajax v Spurs cause I really want one of them to win. Barca Liverpool might be a bigger game paper cause the clubs are bigger, but this big game never become the spectacle everyone think they will be.

  • Magnificent Pets
    Magnificent Pets 9 months ago

    That doesn't make him a hipster. There are many fans who want that and even I want that

    CHlEFFIN 9 months ago +1

    Lol typical, not surprising at all.
    Has he ever kicked a ball??

    • Zak
      Zak 9 months ago


  • Cygnus Vismund
    Cygnus Vismund 9 months ago

    I need this panel to address PSG league form.

  • Yusen Qiu
    Yusen Qiu 9 months ago

    Dan is a legend

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 9 months ago +1

    Burley is a hipster confirmed.

  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos 9 months ago

    Liverpool is amazing when the opponent loses the ball in midfield, something that barcelona rarely does

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 9 months ago

      Liverpool can bypass the midfield though and go from defence to attack within seconds. They are SO fast!

  • SportsTalk
    SportsTalk 9 months ago

    City lfc Tottenham arsenal. No man utd and Chelsea.

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller 9 months ago +1

    Probably because Tottenham vs Ajax is a more competitive game, instead of Messi vs Liverpool. Sorry, I mean Barcelona

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 9 months ago

      @Thomas Muller
      Liverpool are more defensive than last season but I wouldn't say they are playing defensive football. They are still 2nd highest scorers in the Premier League by some way. Liverpool are mostly trying to attack still.

    • Thomas Muller
      Thomas Muller 9 months ago

      Against a hopeless Bayern defence and Porto... they would’ve scored 12 overall if they’d been attacking

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 9 months ago

      @Thomas Muller
      ""Not only are Liverpool playing very defensively this season,""
      3 goals in Munich and 4 goals in Porto?

    • Thomas Muller
      Thomas Muller 9 months ago

      Manchester United wouldn’t have beaten Barcelona if they were more clinical. If they needed to, Barcelona could easily have scored 7 in that second leg

    • Thomas Muller
      Thomas Muller 9 months ago

      No they wouldn’t have. Not only are Liverpool playing very defensively this season, but Messi was told to play deeper, that’s why Manchester United didn’t have a shot on target. Valverde was criticised for telling Messi to play deep, so I don’t think he will in the next away leg.

  • kevin Masimba
    kevin Masimba 9 months ago

    Ure a Mun u fun so Ure still angry

  • Um
    Um 9 months ago +9

    I love how they put Messi on the thumbnail to get views

    THE MONSTER 9 months ago +3

    Barcelona ❤️💙

  • Teibor Rajee
    Teibor Rajee 9 months ago +2

    The team which will win between Barca vs Liverpool will win the CPL final

    • Keesdekarper
      Keesdekarper 9 months ago +2

      Keep underestimating Ajax and Spurs. Together they beat Bayern, Real madrid, Juventus with CR, Dortmund, Manchester City. They had tougher opponents than Barcelona or Liverpool so far

  • D. Ortiz
    D. Ortiz 9 months ago

    Craig: Would you have chips with your steak if you were out?
    Stevie: If I was out?
    Craig: Yeah.
    Stevie: Yeah.
    Craig: Heathen.


  • Alan Pettifer
    Alan Pettifer 9 months ago +1

    For once l agree with Burley.

  • Football Made Simple
    Football Made Simple 9 months ago

    Hi guys. I have a brief Video on Ajax's tactics and more and why they are doing so well this season. Check it out!

  • Mayra Torres Ordaz
    Mayra Torres Ordaz 9 months ago

    Barcelona is gonna woop that ass

  • Ben Houston
    Ben Houston 9 months ago +2

    I like how you change the color for throwbacks.

  • Zee Zee
    Zee Zee 9 months ago

    Who the heck is Craig burley in the first place?

  • jlassiter332
    jlassiter332 9 months ago +2

    This show is the best show on espn!

  • Joel Velez
    Joel Velez 9 months ago

    Who’s the bigger hater? Burley or Moreno?

  • Chris Riley
    Chris Riley 9 months ago

    Everything about this program & channel is shit.
    so underdeveloped compared to European commentary.

  • LmfaoYou
    LmfaoYou 9 months ago +77

    I hope Barcelona wins the UCL. But a huge goodluck to Ajax as well. If not Barça, I wouldn't mind them winning. Cruyff legacy ❤️❤️

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou 8 months ago

      BlackArrow Maybe if you weren't such an uptight asshole you'd know that both spelling is acceptable. And "Cruyff" is actually used more than "Cruijff". But go ahead, Mr. Grumpy. 😂😂😂 Good luck Ajax! Now cry lol

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou 8 months ago

      BlackArrow LOL stop taking everything so seriously, it shouldn't be that hard

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou 9 months ago

      John Cornell can you even read? When did I ever say that the football world revolves around Messi and Barcelona. You're the one who keeps bringing that up when absolutely no one has ever said it. Nobody cares if EPL is the most watched league, if they can't perform in Europe or win the UCL then that's just it. Just because they're the most watched doesn't make them automatically European champions.
      Oh they care okay? And even if they don't, they know him, so that would merit for even just a bit more support than those they don't know. It's simple as that. You don't need to be a fan to support a team. And yes, nobody would cheer nor cry if Barcelona wins it, or Liverpool, or Ajax, or Tottenham. Nobody is expecting anyone to. So why's this argument even happening? Like I said, you're just assuming things that hasn't even happened just to get high up on your so-called opinion.
      I was never in my Barcelona bubble. You're just triggered that I support Barcelona and not an English team. Lol why don't YOU get out of your EPL bubble shitt and find out that hurrahh, not everyone would be supporting them. Lol And when did I show arrogance? I simply stated the fact that I want Barcelona to win then you went all butthurt and crybaby on me disputing "statements" I never said. That's what you call ignorance. When you're too much into your EPL shit so you call out everyone who supports another team. Again, hilarious.
      And how many seats does Camp Nou have compared to Anfield? Anfield have 54,000 seat capacity, while Camp Nou have 99,000. Even if we have 20-30,000 empty seats, we'd still have more fans watching than you could ever do, with just 54,000 seats. Goes to show how much idiocy is running through your veins, you can't even compute that and you dare go mention about it? How embarrassing.
      Yes, everybody expects something out of Barcelona. Even the haters expect them to lose, so they can troll them to no end, just like you. Or did you think that I was talking about "winning" again? Didn't I say win or lose? Lol There's really no hope for you. Because of your hatred, you assume everything I said is to put Barcelona on all positive pedestal. You didn't even get that simple phrasing for fuck's sake. How stupid can you be?
      Lol and here we get to statistics. How sure are you that only few people expect Barcelona to win? Do you have proven facts to back you up? Coz' the last time I checked, the betting odds are mostly in Barcelona's favor, against Liverpool, AND winning the UCL. Just coz' you try so desperately hard to disregard Barcelona's chances, doesn't mean most people would too. You're just one delusional dickhead. Lol
      LMFAO how pathetic are you? Just coz you've been to more games or hundreds of finals doesn't make your opinion more valid than mine. What does attending more games have to do with this argument anyway? Oh right, because you're so desperate to have your opinion be heard. LOL and just so you know i've been a football fan since I was 4 years old, i've been to El Clasicos and finals, even those finals against Manchester United in which Barça destroyed them in both, btw. 2007? Messi wasn't even in his prime. You seriously gonna put that against him?? Lol and good to know i'm not wrong for saying you're a Liverpool fanboy. No wonder you're so butthurt. Scared already?? 😂
      PS: when you've got nothing logical and sensical to say so you resort to making fun of people's youtube username, calling them 12 year olds. And bringing up the most pathetic of them all, - their own age, as if being older would magically make their arguments above everyone's. Sorry to say, but you don't even act your age. Arguing over something so trivial as me supporting MY own team.

    • spence dzario
      spence dzario 9 months ago +1

      @John Cornell that semifinal 2nd leg match against Chelsea was a disgrace. But, let us be civilise here. None of the team in Europe as corrupt as Real Madrid. Give credit where it is due. Barca plays outstanding football for the last decade, probably the best world had ever seen. They could easily won at least 5 or 6 UCL in Messi era. But, Real practically founded this tournament(won the first 5, lol), of course they are always favoured. Knowing the team that Barcelona have this last decade, Real & Uefa must not let them chase the UCL trophies count. I genuinely hate that Barcelona are too good for other team, but that's the benchmark that every other team longing for.

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 9 months ago

      @spence dzario
      Barcelona have also being given much favourable help by refs. They are not known as Uefalona for nothing.

  • Basic
    Basic 9 months ago +8

    Liverpool will win Premier League
    Bayern will win Bundesliga
    Barcelona will win Champions League
    Arsenal will win Europa League
    The End.

  • poolfans
    poolfans 9 months ago +137

    PL TOP 6 teams
    2 of them into CL semi final
    2 of them into Europa semi final
    The remaining 2 remain in Manchester

  • Kenneth Kamoga
    Kenneth Kamoga 9 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with his choice

  • George Weah
    George Weah 9 months ago +13

    Who turned off the saturation, I'm going insane...

  • pranai chettri
    pranai chettri 9 months ago +1

    He don't know about football

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow 9 months ago

    Hahahaha hmmm 🤔 interesting lol 😂 cause Ajax Fc Is owned by A Zionist lol 😂

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy 9 months ago +8

    Why this atmosphere??? Are both Liverpool and spurs already doomed in UCL!!!!

    • victor xyz123_xyz456
      victor xyz123_xyz456 9 months ago

      @Zinho9 ok thanks. My bad.

    • Zinho9
      Zinho9 9 months ago

      @victor xyz123_xyz456 Mate only 4 teams from the premier league qualify for the tournament lol. It was city, united, Liverpool, and spurs. They all made it to the quarters.

    • victor xyz123_xyz456
      victor xyz123_xyz456 9 months ago

      @Zinho9 how many was it? Can't remember...i thought it was 8.

    • Zinho9
      Zinho9 9 months ago

      @victor xyz123_xyz456 Did you just say 8 premier league teams made it to the round of 16? Lmao

    • victor xyz123_xyz456
      victor xyz123_xyz456 9 months ago

      spurs are gonna qualify. I believe.
      And if they do, they'll face barca.
      Because 8 pl teams made it to the round of 16. Half of them(4), made it to the quarter final.
      Half of those that made it to the quarter final(2), now have made it to the semi final.
      So i think, half ( 1 ) will make it to the final. And i think it'll be spurs

  • Thanirplayz gaming channel

    Messi is the worst player in the world

    • Stanley Chinaka
      Stanley Chinaka 9 months ago +1

      No comment. You're so pressing in need of 1.

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou 9 months ago +1

      Lol cry baby 😂😂

    • Denwels
      Denwels 9 months ago +3

      damn it, ur dad should have pulled out that night

    • zakaria djouzi
      zakaria djouzi 9 months ago +14

      Ronaldo is the worst player in the world

  • Thanirplayz gaming channel

    Messi is a noobsi

    • Speedy
      Speedy 9 months ago

      Rapist Dickrider eh? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • zakaria djouzi
      zakaria djouzi 9 months ago +4

      Ronaldo is a fucking gay

  • Thanirplayz gaming channel

    Messi is a noobster

  • Hassan Fayad
    Hassan Fayad 9 months ago

    craig burley is a dickhead and a cunt

  • Felix Ruiz
    Felix Ruiz 9 months ago +21

    Excellent futbol Ajax is hungry 😋

  • bullslayer bruh
    bullslayer bruh 9 months ago


  • shaolinWOLF36
    shaolinWOLF36 9 months ago +17

    Even though Barcelona defense is average this year, they are going to destroy Liverpool. Klopp never changes his tactics all he does is attack. He's going to get exposed

    • zakaria djouzi
      zakaria djouzi 9 months ago

      @RMFFL HMYNDM and your shitty Real Madrid would have compete for nothing in the first place if it weren't for corruption.

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 9 months ago

      Fun fact. Klopp has never lost a 2 legged European tie while at Liverpool. He has reached the final in the two seasons he's had in Europe with Liverpool and is already in another semi final. His 3rd in 3 seasons.

    • PreeStyle Smith
      PreeStyle Smith 9 months ago +2

      You're clearly clueless about LFC's current football style if you think they're all about attack. They're not the LFC of last season. Now they're WAY more balanced and not only attack but has a solid defense, can't say the same thing about Barca this season. Barca's defense looks shaky to me if they're facing a good attacking team (like LFC). It's going to be a tie but I'd go for LFC solely for their defense advantage.

    • Stfu Boomer
      Stfu Boomer 9 months ago +2

      @Flexo actually the only football games this guy watches is Barcelona. Other than that nothing

    • Sujit Yonjan
      Sujit Yonjan 9 months ago +1

      @RMFFL HMYNDM Who got out of all competition already on March in the first season of VAR introduction 🤔🤔🤔 ??

  • Joe Stockton
    Joe Stockton 9 months ago

    Hipster? You mean twat right?

  • d[• •]b
    d[• •]b 9 months ago +5

    He is the true Liverpool haters

  • Marian M
    Marian M 9 months ago +48

    Ajax-Barca will be the final. Barca will win.. unfortunately.

    • jalan kane
      jalan kane 9 months ago

      K.O.F Çhamp ok bro relax, the only time you’ve started totally dominating Madrid was this season. They lost to the 2x champions league winner in a CL finals, beating Madrid in la liga and champions league is a different story.(previous years). 2 goals they conceded were goal keeper error, their star player amp Salah was injured at the beginning of the game.
      Ok but since Barcalona lost to Roma and Liverpool beat Roma that automatically makes Liverpool the stronger side? No, just like the same thing you’re saying about Real Madrid.

    • Marian M
      Marian M 9 months ago +2

      abdulaziz yalahow You Liverpool fans are retarded and delusional as fuck. No wonder everyone in England is making fun of you.

    • K.O.F Çhamp
      K.O.F Çhamp 9 months ago

      @jalan kane yet yall lost to a weak Madrid side that we steady besting for the past few years?anyways liverpool need to focus on their league not the ucl maybe next season

    • jalan kane
      jalan kane 9 months ago

      Football And hockey Because PSG causes their own demise in a game that should have been theirs, as per the reason why people called them “bottlers”, it’s not like United did anything magical.

    • jalan kane
      jalan kane 9 months ago

      Route 216 ...the point of this is?

  • Big Poppa Pump
    Big Poppa Pump 9 months ago +5

    What a garbage video, they actually expect us to take these clowns seriously. Buncha clueless donkeys. Made purely for entertainment and comedy, which they fail at tremendously in both

    • CHAVO7740
      CHAVO7740 9 months ago

      Get a life don't watch then . You guys are fucken idiots.

    • Amos K
      Amos K 9 months ago


    • Nathaniel Baxter
      Nathaniel Baxter 9 months ago +3

      @Csaba Juhász if you like Italian football, you hate entertainment.

    • Amar Singh
      Amar Singh 9 months ago +1

      @Sam bayeh clearly it is

    • Sam bayeh
      Sam bayeh 9 months ago +8

      @Big Poppa Pump What is the matter little girl, is Italian football driving you crazy tonight?

  • ANi
    ANi 9 months ago +1


  • dave tum
    dave tum 9 months ago +11

    I’m gonna laugh so hard if Messi fails to win the ucl this year for a 4th year in a row, beating Liverpool and then ajax/spurs won’t be easy. If he fails all this Ronaldo trolling will be pointless 😂

    • LmfaoYou
      LmfaoYou 9 months ago

      dave tum yet he was still eliminated. Lol so what if he has more ko goals? Does he have more overall UCL goals this season? I don't think so. What a typical ronaldo fanboy. "They got eliminated but at least he scored goals" lol how petty
      Ballon d'or IS irrelevant and a shitty award now after they gave it to Modric, dumbass

    • lm10_dxz
      lm10_dxz 9 months ago

      @dave tum just messi fans? literal pundits and professionals slammed the ballon d'or after they made messi finish 5th. or are those professionals also 'messi fans'? Which one is it 🤣

    • Speedy
      Speedy 9 months ago

      Finally one rapenaldo Dickrider out of his cave now. So mate how was it inside rapenaldo arse? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 That diving cunt is a curse to juve... Knocked out of Copa italia for the first time too and knocked out of ucl this early 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Santi 420
      Santi 420 9 months ago

      @Otávio Augusto yes messi is on fire, and yes hes proven doubters wrong scoring in ko stages and having a balon d oro season, but the reaility is us madrid fans are sad we couldnt win UCL for the 5th time in 6years while barca fans celebrate reachin the semis since 2015, Madrid are in need of many changes but THE EXPERIENCE is there now with Zidane back and new stars coming things can only get better for us, after alot of messi drama and failures with Argentina, the last thing messi needs is leading barca out of the UCL and winning COPA DEP REY INSTEAD🔥🔥😁

    • dave tum
      dave tum 9 months ago

      Victor P No he won’t, not if van dijk wins the prem and ucl. Plus Messi fans said the ballon dor is now irrelevant after Messi finished 5th in it last year? Which one is it 🤣

  • Danqz 97
    Danqz 97 9 months ago +298

    Both Champions league semi finals will provide excellent attacking football. No boring park the bus teams. Just straight free flowing football.

    • Jonathan Driebergen
      Jonathan Driebergen 9 months ago +1

      ahrlj24 maybe you should actualy watch some football games before posting shit, instead of just look at the transfer budgets

    • Jesse and 5.000 others
      Jesse and 5.000 others 9 months ago +1

      @ahrlj24 Europa League tie? Still Ajax destroyed Madrid, beat Juve and got past Bayern. PSG? Beaten by bloody United... Juve? Spent 100 mil on Ronaldo and got outplayed by Ajax. Bet you didnt even watch the Ajax cl games....

      Edit: Spurs beat the favorites of the CL. City did play better the second leg, but thats not Europa League quality. Dont underestimate both.

    • Club Astro Transcendental Motor
      Club Astro Transcendental Motor 9 months ago

      Rickard LeQuéso In sports, a competition, it’s only about winning, not losing. The objective is to win. However possible. If you are utilizing a particular strategy that you may benefit from in order to win, you use it. You would to if it was the best option. In competition all is fair. What do I care if the sport is boring? If you root for a team competing it will never be boring. Bandwagon fans want their cake and to eat it to. That’s why they chose a top team to follow. When you are born to root for a club, you want it to win. If it’s by defending well a much bigger club, well, so be it. The objective is to win. Simply. Win.

    • Me Here
      Me Here 9 months ago +3

      Valverde disagrees.

    • Nick Holland
      Nick Holland 9 months ago +3

      @ahrlj24 crap

  • Tyler Dossa
    Tyler Dossa 9 months ago +2

    Both matchups will be incredible to watch to be fair

  • Danqz 97
    Danqz 97 9 months ago +161

    Why does this video look like it’s from the 1960’s

    • tulip store
      tulip store 9 months ago

      @Rohit Chetri biased English pundits !

    • Ichsuka
      Ichsuka 9 months ago

      Bc its from when Stevie was born.

    • Rickard LeQuéso
      Rickard LeQuéso 9 months ago +2

      @Jbbjabbb i doi touch pp my, trouble in I am

    • Rohit Chetri
      Rohit Chetri 9 months ago +4

      Because, Last time Spurs were in the semi final of champions league was in 1960, so they want Spurs to win the champions league :)

    • Anthony Khallouf
      Anthony Khallouf 9 months ago +7

      Gives you a feel of how old these pundits are

  • Malik Saleh
    Malik Saleh 9 months ago +60

    For a second I thought I was color blind 😂

  • Actual Cringe
    Actual Cringe 9 months ago +33

    I feel bad for Ajax because the massive European giants are coming for their team.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • 9 months ago

      Keesdekarper It is garbage. Them doing well in a cup competition doesn’t change that.

    • Keesdekarper
      Keesdekarper 9 months ago

      @• Haze • They are barely winning this 'garbage' league. I think everyone underestimates the eredivisie a lot.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • 9 months ago

      Ajax are a European giant. Just a shame their league is garbage.

    • Cobbster
      Cobbster 9 months ago +1

      This is the disadvantage of FFP. Ajax can't spend

    • Anuj prajapati
      Anuj prajapati 9 months ago +7

      @Ayojin Oh! My bad 🤣😂🤣 Damn now I fell silly.

  • Brk David
    Brk David 9 months ago +1