• Published on Dec 13, 2018
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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS  5 months ago +1036

    Sometimes misunderstandings lead to more misunderstandings! It always better to talk things out

    • Bismillah
      Bismillah 5 months ago

      Who won I phone plz tell it's not showing on Instagram

    • Raheela Adnan
      Raheela Adnan 5 months ago

      Very right 👌

    • athar qasim
      athar qasim 5 months ago

      Dude the face on my vlog
      Is not my face

  • kaur Charanpreet
    kaur Charanpreet 22 days ago

    What a fun group..stay happy

  • Zinto Vlogs
    Zinto Vlogs 27 days ago

    اچھا ادمی ہے بہن کو نچا کر ہمیں خوش کر رہا ہے

  • Khilji Azeem
    Khilji Azeem 4 months ago


  • Zobia Irfan
    Zobia Irfan 4 months ago

    Its impossible

  • Swabra Swaleh
    Swabra Swaleh 4 months ago

    Follow me on instagram @sama_chamariro

  • Aisha Mohammad
    Aisha Mohammad 4 months ago

    U guys r pranking

  • Rose petal Khan
    Rose petal Khan 5 months ago


  • muzammal 1234
    muzammal 1234 5 months ago

    Sham to chotia hia😎😎😎😎

  • Istiakh Ahmed
    Istiakh Ahmed 5 months ago


  • Muhammad Aamir
    Muhammad Aamir 5 months ago

    Mashah Allah ap sub bohat cute ho💕💕💕

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran 5 months ago

    love ur vlogs amazing work

  • abu sama Biplob
    abu sama Biplob 5 months ago

    0:46 look sham

  • Rana Hamza
    Rana Hamza 5 months ago

    U look so cool

  • Chandler Nolen
    Chandler Nolen 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh I'm in love with Froggy's sisters .

  • Bahsan Aweys
    Bahsan Aweys 5 months ago

    I subscribed to your RU-clip plz I need a phone and I love u guys to death ❤️❤️❤️😩

  • Eman Bajwa
    Eman Bajwa 5 months ago

    love you

  • Masoomah Bukhari
    Masoomah Bukhari 5 months ago


  • Queen Aiezah
    Queen Aiezah 5 months ago

    Check the pic behind Mac at 6:44 its froggy poc 😝😝😝

  • Faiza Bilal
    Faiza Bilal 5 months ago


  • Revenna Boodoo
    Revenna Boodoo 5 months ago

    🐕🐩Rocky loves u alot sham....

  • Sahil khan
    Sahil khan 5 months ago


  • Sara Akbar
    Sara Akbar 5 months ago

    Weli awaam....

  • mohamed Piri
    mohamed Piri 5 months ago

    Subscribed n followd on ig

  • khush chaudhary
    khush chaudhary 5 months ago

    i subscrbes

  • Haleema Saadia
    Haleema Saadia 5 months ago

    Inshallah everything will be fine 🙃😊

  • Isra’s Journey
    Isra’s Journey 5 months ago

    OMG I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO COMMENT ON THIS VID!! BTW just watched the last vid HAHAHA i feel so sorry for sham he was so confused but froggy you guys did amazing XD (my phone died so im on my laptop to check who the winner is on insta)

  • sofina akhtar
    sofina akhtar 5 months ago

    Do something to do with projects zorgo

  • Suriya Ali
    Suriya Ali 5 months ago

    Ouuu that mask looks soo refreshing

  • Fatoumata Barry
    Fatoumata Barry 5 months ago

    "kuku + chuchi = Kuchi" I found this in a comment It was really smart 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Eid Ahmed
    Eid Ahmed 5 months ago

    Are the sis twins?

  • Mohammed Rehan
    Mohammed Rehan 5 months ago

    Sham idrees 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Pubg Hero
    Pubg Hero 5 months ago

    ❤️ from India

  • Manal Mohamed
    Manal Mohamed 5 months ago

    I want to winnn

  • hawo mohamed
    hawo mohamed 5 months ago

    Does Mac use to be a thief

  • Yasir Abbas
    Yasir Abbas 5 months ago


  • Huda Jamal
    Huda Jamal 5 months ago

    Rocky is adorable!!!!

  • Hammad Rajpoot
    Hammad Rajpoot 5 months ago

    I want the phoneee plssssssss

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 5 months ago

    3:03 - 3:06 what Vlog is it?!

  • Qibla Bandi USA
    Qibla Bandi USA 5 months ago

    Sham idree's can you come to USA and go to Springfield streat and go to 405 and share my sintence in your chandle

  • Shaaz Ali Patel
    Shaaz Ali Patel 5 months ago

    Mac is so crazy

  • 94ci13 Asri
    94ci13 Asri 5 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the engagement day, can't wait for their dancing 😎 💃💃. Please don't stop your Vlog, cause your Vlog always made my day . Especially your Vlog with Froggy 😳😍

  • Shaaz Ali Patel
    Shaaz Ali Patel 5 months ago

    Rocky is so cute

  • benish mughal
    benish mughal 5 months ago


    WASIF IQBAL 5 months ago

    Can allah give that i phone to me Ameen

    MOHAMMED IQBAL 5 months ago

    I've subscribed your channel for ever

    MOHAMMED IQBAL 5 months ago

    I can't afford that phone my mom won't buy it for me

    MOHAMMED IQBAL 5 months ago

    Sham me please

  • Tania Kth
    Tania Kth 5 months ago

    The speed is too fast for me 😅😅

  • Ghazala Mahmood
    Ghazala Mahmood 5 months ago

    Your videos are amazing

  • Janice sara
    Janice sara 5 months ago

    why that rocky is so cute.btw hope to win the giveaway ☺☺

  • Niharika Verma
    Niharika Verma 5 months ago

    I am already following you ☺️ and Froggy too

  • amkay ashif
    amkay ashif 5 months ago

    Love you Allah bless you

  • Zainab Faseeh
    Zainab Faseeh 5 months ago


  • Fahad Ali Zafar
    Fahad Ali Zafar 5 months ago

    Sham plzz give iphone to me plzzzz

  • * Ady
    * Ady 5 months ago

    I have a crush on one of the sisters.

  • Fari Anny
    Fari Anny 5 months ago

    A good vlog

  • Eshal Ulfat
    Eshal Ulfat 5 months ago

    I watch all of his vlogs and his vlogs are the best

  • Eshal Ulfat
    Eshal Ulfat 5 months ago

    Sham idrees is the best☺

  • Aliysha Mohammad
    Aliysha Mohammad 5 months ago

    hope everything will be fine inshallah love u guys

  • Hassiba Abdallah
    Hassiba Abdallah 5 months ago

    Can u just bring that 📲 to Kenyaa😭😵

  • javeria malik
    javeria malik 5 months ago

    I hope its me this time who gets i phone x max ( fingers crossed)

  • javeria malik
    javeria malik 5 months ago

    I hope its me this time who gets i phone x max ( fingers crossed)

  • The Bilal TV
    The Bilal TV 5 months ago +1

    Sham lost subscribers
    It was 1,600,000
    Now it is 1,592,800

  • Nayab Sid
    Nayab Sid 5 months ago

    Yaayyy danceeesss 😍😍
    #TEAMREBEL is loveee ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Suraj Lama
    Suraj Lama 5 months ago

    Sham idress,,

  • Arslan Zafar
    Arslan Zafar 5 months ago

    Small fan from JhEluM🇵🇰

    ASIAN HOT FILAMS 5 months ago

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 5 months ago

    Sham I love your vids and I subcribe to you chanel

  • khadijah zulfqar
    khadijah zulfqar 5 months ago

    Hi sham

  • usha reddy
    usha reddy 5 months ago

    Ur vlogs make my day❤️

  • Asfa Noor
    Asfa Noor 5 months ago

    And also you are my favorite RU-clipr

  • Asfa Noor
    Asfa Noor 5 months ago

    Assalamualaikum your vlogs is nice

  • Shumaila Sharif
    Shumaila Sharif 5 months ago

    ShamIdress i am following you on insta and already subscribed RU-clip channel bohaaaat pehly.. I really wish to win Iphone giveaway as I am not affordable and it’s my dream phone.. I sent you screenshot of being your follower and subscriber on insta inbox.. #ShamIdrees please make me win this time please..
    Love and pRayers
    Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Ammaarah Butt
    Ammaarah Butt 5 months ago

    love you guys sooo much

  • HNC Sci Tv
    HNC Sci Tv 5 months ago

    plz give me the iphone x

  • HNC Sci Tv
    HNC Sci Tv 5 months ago

    plz sham give me the Iphone x

  • HNC Sci Tv
    HNC Sci Tv 5 months ago

    I want Iphone x Extreamly plz

  • HNC Sci Tv
    HNC Sci Tv 5 months ago

    Wanted = Iphone x

  • Zarish Rana
    Zarish Rana 5 months ago

    Love your vlogs

  • Muddasir Ahmed
    Muddasir Ahmed 5 months ago

    Complicated situation 🙄

  • Muneer Batla
    Muneer Batla 5 months ago

    Nice phone

  • HNC Sci Tv
    HNC Sci Tv 5 months ago

    Hi sham I am commenting again and again because I want Iphone x

  • Muhammad Younas
    Muhammad Younas 5 months ago

    inshallah no stoned or anything destroy u ❤

  • Hanin Mohammed
    Hanin Mohammed 5 months ago

    I finished exams on the 13th and I am so happy I have holidays so I can watch your videos

    YOUTUBE TV 5 months ago

    Froggy is such a dog

  • mahnur junaid
    mahnur junaid 5 months ago

    Sham can i get the iPhone X s max

  • mehwish viraat
    mehwish viraat 5 months ago

    omg froggy sisters are sooooo alike

  • LoopVibes
    LoopVibes 5 months ago

    How does sham have blue eyes and his sisters have black/brown eyes? Thats so weird.

  • yusra sadiq
    yusra sadiq 5 months ago

    I love your vlogs

  • Farukh Shakeel
    Farukh Shakeel 5 months ago

    Plzz pray for my exams
    I love sham and froggy

    ALL TO FINE 5 months ago

    Kasam se

    ALL TO FINE 5 months ago

    Bhaijaan aap ki video to kamal ki hai

  • Anees rehman
    Anees rehman 5 months ago

    Sham lost 10,000 subscribers.

  • QIRAT Mehboob
    QIRAT Mehboob 5 months ago


  • Waliulz Jan
    Waliulz Jan 5 months ago

    imagine if Shams did LIVE fb vide of these blogs, thus noooooooooo editing lol that should be good ...

  • Afifa Mac
    Afifa Mac 5 months ago

    Pleaseee please please do consider me for your giveaway pleaseee I'm a medical student and I can't afford good phone for studies
    . Please .... I'm your fan since years 😔😔😔

  • nemi Gulati
    nemi Gulati 5 months ago

    love ur vlogs bro

  • Triplets Masood
    Triplets Masood 5 months ago

    you are my favourite youtuber. I am a big fan. I also subscribed

  • Farah Azeem
    Farah Azeem 5 months ago

    Best youtuber ever ❤️❤️