3 Korean Celebrities Passed Away in 2019

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • 3 Kpop Idol and Actor passed away in 2019
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  • Drama Mania
    Drama Mania  8 months ago +69

    19 Kpop Idols and Actors Passed Away in 2018

    • Barbara Jones
      Barbara Jones 7 months ago +1

      jungkookie's bae always with love.💝🇺🇸

    • junggukkie let's get it
      junggukkie let's get it 7 months ago

      @Barbara Jones 💜

    • Barbara Jones
      Barbara Jones 7 months ago

      jungkookie's bae I will never forget u my friend.I will not let cancer win.but I just wanted to say to you thank you for your sweet words.💙🌹🇺🇸

    • junggukkie let's get it
      junggukkie let's get it 7 months ago

      @Barbara Jones I'm glad that you felt a little better😊

    • Barbara Jones
      Barbara Jones 7 months ago

      jungkookie's bae thank you for your kind words.that means so much to more than you know.💙😢thank you so much I will never forget your wonderful words.

  • jainy jan di
    jainy jan di 56 minutes ago

    So sad i love korean actors... from pakistan

  • Eva Lananrop
    Eva Lananrop 7 days ago

    This is all bs so every kpop idol dies right ! This is fishy 😡

  • Michelle Jumaoas
    Michelle Jumaoas 11 days ago +1

    Wait what!?
    Jin Hyung:Has a heart attack on January 7th 2019
    Me:but that's my birthday

  • wonderspace90
    wonderspace90 14 days ago

    All the idols who died young due to heart attacks must be taking something to keep themselves going. Really what’s going on here? I do not think Koreans genetically have a weak heart.

  • K Soo
    K Soo 23 days ago

    why all die of heat attack

  • Tahmina Tabassum
    Tahmina Tabassum 25 days ago

    So sad..

  • Tahmina Tabassum
    Tahmina Tabassum 25 days ago +1

    Rhats more than 3

  • M. C.
    M. C. Month ago

    Young men and women do not suddenly die of heart attack!

  • La loca de Suju ,Bts , Blackpink y Shinee

    Rest in the peace 😰😭😓🤧

  • iam Awesome
    iam Awesome Month ago

    These are all suicides

  • devil artist
    devil artist Month ago

    Background music makes it more emotional .

  • Judi Grace
    Judi Grace Month ago

    Why so many heart attacks of the young?

  • Lucky Lucky
    Lucky Lucky 2 months ago

    May God give you all a good place in heaven rest in peace all of you

  • Lorna Legaspi
    Lorna Legaspi 2 months ago


  • Gacha Shadow XD
    Gacha Shadow XD 2 months ago

    JIN HYUNG NO JIN DID NOT DIE..(jk I knew it wasn't the Jin from bts

    MOUPIA MUKHERJEE 2 months ago

    Why heart attack to these young people ??? Why in a relatively cold country ???? It's not right .. somethings wrong .

  • Spela 359
    Spela 359 2 months ago

    January 8th, January 5th and January 7th wait whattt???!!

  • Jay K Studio
    Jay K Studio 2 months ago

    2019 is the worst year in kpop bc of seungri case,b.i from ikon and death of many korean actor/actress/idol/singer

  • Koakoa45
    Koakoa45 2 months ago

    29 year olds don't have hearth attacks unless they are morbidly obese or have some genetic issue. I really believe they use this instead of suicide.

  • Sonam Yangtsho
    Sonam Yangtsho 2 months ago

    I don't think it is heart attack all of a sudden, something is not right.give justice to their death no matter what. Rest in peace😭🙏🙏🙏

  • Faith Ogochukwu .S
    Faith Ogochukwu .S 2 months ago

    May thier souls rest in peace.

  • Dominic Ho
    Dominic Ho 2 months ago


  • Fakunle Omodolapo Deborah

    What about Jessica O? 😆

  • Micheline Waterman
    Micheline Waterman 3 months ago

    How are all these young people dropping dead like this?

  • Eva Lananrop
    Eva Lananrop 3 months ago

    I think is all a cover up because every single video I see most of them die of heart attacks I mean isn’t that suspicious?

  • Naukhlid Kahoid
    Naukhlid Kahoid 3 months ago

    I feel really bad for them 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

  • Imsuinla Lemtur
    Imsuinla Lemtur 3 months ago

    Only our deeds would be remembered. Let's be good to everyone when we're alive for awhile 😊 We never know when, how and where we would die !

  • Pam Torres
    Pam Torres 3 months ago

    This is just another day with the same ending among everyone. They lived well and died early. There's nothing to stop it from happening but to keep their memory in vain. They died sadly but hopefully are resting well.

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia 3 months ago

    I do believe Agencies Put their 'Ecurie' of young Artists under horrendous pressure. I am an English Admirer of HYUN BIN. MOA. 6 viewings. + Every interview show ,Awards Ceremonies plus his singing. Have permitted a close insight to the time sheet for work, including airport travel sightings. His free time must be very short! He trained as a" Navy Seal" giving him strength to put up with anything. Strong Family . It starts there. Fragile youngsters can't always put up with the excessive pressure. R.I.P. for them..

  • 박 성혀ѕυвlιмιиαlѕ

    ok but stream boy with luv

  • devil artist
    devil artist 4 months ago

    1like - 1 trillion prayers

  • Miggie Ch
    Miggie Ch 4 months ago

    sorry so sorry, but they said heart attack or they kill themself . I hope they die by a heart attack. pace to their soul.

  • Dj Maggie London
    Dj Maggie London 4 months ago


  • tiktok han senorita khun

    No this is dreams this is not true tomorrow I'm wake up to alive her😭😭😭

  • Marjorie Caballero
    Marjorie Caballero 4 months ago +1

    Its sad
    Rest in peace

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 4 months ago +1

    Doesn't make a lot of sense taking maeng yuna in here cuz it said she passed away in 2018. Yes i understand that they waited to announce it but still

  • Kiss and Make up Rose
    Kiss and Make up Rose 4 months ago +1

    Why so many kpop idols die because of heart attack? There need to be some reason,I watched video of kpop idols who died and many of them died because of heart attack

    • Kiss and Make up Rose
      Kiss and Make up Rose 4 months ago

      @Rowyn Maxwell omg, really?
      I feel bad for them

    • Rowyn Maxwell
      Rowyn Maxwell 4 months ago

      Kiss and Make up Rose its to cover up their death, the real reason is suicide

  • Anni La Kpoper :v
    Anni La Kpoper :v 4 months ago +1

    Now Han Ji Sung, She Lamentably died on May 8, 2019, due to a fatal car accident. Rest in peace all those idols that unfortunately are no longer with us.💜 🙏 😭

    0.0M views 4 months ago +1

    29 heart attack :/

  • Zoraida Valentin
    Zoraida Valentin 4 months ago

    Eso q dos persona joven se mueran de Corazon es incredible pues solamente si nacio con un problema

  • Sarah Belgica
    Sarah Belgica 4 months ago

    It's sad that they passed away when it wasn't even a month in yet, I know that a lot of people are sad but even if I never new them I am still here sobbing on the sofa, but the thing that makes me happy is that they are now in a better place than earth, and that they are in the loving hands of the lord

  • Yass Tomi
    Yass Tomi 4 months ago

    what's going on with Korean actor's they are all dieing .there is somthing is not right

  • itzNaomi O
    itzNaomi O 4 months ago


  • BLACKPINK lisa
    BLACKPINK lisa 4 months ago +1


    AVANTIKA PRAJAPATI 4 months ago

    Are all Korean actors and singers play with their heart so they died due to heart attack?

  • Abu hasr Amalon
    Abu hasr Amalon 4 months ago

    Another Jhopes lookalike is jin hyung

  • Park Lucky
    Park Lucky 4 months ago

    why is that young people go very soon from our sight may their souls RIP

  • Park Lucky
    Park Lucky 4 months ago

    why is that young people go very soon from our sight may their souls RIP

  • U. M.
    U. M. 5 months ago

    It's a shame, so young dying of a heart attack.Hopefully it's not because of being to much under pressure and stress of the music business, if that't the case they should change something!👍To many young people dying.

  • Gfriend buddy
    Gfriend buddy 5 months ago

    They may now rest in peace

  • Elizabeth Agyei
    Elizabeth Agyei 5 months ago +2

    Don't cover up if they commit suicide do not be ashamed in telling their fanz course we deserve to no the truth

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover 5 months ago

    God bless them😓😓

  • Kady Keshawana Rawlins
    Kady Keshawana Rawlins 5 months ago

    😣😣😣😣 i hope rhey are in heavan

  • Hyuna_0fficial
    Hyuna_0fficial 5 months ago

    Me:*sees the name Jin Hyung*
    Also me:omg

  • Aurora C
    Aurora C 5 months ago +1

    I think its lovely that these people are being honored. However, as I have watched videos of young Koreans dying, something feels very wrong to me. How is it that most are dying of heart attacks? The chance of a person as young as they are dying of heart attack is very rare. Yet time after time, young adults some not even in their 30s are dying of heart attacks? That is an old people's disease primarily or at least in the late 40s or 50s. But in their twenties and early thirties, so many? NO WAY. There is nowhere near that many people of that age in America dying of heart attacks. So is it a cover up for drug use or suicide or something? We've got celebrities in their 60s still touring with the band. Come on.

  • Claudia Yeung
    Claudia Yeung 5 months ago

    What happened

  • Na Dine
    Na Dine 5 months ago

    Heart attack in korea is the other term of depression or anxiety😢 RIP

  • Nayushi Gian
    Nayushi Gian 5 months ago

    Kin is gone😭😭😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 it's my long day id not watched bts comment from him in bye I'll let it comment

  • Jooyeon
    Jooyeon 5 months ago

    Omg that girl was so young and passed away from a heart attack?? Omg :(