Judge Shocks Court With Harsh Rebuke Of Michael Flynn; Sentencing Delayed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Rachel Maddow reads highlights from the surprising sentencing hearing for disgraced Trump NSA Mike Flynn which did not actually end in a sentencing when Judge Emmet Sullivan seemed particularly upset with Flynn's offenses.
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    Judge Shocks Court With Harsh Rebuke Of Michael Flynn; Sentencing Delayed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • Michael Guy
    Michael Guy 8 days ago +1

    Great over embellishment -

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 11 days ago +1

    This should have millions of views. Every American should be *forced* to watch this. People need to know how Flynn sold out the United States. The same guy who started the “lock her up” chant..nonetheless.

  • Queenie E
    Queenie E 16 days ago

    While I like the judges mindset.....I dont get the continual delays if the Govt says he has nothing else to share and has shared the majority of the info he has. If he has not, he is willfully not cooperating imo as all things must be considered. To whom much is given much is required and Gen Flynn surely should have known this but seems to think U.S. justice is too soft, as does those doing similar deeds as he has done.

  • Marshall Boyd
    Marshall Boyd 25 days ago

    There is something very annoying about this lady. Always following the narrative of the socialist left? No facts.....just conjecture.

  • grow2b
    grow2b Month ago

    That's treasonous and Flynn acted as a foreign spy!

  • blhtml
    blhtml Month ago

    the Banana Republic America has still some sense for the law under Mr Trump and the Republicans

  • Richard A. Valdes
    Richard A. Valdes Month ago

    This is time to cough up what Flynn to tell alittle bit more, better yet all that he knows before sentencing

  • CekeCeke BamBam
    CekeCeke BamBam Month ago

    Its guys like Flynn that are so corrupt they expose our soldiers to poisons by accepting money from big Pharma. Then years later the poisons are recalled and our soldiers are dying or left to spend their lives battling illnesses caused by these poisons. The VA is so overwhelmed I cant get anybody to pick up any phone at the VA hospitals.

  • Jay Muller
    Jay Muller Month ago

    Andrew McCabe was fired because he lied under oath to the FBI. He's not charge the news media's just covers it up.

  • Janice M
    Janice M 2 months ago

    I am so tired of hearing about people doing some of the worst things imaginable and then virtually getting off because they turn their criminal associates in. I can see that that is advantageous in that it may encourage others to turn “queens evidence” as we call it here in Canada but it just seems so wrong. A criminal means to an okay ending.

  • Willwork4 XRP
    Willwork4 XRP 2 months ago

    Turns out the FBI lied.

    Say good night to this case

  • Mario Loreno
    Mario Loreno 2 months ago

    You should all google the Judge name to see what happenned to this case. It shows what a fraud this broad is.

  • D. R.
    D. R. 2 months ago

    He messed up . He needs to stfu and do whatever they want period . The lawyers made it worst for him. He needs to take full responsibility and give them more . Because they seed not done with him

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 4 months ago

    Lock him up

  • Linda Stuart
    Linda Stuart 5 months ago

    Wow how money talks

  • another mother
    another mother 7 months ago

    Liberals....run from this delusional Mad cow. She is fake as they get.

  • JoAnn Holmes
    JoAnn Holmes 7 months ago

    This is one of Rachel's BEST news shows of the year. Todays is the day for the release of redacted materials. We deserve to know what he did! Does he REALLY deserve to get off free? What message does that send to other criminals "just confess and you will get off, even if you are betraying your entire COUNTRY and all the people in it and "the rule of law!" Flynn gets off, is it okay for the President free to be a felon?

  • Joseph jo
    Joseph jo 8 months ago

    Trump was worried -- and it turns out, rightly -- that Flynn knew things that would be problematic for the President as it related to Russia. And that if Flynn cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe -- as he eventually did -- it would have negative consequences for the administration. Court records released Thursday night revealed previously unknown details of Flynn's cooperation. Here's the key bit from the story:
    "The Flynn court records revealed Thursday show that the fired first national security adviser helped Mueller's investigation on at least three prongs: as the special counsel looked into interaction between the Trump transition team and Russia, WikiLeaks' release of emails during the presidential campaign and the President's efforts to interfere with the investigation. Flynn also assisted the Eastern District of Virginia and prosecutors from the Justice Department's National Security Division with a now-open case against his former lobbying partner, who allegedly worked illegally for Turkey."
    Among the things Flynn and his lawyers provided the special counsel was a voicemail from a Trump associate to a Flynn lawyer asking for "some kind of heads up" if Flynn was planning to cooperate with the government and what he might be telling them. That call came the same day that Flynn's lawyers broke off their cooperation agreement with White House lawyers and just days before he took a plea deal from Mueller.

  • Rob S
    Rob S 11 months ago

    You are so annoying rachel

  • Bos Too Lowe
    Bos Too Lowe 11 months ago

    Why not just “LOCK HIM UP” !!!!!!!

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson 11 months ago

    Michael Flynn was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama for 2 years. Trump fired him as an advisor after 3 weeks.

  • 411American
    411American 11 months ago


  • TheSWolfe
    TheSWolfe Year ago

    Glad to see someone in power knows this is not normal. Now, if we can only get more political leaders, heads of the judiciary, & senior prosecutors claiming treason in Drumpf's direction.

  • Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax

    He should of been a Muslim like Obama where lies are ok !

  • M.J. Ourad
    M.J. Ourad Year ago

    This is just a master masterpiece on how a judiciary system should work.
    Judge Sullivan has been admirable.

  • anonUK
    anonUK Year ago

    Lock him up!

  • christopher unfus

    Let's be honest. The only people who were shocked were FOX viewers. The judge said what needed to be said.

  • shinaanish
    shinaanish Year ago

    Michael Flynn is a traitor and he should spend years in a maximum security prison. His son should be sentenced to prison as well.

  • Secular Guy
    Secular Guy Year ago

    Why does Chris Hayes tell me to blow him, at the end of every MSNBC video?
    I find it highly inappropriate.

  • christopher unfus

    Michael Flynn is going to prison for a long time.

  • Taz Rich
    Taz Rich Year ago


  • Richard Travick
    Richard Travick Year ago

    You know that the justice system is biased when you have the prosecution trying to help out the person who they are prosecuting. When and where does that ever happen? There are informants who are taking a dirt nap to this day because the federal government could not protect them in custody when they turned evidence. But they are actually going to bat for the person that they are trying to prosecute? They should be ashamed of themselves. This whole prosecution team needs to be fired.

  • Juliana Vareta
    Juliana Vareta Year ago

    Now Donnie boy thats wat u call a rat. He is not only singing he is whistling. Or God how karma works

  • Melting_Pot
    Melting_Pot Year ago

    So... Does that undermine moeller's "work with me and you'll get a good deal" strategy to get people to turn state evidence?

  • Stacie M
    Stacie M Year ago

    18:46 Oh man, I got scared for a second when I couldn't see Sarah's pearls under that collar!! I thought they finally just got absorbed into her neck.

  • fastermx
    fastermx Year ago

    It likely means that Flynn still HAS things to confess to, things he withheld even from the Mueller team, perhaps even from his own lawyers.
    All we have to do is wait and see what happens at his next court date. I'm thinking this judge, knowing what those redactions actually SAID is going to sentence Flynn with the blotted out evidence very much in mind. It'll be interesting, because on appeal, the judge would have to mention the redactions that he fully considered, and that might force this judge into revealing them publicly.
    I DO have to wonder why it is that Mueller's own lawyer was willing to let Flynn off without jail time. Granted, he was probably of great help to the Mueller team, but how could what he told them merit a conviction with zero jail time? I could see them recommending a minimum sentence, but something smells bad about the no jail time posture of Mueller's lawyer. Is there a can of worms involved with that attorney, perhaps?
    I think the least that attorney can do is to inform the public just WHY they felt no jail time was merited - what is the nature of that merit? Leaving the public in a vacuum of information is often necessary, but in this case, it's self-defeating for the Mueller team to do so. The vacuum is simply too huge.
    Remember, the documents with redactions are EVIDENCE, and that evidence includes the redactions. Those are made to avoid revealing something to the public which could prove harmful somehow. Whose judgement was the one who made the redactions, and can we know at least a part of WHY they were blacked out?
    And it's quite obvious that the judge strongly disagrees with BOTH the prosecution and the defense. It seems very clear that Flynn WILL get at least some jail time. The judge stopped just barely short of calling Flynn a traitor. Which we know he is, of course, but we're not at war, so nobody can be charged with treason. There's still sedition and espionage. Last time I looked, both came with heavy punishments. Almost as severe as for treason.
    I have to wonder why there was no charge against Flynn for sedition or espionage? Maybe that might be on its way?
    Kudos to the judge. Of course, Flynn will appeal -reason, a black judge.
    BTW, where does Flynn reside right now? If not in jail, isn't he a tremendous flight risk? Especially after hearing this judge?

  • Yamin Haniyah
    Yamin Haniyah Year ago

    The Judge sounded like he was absolutely mad. Flynn should have been sentenced the same day and not given any preparation considering the fact that he sold out his country.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago

    A blackman aint suppose to talk like that.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield Year ago +1


  • The Traveller
    The Traveller Year ago

    Rachel Maddow has no expertise in law, but she speaks as if she has a law degree. A Philosophy degree is what she has. Basically a worthless, and very easy degree to get! She has no more education than the average American, and she is extremely small minded and very closed minded for being Doctor of Philosophy. ( LMFAO Doctor)

  • The Traveller
    The Traveller Year ago

    I find it odd that a judge basically blackmailed Flynn into taking 90 day hold for sentencing. Why? Defendant states twice he wants sentenced only on the third time when judge threatens Flynn does he accept the sentencing postponement. Judge ignores defendants statements and pressures defendant until he gets answer he wants from defendant! Judge Threatens hims unless he composes some more for Mueller he will not follow sentencing guidelines. I know none of you will actually question it because it gives you what you want, but what happens when its your candidate that ruling class doesn't like? And they do this to who you voted for, because it will happen. You are nothing but a tool, they mislead you with twisted facts to sway public opinion. All they need to do is get you fall in line then they can do whatever so long as you think they are on your side. Remember how you didn't care rule of law in 10-20-30 years when the government only gets more corrupt and ignores the will people completely.

  • Marcel Lorenzz
    Marcel Lorenzz Year ago +1

    Meanwhile in Europe, there´s a serious shortage of popcorn.. :(

  • Durathror
    Durathror Year ago

    One might consider the possibility that the judge is simply trying to shut down anyone else who is tempted to sell out Trump in hope of a light sentence. This could seriously undermine the FBI's strategy.

  • Bryan Hunnicutt
    Bryan Hunnicutt Year ago

    Girrrrl....go 'head...talk!

  • Anthony Acri
    Anthony Acri Year ago

    All I know is that house sissy you all love so much bombed a Roman ruin no less, not in Caesarea, it must have been overlooked, still, I always thought that as why Vulgar Bill sauntered up them steps, not wanting to get too close…be true to your lies they are what you made importent, they are what you chose, they are what you are made of, everything else is Mythology.--Machiavelli. I don’t have to eventually scurry away from George will.-AA.


  • Ive Chang
    Ive Chang Year ago

    Yep. The crooked players seem to be heavily weighted in the Republican Party. Daaaaang but they have A LOT OF CLEANING UP TO DO! 🤦‍♀️

  • Anthony Acri
    Anthony Acri Year ago

    Just thought I’D MENTION THAT I once got a like from the Rachel Maddox show page for saying that poor Bill Clinton was trapped in the worst recon of Bewitched there ever was.

  • Anthony Acri
    Anthony Acri Year ago

    I made a joke on a comic book website that was thrown off twitter for quoting Ovid. But in fact, the last post I made to twatter, as called by a champion of women you know, within reason, was indeed the line of the Great, Clinton adored, Roman holidays was bubbas sixth favourite book, and you never heard if it, exiled Poet, when he said, If you think you are a elite, you’re probably just an elites maid.

  • Anthony Acri
    Anthony Acri Year ago

    Trashing a president for trying to stop a war…haven’t we fallen far…I’m not being paid out of party cash at the armamentarium. You better ask Bill Clinton, though, what he thinks happens to him when and if Trump goes away, as I didn’t say Sallust was my fourth favourite book

  • Edward Neuman
    Edward Neuman Year ago

    Love this judge! Would love to see DJT explain himself to him, but DOJ won't indict.

  • Edward Neuman
    Edward Neuman Year ago

    Not all of the "actors" in this scandal should escape incarceration.

  • ankit jajunda
    ankit jajunda Year ago

    judge said -hey buddy what happened to lock her up?

  • Sodelba Santana
    Sodelba Santana Year ago

    This man; this administration is our era’s Benedict Arnold! The punishment for treason is death!!!

  • shonenlad one
    shonenlad one Year ago

    Amazing. The people chanting "lock her up" from the campaign stage were the ones actually involved in crime. Seems to be the running theme of this new Trumpublican party. Good to see Rachel having the last laugh after MONTHS of criticism for reporting on the Russia and connected scandals.

  • Jason Hooper
    Jason Hooper Year ago

    I lost it at 17:53 "That alone cancels like half the shows on Fox News tonight" lol

  • martin stephenson

    I usually find Maddow to be prolix, but this was great.

  • US Marshal
    US Marshal Year ago

    When you realize that a judge has gone off the rails: Not even the prosecution, who is aggressively investigating anyone who is connected w Trump comes to an agrement, a rouge judge thinks he knows more than them & flies off the handle. No bias from this judge, HA! I think the judge is as delusional as Rachel Maddow!!!

  • mozbius
    mozbius Year ago +1

    Here is Flynt facing judgment after "lock her up" chants ... If that ain't karma I don't know what is!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Year ago

    haha and deluded trumpturds were saying judge going too give him easy time trump train wheels realy coming off big time in last month he not even had a rally in over month

  • M15949
    M15949 Year ago

    time for the orange chimpy princess to go before it breaks something important