Candace Owens vs. Ted Lieu In Congress Hearing Over Hitler Video: Why Did The Chairman Say This?

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
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  • jag co
    jag co 18 days ago

    Candace has nothing to with blacks there's nothing out there show's she has help blacks. Why was she there come people think.

  • Bri Sullivan
    Bri Sullivan 27 days ago

    I think she was spot on in her original statement and in the hearing. “I don’t have any problems at all with the word Nationalism. I think the word gets poisoned by people who want globalism. When you think about Nationalism, the first thing you think about at least in America is Hitler. .... he was a national socialist. But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well then okay fine. But the problem is that he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. He wanted everyone to be German.” She’s saying “I’m a Nationalist, Hitler is not a Nationalist. He is a globalist.” She then clears up any possible confusion(they would have to be really dumb or intellectually dishonest to be missing it at this point.) when she explains that Hitler was a “homicidal maniac” and “that a Nationalist wouldn’t kill their own people.”

  • Jim Cox
    Jim Cox Month ago

    I wish that congress would work for the people, they seem to think we work for them. How about fixing imigration.

  • Truth Lives
    Truth Lives Month ago

    Your point about Chairman Nadler, and the way he shrugged I found pretty disturbing. Candace Owens point about not one single Democrat going to the opening of the Jerusalem Embassy is most disturbing to me, considering the history of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, and the Senate vote in 2017. The Democrats were overwhelmingly for moving the Capital from Tel Aviv to Israel by 1999, in the 1995 vote, and the vote in the Senate to move the Embassy to Jerusalem in 2017 was 90-0. The Democrats are total compromising to Leftist Progressives, they do not have any Conviction, just puppets.

  • existextinct
    existextinct Month ago

    Not sure what anyone expected from these people. They act like they are so special and important, yet they hire taco stand waitresses as members.

  • AC2GO777
    AC2GO777 Month ago

    I am Asian I voted for TED Lieu. HE is a Racists we know how Racsits asians works

  • Alvin Chung
    Alvin Chung Month ago

    Ted Lieu, is the Oriental Hitler. Put that mustache on him and what you got! Whacky Ted!!!

  • L G
    L G Month ago

    The look on shameless liar Ted Lieu's weasel face was absolutely priceless!! 😄

  • - Morales
    - Morales Month ago

    Ted Lieu is a fucking worthless joke. All these communist dictators that call themselves Democrats need to find another job and stop trying to destroy America.
    AOC did more to harm Black and Hispanic families by destroying thousands of high paying jobs than the Southern Democrat Klansmen did in the past 30 years.

  • - Morales
    - Morales Month ago

    Look at the little hands Lieu get his communist ass kicked by Candace.

  • The Me
    The Me Month ago

    This was an attempt to not only humiliate her but to undermine Candace's intelligence. Obviously this chairman knew enough about Candice to realize that she is a force to be reckoned with. What he wasn't expecting was her ability to get back up swinging, allowing him to know that he did not listen to the statement. And since this event went viral, it only made him look as if he didn't take her seriously which in effect means that he can not be taken seriously. Perverse men of the judicial cloth do exist and they will use any scenario. They pervert justice in order to bring about their own desired results, until you run into a Candace Owens who runs circles around you!

  • roy rosete
    roy rosete Month ago

    that look from Ted Lie-u is priceless..... a moron or stoopid look..... from California a sheet hole state.

  • doorran
    doorran Month ago

    Congratulation Lieu, you've made a fool of yourself.

  • Joaquim Rodrigues
    Joaquim Rodrigues Month ago

    Well. Nadler proved himself and Mr. Lie-u stupid.

  • Month ago

    I love Candice!
    Finally a strong, intelligent, person who can think on her feet. She has a great future.

  • Dino Bambino
    Dino Bambino Month ago

    Nadler is the completed package of what's wrong with a human mind or the lack thereof ...

  • Michelle Mckenna
    Michelle Mckenna Month ago

    Ms Owen's went full ninja on them.

  • Jason Palacios
    Jason Palacios Month ago

    If Candice Owens believed that why did she say that if Hitler were to stay in Germany to make his country great then?

  • Peace & Love
    Peace & Love Month ago

    Ohhhhhh I LOVE HER♥

  • Bing Andrew
    Bing Andrew Month ago +1

    Dumbass racist Chair! It's a known tactic to break up her speech rhythm , dirty mothrfukrs!

  • joncarbone
    joncarbone Month ago

    It’s kinda stupid to not know what someone said 3 seconds before.

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones Month ago

    Why should anyone be surprised, Nadler is a total scourge of the earth as is LIEu!!!!! That's all DEMOC RATS can do, distort and lie because when they haven't facts, they have to resort to what Nadler and LIEu tried to do to her!!!!

  • SFreud
    SFreud Month ago

    This is our representation. Democrats. Go figure.

  • Joel Augello
    Joel Augello Month ago

    She made them look stupid

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago

    these people on the left are messed up wow how they dont see that

  • MaryAnnVasQ
    MaryAnnVasQ Month ago

    I love her! Thank You Sweet Jesus for gifting us with Candace Owens! 🙏💞🇺🇸 👍Congressman Lieu on the other hand, is our dead weight from Satan. Whatta snake he is! 👿👎I hope DemoKKKrats get a clue from this hearing that the American people are sick and tired of their games and narratives and race baiting. One thing I learned from this is DEMOKKKRATS DO NOT LISTEN....EVER!

  • Art Lady
    Art Lady Month ago

    He wasn’t listening because he was worried , he was afraid so he wasn’t paying attention ! All he heard was “ stupid” and reacted ! He already thought he knew everything to know heard stupid and banged that hammer !

  • MAX AM
    MAX AM Month ago +1

    Isn't it a sign of an ideological psychopathy, they're not listening to her but hovering for the moment in which to swoop on their prey.
    The way he brushed it off is sheer contemptuous arrogance, he owes her an apology, as for U-Lie no one could even remotely think Owen's supports Hitler's ideas, these Demoncrats are evil.

  • KandN Dad
    KandN Dad Month ago

    The facial contortions of the guy to her right says it all. Candice was doing an exorcism on the intersectionality, post modern demon world view in that meeting. Clarity, truth, love of God, Family and Country.

    AMERICAN GIRL Month ago

    There should be a big poster on the wall in congress: WE MAY BE STUPID BUT YOU CAN'T CALL US THAT". According to the worthless overpaid politicians its ok for them to betray & endanger Americans that pay their salaries and that WE ARE OBLIGED TO RESPECT THEM for all the crap they waste time on instead of doing their job.

  • Blessed Favored
    Blessed Favored Month ago

    Shame on Ted Lieu and the Chairman. Such a shame. God have mercy. Maybe they need hearing aids. Many of their kind "beleive black people are stupid!"
    What in the heck was Lieu trying to prove???? She was totally misunderstood. Some people now days will take anything that's said and run with it.

  • Gayla Smith
    Gayla Smith Month ago +1

    Spirit of Esther exposing the Spirit of Haman also Louis Armstrong (Old..When the Saints go Marching In..he has an Asian if to say "before she was born" WE GOT THIS...banging the drum against Lieu. Drummer was from Hawaii.

  • Ltvn1968
    Ltvn1968 Month ago

    Lieu is a self serving, ignorant politician who has no concept of America, freedom and the US Constitution. Guys like him are in it only for the power and prestige. They see themselves above those they are supposed to serve. He and Nadler are an absolute disgrace. Candace Owens is first class all the way. I hope to see her serving in the US Senate one day soon! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Judith Knights -Rayson

    I watched nadler once before acting as chairman of the House. I got the impression that he was incompetent. In this clip, he obviously wasn't listening carefully enough, just filtering words between his ears until he could pick out one that he found offensive, and then used it completely out of context. He obviously finds this job boring. They should give him a mug of horlicks and a sleeping cap and put him out of his misery.

  • Krystle V
    Krystle V Month ago

    candace owens handled this pos

  • Debi Barrington
    Debi Barrington Month ago

    Can china man purse his lips any more to show his " ahhh ha " moment? Hes sooo arrogant and stooopid if he thinks lies triumph truth..things have changed

  • Joan Holliman
    Joan Holliman Month ago

    Nader is an IDIOT!!

  • Joan Holliman
    Joan Holliman Month ago

    OH BOOM!!!💣💥....CANDACE ROCKS!!!

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy Month ago

    I'm sure all the Jewhating cia-shills from the 'debate' thread a few days ago really hate her. She's a big Jewlover like MLK.

  • marco sulis
    marco sulis Month ago

    She didn't explain it very well.
    If you understood and I understood and so a lot of people understood, than I would not say she didn't explain it very well.
    You defend her but fall for this new stupid game they are playing, in which one now has to meticulously script answers to an interview or even when talking freely, because there's always a midget with the stupidest face and a brain the size of a smurf's dick, waiting for the slightest opportunity to twist what you clearly said.
    Don't give these fools an inch.

  • walt7500
    walt7500 Month ago

    In desperation, your own hand becomes the only straw left.

  • Guy Griesse
    Guy Griesse Month ago

    Gotta love the idiotic, brainwashed libtards that gave this a thumbs down. Wake up and stop watching CNN/MSNBC.

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Ted Lieu is a fucking idiot

  • Martha Mack
    Martha Mack Month ago

    "Witness will not do that again." Hmmmm. Mr. Lieu just, publicly, accused "witness" of "legitimizing Adolph Hitler." How about Committee Member will NOT do that again. Chairman then FALSELY accuses witness of calling committee member "stupid." Had Mr. Nadler been listening, respectfully (which he demands OTHERS TO DO FOR HIM), he would know that. How about Chairman will NOT do that again? I worked for elected officials for many years. Most (NOT . . . not all) of them are like "committee member" and chairman; smug, arrogant, elitist, self-serving, openly condescending and hostile to the very people they're supposed to serve. THE GOOD NEWS: the availability of social media allows citizens to see what, formerly, only we insiders knew; the true colors of these so called public servants.

  • Justin Mazzarese
    Justin Mazzarese Month ago

    Wheres the one with 7 million views, I want to add my 1,000 views to that one! Share share share! Make all the videos go to a million!

  • Travis Tubbs
    Travis Tubbs Month ago

    What she said was true anyway what a joke this guy is

  • Thomas Callahan
    Thomas Callahan Month ago

    Imagine the chair was a Republican and treated a Black woman like this goon. The mainstream would be protesting at his house.

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes Month ago

    He swung that gabal faster then his "STUPID" ass has done anything in past 20 years!! This well 23yr old young woman made fools of these career asswipes !! Ted Lieu looks like a fuckin asshole using tabloid tactics to try to trash a witness on the Congress floor and not let her respond. This is the same man who once said he would like to shut down free speech but the 1st Amendment was in his way!! He said that on national TV in an interview. He is an anti American California Communist who wants to control us not work for us. fuck Ted Lieu and Nadler !! Both of them can go straight to HELL

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    It's obvious no one in the committee was listening to her. They have an agenda so nothing else matters. Thanks Candace!

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong Month ago +1

    Chairman needs to go. along with Lieu. she isn't legitimizing hitler at all.

  • Slayer 76
    Slayer 76 Month ago

    She is fire

  • Adolfo Perez
    Adolfo Perez Month ago

    The worst part is that the chairman just shrugs off what she says because it seems like he simply doesn’t care that he lied.

  • Iam Negan
    Iam Negan Month ago

    Lyin lieu f#@$%^d up.

  • John Batts
    John Batts Month ago

    Let's be fair and think National meaning Nation State and Socialist. I think we all know what that means. So why don't the Demonrats analyze the other word in the phrase National Socialist Party. Aren't they wanting Socialism? Um YES. One word means a nation the other word means what kind of a nation I will be had. The evil part of the phrase is the word socialist but let's not mention that. What Hypocrisy, what IDIOCY!!!

  • 3L33T
    3L33T Month ago +2

    Candace is an Anerican Badass! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Sibergirl
    Sibergirl Month ago

    And Nadler just shrugs. What an asshole.

    GRACE YOCKY Month ago


  • BIG Stick
    BIG Stick Month ago

    This woman puts AOC, Omar and the other anti American into a tin can and tossed them into the fire.

  • BIG Stick
    BIG Stick Month ago

    Nadler is the king of the freaks of the left..
    Everything i listened to was like a watered down version how Saddam Hussein would hold court.
    Then escort the poor soul out back and shoot them.
    We need to rise up and wait for the call to take it back.

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin Month ago

    He’s a Democrat, that’s why. They drum the hate, make the hate up, and worst of all they fake hate crimes and get to walk freely from. I was not a Trump fan until 17’, and he gets my vote in 2020 because irony, he is the only one that has functioning legislation as well as great plans. Ie the wall and border security, keeping freedom of speech in college or be unfunded, and hoping he sticks with defunding nations that speak and act against us. Lastly wish all well no matter. Don’t care who you vote for, just don’t be a d bag to others for their choice. We all have the right to vote, more and most importantly, we all are under one sun/moon, how bout live together peacefully under them vs hating for no reason. Hate is getting damn played out and old.

  • Conservative Liberal

    Mr. Lieu is a Jackass.

  • Noemi Hooks
    Noemi Hooks Month ago +1

    So what if she pro Israel, but definitely she is pro America & very patriotic. Lieu and the other ones can get on out of here.

  • Robert Ivers
    Robert Ivers Month ago

    The owners just got OWNED! LOVE IT 👍😁😎 the TRUTH HURTS!!!!!

  • Manny Reyes
    Manny Reyes Month ago


  • joan hastings
    joan hastings Month ago


  • luis nieves
    luis nieves Month ago

    lieu, you look like the "stupid" quote, jerk that you are,unquote!

  • J T
    J T Month ago


  • J T
    J T Month ago


  • Todd Clemmer
    Todd Clemmer Month ago +1

    Owens would make a fine president.

  • southpaw3sox
    southpaw3sox Month ago her soooooo much........she is REMARKABLE!!!!!

  • John Gould
    John Gould Month ago +1

    I love Candace. She's Smart and sassy.

  • Nakelp86
    Nakelp86 Month ago

    This moron noodler is a disgrace and dirty prick. WASH your goddamn EARS

  • tree hugger
    tree hugger Month ago

    If you want to see another autrocity look at Maxine and steve munchin

  • Jeffrey Laughman
    Jeffrey Laughman Month ago +1

    Dumb and dumber the 2 libtards from the dem o 🐀 rat party one from California and New York libtard states she Put both in there place

  • coffeeguy
    coffeeguy Month ago

    She's on fire!

  • Dhauschulz T
    Dhauschulz T Month ago

    I can't believe my taxes paid low IQ this Congressman

  • TheKillapat
    TheKillapat Month ago

    Shut up n cut ur man bun n put sum bass in that voice!

  • Mike Pinson
    Mike Pinson Month ago

    "Loser Lieu" what a POS!

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera Month ago

    you know the truth when you hear the truth

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera Month ago

    Candace Owens speaks for a lot of us shut up listen and learn

  • Michael Hernon
    Michael Hernon Month ago

    I think Candace could be a Ninja Master as well.

  • Geralt Rivia
    Geralt Rivia Month ago +1

    She was merely explaining why she thinks hitler shoouldnt be labeled as a nationalist...he was an imperialist

  • 3636lk
    3636lk Month ago

    I think Nadler aka Deputy Dog is loosing it. We have too many in high places that have passed their prime...Nadler,Pelosi, Waters,Schumer and yes AOC.

  • Susan Johnson
    Susan Johnson Month ago

    Nadler....Turn Up Your Hearing Aids! Or retire because you are demonstrating signs of Dementia! Candace is an awesome person and so very glad she is a Conservative! We Conservatives find her as a breath of fresh air! MAGA2020 PRESIDENT TRUMP

  • HaHa Charity
    HaHa Charity Month ago

    Grandstanding politicians are the worst.

  • Richard Leclerc
    Richard Leclerc Month ago +1

    candace never promotes nor places hitler in a positive light ;
    ( not even in the clip played by lieu.) candace uses the example of hitler =
    a white supremacist/ nationalist . she then explains why hitler would never ever be
    comparable to a nationalist.

  • L Bennet
    L Bennet Month ago

    Oh Lord!! Felicia's BACK!! Tell her bye, AGAIN!!!

  • Richard Leclerc
    Richard Leclerc Month ago

    candace crushed them ; picked them up & crushed them again.

  • Connie Sandel
    Connie Sandel Month ago

    This Mr. Lieu thinks that people who are watching him are stupid. His body language tells loudly that he KNOWS Ms. Owens as a leading conservative black woman who is making a big dent in exposing what the Democrat Party is all about. Nadler, so accustomed to not listening, really got his big reprimand from a conservative black woman. Poor Democratic Party! It's falling on its face of hypocrisy.

  • Jayson C
    Jayson C Month ago

    She explained it very clearly the first time. It is very easy to understand that Nationalism is something ALL COUNTRIES MUST HAVE TO SOME DEGREE, TO EXIST AS A STATE. And even someone “stupid” can understand the difference between Patriotism and Imperialist Warmongering. Derp.

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda Month ago

    Being proud of your country a patriot a nationalist which means supportive of your nation is not the same as expecting the rest of the world to be like you or be submissive to you. They pretend to not understand controlling manipulative actions while imposing them themselves.

  • Leslie Mccormick
    Leslie Mccormick Month ago

    Mr. Lieu is a chicken****! Couldn't handle interacting Candace Owens! Love you Candace! 💖

  • KTK too
    KTK too Month ago

    Nadler clearly wasn't paying attention. I wish he would have just simply apologized for misunderstanding what she said - either in that moment, or on Twitter later on after he listened back to the audio and realized he'd misunderstood her. It sounds like someone whispers to him, maybe to correct him? Instead, he just shrugs an "oh well" shrug. Why can't people just be honest and humble.

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal Month ago +1


  • Teresa Chapman
    Teresa Chapman Month ago

    Judges/lawyers/chairmen do this CONSTANTLY. Usually it's worse, bit they misjudged Miss Owens rebuttal skills and had to somewhat compromise due to a televised event. Normally, they would verbally/psychologically badger the person to no end.

  • Larry Whittington
    Larry Whittington Month ago

    Another instance of absurdity. Our politicians are gutless and spineless.

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim Month ago

    Can Candace Owen be the first American black woman president in future?

  • Hanora Brennan
    Hanora Brennan Month ago

    Hitler didn't get it all wrong. He had full employment. Families had a German made car. The best freeways in the world are in Germany with no speed limits I might add. It took the rest of the world combined to beat the German army. Are Americans afraid of these facts? They are the truth.

    • Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy Month ago

      The Serbs played the greatest role in getting the Reich bogged down in the Soviet winter. The US thanked the Serbs by bombing the hell out of them, stealing Kosovo from them, and putting a muslim puppet kleptocracy in charge of Kosovo.

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett Month ago

    First off, I want reparations paid to me for the sacrifice my family made in defeating Hitler and the Axis Powers!...Many in my family laid down their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice so others could be free.. So to somehow associate my political beliefs and others like me to Hitler is a slap in the face and will not stand. If anything, the Democrats share the same ideology as the Nazis and are the true threat to our Republic!..

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett Month ago

    This Liu prick knows what he is doing!...