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The Russian Mobster Drops $100K at Icebox!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2021
  • Check out the world-famous Russian Mobster!
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  • Moliminous
    Moliminous 10 months ago +3542

    The mobster some how looks beyond uncaring and simultaneously nervous as heck at the same time

    • papi cazpa
      papi cazpa 4 months ago

      Drug money, real gangsters either lie about their careers or just don't make small talk

    • Sebastian vettel
      Sebastian vettel 5 months ago

      Casually takes the stand with it

    • cioccolata per tutti
      cioccolata per tutti 8 months ago


    • HowE Lee
      HowE Lee 8 months ago


    • POPE-of-DOPE
      POPE-of-DOPE 8 months ago

      Fun fact: “simultaneously” and “at the same time” carry pretty much the same meaning which almost mean the same thing as well also.

  • Sam
    Sam 9 months ago +1819

    "Alright sir, here's your whole case of jewelry."
    That's the most npc dialogue I've every heard.

  • John Burris from Chicago
    John Burris from Chicago 9 months ago +493

    Fun fact: after the video ended they kindly put the money back in their safe and returned the rings back in their case

  • EddieHoney
    EddieHoney 9 months ago +126

    That was the best totally real interaction I've ever seen. Man just wasted 100k on rocks and bro was like "keep the change!"

    • Exz406
      Exz406 8 months ago

      It’s actually a common thing if you watch iceboxes videos where rappers buy jewelry like lil skies, lil pump, and lil baby they tipped ice box a couple grand too

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 8 months ago +1

      @Siam I think that’s quite obvious…keep the change!

    • Siamkhmer
      Siamkhmer 8 months ago +2

      @Bob Jones its called this whole thing is fake

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 8 months ago +1

      It’s called money laundering…keep the change!

  • Katrell Davis
    Katrell Davis 6 months ago +4

    Brought the whole set, anything this boss touch is priceless 🥶💎💶

  • TH3 S9V9G3
    TH3 S9V9G3 4 months ago +1

    Someone give this man an Oscar

  • Mind Of Virtuoso
    Mind Of Virtuoso 9 months ago +379

    Thats how mafia works.
    Seller drops down to lvl 25
    Mafia guy levels up to lvl 1000

  • NJ D
    NJ D 10 months ago +96

    Acting is impeccable. I see an Oscar in their future.

  • Wes Fields
    Wes Fields 10 months ago +88

    Dude is too nice of a guy. He said "did I stutter" so timidly

  • Culchar Media Productions
    Culchar Media Productions 6 months ago +7

    “Here’s your entire case of jewelry”
    Sounds like when we were playing store as kids

  • Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson 8 months ago +15


  • The Admiral Boom171
    The Admiral Boom171 10 months ago

    He deserves it,
    cause he works very hard to make it💪

  • P B
    P B 8 months ago +36

    Can't believe the cameraman was already behind the jewellers counter filming, guessing theres a chance this guy could come in, whats the chances of that 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Killer Trill
    Killer Trill 9 months ago

    Okay we all know this is a skit but imagine the commission this man got if it was real

  • Keith Jenkins
    Keith Jenkins 9 months ago +69

    "Would You Like This Fake Or Staged"

  • Little miss J
    Little miss J 9 months ago +6

    Can you imagine the store clerks reaction if this actually happened ?

  • Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor 9 months ago +39

    This is the best video of a Russian mobster dropping $100k at icebox I have ever seen

  • Roam
    Roam 9 months ago +1

    I'd like to be a mobster when i grew up 😆

  • Terrance Brooks
    Terrance Brooks 8 months ago

    Gotta Love this guy. He's funny.

  • Wasif Ali
    Wasif Ali 7 months ago +2

    The mobster threw the money and it landed on the table looking totally badass and this guy decided to screw it up they made him fix it back up lmao. the look of disappointment on the mobsters face.

  • Blake
    Blake 9 months ago +4

    I like how the mobster was standing there until the video started

  • Jason Rangel
    Jason Rangel 8 months ago


    GAMING WITH SHAWN 10 months ago

    I can picture him coming back in like give me the money back I was playing 🤣🤣

  • William Hern
    William Hern 10 months ago

    I don’t even make the “change” he gave him, even in a year 💀, much less how much he paid for all that 😭

    • James Kubalek
      James Kubalek 9 months ago +1

      5 thousand dollars is not a lot of money. Anyone working can make that in less then 3 months an that’s a low paying job

    LAJ TRIGER 5 months ago +1

    I like how he just got jewelry like if it was a Dime 🤣

  • S Millan
    S Millan 9 months ago

    This dude knew the future. He knew he had to know the total price of all the merch in that box. And he knew he had his lines to say. He forgot the nice gift bag tho…

  • Shane alpine
    Shane alpine 10 months ago

    This guy really walked in a lvl 25mobster, and left as a lvl100 boss

  • Anthony Yuratovac
    Anthony Yuratovac 9 months ago

    I wanna be a mobster now 😭🤣

  • Cody Zinken
    Cody Zinken 10 months ago +1

    There’s obviously no way that happened like that

  • johnny rosado 1
    johnny rosado 1 10 months ago

    He probably owes the jewelry store… just him calling himself a mob boss puts his whole line of operation In jeopardy…

  • Bhoyrub Atish
    Bhoyrub Atish 9 months ago

    That's how quick I use to be at the icebox store👌

  • StahliBoi
    StahliBoi 9 months ago +25

    Imagine a cop stopa this guy outside.
    "You got a reciept for those?"

    JOSE BADBOYJOSE 10 months ago

    I wish i was him thu thats what you call boss respect to him .🙏

  • Strength in numbers 2021

    Lol I want the whole case 😂😂

  • TheFiringSquad TFS
    TheFiringSquad TFS 9 months ago +7

    This a perfect "do you want a bag?" scene lol

  • Robert Chisenhall
    Robert Chisenhall 5 months ago

    🤣 he was standing still waiting for the camera man to start rolling

  • Chad Wilkins
    Chad Wilkins 8 months ago +23

    This...this is what people find fascinating now?!

  • Anthony West Jr
    Anthony West Jr 10 months ago

    He got rolled when he was on the way to his scooter with it! LMAO

  • Lovelygirl
    Lovelygirl 9 months ago +1

    That’s BIG BOSS ENERGY lol 😂

  • J M Decorating
    J M Decorating 9 months ago

    Damn i only ever saw a russian man drop 50k at icebox. Been searching for this

  • Preston Greaser
    Preston Greaser 10 months ago +83

    Actor: how fake do you want this to be?
    Them: Yes

  • Yo Ghetto
    Yo Ghetto 7 months ago +2

    "Keep the change" his mama raised him so well 🥺

  • Mike schlicher
    Mike schlicher 10 months ago

    U can obviously tell how big of a fan of rings he is by how many he's wearing walking up to the counter. Id rather have anything but rings

  • lwb256
    lwb256 8 months ago

    Imagine just casually getting a $5000 tip..

  • Jakari Weeks
    Jakari Weeks 9 months ago

    That change costs more than my car 😔

  • pipe rake
    pipe rake 10 months ago

    Who's just wishes that they can go in the icebox and get all of that stuff for free

  • 0G
    0G 7 months ago +1

    When a random dad gets rich all of the sudden

  • Jayjay Boss
    Jayjay Boss 5 months ago

    Low-key this Russian dude topping off all celebrity's rn Lol 🤣

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden 10 months ago +1

    He’s no mobster he’s a school janitor

  • quorented
    quorented 9 months ago

    I like how 1 millisecond when the video starts you just see them waiting to act and they they start walking onscreen 😂

  • Boogie Montana
    Boogie Montana 10 months ago

    So you just finna walk out of ice box with a whole box of rings and no security behind you? Seems safe.

  • DMV Cooler
    DMV Cooler 7 months ago

    Keep the change gotta love this guy

  • ZenMaster73
    ZenMaster73 9 months ago

    He just bought $20 rings 😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 8 months ago

    100 grand would just be a fourth of the down payment on one of those rings! Lol 😆

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana 9 months ago

    I wonder if people who usually do stuff like this have to wait for them to check every $100 Bill 🤔

  • Kenny Powers99
    Kenny Powers99 10 months ago

    Low key the whole case was only worth 75k 😂😂

  • Stephen john
    Stephen john 10 months ago

    "Sir would you like that packaged up? No thanks, ill carry it out like this...On the tray..please get the door for me"😂

  • Yeritheking
    Yeritheking 10 months ago +37

    I like the way he dropped that 100k on the counter 😂 shit was smooth

  • 9Kings
    9Kings 10 months ago

    He will need another 100 to come right back and get them resized 😂

  • Maine-ly Pokémon
    Maine-ly Pokémon 10 months ago +8

    This is really high quality. I mean like everything about it is just excellent..

  • Cinema
    Cinema 10 months ago

    Dude looks like he went from a level 1 crook to a level 30 boss just by purchasing that

  • Steveo Cahill
    Steveo Cahill 5 months ago

    That 100k would've only bought one ring If he was a rapper😂

  • csmemarketing
    csmemarketing 9 months ago

    Since when a mobster walks around with money in the open like that? Just because the guy might be Russian, doesn't mean he's a mobster.

  • Gold Plated Ghost
    Gold Plated Ghost 9 months ago +3

    Pretty sure they wouldn’t accept prop money IRL 🤣
    My question is do they actually think this is a good look for them or are they just being silly?

  • Big shot
    Big shot 9 months ago +1

    He wanted to say did I stutter lol 😂 he cool as hell

  • Jin Bambino-DiGeronimo #WitchHunter #CultDestroyer

    That’s the fastest calculations I’ve ever witnessed

  • Jason Murphy
    Jason Murphy 10 months ago +154

    And I just magically had the dollar amount pre entered into this calculator.

    • Kvng-_ _Ghost
      Kvng-_ _Ghost 9 months ago

      In a Popular store like that yeah it’s icebox so he could know like the front desk my guy

    • Kvng-_ _Ghost
      Kvng-_ _Ghost 9 months ago

      @Kam B. they’re rings when u spend tht much they will most likely give discount

    • James Kubalek
      James Kubalek 9 months ago


    • Jason Rentaponga
      Jason Rentaponga 10 months ago +3

      Russian Mobster get discount

    • Kam B.
      Kam B. 10 months ago +2

      No way all that shot cost just 100k tho

  • PridefulAlphaSquad
    PridefulAlphaSquad 10 months ago

    Now that's what I call spending money😎

  • Dr. Skillz
    Dr. Skillz 9 months ago +21

    That man isn’t Russian. He’s from Yugoslavia.

  • Arturo Gomez
    Arturo Gomez 9 months ago

    Jewelry is so useless 😂I hope more younger generations accept that concept

  • B34M RU
    B34M RU 9 months ago

    Mom: we have Russian mobster at home
    *Russian mobster at home:*

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera 10 months ago +2

    Dude just standing still out of nowhere starts walking up on him I want Rolex🤦😂

  • Richforlife.
    Richforlife. 10 months ago

    How he calculated that so fast

  • Invalid elk
    Invalid elk 10 months ago

    This is me at my local pizza shop 🍕

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger 10 months ago

    I see what he did there , that was a good trade , for the buyer anyway .

  • Smoke
    Smoke 10 months ago +11

    Walks away with a million dollars or more worth of jewelry for a hundred grand, yeah, ok. 😥

  • Brian Howard
    Brian Howard 10 months ago

    Me: Can I have acting?
    Mom: No we have acting at home
    --- Acting at home ---

  • Tanner Guirsch
    Tanner Guirsch 10 months ago +8

    “How yes do you want this”
    Seriously could anyone, ANYONE think this is real

    **DIXIERAISED** 9 months ago

    Russians are badass we need more of them

  • Brady Lamont
    Brady Lamont 8 months ago +1

    Real boss wouldn’t even be there like that but y’all winning 🙏🏽😂🥺

  • Justin Gower
    Justin Gower 10 months ago +16

    “How badly do you want me to act?”
    Yes please

  • TheTrueCanadian
    TheTrueCanadian 10 months ago

    He looks like he plays WOW more then being a mobster 😆

  • R L
    R L 10 months ago +1

    Ah the classic “always tip your jeweler” reminder

  • Flux o
    Flux o 9 months ago

    Man put this man in gta I’m curious what kind of jobs he’ll give us

  • Akshaan Mehra
    Akshaan Mehra 8 months ago

    Wow I cannot believe my eyes, the cameraman was inside the shelf

  • Kris Turbo
    Kris Turbo 8 months ago

    Keep the change 💪🏻

  • Jessica Cintron
    Jessica Cintron 9 months ago

    Most definitely wouldn't be carrying the rings out of the store like this if it was real

  • Jopie Fourie
    Jopie Fourie 10 months ago

    Level 50 mob boss 😂

  • Yeety Boi
    Yeety Boi 9 months ago

    Reminds me of that one mobster game for android that spent like half there budget on marketing 😂

  • Mathéo Morisset
    Mathéo Morisset 9 months ago

    "How fake do you want this to be ?"

    • Mathéo Morisset
      Mathéo Morisset 9 months ago

      @Sunvol i litteraly read the comments just after writing it and commented that i wrote the same thing without even seeing it. At least i gave credit on the others that made the joke before me that i wasn't the first one to write it down, so i didn't "copied" it, i wrote it down and then i understood that i wasn't the first doing the joke. (Btw if i am copying something i'll do it perfectly, so if my "joke" is written differently, that means i didn't really copied it) if i were to copy it, i would have done what you are telling me.

    • Sunvol
      Sunvol 9 months ago

      If your going to copy a comment at least do it right.

  • SouthernPatriotSpic
    SouthernPatriotSpic 8 months ago

    I woulda used the 100k for a hair transplant if I was him, that shit is on its way out! Could have paid for mine as well 🤣

  • Street Blawger
    Street Blawger 9 months ago

    I live right around the corner from icebox. Dude has a insane clientele list

  • Wes Fields
    Wes Fields 10 months ago

    The dude even spawned into the cutscene at the beginning

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 9 months ago

    Dam a $5k tip SHEEESHH!!!!💪🏼💪🏼

  • Velantain
    Velantain 7 months ago

    Yeah, that's exactly how it works!

  • NEB Youngan
    NEB Youngan 9 months ago

    He just walks out carry the case 🤣

  • Javad Peirovykhah
    Javad Peirovykhah 10 months ago

    That's it, problem solved, the man looks important and he feels that I am big than other so many poor people. Well done 👏 embarrassing for me to have even a good job, but for some other like him psychopathicly brushing about how greedy they wants to be. These people have been possessed by entity, so guys police what you're watching 👀

  • Tristan Minnie
    Tristan Minnie 10 months ago +12

    I hope yall know that this mob man works at ice box😂

    TOTY GAMES CZ 7 months ago

    Fun fact they didn't box the jewelery so they didn't have to spend more time putting it back

  • Rotisserie chicken
    Rotisserie chicken 4 months ago

    Is it just me or is he a mobster and at his grandpa’s funeral at the same time.