Stranger Things Spotlight | Millie Bobby Brown | Netflix

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • The cast and creators of Stranger Things break down the power of Eleven and, similarly, the power of Millie Bobby Brown.
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  • Aaryan Wahed Christopher

    I Love her!

  • SkYte Snipes
    SkYte Snipes 2 months ago +2


  • Rita Mendes
    Rita Mendes 3 months ago +19

    And now they have killed that sweet relationship :(

    • kottonkandyz •
      kottonkandyz • 2 months ago

      Eléonore Fernandez But, the thing is, murray was still inside the Russian building, and it would make more sense because they would most likely see him and take him, and since theres nothing that shows murray at the end, it would honestly make more sense for them to have murray.

    • Eléonore Fernandez
      Eléonore Fernandez 2 months ago

      kottonkandyz • but I don’t remember what happened to Murray at the end

    • Eléonore Fernandez
      Eléonore Fernandez 2 months ago

      kottonkandyz • i don’t think so because the Russian’s « chief » (I don’t remember his name) son of a bitch called Hopper the American all the time

    • kottonkandyz •
      kottonkandyz • 2 months ago +1

      Eléonore Fernandez, It could be possible that the Russians have murray instead of hopper, it would make a lot more sense.

    • Samantha McGaha
      Samantha McGaha 3 months ago

      “Not the american”

  • finniesfijiwater
    finniesfijiwater Year ago +4

    Whatta Queen

  • Laila Rahbari
    Laila Rahbari Year ago +7

    Yass I love Millie !!

  • Eva Antonia
    Eva Antonia Year ago +4

    Love this show! It is great and I can't wait for season 3!!^^


    I love Stranger things. Love all the actor and actress.

  • Lys aep
    Lys aep Year ago +11

    I’d love to be her.... I’m nothing compared to her...

    • PreloxPoisedGamer
      PreloxPoisedGamer 3 months ago +1

      Don’t be the next her. Be the first you.

    • vomit
      vomit 10 months ago +2

      Calebswig please dont compare yourself to a celeberty! Cause you can be perfect in your OWN way.

    • Lolly Lowww
      Lolly Lowww 11 months ago +2

      Don’t undermine yourself, if you want you can be better than Millie if you put in the effort and tried hard :) you have ur own strengths !

    • Dina Ahlman
      Dina Ahlman Year ago +4

      you are perfect in your own way, don't compare yourself

  • Nick and Nate Productions

    Super big fan!;) also, I looooove the show!:D hoping to be able to be cast in a show like this soon!:)

    • Nick and Nate Productions
      Nick and Nate Productions Year ago +1

      Candice Johnson thank you so much! We would love to be in the this show!:)

    • Nick and Nate Productions
      Nick and Nate Productions Year ago +1

      Amanda Smith oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so so much for the encouragement!:)

    • Nicholas Rice
      Nicholas Rice Year ago +1

      The Journey with Nick and Nate yes Yes YES!!!!!!! Nick and nate should totally be in stranger things!!!!:D oh my gosh I totally want to see that!!!!:D

    • Amanda Smith
      Amanda Smith Year ago +2

      The Journey with Nick and Nate OMG!!! I would love to see nick and nate in stranger things!!!:D you guys are seriously talented and seeing you in that show would be so amazing!:)

    • Andrew Story
      Andrew Story Year ago +1

      The Journey with Nick and Nate you guys are so great! I could really see both of you being featured in a show like this!:)

  • Krazy Kierstyn R
    Krazy Kierstyn R Year ago +66

    Omg I want to be on Stranger thing more than anything😭