The Godfather,Behind the scenes

  • Published on Oct 12, 2009
  • Behind the scenes photos taken on set of the Godfather
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  • George
    George 3 months ago

    That hain’t nothing.

  • Kris B
    Kris B 5 months ago


  • José Ángel García Navarro

    It is funny to see people making a film masterpiece with no idea that they are making a film masterpiece

  • Feras الـــزعــبــي

    I like Marlon Brando, his charisma is very high, also this group of nice team of actors are very suitable & great, I love this distinguish work & I am watching it always and repeatedly, and Godfather music is fantasy, it makes me live those old days.

  • Blackmirrorer
    Blackmirrorer Year ago


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  • Mike Roberti
    Mike Roberti 2 years ago

    What a gem! Thanks for sharing.

  • zeromant80
    zeromant80 2 years ago

    0:47 George Lucas?

    • Richard Nguyen
      Richard Nguyen 2 years ago +1

      Yes it certainly was George. He actually directed the "Going to the matresses" montage as a favor to Francis. They were also close friends.

    • Vik
      Vik 2 years ago

      zeromant80 I'm not sure whether that's George Lucas or not but I think that George Lucas is a friend of the director of Godfather

  • Claudia Norman
    Claudia Norman 3 years ago +5

    the music is certainly very suiting

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 3 years ago +5

    Even the CANDIDS from this film are great... how great is THAT??

  • LeeT44
    LeeT44 4 years ago +1

    @ 1:19- Coppola and George Lucas. Nice...

  • Qasim Fazal
    Qasim Fazal 5 years ago +27

    Credit goes to Marlon Brando Part-1. Becose of Brando this movie has come into full light and the best acting ever. I think no actor can play such acting as Brando.

  • winstonsmith116
    winstonsmith116 5 years ago +17

    this music should be soundtrack in Godfather :)

    • John Robertson
      John Robertson 4 years ago +2

      +winstonsmith116 Or maybe play this when Sonny was getting shot or michael shooting sollozzo or while vito was playing with anthony lol

    • winstonsmith116
      winstonsmith116 4 years ago

      the "Oranges" scene wouldn't be so traumatic

    • John Robertson
      John Robertson 4 years ago +15

      You've gotta be killing me!!! Now you want those Mafiosos to become gay like those swagbitches on the streets.

  • frank9712
    frank9712 5 years ago +8

    the beste actor ever was .the great marlon brando

    • astatine
      astatine 3 months ago

      Helios - Lawrence Oliver is nothing compared to Brando idiot.

    • Helios -
      Helios - 4 years ago +1

      Him or Lawrence Olivier

  • bajambalumbax
    bajambalumbax 6 years ago

    al pacino constantly :DDD or :P

  • Patrick Howard
    Patrick Howard 6 years ago +1

    George actually directed of few of the empty hospital hallway and corridor shots when Michael visits his father.

  • 3636Clarence
    3636Clarence 6 years ago

    Boy, Capolla was really hairy then...

  • 3636Clarence
    3636Clarence 6 years ago

    Where are the bloopers

  • Raul CtuGzz
    Raul CtuGzz 6 years ago +5

    1:02 the real sollozo and michael meeting

  • Mattakusisgreatness
    Mattakusisgreatness 6 years ago

    Lol George Lucas is everywhere

  • Leon V
    Leon V 6 years ago +2

    0 49 that is George Lucas right?

  • RB2331
    RB2331 6 years ago

    lol, ur right 1-02 ...fkn Sollozo ..the drug dealer ..great pictures ...ive never seen this before & i have loved this movie for 33 yrs ....& diane keaton was so hot ..24yrs old ...pacino & cann ..30 yrs old ..great video...rb

  • Sgreenenov13
    Sgreenenov13 6 years ago

    no i heard he was an asshole bro listen to my words i saw shows where they said his behavior was horrible.

  • Tiago Jesus
    Tiago Jesus 6 years ago

    And who isn't?

  • Chris Cirnigliaro
    Chris Cirnigliaro 6 years ago

    He was a nice guy, he just had his moments with the directors and producers. But even so, he always said he was a little more reserved when he was the oldest one on the set, and he was on the set of the godfather.

  • Sgreenenov13
    Sgreenenov13 7 years ago

    actually i heard he was a real asshole at times

  • seedsanta
    seedsanta 7 years ago


  • Andrea Prodan
    Andrea Prodan 7 years ago

    oh...come on..?!

  • seedsanta
    seedsanta 7 years ago


  • Chris Hurley
    Chris Hurley 7 years ago

    Dick Smith?

  • NoName ByeBye
    NoName ByeBye 7 years ago


  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips 7 years ago

    wow this is wild

  • Julio Fernandez
    Julio Fernandez 7 years ago

    0:46 ,.,., he is alive!!! :D

  • aaaredskin
    aaaredskin 7 years ago +5

    The 1st 20 seconds shows the makeup artist doing Brando's makeup. I forget his name, but this guy also did the makeup on Linda Blair for "The Exorcist." Last month he received an Oscar for (yeah, he's still alive and I think he's in his late 80's) all the great work he'd done in Hollywood.....prety cool and well deserved!

  • Andy van Laar
    Andy van Laar 7 years ago

    Can anyone please tell me what the music is from the background? It's making me feel happy.

  • Bob94
    Bob94 7 years ago

    what a beautiful memory

  • thetubeisyouful
    thetubeisyouful 7 years ago

    nice beats!

    TORO1971DRUGO 7 years ago

    genteeee.......nessuno sa il titolo della musica o chi la suona? avanti, coraggio, forza!

  • Pond Oeon
    Pond Oeon 7 years ago

    This is legend
    I love The Godfather trilogy

  • luriomaxx
    luriomaxx 7 years ago +5

    0:45 Zombie Sonny came back for his revenge

  • Yoliss García
    Yoliss García 8 years ago

    i love Al´s face at 1:02

  • thuy vi trang nha
    thuy vi trang nha 9 years ago

    LOL. It's funny, the shot when the nurse and Mike were carrying Vito on the stairs.