13 Gold Bars For An Emote? A Look At Red Dead Online's Newest Update

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • Me talking about the new update on red dead online and what I ultimately think of it
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  2 months ago +143

    Almost everyone I have shown the Flaco dialogue to has laughed. It makes no sense and is funny but it shouldn't come to this. The logic of the bounty system makes no sense and its making the game way harder then it has to be and I can't believed they decreased the prices on hunting. This is going to drive more people away from the game. I am still hopeful the game suceeeds and adds more updates but this one I can't say its great when its not. Its a step in the wrong direction.

    • Frogdz Meat
      Frogdz Meat Month ago

      We should have done kind of boycott, to tell rockstar something

    • iAmDxvine
      iAmDxvine 2 months ago

      TheProfessional wait are there downsides to having low honor rather than high honor or does it mean absolutely nothing what your honor is?

    • Uncle Tyrone
      Uncle Tyrone 2 months ago

      TheProfessional I had hoped so much that the update would give my friends more faith in the game, they were already bored with it. Instead, even me and those of my friends who still enjoyed playing the game have stopped now.

    • Vasanum777
      Vasanum777 2 months ago

      Fully agree that they are killing the game and on having hope it will get better. Any future plans on doing money making methods for rdr2?

    • Cardboard Cape
      Cardboard Cape 2 months ago

      Is it just me or is the varmint rifle not nerfed? I get so many headshots with it

  • Akstekize Hyperyze
    Akstekize Hyperyze 24 days ago

    I think with the new map your friends should always be visible. The amount of times me and my friends have lost each other due to not being able to see one another on the map is ridiculous.
    I honestly despise Red Dead Online. Hunting was my favourite thing on story. As Arthur, I literally had $10,000 from hunting alone by the end of game, and it was just so fun and relaxing. Not only do I now in online have to wait until I get to level 10 to get a bow (not that hard, just can’t be bothered since the bow is one of the first story weapons) but I have to pay over $100 to get it. The fishing rod is similar, but at level 14 I think. And with everything being so expensive, it’s absolutely infuriating that hunting was nerfed. Not to mention dead eye is useless. It doesn’t give you perfect accuracy or completely refill ammo like on story, and you can’t tag targets. I pretty much never play online unless my friends actually ask me to just to mess around.
    Also, just to add a bit to the rare shotgun, on story it had lower accuracy and range, but more damage than the normal double barrel, so that’s stupid that they changed that.

  • Manu7128
    Manu7128 25 days ago

    i got a daily objective telling me to sell 5 herbs once. sale baiting?

  • Jas Pie
    Jas Pie 29 days ago

    When first played red dead online I thought it was going to be better than gta 5 online but after this update my chances for this game getting good have decreased 80%!!!!!!

  • soldier comrade
    soldier comrade Month ago

    hey pro i dont know about this game

  • Sausage Slaps
    Sausage Slaps Month ago

    Sold my copy of rdr2 to buy a handle of vodka, best example of recycling I’ve seen in recent years.

  • Perfect Enrager
    Perfect Enrager 2 months ago

    This game is already so dead man

  • Jedri Koekemoer
    Jedri Koekemoer 2 months ago

    I left RDRO and stated doing your money guids in GTA made 3 million in a week had way more fun

  • Jedri Koekemoer
    Jedri Koekemoer 2 months ago

    The game is fucked

  • XviD
    XviD 2 months ago

    Finally someone who gets it!

  • Jared Barragan
    Jared Barragan 2 months ago

    Love your money making vids they help a lot and damn I haven’t even gotten in the game since the update but knowing the hunting prices have been dropped kinda makes me feel dumb for grinding up to $2,000 for nothing now smfh

  • JustinNasty
    JustinNasty 2 months ago

    I don’t know why they are drip feeding content and coming out with half assed daily challenges when the game is so naked!
    They have the talent.
    They have the foundation.
    They have the money.
    What the fuck is the RD online team doing? Seriously. I hate to sound ungrateful because story mode was so good but online is getting incompetently bad.

  • Some washed-up, has-been.

    I will only play this game online when rockstar puts in invite only sessions

  • John D
    John D 2 months ago +3

    My two cents is how can a game have micro transactions and still be in beta? Since New Years I’ve been in RDR2O around 5 times and it gets worse each time. They nerfed hunting when they should nerf the Varmit rifle. They nerfed the payouts and they added a broken bounty system that steals your money. Rockstar is operating like its looking through a mirror, completely the opposite.

  • xx_Elven_xx
    xx_Elven_xx 2 months ago

    "We neeed MONEY." - Rockst--- i mean Dutch.

  • Agent 69
    Agent 69 2 months ago

    are our expections for a game too high in generally or are most games release recently just trash..

  • Coody-Baroody
    Coody-Baroody 2 months ago

    Forgive me, ive not played RDR2 yet. But havent you got Gold Bars in this video?
    How did you get them?
    If you paid real money for your gold then you can't moan when these developers turn their ganes into free to play grinds.
    They wamt you to spend money. If you HAVE bought these trash micro transactions, then you're to blame and part of the problem.

  • Cornell Warner
    Cornell Warner 2 months ago

    a hard game doesnt mean you have to run away from it... if it was easy with everything and you made $50 for sellin a gold watch or $20 for a buck then everyone can get rich and then the game bcomes borin to me just like gta where everyone is clitchin money. all the changes are to balance what is to come so be patient and enjoy what you love doin not just to say youre makin money.. big up Prof

  • LS Crazy Cab Co. TM
    LS Crazy Cab Co. TM 2 months ago

    can you drop guns like you can in V?

  • danyelrod7
    danyelrod7 2 months ago

    Many times while hunting you can't even find animals. If you see them across the lake, once you go over to them, they have de-spawned.

  • Nonya Bisnez
    Nonya Bisnez 2 months ago

    The bats are flying around in the swamp north of Saint Denis at night.

  • Elite GamingWolf
    Elite GamingWolf 2 months ago

    6:26 thats the worst idea ever, then if you get a 20 dollar bounty from racking up kills on cops to rank up or just for fun your going to have 8 griefers after you and randomly kill you just so they can get 20 dollars and have the pleasure of killing you at the same time.

  • Raphael Mateus Martins
    Raphael Mateus Martins 2 months ago +1

    The emotes is not a big deal I would say, R* is following Fortnite and others model, players willing to pay A LOT to be different will do so and it brings money to R*, fine. Cosmetic is not a necessity.
    However, Bounty system + 'anti-griefing' + daily challenges... Any human being with a high school degree and decent intelligence would know it is doomed from the beginning, it does not work, it's a frustration, and it kills the game. The only way not to get a bounty is to not play most of the missions and avoid daily challenges and Free-roam PvP. So basically, the only way not to loose money in this game is to restrict your gameplay experience ! R*... Seriously?!
    Kill griefing by adding 100$ bounty and Unlimited Bounty hunters spawning for Killing another player, I don't mind staying put and let some player kill me they gonna get their gameplay ruined. :) Or.... implement the Duel system !! And make it so you can only propose to make a duel, and you can only duel the same player once every in-game day UNLESS it's someone on your posse and you enter a training mode. :)

  • T3rryyy__
    T3rryyy__ 2 months ago

    TBH I haven’t been playing red dead and when I do it’s only story mode

  • Vector Corbin
    Vector Corbin 2 months ago +1

    Yup knew that bounty system would be a shit show and that rare shotgun is the same one from the hermit in single player I can honestly say I'm done with rdro

  • ExpressTheNoise
    ExpressTheNoise 2 months ago +1

    I don’t even bother with Red Dead, I just went back to GTA

    • ExpressTheNoise
      ExpressTheNoise 2 months ago

      KGLA 021 I’m probably going to stop gta as well because my fingers have indents from the controller

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 2 months ago

      I gave up on both. Over the course of the night, I quit GTA Online, and Read Dead Online I'm waiting for it to be out of beta.

  • Ꭾʜɒlʞɘ lɒwl
    Ꭾʜɒlʞɘ lɒwl 2 months ago

    Yessss!! I wanted that map system since day one, now i can hunt ~ Thnks Rockstar! Thank you professional for this new info. I guess we can say you're a Pro at it, hah?

    BAY-EREA-BOYZ 2 months ago +1

    You are absolutely right bro 100% but you left one thing out the ability cards are nerfed to

  • Centurion Fragger
    Centurion Fragger 2 months ago

    2018-2019, the death of AAA games due to massive use of microtransactions. If it keeps up i'm done with videogames, its getting retarded

  • McSuperfly
    McSuperfly 2 months ago

    I still haven’t bothered trying out Red Dead Online ever since I finished storymode... from everything I’ve seen and heard it just looks like a frustrating, boring grind.

  • Mini Moulton
    Mini Moulton 2 months ago

    is red ded 2 good or not ???

  • Lost
    Lost 2 months ago

    Hoping we see a revolver rifle soon

  • Vasanum777
    Vasanum777 2 months ago

    Curse the day r* added shark cards and the fool's who buy them

  • Jamie Ellis
    Jamie Ellis 2 months ago

    Haven't played the online for 2 months, I get killed by a posse over and over again for no reason in every lobby. The lock on makes it so that getting shot in the head is way too easy. Now they nerf hunting again! Nah, CBA with this, I'm going back to GTA

  • WongGamSingLegacy
    WongGamSingLegacy 2 months ago

    yep sounds like rockstar and I don't even have red dead

  • FORD CRAZY 2003
    FORD CRAZY 2003 2 months ago

    Story mode is better

  • CincoKees
    CincoKees 2 months ago

    You are right.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • kroppsomvandling
    kroppsomvandling 2 months ago

    They are prepareing for griefer cards.......

  • mikepotts52
    mikepotts52 2 months ago +3

    No, Rockstar has NOT been listening to players about griefing, and they are VERY deliberate in PROMOTING it in EVERY way imaginable, no different than GTAO. Forced pvp, entice the most toxicity possible, and promote microtransactions as a substitute financial earning rather than enjoyable grinding and gameplay.
    They will deliberately NEVER promote enjoyable free roam sessions, PERIOD. They had optional "Friendly Sessions" in RDO LOONNGG before this RDR2O garbage. And if they gave a single shit about what we wanted and what worked perfectly for years for a pve free roam, theyd have STARTED this game off WITH FRIENDLY SESSIONS. They WANT griefing, plain and simple. Not Passive Mode trash either. Friendly Sessions were gun equipable public free roams which eliminated player to player damage. It didnt restrict your gun. It didnt eliminate hunting, nor npc killing, it eliminated griefing, and perfectly. RDO also had Hardcore Sessions in which there was NO AUTO AIM/AIM ASSIST, but otherwise same as Normal Sessions. This isnt a theory, this is a proven fact and solid solution that R* deliberately abandoned in RDR2O because RDR2O has microtransactions and RDO did NOT! Everybody disregards where Red Dead Redemption 2 Onlines roots began, as if Red Dead Redemption never had an Online. There IS a solution and R* REFUSES to use it. Why? RDO was pre GTAO taint. RDR2O is post GTAO, carrying that franchises taint with it. Its not the game thats the cancer. Its the engineers of the game thats pre-med murdered it.

  • RiotnRespect
    RiotnRespect 2 months ago

    Rockstar’s master craft is singleplayer campaigns. When it comes to multiplayer, they’ve shown themselves to be pretty idiotic and clueless. They have no idea how to make a good multiplayer if it doesn’t revolve around scamming little kids in gta online. So bad...

  • Sergio Abreu
    Sergio Abreu 2 months ago

    Brand new horse cards for red dead 2
    $200 for 1k in game money

  • Shoenice Is not dead
    Shoenice Is not dead 2 months ago

    Thank god I quit playing hunting is all u loved and I’ll probably never play that games again

    JULIO CLEVER 2 months ago +1

    Dont skin the animal that you hunted and sell it. If you skin it it will cost less muneh

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx
    xXSilentAgent47Xx 2 months ago +2

    Good thing i got everything i wanted before the update. Even all trophies.
    Not thinking to get back anytime soon. Too many good games are coming and GTA 5 & RDR2 Online is just a history forgotten to me (along with others they add Online mode).
    RDR and GTA 4 MP is still amazing though. People moved to Apex now.

  • kenneth83DK
    kenneth83DK 2 months ago

    When will you realise that R* don't give a damn about all your precious feedback.
    Just quit the game for a couple months and let the whale's play amongst themselves.
    Only way to signal your issues with this "game" is to move on to a game that doesn't shit on you month after month

  • Coyote Gaming
    Coyote Gaming 2 months ago

    They are gonna make this go downhill like rdr1 online

  • Do-not_cry
    Do-not_cry 2 months ago

    I havnt played this game in months

  • SkoglundTV
    SkoglundTV 2 months ago

    RDR2 only sucks. I only grinded myslef to get to level 50 so I could get the platinum trophy and that was almost 4 months ago.

  • Christian Bæhr
    Christian Bæhr 2 months ago

    F that dripfeed. The stuff has already been added. They're holding it back purposefully. You can preview it in the store.
    Stupid.. STOOPIID! Like crap in pants.

  • Kzip247
    Kzip247 2 months ago +1

    Imagine not being able to move without spending $200. That's basically what is happening with the emotes.

  • Zombieeatyounow
    Zombieeatyounow 2 months ago

    Guy shoots up a town, then shoots at me, I run away, he follows firing, I kill him, and get a bounty for murder....THE GUY WAS SHOOTING INNOCENT PEOPLE, that is called murder, when I killed him that is self defense.

  • Kurt Riediger
    Kurt Riediger 2 months ago

    Your right, the game is SHIT Myself, 2 Brothers and a few friends haven't played since update came in.

  • Tito Gaming
    Tito Gaming 2 months ago

    I like rdr but online is kinda aids i hate how headshots work and how accurate a gun is on a horse. And how younedd to stand still for a fxcking headshot

  • Mace-Yoshiman
    Mace-Yoshiman 2 months ago

    This entire update was implemented only to make grinding harder.

  • Greetings. Have a nice day.

    *At least story mode is still there.*

  • alexofgummie
    alexofgummie 2 months ago

    I’m so glad I didn’t jump on the band wagon and buy this game.

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    I want to come back, but this game became too greedy 👎

  • Thomas Kaznowski
    Thomas Kaznowski 2 months ago

    They are going to route of Activision going super greedy. They dropped the selling prices for hunting so you buy gold bars. I was just getting into the online but now I'm going to just play the story mode and other games

  • lewis murrin
    lewis murrin 2 months ago

    online is ugly , is it me or every time i play its foggy and rainy

  • IEatLava123
    IEatLava123 2 months ago

    700th comment.
    I know u don't care.

  • justin duran
    justin duran 2 months ago

    Fuck this system. Paying of bounties for defending my self then I get labeled a red blip. Nope fuck this game. fuck it right up its stupid ass.

  • Mr. Pocket
    Mr. Pocket 2 months ago

    What is there to do in this game online? For example.. once you have everything you want? You got all the clothes you want, all the guns, full upgraded cards, upgraded camp, horses, ammo, pamphlets, etc. Once you have all that.... what is there to do? Once the grind is over... what was it for?
    What is the incentive to stay at that point?

  • Pleb1
    Pleb1 2 months ago

    This game is so unrealistic buying clothes for 100s of dollars? No one man in the Wild West would take like a year to make that much.

  • Mick Bohannon
    Mick Bohannon 2 months ago

    Nobody should be playing this game any longer

  • klesh
    klesh 2 months ago

    Coming from a PC player's perspective, it's interesting.... not playing this game yet, and despite it looking great, all these bullshit R* things make the game look like a terrible rippoff. Not surprising coming from the Shark Card Online.
    If they ever bring this to PC, I think I'll just stick to the single player.
    Thats the thing folks, don't keep playing if they fuck the game up and make it shitty for you to play. But you probably will. :/

  • Dave Vader
    Dave Vader 2 months ago

    Got of it ages ago!

  • ramon restrepo
    ramon restrepo 2 months ago

    Bruh the thing I really hate about the update is the dead-eye nerf, r* made it useless

  • Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    This entire game was trash like red dead 1.

  • Duo
    Duo 2 months ago

    This is all take 2s fault

  • Itz Seeb Yawl
    Itz Seeb Yawl 2 months ago

    Am gettin off this shit been through enough shit with gta don’t need the annoyance of grinding my ass off for next to nothing

  • Leviticus cornbread
    Leviticus cornbread 2 months ago +1

    They only nerfed the prices of skinned animal carcasses. A unskinned Buck still sells for 10$, Cougar still sells for 13$.

  • Daniel Nycz
    Daniel Nycz 2 months ago

    Screw this game... I don’t want to play it anymore 😡

  • Carlos Loff
    Carlos Loff 2 months ago

    Half blue blips on a lobby ARE HOSTILE PLAYERS, they just became invisible - Fortnite freeroam enhancement

  • The 420 Riders
    The 420 Riders 2 months ago

    This whole comment section is a bunch of whining red dead noobs😂😂
    Get fucking good.

  • The 420 Riders
    The 420 Riders 2 months ago

    Gold is easy to earn, i earn about 5 gold bars a day, DO YOUR CHALLENGES PEOPLE! theres new daily challenges, but theres ALWAYS been the other challenges in the pause menu that are fairly easy (kill 1000 enemies and stuff) you can reset them and do them OVER AND OVER.
    And the hunting prices.... Sure, they nerfed carcass prices but why is NOBODY talking about how the INCREASE the amount of meat you get from animals so you still make about the same amount of money.
    Basically, what im saying is quit bitching and git gud.
    Or in a more friendly way..
    Learn to see the positive side of things instead of the negative, youll be much happier in life!

  • Roy Batty N6MAA10816
    Roy Batty N6MAA10816 2 months ago

    R* is hot kaka

  • Roy Batty N6MAA10816
    Roy Batty N6MAA10816 2 months ago

    They fuck it up.

  • ShadowFox
    ShadowFox 2 months ago

    Luckily i didnt buy red dead redemption 2 cause i know it will die out soon due to alot of things,although the story is awesome but the online is crap and shit like the economy system is super duper broken,bounty system is broken,is a pay to win game, the drip feed is worst than gta online and more(ppl will says its still in the beta stage but rockstar games is just giving themselves an excuse saying that is still in beta)
    Edit:not to mention why free aim and auto aim are in the same lobby and not to mention theres no solo lobby means that u always have to deal with griefers everytime

  • Magda
    Magda 2 months ago

    Thanks for the info man ur really helpful keep up ur stuff this update has been trash

  • Culture 4
    Culture 4 2 months ago

    This is how is see it at 4:28. If your planning to do something for someone that has a bounty its best to use someone that does not have a bounty or it will raise attention in the local community. (This happened in the late 1800s) And everyone will question you, that why he said "its too much of a risk"

  • Johny Kejda
    Johny Kejda 2 months ago

    No new missions rockstar is already liaaaar

  • Johny Kejda
    Johny Kejda 2 months ago

    This game is piece of shit

  • Danite Ghost
    Danite Ghost 2 months ago

    So this game would be good enough for me to play if they would just add fucking properties. It would at least tide me over until they add an actual business sim.

  • Rian Mckaveney
    Rian Mckaveney 2 months ago

    It’s a gams

  • DeadGuy Plays
    DeadGuy Plays 2 months ago

    #RIP Red dead online.

  • Ethan Montgomery
    Ethan Montgomery 2 months ago

    when i hunt i use a throwing knife and lasso
    i found that wasting time on charging an arrow is pointless but hey people cry for realism

    ARCHANGEL 70X 2 months ago

    There is bats !!!???

  • Ifollowmusic1
    Ifollowmusic1 2 months ago

    Red dead is a story game - simple.
    The online, I thought since day one, would fail & is failing.
    Few months later... here we are RDR2O... failing.

  • Remastered Police
    Remastered Police 2 months ago

    I am to low of an rank to get the normal double barrel shotgun. So the rare shotgun was a worth to me but everything else isn't worth and I agree it's hurting the game more.

  • _ benni
    _ benni 2 months ago

    I played it for about 3 hours, havent touched it since. Few months ago btw.

  • Joseph Szachor
    Joseph Szachor 2 months ago

    Oh look, another broken Rockstar Multiplayer game.

  • Terry Betts
    Terry Betts 2 months ago

    Fornfucks sake, give them a fucking chance. You can't expect everything at once it's free updates. Can't then some bloody slack.

  • Sideways N
    Sideways N 2 months ago

    Everything done here is because red dead online isn't making enough profit for them

  • _ Cincy
    _ Cincy 2 months ago

    The only thing I thought was fun and majestic was hunting. Going into dead eye for that perfect kill stowing, saddling up and heading into town. I’ve done it enough, done all the hunting up to x4 resets. I’ve reached rank 64 doing free roam hunting and killing npc enemies I’m smoked.

  • Smiter_Of_All_Thots
    Smiter_Of_All_Thots 2 months ago

    Gonna Cry
    Gonna piss your pants maybe, er
    I dunno, Shit and cum

  • Tuberculosis Disease
    Tuberculosis Disease 2 months ago

    What have you done Rockstar? ...
    Edit: I agree with everything in this video except for the fact that NPCs refuse to give you missions. Because if you’re a wanted criminal for example, you wouldn’t want to hire people who are also wanted, because if they do get caught they would have to reveal why they did the crime in the first place (just thinking about it logically). But overall this game is now trash, such a shame, it had so much potential...

    XL EWO TRASH BST LX 2 months ago +2

    This update killed the game . Nerfing all the important things we need . Hunting shooting broken. Trying to make a western like fornite. Pathetic. Dead eye drains x3 times faster making u drink wisky like every 2 min . Can loote tonics back 2 back. And there are less animals. Rockstar gone totally greedy. If people where smart they bring there copy for a refund. And move on to another game . Wrong someone kill u and u have animal on u horse u will lose it . Varmit rifle can't even shoot ducks properly and the 1 u do kill disappear. F u cockstar. Hope u system get hack and shuts u down.

  • chuck noris
    chuck noris 2 months ago

    Das spiel ist scheisse

    THE XPRT GAMER 2 months ago

    and rockstar ignore glitches like how stubble isn't available for your character bunch of incompetent bastards

  • NailStrafer
    NailStrafer 2 months ago

    I've decided I will no longer purchase R* games after GTAO's price gouging. So far, no regrets, especially after watching this video.