The Hippies Were Cartoon Characters To 1960s Iowans

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • The speaker is Ed Sidey from Greenfield Iowa. He was a lifelong newspaperman and the editor of the Adair County Free Press (now part of the Carroll Daily Times) in Iowa. I conducted this interview with him in 1989 speaking about the 1950s and 1960s. His ancestors started the newspaper 125 years before he and his brother sold it later in their lives. I was trying to get perspective from Americans of all stripes and he felt he was painting a picture of the way most of the folks in this town felt back then.
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  • Jeanie Chowdury
    Jeanie Chowdury Day ago

    I was a little kid back then and i can remember the midwestern parents being horrified by hippies. Lol

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 4 days ago

    I thought all 60s editorials were about the spiderman menace

  • jackstraw 06
    jackstraw 06 12 days ago

    These are the christans that throw all their ethics out the window and back a criminal administration & a vote for a sexual predator for president.

  • Free Celt
    Free Celt 26 days ago +5

    hippies all sold out into corporate culture and universities resulting in the rotting society we live in now.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey 28 days ago +1

    We Hippies changed the world , 😁and we also made the best music.

    • goodvibration
      goodvibration 15 days ago +1

      Changed for the worst

    • Eben Dewd
      Eben Dewd 16 days ago

      That's debatable.

    • George In S.C. 4
      George In S.C. 4 27 days ago

      It was fun with the best concerts and friends. Then I grew up and conformed.

  • Cough It Up
    Cough It Up Month ago

    HA! Some Midwest twat talking about ethics.

  • hpqz
    hpqz Month ago +5

    It is only in a wealthy society that produces excess that the love in, drop out experiment can arise and be accommodated and indulged. Conscientiousness and hard work has been necessary for the vast majority of humanity across time in order to survive and eat in reasonable security.
    These fleeting few decades of seeming prosperity and security will not endure. There are massive disruptions and challenges behind and ahead. Such is life.

  • Radiatex
    Radiatex Month ago +2

    this guy is dead inside

  • Terry Omalley
    Terry Omalley Month ago

    Trust, me, I've looked. The girl at the consignment shop says I probably have to go online. I shop there cause her old man is a good dude, who was in Afghanistan.

  • Terry Omalley
    Terry Omalley Month ago +1

    Raising the flag, of the North Vietnamese Army, on the General Logan statue, in Grant park........... hmmm. Not too bright in my opinion. Alas, even today, I'm not too sure about wanting to mess with the police in Chicago. I would be curious to know where, that NVA, flag was made back in the day? If it's like now probably China. I certainly can't find any shirts, that are made here. Every one says MADE, IN VIETNAM. Go figure!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Month ago

    So I guess your saying no Iowans were hippies. I got news for you.

  • Thomas Martel
    Thomas Martel Month ago +1

    I very much agree with this gentleman's work ethic, though I don't believe he has a grasp of the benefits of marijuana or other natural mind-altering medicines.

  • Ulti737fs
    Ulti737fs Month ago

    Damn the hippies

  • S. Mac
    S. Mac Month ago +10

    The 1960s were the beginning of the end of decency in America.

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith Month ago

      +Miss Ebony go watch jesse lee peterson

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith Month ago

      +Miss Ebony dude. it was worse for black people.

    • Miss Ebony
      Miss Ebony Month ago

      +Bushrod Rust Johnson Aww thank you! 😊

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson Month ago +1

      +Miss Ebony Black people probably started to slip about the time of Jazz and that Ray Charles fella.
      Also your tiny picture is cute.

    • Miss Ebony
      Miss Ebony Month ago

      +S. Mac oh ok haha thanks for clarifying 😁

  • Splezzo the Magnificent

    The hesitation between between him talking about an honest day's work and "the pay you got" shows he knew you weren't getting an honest day's pay for it.

    • Randy Kuhns
      Randy Kuhns 15 days ago

      You choose to place this idea at this point to create credence to a fallacy,.. it didn't matter if you KNEW, , felt or DIDN't believe you were getting an honest days pay, you STILL went out and worked diligently without constantly complaining and moaning,.. and would EARN more simply because you DID work diligently to either getting a raise,.. or being free, you could change jobs and better your income.

    • TOWgunner77
      TOWgunner77 17 days ago

      I sensed absolutely NO hesitation at all. Are you just avoiding the fact that hippies rejected that idea? Or deflecting? You see hard work honestly vs. hippy is actually hard work and honestly vs. sloth and dishonesty. You don’t go very far in life if you’re lazy and dishonest.

    • Will Stout
      Will Stout Month ago +5

      Subhan Amjad the economy has gotten much worse since this mans time, mostly in terms of inflation not keeping up with wages for many workers.

    • Subhan Amjad
      Subhan Amjad Month ago +7

      Yes, if one thing has improved since this gentleman's time, it is the economy. But since the 60s, we have seen a rise in suicide rates, drug overdoses, rape against women, divorce, single motherhood, people on welfare, abortion, number of mental health patients, etc.
      There are various explanations for this, for example this has been the case for those few people who have suffered because of factories in their towns closing. But it's also happening to many other people. The nuclear family has broken which has contributed to this, as well as the loss of social fabric. Many people also have a loss of meaning and moral purpose now, which is because of the now widespread disbelief in God. I'm not saying you should believe in God, but the loss of religion has left many without purpose. Also, society started to cave in to all desires without restraint and discipline, leading to a lack of order. Additionally, many of the boomer kids were spoilt, as are many kids nowadays who don't have the same difficulties this man in the video likely went through during his youth.

  • Sir Charles Sinderhorn

    ...those kids are wonderful and the animals are glistening... good old Midwest America values summed up right there lol

  • no privacy
    no privacy Month ago +2

    Now there is a great income disparity.
    I hear politicians say not to tax the job creators. What is left out of that message, a lie by omission, is that they are talking about money taken out of the business. If we tax the hell out of money taken out of the business, then then we might create incentives to create jobs and to pay a living wage.
    Coming out of WWII there was less income disparity. The rich paid a much higher tax rate which lessened the burden on people at the bottom.
    The local hardware store owner pays little more than half a living wage. He answers to no investors. He could have done without one of his three homes. He sold one for three million dollars. He would return from one of his frequent trips to Europe and tell his workers they should go to Spain some time. Other than low pay, he actually treated his workers more humanely than the new owners who demand more work with fewer people and are quick to fire people. They are a relatively small corporation with about 30 stores. They are not bad people. But they are part of a culture that places greed over humanity. The owners ought to pay themselves more, but to not forgo a few luxuries so that they can pay a living wage is something I do not understand.

    • no privacy
      no privacy Month ago +2

      I do not think paying a living wage will inflate prices of basic needs significantly. It will only fill the gap that is currently paid from tax money. Pay a living wage and that part of the taxes will go away. Pay a living wage will stimulate the economy and improve life for all of us.

  • Will Tayler
    Will Tayler Month ago +3

    I am sure the "Hippies" looked on your kind as an anomaly of their humanity. As a "Christian" Conservative it is not uncommon to be against anything that expands the boundaries of the human condition or falls out of lock step of your dogmas.

    • Klaa2
      Klaa2 Month ago

      Who are you talking to, this old man has been dead decades.

  • MeoithTheSecond
    MeoithTheSecond Month ago +4

    Gag if I had this guy as my dad I'd rebel as well.

    • KazzArie
      KazzArie 11 days ago

      MeoithTheSecond and then, when you’re in your late 30s or early 40s and both your parents are long gone, you’ll look back to the simpler times that fill you with the happiness of your childhood and try to replicate them in some way.

  • Victoria Taylor
    Victoria Taylor Month ago +11

    Thank you David, I remember going to the County Fair, it was so much fun, the carosels, cotton candy, rides of all kinds. And the 4 H exhibits were great. We were scrubbed & clean. Like this guy said. But times sure changed in the 60s ,the hippies were fighting against the establishment. And in my neck of the woods, it was frowned upon. Our local townspeople did, not, enjoy the hippies at all . And I can really look back now and reflect on how that movement changed our society. Previous to that was the hobos, that use to come through town. Im so much older, and wiser, and my opinion is, that the hippies did change our way of life. I remember as teenagers some of us, wanted to be a hippie. Boy my Dad had a ka niption fit ! He said no way in hell, are you going to become one of those wierdos, I had a very strict father. But really as I look back on it ! I can see where the hippie movement did change America , the values seemed to change, even in our small community. We were children that were clean & polished ,with our 4 H exhibits ,and all. Our families , church leaders ,etc within our community, thought that this type of behaviour, was very unacceptable and would change their kids, and it did , change some. I sometimes sit and wonder, ponder & think ,wow what life would have been like, if the hippie movement had not even happend. Im sometimes too deep of a thinker ! At least Ive been accused of it ! Ha, ha, I think if we are a strong person, with deep moral covictions, that no movement ,hippie or otherwise, can ever change the person that we really are inside. I enjoy & appreciate your work so much, your an amazing guy David ! All your films are excellent, you are truly an artist of film !

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  Month ago

      Thank you for the kind words Victoria. Have a good weekend.
      Davi Hoffman - filmmaker

  • Erie Coast Productions

    "Rather funny, cer-toon type ker-ikters"

  • Es lo que hay
    Es lo que hay Month ago +20

    I really liked how you left the behind the camera comments, I guess someone could see it as sloppy but it feels intimate and more like sitting at the table with someone than a clean prepared declaration.

    • Splezzo the Magnificent
      Splezzo the Magnificent Month ago +2

      +no privacy He's not mic'd up because he's not the focus. It's standard practice because typically the questions are cut out unless they're pertinent to the interviewee's answer.

    • no privacy
      no privacy Month ago

      +David Hoffman
      I appreciate that, but why is the interviewer's audio so low?

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  Month ago +4

      Totally agree.
      David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • doifhg
    doifhg Month ago +8

    He's just really excited about the fair

  • dad shane
    dad shane Month ago +7

    I can't blame this man for his prejudices. He was groomed to think this way from fear and hatred spread by our peers, the press, and more than that, most prejudice is taught to us at a young age from our parents. this man is what we used to call a red neck. they hated hippies, he thought none of them bathed, thought they all didn't work, and they were all high having constant sex. He was wrong. I'm from the midwest and graduated hs 1969. 1967, during the hippie summer of love, there were over 3500 race riots in the usa. the blacks were mostly trying to peacefully protest inequality and prejudice. red neck police loved to beat their clubs on blacks as much as hippies. the hippies were black and white and had non violent love in, be in type gatherings, and and occasional war protests, that sometimes ended with the red neck police charging the crowd with their clubs after tear gassing every one. we know now these protests were a good thing to try to end an evil pointless war and attempt to create equality for the blacks. not every red neck hated hippies and blacks, and not all hippies smoked pot having constant sex, and the blacks mostly wanted to get along in peace. between all of this division, sometimes blacks, hippies, and red necks even got along with each other. But the media back then, same today, is dictated by big business and politics. the fbi propaganda started stories about the blacks and hippies that misled many so called adults, to fear and hate these people, and act on this fear and hatred, kind of like today with muslims and mexicans, but I think it was a simpler time back then. Things have changed somewhat, but those old methods of spreading fear and hate, I'm afraid has expanded.

    • dad shane
      dad shane Month ago +1

      it is just reality. prejudice is created from ignorance. it is usually taught to us at a young age at home, and reinforced later on by our peers and opinion tv or media that they call the news, and people think their opinions are just a matter of fact. but of course, either no one has ever told them that they are wrong, or they refuse to be open to another point of view and don't want to change their mind. then many people do change their conditioned opinions for the better and realize they were just wrong.

    • moodist 1er
      moodist 1er Month ago

      +Klaa2 they're not fooling themselves. They were lied to and they live that lie like a truth because they're illiterate plebes.

    • Klaa2
      Klaa2 Month ago +2

      +moodist 1er Everybody fool themselves so that they can enjoy some comfort.
      People are essentially shit.

    • moodist 1er
      moodist 1er Month ago +1

      Indoctrination is a poor excuse for refusing to practice critical thought, common sense, or the golden rule..

    • dad shane
      dad shane Month ago

      I admit to painting people with a wide brush in this contents about the attitude of this man's prejudice in the video. it seems you might disagree with something, or are trying to defend middle class working people's prejudice, or lack of prejudice, by saying that even one latino will degrade another lesser paid latino if he or she is undocumented, (they're taking our jobs) and working class americans don't degrade undocumented latino workers?. and urban gays are more islamophobic than other gays , or is it all people. I don't think I understand your point unless you are being defensive about the average american worker?

      you think I would think badly about someone wanting to take my job for less money. I'm probably a bad example because I have been mostly self employed my whole life. If a potential customer would tell me about a lower price for the work I provided, I would encourage them to jump on that deal because I don't want to compete with the lower cost service. you sometimes get what you pay for. I never thought competition was a bad thing, or hurt my business. If a shop like mine opened next door, which it did, I thought it was a good thing. the business next door would attract more potential customers to our mutual area, and if my customers wanted to check them out, that's ok with me.

      In america it seems easy to have a job, or a business. the main thing is being there and doing the job, and it seems if you do the work, and fill a need, you will make a living. Being good at what you do is a plus. it is difficult to make ends meet with the wages lower than the cost of living today. many work multiple jobs, and strive to get better jobs and it can be difficult. but somehow people get by and I hope things in the workplace improve for everyone.

      I think city gays and mexicans are, or can be average american workers. I see no different from whatever race or type you are, whatever you are. no difference to me. Fear and prejudice affect everyone, which no one is immune. we all can try to understand and adjust to fit into the changing workplace.

      50 years ago if you worked for a company faithfully for a length of time, you were valued for that and treated well with job security. that mostly all went away. It seems that things have changed and gotten complicated. It's hard, maybe impossible in some circumstances, to be valued the same as what used to be. that's too bad, but our values could change for the better, but it seems not with everyone taking sides, having fear and hate, and acting on it.

      gays in the city don't like muslims? and latino workers resent other lesser paid latinos competing for their jobs?. It isn't as friendly in the workplace as it was. I'm sure there are also city gays who are not bigots against any religion, and latinos that feel secure with themselves, that they don't resent others wanting to do the same job they do, even for less pay, and know, if needed, they can work elsewhere if it is necessary. we all end up doing what we have to for making a living in the end.

      I think it's too bad that many people don't like their jobs, and are afraid to lose that job they hate...+Andrew Huckstable

  • Kenneth Lucas
    Kenneth Lucas Month ago +17

    Bubble and Objectivity. I can't fault this man a whole lot because dude probably didn't venture out too far from Iowa and it's "Midwestern values". When we live in an echo chamber we become intellectually stagnant.
    The 50's were a totally objective experience: If you were a white, heterosexual, male from a working-class family your frame of reference will be different than a black male growing up in the deep south or even the north. Or a gay/ atheist/poor white/ immigrant/ female. His mindset is one of small town middle America.

    THECITYHUNTER Month ago +9

    Hippies were so naive in a couple of years they turned into yuppies.

    • Klaa2
      Klaa2 Month ago

      It's weird to read so many comments from stupid people.

    • Anna Paulikonis
      Anna Paulikonis Month ago +1

      Yeah, they sold out to the man.

    • Andrew Huckstable
      Andrew Huckstable Month ago +3

      Mitjell K How about almost all the communes being unable to self sustain/failing? These were full time hippies.

    • Mitjell K
      Mitjell K Month ago +1

      Such bullshit, the hippies were never more than a very small segment of the US population. They accounted for no more than 0.2% of the population as of '68, shortly after the height of the counterculture. Those yuppies were simply the rest of America that continued the trends from the 50s wearing a bit more casual clothing on the weekends and maybe a couple dozen hippies flipped, but not enough to chastize the movement for it.

    • MeoithTheSecond
      MeoithTheSecond Month ago +1

      +Es lo que hay its mostly a self serving generalization imo, certainly some were just there for the ride and the rest took it to heart to different degrees.

  • Mother Tourette
    Mother Tourette Month ago +13

    Sounds like the Hillbilly who shot the Easy Riders.

    • Andrew Huckstable
      Andrew Huckstable Month ago +1

      Mother Tourette That guy was told for shit talking in the diner scene, that the Easy Riders had done something awful to a woman earlier.

  • bee vic
    bee vic Month ago +1


  • Dawn Hollified
    Dawn Hollified Month ago +4

    What a wonderful video thank you 💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • norsktoolmaker88
    norsktoolmaker88 Month ago +16

    Given that his generation wanted to choose the length of our hair, I suppose choosing our own political philosophy was out of the question.

    • goodvibration
      goodvibration 15 days ago

      You guys are as shallow as you imagine others to be

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson Month ago

      +Lord Of Onions Or probably brown.

    • Lord Of Onions
      Lord Of Onions Month ago +1

      +Todd W. Smith same with the conservative christian anti-semites not knowing that jesus was a jew

    • norsktoolmaker88
      norsktoolmaker88 Month ago +2

      +Es lo que hay Indeed, had to cut mine for shop work.

    • Es lo que hay
      Es lo que hay Month ago +6

      At the same time long hair in a factory is not the wisest of ideas

  • occupynewparadigm
    occupynewparadigm Month ago +9

    This man was a clown. Most likely he is long in the grave.

    • VictrolaJazz
      VictrolaJazz 17 days ago

      +TOWgunner77 That's exactly right and so perfectly expounded upon! You can multiply that behavior by several million Baby Boomers and not be surprised by how depressed many of them are today because they're not surrounded by loving children and grand children! BTW, I was kidding about AR, she's a kook!

    • TOWgunner77
      TOWgunner77 17 days ago +1

      VictrolaJazz its is human nature to be selfish, that’s very true. Good people work to be selfless as much as possible. Sure, that might be impossible, but, we try all the same. Why is it bad? Oh let’s see. A hippy baby boomer eventually gets married and has kids. Then comes the 80’s and she decides to sleep with someone else because she needs some “excitement”. And then just decides to divorce her husband because the sex is old and, after all, the tv and movies say it’s okay. Never once does she think of her kids. Who witness their mother choose an orgasm over them. The life she created. Her genetic lineage incarnate. Indeed herself transcended. She ignores all that in favor of “if it feels good do it”. And the kids are destroyed. Depression, anxiety. Then it’s drugs (not the way you used them, no, to escape and dull the pain). Then one starts to cut himself. That’s what selfish behavior brings. So, that’s why is not good.

    • VictrolaJazz
      VictrolaJazz 17 days ago

      +TOWgunner77 That's seems strange, because everyone is selfish, including you. It's human nature to be selfish. You'd have to tell me what's wrong with being selfish. Ayn Rand wrote the book on it, "The Virtue of Selfishness".

    • TOWgunner77
      TOWgunner77 17 days ago +1

      VictrolaJazz Um, yes there is. Stay away from sharp objects and let the adults talk. Thanks.

    • VictrolaJazz
      VictrolaJazz 17 days ago

      +TOWgunner77 And there's something wrong with being selfish?

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 Month ago +15

    I've never heard anyone so full of s**t in my life. This guy woke up every morning and tied a rope around his neck just because guys had been doing it for hundreds of years, then he makes fun of the way others dress. The hippies and punks I know all work twice as hard as the go-alongs who shirk every step of the way. The only people keeping real agriculture alive in this country are the hard working hippie homesteaders. All of Ed Sidey's farmer friends have sold out to Big Agro and put all their craven efforts into poisoning the land and ruining America. I can honestly say I'm glad he's long dead by now, and hopefully his sh**ty ideas will follow him soon to the grave.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 28 days ago

      +ArchEnema 67 No I don't think that. I just think you are coming off as a statist who is okay with banning things.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 28 days ago

      +Bushrod Rust Johnson So now you think I'm the Chair of a multi-departmental federal body made up of representatives from several agencies and their legal counsels? How many other conspiracy theories that you believe in do you think I'm behind? Man, I've gotta save this thread to show to my relatives. They think I'm just a garden builder. XD

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 28 days ago

      +ArchEnema 67 You idiots keep banning stuff that kills disease vectors.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 28 days ago

      +Wicked Minish Anybody is welcome to say whatever they want about what I've said. Belief is a rabbit hole. Probability and commitment to act are tangible. I like to get my hands dirty, and I always take responsibility for what I've done, but I'm always willing to change my mind about things I've said when confronted with new information and experiences. Watcha got?

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 28 days ago

      +Bushrod Rust Johnson Hope you stocked up on Malathion to mix your drinks with before they banned it. XD

  • MidnightModder
    MidnightModder Month ago +23

    Hippies are trash. Change my mind.

    • KazzArie
      KazzArie 11 days ago

      MidnightModder gr8 b8 m8 I r8 u 8/8
      I won’t lecture everyone but I agree. Esp as a parent living in a liberal state, oh yes, I agree.

    • Luke Donlan
      Luke Donlan 21 day ago

      MidnightModder your definitely ,happy’

    • jbscornerstore
      jbscornerstore 28 days ago

      The original hippies (pre 1967) were pretty cool, back to the land movement and all that. But the late 60s/70s cultural/music hippies, fuck them so much.

    • MidnightModder
      MidnightModder Month ago +2

      This bait really took off. Usually I only get 1 or 2 replies

    • moodist 1er
      moodist 1er Month ago

      Hippies aren't trash, you just hate their freedom. Why do you hate freedom?

  • raphael ward
    raphael ward Month ago +7

    Lovely guy, he's right

  • John Beasley
    John Beasley Month ago +20

    He is right about the hippie movement. He might add, the government was (and remains) so corrupt that the hippies turned away from society, just as the Christians did in the Reformation in Europe in the 1500's and 1600's. What happened to the Church? How can the Church support such a corrupt government? This man with a newspaper needs to do some soul searching. He had the means to help save this country and he just pretended nothing was wrong.

    • dad shane
      dad shane Month ago +1

      do not fight, but communicate and understanding is needed. it will be a worthwhile struggle, and not always a positive ending. try not to make it a war, but a striving to make things better.

      quitting smoking is easy, I did it at least 100 times. staying quit is a worthwhile struggle. I used an excuse for my stubborn brain to persevere, my son was born when I was 40, and I didn't want to be a bad example, roll model. my son ended up smoking anyway, but probably less than a pack a week if that. who can afford smoking at the current prices, I remember when cigaretes hit $0,50, some of the people I knew said that the price is why they were going to quit. I'm not sure it worked for them. In the early ninetys bill clinton signed a bill for american tobacco to add more addictive chemicals to the cigarettes because too many people were quitting. it's easier to quit heroin than american cigarettes. If you smoke, you should stay away from bad cigarettes and probably roll your own, good luck and don't ever give up.+I like to eat !

    • I like to eat !
      I like to eat ! Month ago

      The fight was useless. You can't fight ignorance and evil.

    • dad shane
      dad shane Month ago +2

      I don't agree with you. this man is wrong. His prejudices most likely started from the corporate led press spreading lies, fear, and hate. hippies were very social and peaceful. hippies were not anti society, they were anti corrupt establishment. you say the government was and is corrupt, but we the people allow this corruption to exist. for things to change, we all need to become informed, but not by the corporate press. there are good sources to choose from. and we all can vote for non corrupt politicians and change the government to be "for all the people", not the corporations. for one source, check out "democracy now". don't get me started on religion. check out martin luther spreading christianity to the scandinavian countries. you had a choice, give up oden and become lutheran, , or we will kill you. check out the spanish and all european inquisitions. christianity or death...even the eastern orthodox and the roman catholics can't seem to get along since the great schism. what would jesus say about all this lack of trying to get along, never the less "loving thy neighbor"?

  • Mike's Content
    Mike's Content Month ago +16

    It has gotten even worse.

    • Todd W. Smith
      Todd W. Smith Month ago

      +Councilman Les Wynan I'm actually 29. I was just a kinda sharp 5-year-old in 1994 whose dad listened to Rush Limbaugh but whose mom loved Bill Clinton so I got the Birch Barlow thing and other references pretty quick.

    • Todd W. Smith
      Todd W. Smith Month ago +2

      +Councilman Les Wynan Sounds to me like Councilman Les Wynan should do LESS WHININ'
      (Paid for by the Committee to Elect Sideshow Bob)
      You do know there was also a heroin crisis in the 50s right? "The Man with the Golden Arm"?

    • Mike's Content
      Mike's Content Month ago +2

      +Todd W. Smith Yeah, I'd have to disagree with you on the making our kids smarter. I fully admit part of the stagnation in education effectiveness is parents not sitting down with their kids or specifically not being able to. The other side of that coin is school systems not being able to get rid of trash tier teachers. School systems with trash tier programs and education plans. Teachers Unions in New York that attack charter schools as racist because they produce better results with students by saying they dont have the "correct" amount of kids with the "correct" race. I am not surprised you are in the public sector because you think we should just send people to CAREER schools on the taxpayer's dollar just so they have the skill in case they need it. No. I would be all for abolishing the endless standardized tests *that Teacher Unions fight for because it gets them overtime* if we could bring back Gym class, Shop class, and Home Economics. These are life skills that could be taught and physical fitness is needed big time.

    • Todd W. Smith
      Todd W. Smith Month ago +1

      +Mike's Content I'm a K-12 substitute teacher, and your tax dollars already pay my wages for the same reason I think they should pay for college--to make people smarter and more capable of critical thinking.
      I'm all on board with vocay too. And not even as a money-maker. I wish I'd taken some vocational courses in between my BA in Linguistics. I'd love to be able to fix my own pipes even if I never became a plumber. Handiness is something to take pride in, as are general and specific knowledge of academic fields.

    • Mike's Content
      Mike's Content Month ago +2

      +Todd W. Smith If it isn't for people to get jobs why should I have to pay taxes to provide that? I'd be ok with subsidizing Vocational schools. Then if you want to study butterfly patterns you can pay for that yourself. I'm not into college being driven by profit but I dont want to subsidize anything that isnt beneficial to the country. That's part of the problem people who think college students shouldn't be lazier focused. Let me guess you work at a college and you teach a grievance studies course? We are far from focused on anything my friend and other countries know that. I want focus restored and I want our sovereignty restored because all we are headed towards being is Constantinople. A place where people trade their goods and a military force protects merchants but we are just a shell of what we were then we fall into the hands of a rising empire. No culture, no art, no beauty. I'd even take Denmark, Free market solid social safety net.
      It wasn't just the Reaganite boomers, it's a whole generation of self flagellating people. No fault of their own as they were children of people who lived through the great depression who were now experiencing a quality of life they had never experienced before with children born into an American Empire they had secured for them. The thing is things have changed. That level of self indulgence isnt healthy for any society and millennials and gen Z are here to fix the problems created by the mindset of no consequences which Boomers operated on. You'll forgive me if I dont take flower child ideology seriously at all in the face of the problems we now face.

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