Casually Explained: The Creative Process

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • They say you write how you think, which is why my word documents are usually blank.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose 5 days ago

    I die of laughter after every video. Then I watch the next one

  • Derek Stubbs
    Derek Stubbs 7 days ago

    You stated honey is that app that saves you money and gets you honeys, I haven’t received any of the honeys that you spoke of, where can my lawyer send his letter of rep?

  • Dylan Gilbert
    Dylan Gilbert 11 days ago +1

    This video was creative

  • William Vincent
    William Vincent 20 days ago

    "Realize your personality is going to have to carry you"
    *RIP, Me.*

  • khamaji Taylor
    khamaji Taylor 24 days ago

    Mine is depression not joking i write my best work when im distress or depressed. Sucks doe lol

  • Renan Terezan
    Renan Terezan 29 days ago

    "Artist or musician", meaning that a musician doesn't make art

  • Christof Verhoog
    Christof Verhoog 29 days ago +1

    4:00 I actually figured it out before he gave the answer 😊😎

  • Corrupted Hangout
    Corrupted Hangout Month ago

    3:46 that was deep man

  • Cyrus James-Khan
    Cyrus James-Khan Month ago

    Ma gawd that end was the smoothing transition ever.

  • KoopaPlays
    KoopaPlays Month ago

    your creative process quiz isn't helping with my imposter syndrome fml

  • kasha eden
    kasha eden Month ago

    please do a casually explained friends with benefits

  • callison caffrey
    callison caffrey Month ago +2

    You got me. I'll complete the next number in the sequence.
    Seriously though, that was madly creative. I'm highly impressed.

  • Notebook Of Thinkers
    Notebook Of Thinkers 2 months ago

    -.- u jwk

  • Kiwi Pham
    Kiwi Pham 2 months ago

    0:50 r/restofthefuckingowl

  • MisterL2
    MisterL2 2 months ago


  • vexioz
    vexioz 2 months ago

    Damn, I thought the next number was 2 😕

  • Dacommenta
    Dacommenta 2 months ago +7

    The biggest recovery of this century is Elon Musks hair line.

  • Drew Boivie
    Drew Boivie 2 months ago +1

    I tried to complete the next number in the sequence, but your subscriber count went down by one.
    The cost of creativity, I guess...

  • i can’t change my name for 90 days Matlock

    i thought casually explained and sam o’neill where the same for a very long time until now

  • KanalOhneName
    KanalOhneName 2 months ago

    *I spend like 30 minutes trying to figure out your subsriber count*

  • Cozmik
    Cozmik 2 months ago

    I am not creative it seems 😅😔

  • Jeff Manseau
    Jeff Manseau 2 months ago

    I just tap into my deep-rooted self-loathing and the result is out on Spotify now.

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin 2 months ago

    The real way to connect all the dots is to just use a super thick line so that it only takes one line to cover them all up

  • Boris Andrews
    Boris Andrews 2 months ago


  • Ballsack Bones
    Ballsack Bones 2 months ago +2

    We need this video to reach more than 1 million views so he has none under

  • Nefarious
    Nefarious 2 months ago

    yikes so few views?,

  • lu na
    lu na 2 months ago

    1:07 is why women aren't funny

  • Nikhil Pandey
    Nikhil Pandey 2 months ago

    Motherfuxker! I fell for the last one.

  • SOIBand
    SOIBand 2 months ago

    Musician working for dominos here. Lol

  • Abnery Rosas
    Abnery Rosas 2 months ago

    Jimmy Carr and Richard Ayoade

  • KittenIgnition
    KittenIgnition 2 months ago

    ok i finally watched every single one of your fucking videos now leave me alone please

  • Eventerminator
    Eventerminator 2 months ago

    I have no creativity

  • bartonfang
    bartonfang 3 months ago

    Hard work.

  • deadmeme 21
    deadmeme 21 3 months ago

    Why is every RU-clipr's hoodie a soup-reim clone?

  • Sniperthe0ne
    Sniperthe0ne 3 months ago

    I subbed because of the last quiz

  • Alexander Halsey
    Alexander Halsey 3 months ago

    This channel is basically scientific

  • Alexandra Juwater
    Alexandra Juwater 3 months ago

    I’m so uncreative I didn’t even understand the 4 lines questions oops

  • Chan Chun
    Chan Chun 3 months ago

    I actually got that it was your subscribers

  • Alec G
    Alec G 3 months ago

    Casually explain me inside your mom

  • STOP J
    STOP J 3 months ago

    I actually did the last one no joke

    HYPERLATINO 3 months ago

    disgustingly clever haha.

  • VictoriaWinters
    VictoriaWinters 3 months ago

    Dude you are so funny

  • Taewoong Eom
    Taewoong Eom 3 months ago

    I’m so proud of myself that I instantly knew what he was talking about

  • umejiaku6
    umejiaku6 3 months ago

    I love this

  • Kat AT
    Kat AT 3 months ago

    the next number in the sequence is 0 cause it makes a rhyming line for a poem comparing the moral shame a government makes to someone breaking the law by ticketing fine compared to the 6 CEOs responsible for the 2008 banking disaster: 1907,6391 = "one fine no heaven, 6 free. fine none" Am I creative ;-; ?

  • ItsMeMax312
    ItsMeMax312 3 months ago

    What a meme.

  • gwho
    gwho 3 months ago

    This one was very good!

  • heyo heyo
    heyo heyo 3 months ago

    Um weird flex but ok...

  • dayof thelords
    dayof thelords 3 months ago

    “Artists or musicians” is that tea?!!!

  • Anna T
    Anna T 3 months ago

    I miss your videos!

  • ozan usta
    ozan usta 3 months ago

    It would be so fun being friends with this guy

  • Yum Yum
    Yum Yum 3 months ago

    I figured out your last one before you made the reveal. I did cheat and scroll down to see your sub count, but that was more self affirmation, rather than looking for clues at that point. :P

  • bigfoot45jp
    bigfoot45jp 3 months ago

    Come back. We need you. Our miserable lives seem easier to endure when you make fun of them. Daddy, come on!

  • Jk Teehee
    Jk Teehee 3 months ago +1

    Low-key flex

  • Soc Virnyl Estela
    Soc Virnyl Estela 3 months ago

    I'm wondering. this guy has a twin

  • Pj Baker
    Pj Baker 3 months ago

    Its an ad

  • Brooke Lee
    Brooke Lee 3 months ago +5

    R u still alive?

  • waranacho The Newt
    waranacho The Newt 3 months ago

    Congratulations man, u just cost me my only hours of sleep xD nice videos dude keep going ;-)

  • Erick peraza
    Erick peraza 3 months ago

    Could you casually stream RimWorld on twitch?

  • Zdawg Dawgdawg
    Zdawg Dawgdawg 3 months ago

    You should have a meetup in Vancouver, if you still live around there of course

  • blue eevee
    blue eevee 3 months ago

    I used a pen soooo

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 3 months ago

    Best video hands down

  • FourLeaf Clover
    FourLeaf Clover 3 months ago

    I miss the crappy mic.

  • Vexyvin DaGamer
    Vexyvin DaGamer 3 months ago +1

    This is the Super Secret Channel I've been working on

  • 吉井雄太朗
    吉井雄太朗 3 months ago


  • Brendan Walshaw
    Brendan Walshaw 3 months ago

    You deserve my sub just for the end of this video

  • bennies fried chicken
    bennies fried chicken 3 months ago

    and they say its hard to make a youtube channel, man just draws a awful depiction of an average male and has almost 2 mil subs

  • Daniel Keating
    Daniel Keating 3 months ago

    Happy new year James 🎉🎉🎉

  • I have No name
    I have No name 3 months ago

    Explain poker or any form of gambling

  • CocutFX
    CocutFX 3 months ago

    weird flex but ok.

  • StagHead
    StagHead 3 months ago

    Sounds like his voice finally broke lol

  • Mateusz Jarosiewicz
    Mateusz Jarosiewicz 3 months ago

    Hey, I'm doing a research in the company about the need to create a game based on the simulation of the city, which would serve, among others, for planning space, engaging talents and gathering ideas for new initiatives. I need an opinion from the youtubers if they would like to operate in an additional virtual city (their own) and how would they imagine it?

  • Heart Beat
    Heart Beat 3 months ago

    This is so creative

  • Anonymous Shawn
    Anonymous Shawn 4 months ago

    Casually explain suicide

  • Mike Pizzimenti
    Mike Pizzimenti 4 months ago

    Casually explained: anxiety

  • David Boson
    David Boson 4 months ago

    im an introverted, loner, achololic; with no imagination - Yay!

  • unacceptable lemon
    unacceptable lemon 4 months ago

    I answered correctly on the first question. Everybody knows three dots are cooler than a typical target or one meager red point on the screen. Also it looked like a snake.

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson 4 months ago

    As an Alaskan, I was hoping the 1-907-639x would be a phone number with a missing number x.

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk 4 months ago

    Best animation channel ever. The art has evolved so much and id say you are the top animator in the entire everything

  • Jachym holas
    Jachym holas 4 months ago

    New vid? When? i dont know

    • Jachym holas
      Jachym holas 4 months ago

      Im a fan for quite some time ik, but he aint that consistent tho

    • SyDigtal
      SyDigtal 4 months ago

      look on his channel he uploads every month expect it soon

  • Asta Saidak
    Asta Saidak 4 months ago

    Can you casually explain memory?

  • Sasuke Sugimoto
    Sasuke Sugimoto 4 months ago

    U dead

    • SyDigtal
      SyDigtal 4 months ago

      look on his channel he uploads every month expect it soon

  • Sadiq Walid
    Sadiq Walid 4 months ago

    fav youtube channel :)

  • hmkeito
    hmkeito 4 months ago


    SELF DOUBTS 4 months ago

    1+9=10 last number is 0
    9+7=16 last number is 6
    i definitely thought i had that shit lmao

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz 4 months ago

    Casually explained: 911

  • Bk626
    Bk626 4 months ago

    The next number in the sequence is “Damn you’re fine”

  • not da vinci
    not da vinci 4 months ago

    Explain pweds

  • helloworld2705
    helloworld2705 4 months ago

    weeeeee neeeeed a new viiiiideooooooo!

    • SyDigtal
      SyDigtal 4 months ago

      look on his channel he uploads every month expect it soon

  • RussianAlexandrite
    RussianAlexandrite 4 months ago +1

    Is it just me or do Casually Explained and CGP grey have very similar voices

  • Sasykin S
    Sasykin S 4 months ago

    Totally saw that coming...

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. 4 months ago

    I've been watching ur videos for like 4 days and I friccen love it broski

  • sithlordsoup
    sithlordsoup 4 months ago

    Please do the casually explained electoral college next lol

  • Amira Amin
    Amira Amin 4 months ago

    A plot twist... Well played

  • J P
    J P 4 months ago

    Absolute gold

  • Rosko
    Rosko 4 months ago

    how not to suck at cooking?

  • Daniel Skora
    Daniel Skora 4 months ago +1

    Have you seen Target making bank at Christmas time? It's totally ahead of Dominos.

    • Jason Spence
      Jason Spence 3 months ago

      He's from Canada, where they all went out of business

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 4 months ago

    The beautifully executed self promotion gained you a few thousand subs

  • Camille I
    Camille I 4 months ago

    You should do casually explained: dorms!! Please