Every Single Marvel Post-Credits Scene before May 2016 - High Quality

  • Published on May 21, 2016
  • From Iron Man to Ant-Man. Every single post-credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Phase One and Two, right here in high quality.
    Post-credits scenes, after-credits scenes, stingers, tags, credit cookies or coda - whatever you call them, they've been as regular for the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as Christmas falling in December.
    Through Phase One and Phase Two Marvel has bestowed us with 17 often foreshadowing scenes ranging from a bunch of shawarma eating Avengers to a Falcon who "might know someone" (Ant-man, hint hint). Enjoy the MCU after-credits scenes right here in their highest quality.
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  • Patros2006
    Patros2006 15 hours ago

    Incredible hulk never had a post credit ending that was basically the ending of that movie

  • Blue Feast
    Blue Feast 2 days ago

    can you say how to upload copyrighted videos on youtube

  • hOuR_ Sparky
    hOuR_ Sparky 2 days ago

    Get your movies right

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All 3 days ago +1

    I think that post credit scene from Iron Man 2 is one of the best .

  • Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Baby groot is darn cute.

  • Sandavi Rathnayake
    Sandavi Rathnayake 6 days ago +1

    Natasha : You were napping ?
    Steve : I ...I was ...I drifted ..

  • Reactedgaming 341
    Reactedgaming 341 7 days ago

    Fine... I’ll do It my self !!!

  • Muamar Hafidz
    Muamar Hafidz 8 days ago

    I am Iron Man

  • Maxime Prometheas
    Maxime Prometheas 8 days ago

    5:11 - Herman Cain 2012. ;)

  • Alex Banks
    Alex Banks 9 days ago

    0:23 when you leave primary school and are about to go to secondary school but you don't know there'll be more people

  • Eddie Rivera
    Eddie Rivera 10 days ago

    Anyone here after Spider-Man far from home post credit scene

  • WhoIsTadhg
    WhoIsTadhg 16 days ago

    That Ant Man post credit scene makes a lot more sense after Civil War, especially after you feel the gravity of the Accords through the lens of that movie.

  • Morgan Lasch
    Morgan Lasch 18 days ago

    To think Iron Man started all of it

  • Dripto Ray
    Dripto Ray 20 days ago +1

    Endgame credits scene: is 1 hour long

    My bladder : whatever it takes

  • Khaing Mar
    Khaing Mar 20 days ago

    WHy ThE Hell is Nick pOppIn oUtta NowHeRe..

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 24 days ago

    i thought thanos was a red gorilla back then

  • Troy DT
    Troy DT 25 days ago

    Whe is Thanos always smiling? In time he will know what it's like to lose.

  • Holden
    Holden 26 days ago

    The Thanos in the first Avengers movie looks so accurate.

  • Nica Simblante
    Nica Simblante 27 days ago

    11:27 omg my Groot 💕

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess 28 days ago

    1:21 is Tony talking about Cap, is he the super soldier?
    N why doesn't Tony want to revive him?

  • Violet Wolf
    Violet Wolf Month ago

    17 was captain America: civil war

  • WolvesBane
    WolvesBane Month ago

    0:14 *gets flashbacks of goose the cat*

  • Nilesh Mishra
    Nilesh Mishra Month ago

    The journey was started by tony stark after 10 years the journey is ended by iron man

  • Samim Akhter
    Samim Akhter Month ago +1

    #RDJ i love you 3000🌹♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️

  • Ak edits
    Ak edits Month ago


  • T0ny
    T0ny Month ago +1

    Men: *refuse to turn gay*
    James Charles: 12:46

  • PLeasureLark Holbrook

    Where's Deadpool

  • Efrem Tommasi
    Efrem Tommasi Month ago

    Jon Favreau started them all

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea Month ago

    I still don’t understand The Avengers 2012’s post credit scene 😭 can anyone explain it to me?

    • marvel fan
      marvel fan Month ago

      I think it shows that they are not made for team (avenger) and shows coming of civil war.

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea Month ago

    How should I watch all these marvel movies in order?

  • Patrick393
    Patrick393 Month ago

    The last one was a scene from the winter soldier

  • Vaske FTW
    Vaske FTW Month ago

    all standalone films its just nick fury making the avengers

  • MildeAmasoj
    MildeAmasoj Month ago

    Thanos in the first Avengers movie was the Thanos of the comics. Never realized that

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo Month ago

    here after endgame :(

  • its jeeennny
    its jeeennny Month ago +1

    Groot dancing is one of the best thing ever. 💕

  • Vikram Sohal
    Vikram Sohal Month ago

    It's the weirdest thing to see Thanos have a regular sized human hand in that 2012 Avengers end credits

  • Snooler Fadly
    Snooler Fadly Month ago

    Why kiss? This is public and i mind avengers is formulasi? So, not kiss

  • Snooler Fadly
    Snooler Fadly Month ago

    Avengers ^_^

  • Kaye Fajardo
    Kaye Fajardo Month ago

    Are these movies in order?

  • Jeevan Jyoti
    Jeevan Jyoti Month ago

    And all credit goes to stan lee

  • Geeta Tikoo
    Geeta Tikoo Month ago +3

    12:16 *"Lyka!! Is that you???"*

    (First animal in space)

  • charlos barlos
    charlos barlos Month ago

    i really did just see a damn spoiler for endgame because i’m too broke to see it right now i’m: mad

  • Aetheri
    Aetheri Month ago

    I must say, that Shawarma must be pretty good if not even a word is being said.

  • 是邪恶的习近平

    Thanks for putting this together

  • Ian Santos
    Ian Santos Month ago

    Thanos be using some whitening soap

  • Mind over Matter
    Mind over Matter Month ago

    Age of ultron post credits gave me chills

  • Janet Aldrich
    Janet Aldrich Month ago

    What is that green stuff the general's drinking?

  • Roopali Vijayakar
    Roopali Vijayakar Month ago +1

    Man I would like to see a movie on Tony stark's life in heaven and messing around with all the gods😂

  • Arlindo Melo
    Arlindo Melo Month ago +4

    4:58 only true comics fans would understand this line.

  • Courtney Gibson Jr
    Courtney Gibson Jr Month ago

    The one with thanos in Avengers Age Of Ultron is my favorite. @&$# gets real

  • Zac Redfield
    Zac Redfield Month ago

    End game, no post credit scene

  • okkabro
    okkabro Month ago

    R.I.P Tony Stark
    You were my childhood hero.

  • Chasing Ghost
    Chasing Ghost Month ago +1

    There was an idea..

  • Yandere Osana
    Yandere Osana Month ago

    the video on iron man 2, that is from the Thor 2011...right?

  • Darkworld 1006
    Darkworld 1006 Month ago +66

    "It is not wise to keep 2 Infinity Stones so close together"
    Loki: Hold my beer

  • sr50cent
    sr50cent Month ago

    5:38 Captain America hiding his beard.

  • Marcin Żochowski
    Marcin Żochowski Month ago

    5:16 the best lmao year 2012

  • Adam OMG
    Adam OMG Month ago


  • Myst_ xShadowx
    Myst_ xShadowx Month ago

    11:36 when a fortnite default gets his first win

  • Rohit Rocker
    Rohit Rocker Month ago +3

    They are the biggest part of our hearts♥️
    Cheers to all these great people
    Somehow they taught us so much

    Love you all 3000

    Like if u agree ♥️

  • Allu Kat
    Allu Kat Month ago

    I never knew these movies were that connected and that thanos was teased that far back. I also never saw the after credits scene

  • Marcus productions 01

    2008: I am iron man
    2019: I am iron man

  • Jarkievia Moulder
    Jarkievia Moulder Month ago +4

    Nick fury always popping up somewhere😂😂😂

  • 羅亞
    羅亞 Month ago

    Science brothers💕

  • KanIHabe DaPusiBaws

    So during Avengers they were actually planning to make Thanos like the Comic version where he was obssesed with death and not really a sympathetic character good thing they actually changed him and made him one of greatest villain in cinematic history

  • Ultra Jacksgaming
    Ultra Jacksgaming Month ago +5

    Minion: to challenge them is to court death

  • Isla Geldenhuys
    Isla Geldenhuys Month ago

    Number 5 is wrong

  • Gabe Pena
    Gabe Pena Month ago

    Isn’t it amazing how Marvel uses Past lines and quotes that no one really acknowledges or identifies , in order to mold and shape future films’ dialogue and story with spectacular foreshadowing ???

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain Month ago

    11:52 why does groot stop dancing even when no one is watching him?