Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss (Full Plan)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • This is a Full Intermittent Fasting Plan for Weight Loss. If you're wondering how to do an intermittent fasting diet plan then this video will help you set one up for FREE. It's great for both beginners and advanced. Learn how to free up your schedule while getting all of the benefits of fasting. You'll know how to set up your own warrior diet, one meal a day diet and alternate day fasting diet by the end of this video. ENJOY!
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    I have great news! This is going to be the last intermittent fasting video that you have to watch before you have everything that you need to start a customized intermittent fasting diet plan as early as today. As long as you simply follow along you'll learn guaranteed methods to start losing weight and burning fat with fasting protocals like 16/8 fasting, alternate day fasting, the 5:2 diet, the warrior diet, and even the one meal a day diet. The best part is that I'm gonna give you guys this complete step by step guide for free, and I'm not gonna hold anything back because if I can help you start losing weight with intermittent fasting today you're probably going to subsrcribe to this channel and tell all your friends. So with no further ado let's get started. First you should know that intermittent fasting isn't as much of an eating plan as it is an eating pattern. This means that there is no approved and unapproved food list, no specific calorie recommendations, and no macronutrient targets. Instead you would take the intermittent fasting eating pattern and apply it to any kind of diet plan that you like best whether that be paleo, keto, atkins, vegan, vegetarian, carb cycling, or an old school bodybuilding 40/40/20 split. The point of intermittent fasting is to make all of these eating plans fit into your life in an eating pattern that's convenient for you. And don't worry if you're a little confused right now, by the end of this video you'll know exactly which eating plan and which eating pattern is best for you.... So besides convenience a couple other benefits of intermittent fasting include improved insulin sensitivity which will help with fat loss, increased levels of the muscle building human growth hormone, an enhanced repair process for old and damaged cells through something known as autophaghy, increased productivity, more mental clarity, and of course weight loss. Out of all the different intermittent fasting protocols, they all have one thing in common - there's a portion of the day spent fasting where you don't eat anything at all and there's another portion of the day where you're allowed to eat which is known as the "eating window." When first choosing the right intermittent fasting plan you want to consider 2 major things - which one will fit your lifestyle and preferences the best, and which one you're currently ready for, because you'll definitely want to ease your way into tougher and tougher fasting protocols with time and practice. That means that if you've never fasted before you don't want to start by planning to fast 3 days in a row because you'll find it almost impossible to manage hunger. You see, the hunger that you feel at the moments of the day where all you can think about is food isn't necessarily caused by a physical need to eat. Instead a lot of that hunger you feel comes from conditioned hunger responses that are created after years of practicing a certain eating pattern until it becomes a habit. Once established, These eating habits aren't just reinforced by your mind, but they're reinforced by your whole body down to a microscopic level. For example your stomach will release a hunger hormone known as ghrelin during the times of the day that you're normally used to eating. This means that If you eat breakfast everyday for a year straight but then one day you wake up too late an
    Systematic review: Intermittent fasting just as effective as other diets for fat loss and muscle preservation:
    6 Months of Intermittent Fasting - Comparable Fat Loss and Muscle Loss to Standard Dieting
    Alternate Day fasting has no negative effect on muscle mass:
    Protein breakdown drops to 70g/24h when fasting and after fasting for 3-4 days drops further to only about 20g/24h:
    Growth Hormone peaks at a 1250% increase with prolonged fasting

    Fed vs Fasted Training

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  • David Aylesworth
    David Aylesworth 7 hours ago

    Your channel has completely changed my lifestyle, and overall health. Keep up these great videos.👍

  • Kevin
    Kevin 10 hours ago

    im doing the 23/1 diet its my 3rd day wish me luck🙌
    i eat one chicken breast and a large bowl of just green salad with seasoning of course.The hunger is pretty bad but i drink a TON of water, im gonna lose that fkn fat!💯

  • 1Ataya
    1Ataya 16 hours ago

    Great video!

  • vcash holdfast
    vcash holdfast Day ago

    I do 14/8. ....

  • Sanket Sanket
    Sanket Sanket Day ago

    I get hunger pangs in the fasting period. It takes a lot of will power to refrain from food. On normal days hunger is controlled but on stressful days, it becomes hard to resist food and that's why I break my diet on stressful days. I've tried this twice but failed due to stress. Please suggest how to curb hunger effectively, especially at hard situations.

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin Day ago

    I just started this again about three days ago. I do the 20/4. Eat for four hours and no food for 20. I eat at 2pm. And I eat at 6pm. Only black coffee and water. Sometimes alcohol. But it’s ok. I did this two years ago and lost 50 pds in 3 months. But now I’m feeling the nausea and I feel the energy for sure. Last nite I didn’t sleep to much. Because of the fasting. But energy levels are way high. I remember now why I liked doing this. It’s just hard on your body to get used to it. I feel nausea for about 1-2 minutes every day. I was told that it’s because your insulin level is super low. But apparently that’s when your body burns the fat most effectively. It goes into ketosis mode and freaks out and starts burning body fat because it thinks that your not gonna eat anything. I understand very well how this works. I just came to complain about it I guess. Thanks. And I hope my comment helps others also.

  • hilaryuwu
    hilaryuwu Day ago

    only one question tho, should i eat even tho im not hungry although i didn’t eat a lot since since i broke the fast? Im less hungry when i fast but sometimes it feels like i have to eat so much to reach my calorie requirements of the day to not be under eating (i only have like 5 lbs to lose)

  • What
    What Day ago

    I got a pasta ad before watching this.

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite Day ago

    Great information!!! Question does having a green smoothie in the morning to replace not having breakfast count towards that 8 hour window?

  • Mg Do
    Mg Do Day ago

    is it okey to eat from 8am til 4pm?

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    Nasrin Akhtar 2 days ago

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  • Hydro BxR
    Hydro BxR 2 days ago +4

    Jesus christ I've pretty much done the warrior and omad diets since middle school.

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    GOD BLESS AMERICA 2 days ago

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    4:30 " many macros you need to *burn fat* ..."
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  • Gaben
    Gaben 3 days ago

    I guess i've been doing the warrior diet ever since i starter 3 months ago because of my sleep schedule 23 hours and 1 to eat.

  • Joel Hewitt
    Joel Hewitt 3 days ago +1

    Would it still work just as good if I ate 15/9

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    What does light activity mean? Less working out, less intensity?

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  • Oozzie Halifa
    Oozzie Halifa 4 days ago +2

    I have been eating 1 meal a day and fasting, 18/6, since 2017. For the last 6 months I’ve cut sugar out my diet (not natural sugars) and cut out snacking etc. I work out 5 days a week as well. Since May 1st, I’ve been eating every 20-22 hours now..... Hard but my body looks and feels better. We are addicted to eating and eating poorly in our country. Knowledge and being mentally strong is the key to prolong life and happiness

  • Ahmed Tamer Hosny Ibrahim

    This is exactly what Islam teaches it's followers to do. I totally agree with you as this was prescribed by our creator to become healthier.

  • Ryan Messer
    Ryan Messer 4 days ago

    How does it work if you take protein and BCAAS before and after workouts?

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    Love your videos, do you have any advice for someone who works swingshift as far as what hours I should eat. I work 3 PM to 11 PM. Thank you

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    If your fasting can you drink water or anything throughout the day? Also I am type 2 diabetic can I do the 18:6

  • Steve Fowler
    Steve Fowler 5 days ago

    I just get up in the morning and look at look at myself in the mirror....after a while that tells you what works and what doesn't in your diet and fasting...if you make it to the gym 3 to 5 days a week and do some distance running (I have foot issues so I only run about 3 miles twice a week...outside!!!) and do some sprint work (I do 40 yd and 60 yd sprints on the beach up hill to the dunes...a typical sprint workout is seven to ten runs) and eat healthy your body starts changing...if you stick with it for a while, at some point you wake up and look in the mirror and go wow I look like a badass really isn't rocket science.

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    Puii Chawnghlut 5 days ago +1

    I just wanted to say to the first point that you can eat every thing you want.. I say no.. Because you need to eat the daily nutrients requirement at the time you eat.. You may eat snacks.. Sugar stuff.. But it may cause serious problem after some days.. So.. Eat healthy

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester 6 days ago

    What about beef jerky during the 16 hr fast 💨 it has no calories thoughts 💭

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      Beef jerky has calories...

  • Abdalla Abdikarim Osman

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  • Kay Max
    Kay Max 6 days ago

    Hey i have a habbit of drinking a cup of tea with milk and suger in the morning after i wake up. Other than that i can do and i did 16/8. But because of the tea im having while im fasting is it gonna effect my fat burn?

  • K zu dem N
    K zu dem N 6 days ago

    20/4 is much harder if you are a beginner... I am playing with the idea but today is
    my first time of being in an intermittent fasting state. I guess i let it be for the first couple of days.

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    Best Channel out there for tips & advice. Your break down is simple and easy to follow.
    Also looks like you’re website is easy to use. Keep up the Great Work!!

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    Cathy Le-Roux 6 days ago +1

    I tried IF 16/8 for a month, it didn’t work for me.
    Now considering going back into, and testing out to see what works for me.

    • Cathy Le-Roux
      Cathy Le-Roux Day ago

      T V That’s low, only 800?
      I work out 5 days a week and doing under 1200 is challenging. Baby steps.😅

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      vcash holdfast Will start will that...Thanks 😊

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      T V 5 days ago +1

      I did IF..i didnt gain or loss...then i did IF again i did adapt then of course i started working out a little more then i had to do about 800 calories a day and that seems to be workn now i am losing weight

  • Gus Lopez
    Gus Lopez 7 days ago

    I.F. Is great the only down fall that I’ve noticed on people is that they start getting bags under their eyes no matter if they get a good night sleep.

  • Daniel Bouwman
    Daniel Bouwman 7 days ago

    Does the 16/8 method have to be consistently at the same time each day? So for example from 12 PM to 8 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm??? As long as I keep the 16/8 method does the time matter on each day?

    • E.S. Slc
      E.S. Slc 6 days ago +1

      No, not really. The amount of hours matter way more.

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    Lost Remnant 7 days ago

    I have been doing 16/8 for about 3 months now and I have only lost 13lbs. How can I get better result? I go to the gym so maybe muscle weight? Also I am a 17yr old male

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      E.S. Slc thanx man

    • E.S. Slc
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      No. Take them with food.

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    Intermittent fasting really isnt hard guys and gals. After the first week or two it actully becomes a lifestyle change. I do omad and i feel great when i omad. I do it on my work week so 5 days omad and 2 days cheat days. My one meal i do eat isnt even healthy but still lose wieght plus i feel more focus and energetic so its actually easy for me to stick with. 3 months lose 22 lbs. With omad you save time not eating as much, you save money also, your one meal taste so amazing and believe it or not you have more energy in the fasting state. Its a lifestyle change i plan to keep doing.

  • Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans 11 days ago

    If you exercise when you're in a 'Fasting State', can you take any fat burner powders or will that break your fast?

  • Asip
    Asip 11 days ago

    just get up early before dawn.. eat moderate food.. drink milk.. eat dates.. drink plain water.. break the fast during evening.. fast 2 times a weak.. monday and wednesday.. or tuesday and thursday.. easy fast.. if you can.. choose a suitable month... and fast full month.. thats a level..

  • Talal Alanazi
    Talal Alanazi 11 days ago

    It work the best when you are Muslim. Its easy to learn and you feel good after one month of eating nothing but veggies

  • Talal Alanazi
    Talal Alanazi 11 days ago

    It work the best when you are Muslim. Its easy to learn and you feel good after one month of eating nothing but veggies

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      I do 16/8 maybe at most twice a week when I wake up and not very hungry. But 14/10 works the best for me.

    • jennifer brown
      jennifer brown 4 days ago

      Ruth Osornio add almonds to your diet too!! Get a big bag of unsalted nuts! Lol oatmeal with raisins or Raisin Bran crunch and add your own extra raisins mmm mmm good!

    • Defeqel
      Defeqel 4 days ago +1

      +Ruth Osornio sometimes more fats help

      edit: and tea can actually worsen the constipation

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    smartassmart 14 days ago

    intermittent fasting is buuuulllshiiiiiit! lol that’s right, i said it... 2000 calories is 2000 calories, doesn’t matter when you eat it. i tried IF for 6 months, i always count my calories, if i ate at maintenance on a 18/6 schedule i stayed exactly the same as if i ate at maintenance on whatever schedule (around say 12/12). if i ate at a 500 calorie deficit during IF i lost 1lb per week, same as i did when eating 12/12 on a 500 calorie per day deficit.... if the small eating window makes it easier for you then right on, but it’s not anything magical, it all comes
    down to counting calories either way.

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    • Miss BrookeAngelina
      Miss BrookeAngelina 13 days ago

      BurgerBob not really its actually very healthy for your body and has so many benefits, aslong as your eating the right amount of calories and nutrients that your body needs. Its unhealthy for your body to constantly be digesting food. Thats why this is a great pattern to eat.

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  • wb5mgr
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    One thing you have to watch for if you choose to train while fasted is that your blood sugar can crash when training hard. That can be a very serious issue in the gym. Keep an apple or banana nearby in case you need some sugar to recover from lightheadedness.