Drew Brees "Bring Bible To School" Slammed By Media & LGBT Chic-Fil-A Protest In Toronto?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
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  • LorisKaye Psalms 25

    Christians follow a persecuted, betrayed, tortured & murdered Messiah who told His followers to Love their enemies and to pray for those who mercilessly persecute you and be like your Father in heaven. Jesus demonstrated that love on the cross when He said "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." Christianity is founded on the blood of our martyrs. Christians aren't battling against flesh & blood, but against spiritual darkness. Our media has become a bastion of evil liars who hate truth!

  • V ANON
    V ANON Month ago

    So stupid how they have to make him apologize over nothing. People are so stupid and dumb.

  • Love4AllHumans
    Love4AllHumans Month ago

    I'm not a Christian, having said that, I would rather have someone pray for me than pray on me. Also, it's interesting that they are giving Muslim children a special class room to be able to do their prayers and they are teaching the Tenets of Islam and even teaching children in schools Islamic prayers, yet it's not okay for Christian children to pray or bring their Bibles to school.

  • michael knight
    michael knight Month ago

    What have we created with all this globalist liberalism? 8 years of Obama rolled out the anti christiananity anti American sentiments

  • Self Discipline
    Self Discipline Month ago

    The left has created an entire movement for christians. I wasn't religious until now. The left pushed me towards god, by being so evil

  • I hear Ya
    I hear Ya Month ago

    Feeling like Same Sex-ok 👍
    But DON’T tell me to Except PORN SHOW Parades I feel Mentally offended by.
    I CAN have Compassions For a Persons NEED, Pains & Struggles,
    But IM -NOT UR OFFENDER or Delima So DO-NOT Offend ME.

  • I hear Ya
    I hear Ya Month ago


  • Angeline
    Angeline Month ago

    @An0maly fyi there is something called Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, caused by over consumption of pornography. Add that to the fact that young boys are watching porn, and think about the ramifications that entails for guys in their 20s who can't get it up.

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell Month ago

    Just saying you might want to watch using that word anymore! ru-clip.com/video/fsHhmRLWW68/video.html

  • Anthony Dio
    Anthony Dio Month ago

    WTF. The LBGTQABCDEDG community must feel guilty about their actions. The media are just propaganda ministers that put Joseph Goebbels to shame! He said nothing in his commercial about homosexuals but yet they are screaming he is anti gay? As I said it must be some guilt complex. Silencing Drew Brees will not stop you from going to Hell twinkle toes. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Month ago

    Why does religion get a pass? Can I bring my Mein Kampf book to school?

  • KnowBull Hockey
    KnowBull Hockey Month ago

    I always thought Drew was a good man!

  • Pink Pink
    Pink Pink Month ago

    Apology? What a joke.

  • E DeB
    E DeB Month ago

    So people are cowering to the left way too much with these apologies and explanations after they exercise their freedom of speech. Snowflakes need to learn tolerance and acceptance. The left is too narrow-minded and hateful. The bible would actually be a good reference book for them.

  • E DeB
    E DeB Month ago

    Drew's message is inspirational. Not surprised that the Satan worshiping left finds issue with it. News flash for the alphabet people...it's not all about you guys, no matter how many rainbows you wave. Get over yourselves before you make yourselves look even worse. God bless Drew Brees.

  • Angie S
    Angie S Month ago

    "I knew I shouldn't have gotten gay married"

  • I am Zena
    I am Zena Month ago

    It’s a pleasure to listen to you. Always well spoken, calm and logical. It’s a shame that some can’t discuss their opinions or listen to a differing view without spewing vile hatred and name calling.

  • ryansrealestate
    ryansrealestate Month ago

    I laughed pretty hard at "maybe we aren't supposed to have sex with butts"

  • CR7-Rvp cls92
    CR7-Rvp cls92 Month ago

    I live by faith and not by sight. Christianity does not agree with the alphabet lifestyle I follow my faith for my own peace of mind don't force me to love something I don't believe in. These people need to get this simple point and we can all have a better world and life. I'm one of those tired people

  • tonyglorioso61
    tonyglorioso61 Month ago

    Ate at Chic-Fil-A on Friday while visiting in South Carolina! It is a clean , wonderful place with great food! The same establishments (2 in my area of upstate NY) have the same great food, service, cleanliness, and, courteous employees, and, are always packed! All are welcome to eat there! Those protesters who do not like it are only pushing their own hate agenda!

  • Amy Pelino
    Amy Pelino Month ago +1

    It’s true about China air. When I was in Beijing I got super sick and I think it was because of the air.

  • Angel Mills
    Angel Mills Month ago

    PORN IS DAMAGING!!!!overstimulation leads to not performing well with your partner, you keep needing more n more taboo n stranger so normal sex doesn't satisfy..... MEN PLEEEEAAAASE STOP WATCHING PORN N JERKING IT SO MUCH,

  • Mel Ba
    Mel Ba Month ago

    islam is "embraced" in muslim countries under penalty of imprisonment and/or death.
    That, however, is part of the religion.
    All "non-believers" are to be converted or killed until there are none left.
    There is not ambiguity about that command.
    And no muslim is considered exempt from actively killing or converting.
    They are in fact instructed to spread islam by any means necessary, including lying and violence.
    Because until you submit to islam, in their eyes, you are less than human.

  • Mel Ba
    Mel Ba Month ago

    It's like throwing chum into the middle of sharks.
    Once they sense weakness, it only makes matters worse.
    Stand up for what you believe in.

  • Rebecca Henderson
    Rebecca Henderson Month ago

    I don't consider that an apology.

  • Tony Gucciano
    Tony Gucciano Month ago +1

    Transgender story time good. Bibles had
    Got it.

  • Tony Gucciano
    Tony Gucciano Month ago

    Transgender story time good. Bibles had
    Got it.

  • Brenda Lewis
    Brenda Lewis Month ago

    I think LBGT group needs to go leave in a Muslim country where their are loved. 😐getting tried of the alphabet group and their hateful rascist ways.

  • Brenda Lewis
    Brenda Lewis Month ago

    Proud of Drew Brees stand up for what you believe in. Satan is really working on the left.

  • Advanced Technology

    Trying to make pedo felia (sp intentional) socially acceptable is the precursor to pushing satanism as the leading religion.

  • Even From Shit Grows Roses

    Im gonna say this...Im not a huge Chick Filla' fan. Im a Popeye's kinda girl...but this whole thing makes me.. want...Some waffle fries and a chicken sandwich.

  • Even From Shit Grows Roses

    Drew Breese better than Colin Kaepernick, anyday. It's cool Drew I felt your message more. Heavenly Father, Bless us all because we sure need it.

  • Sunder Aldridge
    Sunder Aldridge Month ago

    Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement...

  • Sunder Aldridge
    Sunder Aldridge Month ago

    Does his shirt really say FNA. Effin A?

  • Zelphian Cul
    Zelphian Cul Month ago +1

    AnOmaly, put your stuff on Bitchute so we can stop using RU-clip

  • Maria Fuller Keith
    Maria Fuller Keith Month ago

    It's okay, all this protesting actually helps Chik fil a... they're doing great financially. And it seems the more protests, the better they do. Btw, In n Out is also owned by Christians. Both hire gays, who report they are treated really well and love working there! I think the protesters are just plain confused.

  • jupitersrx
    jupitersrx Month ago

    I don't really comment on social media but I legit appreciate your perspective.

  • Carole Just Carole
    Carole Just Carole Month ago +2

    I am quite tired of those who have nothing to apologize for apologizing, and those who have much to apologize for refusing to even acknowledge when they are intentionally rude and hateful. It has been a long time since a Christian annoyed me over a faith issue. Sometimes they just act like people, because that is what they are, and if it annoys me I forgive them because I am not perfect either. There is nothing acceptable in trying to run someone out of business because they profess their faith. You can fairly not do business with them, but you have no right to try to ruin their business! Abdula has a great car shop, he is clearly Muslim, he doesn’t really like to deal with a female customer, but he does a good job, and is courteous. So I go to his shop. But even if he refused to work on my car unless my husband brings it in, I would still use his shop. If he said he couldn’t work on it because I am Christian, I will find another mechanic. If it comes up I won’t recommend him to friends, unless they are Muslim. But I won’t try to destroy his business.

  • Gibster
    Gibster Month ago +1

    Drew Brees is one of the best humanitarian in all of sports and has been an instrument for good in the New Orleans area for over a decade. this man has done nothing but good his entire professional life. but they still attack him for one of the most smallest blemishes you could even pin on the other organization and they act like they killed someone yet support the deep state built by the clinton and deny the bodies that line the streets around the clintons. I'd say in drew brees case the good he does far far outweighs any of the bad you could attempt to associate him with when you really break it all down. and I would say he deserves far better respect then what he got.

  • Birdy Boy
    Birdy Boy Month ago

    I was going to contact you privately, but could not find an email address on your about page. It's OK as I wasn't itrying to start a conversation, only had a few suggestions. You mentioned that you are trying to read the bible through. It's easy to get lost in detail & think there are contradictory statements. They are not. You need a very good study bible with tons of notes and/or an online commentary. For ex to explain the times and the societies at that time in history. . In some areas it might say a certain area or event was occupied by x number of people In another passage it might say there were X-300 at that city. That is because some people counted actual PEOPLE and others counted only the head of the households, etc. One of the BEST and fastest ways to get a great bible overview is to listen to Pastor Chuck Misslers, "Learn the Bible in 24 HOURS" Much is available on youtube, but also at his Koinonia House website.
    He is EXCELLENT, having a scientific/engineering background, he sees and explains things in a unique and interesting way. Also Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion ministries is so great at answering questions and has TONS of q&a on his site. Nathan Jones is their web minister and he has some youtube vids as well. He is rock solid & such a GOOD guy. Please check them out. Last, I HIGHLY recomment Dr. Ravi Zacharias (lots of great youtube vids) of "Let my people THINK" ministries. He has the unique perspective of having been raised in the east (Hindu) and can explain things in the most intriguing of ways (concepts --not specific bible study). Be blessed.

  • CCR TV
    CCR TV Month ago

    ⚡️What they complain about, they Hate God’s Holy Word the Bible, almost , But less than hate themselves , they hate it because it set People Free from the Bondage & Blindness They Suffer ~1 Tim 2:15 ❣️

  • Andy504
    Andy504 Month ago

    Cancel Culture is in for a rude awakening. We are a little bit different in New Orleans. Regardless of color...sex...religion...etc. We identify very strongly as New Orleanians...first and foremost. This is a none issue. The gays in New Orleans could give a fuck....just like the rest of New Orleans. People could learn a lot from this man. Who Dat gonna f*ck with Drew...find a different target....GTFO. God Bless You Drew...Who Dat!!!

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff Month ago

    Media & LGBT are fiends masquerading as friendly individuals.
    It's scary that in a place where people can practice any religion they want, prosecution is actually taking place by the same descendants of evil assholes that perish in Sodom & Gomorrah.

  • Jimi Love
    Jimi Love Month ago +2

    Jesus Rocks!

  • Bob Toren
    Bob Toren Month ago

    Asia skies are saturated with chemicals. It's difficult to find any fresh air on tropical islands and national parks due to all the chemtrail smog.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago +1

    It's the white man's fault.
    Pollution in China wnf.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    In Asia.. you can see the sky. It's full of chunks it's so think

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Month ago +2

    You leave Drew Brees alone I'm an old school charger fan hes one of my heroes

  • Danny Gill
    Danny Gill Month ago +1

    Im from right outside New Orleans and Drew Brees is a straight up hero around here

  • Powers-that-were
    Powers-that-were Month ago

    This is obviously a fake situation. Leads me to believe Breeze is more of a mason than a Christian. No one in real life wld apologize for saying ‘bring a Bible to school’...it wasn’t much of an apology, but it was still Cuck-ish.

  • Sere Rainbow
    Sere Rainbow Month ago

    AnOmoly, if you went to a library and twerked do you think they would kick you out lol.

  • Kathleen LoVerso
    Kathleen LoVerso Month ago +2

    Drew Brees is right.. ✌🏼🥰✝️😇🤙🏼💫

  • BeLIEve Me
    BeLIEve Me Month ago

    My favorite verse in the bible is "let all that you do be done in love!" If you live by that you can't do wrong!

  • Becky Buttdumpling
    Becky Buttdumpling Month ago +2

    Chick fila corporate donated money to an organization that was against gay marriage in 2012. Gay marriage is a done deal and they moved on but the gay community can't get past it. It's ridiculous.

  • Jonestown Autopsy
    Jonestown Autopsy Month ago


  • Patriot 07
    Patriot 07 Month ago

    Wait until the progressives determine that the maximum age allowed for the baby boomers should be 75 because of global warming, we will pay attention then when our parents are taken away to the humanly extinction facilities.

  • Reesa Rilliet
    Reesa Rilliet Month ago

    Yea, I noticed he mentioned that he "accepts" everyone. I "accept" that other people disagree with my beliefs and I still love them regardless of what they're into. However, I do not accept that lifestyle. Neither a homosexual lifestyle, or even a straight and promiscuous lifestyle. I would have preferred he be more specific about that 'acceptance'. I hold that sin is sin and lust comes in many forms. The people who got mad would have you think that Christians hate gay people, but it's actually the opposite. Just as God loves us yet hates sin, we should be the same way. It's because I love you that I will tell you the truth and treat you well and leave the decision up to you. It's very sad that their thinking has permeated so much of society. Anyway, despite my preference of his message, I'm happy he didn't apologize for what he said but simply clarified. His original message actually had NOTHING to do with gay this or anti-that.

  • Reesa Rilliet
    Reesa Rilliet Month ago +6

    I didn't hear an 'apology' anywhere in that video. I saw him clarify for the people who jumped on the hate-wagon without actually listening to what he said

  • my3stooges
    my3stooges Month ago

    So the Demonrats, like the candidates for the presidential race of 2020, can quote or bring up the Bible for THEIR globalist AGENDA, but when a REAL Christian bring up Bible verses about TRUSTING the GOD(not little gods of the New AGe movement that the Demonrats approve of) the Demonrats have a 'problem'?? What confused clowns.

    Brees was NOT apologizing, but was CLARIFYING his message.

    And animal protestors in Toronto are disguised communists. WHY do they ONLY protest about ONE restaurant, when there have been plenty of meat-eating restaurants in Toronto for YEARS??

    And the only reason why the USA is still "racist" is because of FAKE news, Demonrat politicians, and Hollywood drill it to the stupid population to KEEP racism alive. OTHERWISE we would be almost a paradise(with racism almost gone), if it wasn't for the Demonrats(disguised communists).

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson Month ago +2

    I was laughing loud when anomaly said it's okay Drew it is okay bringing a Bible to school signifies hey I know there's a God I know some people don't think that but I'm just bringing my Bible to show my support its like bringing the Homer hanky to the World Series game I support God in Christianity go Christianity