Baby kittens meowing very loudly for mom cat

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
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    Baby kittens crying for mother cat on the street
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  • JAMES Brown
    JAMES Brown 3 hours ago

    It looks those kitten are probably not going to make it.

  • Martine
    Martine 5 hours ago

    I hope they were all sterilized and castrated. 5 kittens is too much for 1 young mother cat.

  • 鬼滅の刃大好き
    鬼滅の刃大好き 12 hours ago

    (#)ཫ` )ガワイイ

  • Sanjay Tiwari
    Sanjay Tiwari 16 hours ago +1

    So cute

  • nadine rodriguez

    Tired kitty... Im sad for her😔

  • طارق خبازه

    Am melting from loveness😇

  • Antonia Edesandra

    São lindos queria todos pra mim

  • arthur workman
    arthur workman 2 days ago

    this reminds me of what dads go through on a constant basis with their own human kids. Their little ones grabbing and clinging to his leg refusing to let go. 0:44

  • Jackie Bayliss
    Jackie Bayliss 2 days ago

    Poor things. They need help and shelter and food..How can you leave them on the streets. SMH 😢

  • 賞金首810円の野獣しょうじ


  • FBI San
    FBI San 2 days ago

    Those fluffbol

  • AussehenWieBarbie RedenWieAli

    Ayyyyy die sind alle so süß 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 ich würde alle Katzen in eurem Video aufnehmen
    Katzen Farm 👍🏽🤗🥰🐱

  • KireinaHikariキレイナヒカリ

    Thank God, reddit 50/50 didn't fuck me over this time.......

    So 可愛い〜

  • Alexandra Giambastiani
    Alexandra Giambastiani 3 days ago +3

    This is a cuteness overload :,))

  • 大木徳子
    大木徳子 3 days ago


  • Michael Macauley
    Michael Macauley 3 days ago

    20th century fox

  • LadyPosche Da Star
    LadyPosche Da Star 3 days ago

    This is funny I see smh

  • ThatRandomGuy
    ThatRandomGuy 3 days ago

    You won this round RU-clip recommendations.. surely I won’t watch another cat video
    Edit: they are all over my recommendations now.... I can’t escape

  • Alexa Cárdenas
    Alexa Cárdenas 4 days ago +3

    The kitten is very cute, funny and adorable 😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤

  • Da real Ali a
    Da real Ali a 4 days ago +2

    Who else is here cause of reddit 50/50

  • Kuklxklan
    Kuklxklan 4 days ago

    I’d love to run them over with my car

  • Mary Lawson
    Mary Lawson 4 days ago +1

    Mama is tired and needs to have a better place. Why didn't you take her and the kittens. She would gladly accepted your help.

  • Cihan Yurtsever
    Cihan Yurtsever 4 days ago +1

    ooo cute baby :D i love baby animals

  • Clayton de Freitas
    Clayton de Freitas 5 days ago +1

    Mothers first litter maybe

  • ceciLOVEtaco
    ceciLOVEtaco 5 days ago +5

    Mommy cat meow very loudly for HOOMANS: HELLLLLLLLLLLLP MEEEEE!

  • Claudius Maximus
    Claudius Maximus 5 days ago

    That poor momma cat needs some water!

  • 1978Lucent
    1978Lucent 5 days ago +1

    Were the kittens saved from the streets?????????????????? They don't look like they would surviving it anyway

  • Pamuk Aydemir
    Pamuk Aydemir 5 days ago +2

    give me some milk mom :) meow

  • Maria Kristina Joy Derez

    And the cat mom I will adpot them all😁

  • Maria Kristina Joy Derez

    I can I adopt a kitten because I'm very sad about kittens☹️

  • ALI Munir
    ALI Munir 5 days ago +1


  • Ame Lia
    Ame Lia 5 days ago +1

    😭😭😂😓😓❤❤💪🖒please SAVE

    PAISLEY PRINCESS 5 days ago

    Hurry up and eat! I ain’t a milk bar!

  • Leticia Arroyo
    Leticia Arroyo 6 days ago

    I dont like that they are outside they are way too young

  • Random Cat
    Random Cat 6 days ago

    Thank god no horse hole.

  • Nurdan Taner
    Nurdan Taner 6 days ago +1

    Wunderschöne Engeln😍😘😚😙❤❤

  • User_X3V7 Project_Aqua

    MARCO ......................... POLO

  • Margaret Elliott
    Margaret Elliott 7 days ago

    Are the cats ok?

  • Benmustafa Ghofran
    Benmustafa Ghofran 7 days ago

    ساعد القطة مش تسورها

  • Kin kuwa
    Kin kuwa 7 days ago

    good luck channel🙇🙇🙇👍👍👍

  • Maria Aparecida da Silva mariano

    Ohhhhhh mamaē 😀😁😄 ser maē e , padecer no paraiso !!!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤E muita fofura .

  • punpun1960
    punpun1960 7 days ago


  • Klere Raphael
    Klere Raphael 7 days ago

    Fuck u self

  • moarlust
    moarlust 7 days ago


  • Textingpuppy Kinz
    Textingpuppy Kinz 7 days ago

    The little calico is like a human! She likes walking with feet! Also, I have a question, what park do you go to? Or is there just that many cats in your backyard?

  • C. Rapt
    C. Rapt 8 days ago

    Great mom!

  • GamingwithJuan Oliva

    Meow like ow wahhh

  • ays karim
    ays karim 8 days ago


  • ibara tuyu
    ibara tuyu 8 days ago

    Mom is so cool…‼︎

  • Yosh A
    Yosh A 8 days ago +2


  • Olan Rich
    Olan Rich 8 days ago

    Where's daddy?

  • ᴅᴀɴɪsɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ D

    God these kittens are soo dramatic 😂😂❤

  • Molten Lava
    Molten Lava 9 days ago

    0:09 The cat to the right has got connected to a WiFi hotspot

  • KrautGoesWild
    KrautGoesWild 9 days ago

    The hunger was calling.

  • Michael Macauley
    Michael Macauley 9 days ago +4

    We're going to the parade

  • Mikayla K.
    Mikayla K. 9 days ago

    Wow. My parents’ old momma cat was a very good first time mommy, being gentle with her babies and always keeping an eye on them, but this one seems to dislike being a mom, or at least sees the kittens as a chore.

  • Cynthia Norman
    Cynthia Norman 9 days ago

    💝🙏💝People make idiotic and uncaring remarks about the kitten desperately desiring to stay with Mama💝🙏💝WHERE IS THE CARE, CONCERN, AND LOVE IN PROTECTING THIS VERY VULNERABLE KITTY FAMILY?💝🙏💝

  • Cynthia Norman
    Cynthia Norman 9 days ago +1


  • Natan Zielinski
    Natan Zielinski 10 days ago

    I love Baby Cats

  • Prince Jordan - YCG
    Prince Jordan - YCG 10 days ago +5

    1:33 Mom cat's meows like "Not so hard, NOT SO HARD!"

  • Monorail Beyond the Veil*

    Now THAT is a familiar sound. :-) Love those babies.

  • mueez adam
    mueez adam 10 days ago

    0:25 this nigga made the exact same meow as her kittens 😂

  • Anna Bani
    Anna Bani 10 days ago

    This is so lovely !

  • Ruth Nield
    Ruth Nield 10 days ago

    Several people in the comments have mentioned their own cats coming to see where the kittens are. ... Mine just left the room. She doesn't give a single fuck.

  • Lanelle Mercenario
    Lanelle Mercenario 10 days ago +1

    Awwwww~ it gives cute a WHOLE different meaning SO CUTE

  • Gall ow
    Gall ow 10 days ago +2


  • kamisama unkono
    kamisama unkono 10 days ago


  • 前向きなリア充
    前向きなリア充 10 days ago +2


  • วงศ์มณี โมราชาติ

    Love ❤️ 💕 ❤️ 💗

  • M D
    M D 10 days ago


  • Ninjao
    Ninjao 10 days ago

    The mom looks sick

  • قلبى موجوع
    قلبى موجوع 11 days ago +1


  • Exploding rubies
    Exploding rubies 11 days ago +2

    Kittens must like that milk if they are coming for more.

  • Abhimanyu Rana
    Abhimanyu Rana 11 days ago +1

    This is relaxing

    γUIcHAN UWU 11 days ago

    I Wanna Take That Cat Home!

  • zaira kadyrova
    zaira kadyrova 11 days ago +1


  • 井生吉彦
    井生吉彦 11 days ago


  • نصفي كالقمر Fatima Artist

    If I were you, I would take the mother and the little cats with me in my home

  • citycat60
    citycat60 11 days ago

    I'm glad I'm not a cat cuz all that meowing would drive me crazy.😫

  • Reece Dixon
    Reece Dixon 11 days ago

    If this is not cute you have no soul

  • heidi stephen
    heidi stephen 11 days ago

    my kitten started meowing to tgis

  • Tanya Broniszewski
    Tanya Broniszewski 11 days ago

    How precious!!

  • Sylwester Brudny Harry

    Kill him

  • liah comel
    liah comel 11 days ago

    Lucu lucu bngetttttt sich baby kucing yah......imuuuuuuuut.....😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • キーノマサカリ
    キーノマサカリ 11 days ago


  • 여방삼순
    여방삼순 11 days ago


  • Artem Abdrahmanov
    Artem Abdrahmanov 11 days ago +2

    воды ей дай еблан или лучше молока жирного а сухой корм себе в жопу засунь

    • Александра Савельева
      Александра Савельева 11 days ago +1

      Бедная кошка действительно хочет пить и страдает от жажды. Даже котят не может вылизать. Поэтому ей так мучительно, когда её сосут котята.
      И кошка и котята - такие очаровашки и их так безумно жалко. Жаль, меня там не было, я бы всё семейство забрала домой.

  • Gitoshree Das
    Gitoshree Das 11 days ago +3


  • Celestial Moon
    Celestial Moon 11 days ago +7

    The little calico girl has a really strong voice :0! Btw they are so sweet ahhh,,,

  • 功野 伸
    功野 伸 11 days ago


  • Wally Wang
    Wally Wang 11 days ago

    You need to do TNR for neighborhood cats. Feeding them is very kind of you, but it’s not enough. Cat moms are stressed, tired, risking getting sick or even death; kittens don’t get enough veterinary attention and a lot of them don’t survive. Please TNR these sweet fur babies so they have better life quality.

  • bubba Wichita
    bubba Wichita 12 days ago

    Poor kitty she needs help

  • Jan Elan Testaverde
    Jan Elan Testaverde 12 days ago +2

    2 questions:
    Why am I watching these videos?
    Why wasn't I watching them before?

  • Yael Villavicencio
    Yael Villavicencio 12 days ago +2

    Chale masters yo un día veo algo así y me llevo a todos a mi casa xd

  • Yea Right
    Yea Right 12 days ago +1

    Mamaaa is soooo beautiful

  • Death Gamer59
    Death Gamer59 12 days ago +1


  • Dumitru Langham
    Dumitru Langham 12 days ago


  • كرار 313
    كرار 313 12 days ago

    Glory be to Allah the Creator

  • sgbabie kun
    sgbabie kun 12 days ago +1

    1:33 fav part🥺

  • issou chancla
    issou chancla 12 days ago