My Night Routine! Pamper Routine 2018

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
  • My night pamper routine! I love watching night routines and decided to show you all my pamper routine! I think it is so important to treat yourself and have a spa night. It helps to relax you and stop all your worries for a little bit.
    Yankee Candle (soft blanket)-
    Lush's twilight shower gel-
    Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter shower gel-
    Paula's Choice Face Mask-
    Sprinkle's Lip Scrub-
    Paula's Choice Moister Boost Hydrating Cream-
    Paula's Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster-
    Here's the rest of my skincare products for those asking!
    Paula's Choice Cleanser-
    Paula's Choice Toner-
    Soap & Glory Hydrating Mist lotion-
    Pink Sugar Perfume-
    Black Bough Bikini-
    In my pamper routine I like to start of by lighting my favorite candle (soft blanket) from Yankee Candle, then I will fill up my tub with water and bubbles! I like to use Lush's twilight shower gel for this. It smells like lavender and is so calming. Once I'm in the tub I like to wash my body with Soap & Glory's 3-in-1 Righteous Butter shower gel. After that I put on my favorite face mask from Paula's Choice (Skin Recovery Treatment Mask) and use my Sprinkle's Lip Scrub. Next I like to read a book and eat macarons! Once I get out of the bath I use my Paula's Choice Moister Boost Hydrating Cream and the Hyaluronic Acid Booster. I also use the Soap & Glory Hydrating Mist lotion and spray some Pink Sugar perfume on! After that, I put on my pj's make some tea and watch Steel Magnolias!
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  • Jill Teresa
    Jill Teresa Year ago

    Those pink bathroom tiles!! I have them but need to replace a few and cannot find them. :-( But Steel Magnolias is my favorite, too. "I don't do snakes - I don't have the counter space!". Thanks for the fun video!❤

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    Cierra Anglin Year ago

    I'm kind of bad at painting my nails.

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    embreezy Year ago +1

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    Lisa Kirmsse Year ago

    Dear Emelyne, I just recently discovered your channel but I wanted to tell you how connected I feel to you and how much I value the effort you put into creating these truly wonderful videos

  • Maddie Maddie
    Maddie Maddie Year ago

    Omg finally someone who eats in the bath too!! (Sometimes)

  • Mollyanne Davidson

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    Bella Winslow Year ago

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  • haley m
    haley m Year ago

    love these videos. i’ve been watching your videos all day. you have the sweetest soul. ❤️

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    Karlee Smith Year ago

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    I love you Emely i'm from Romanian ❤️❤️

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    I got engaged on Valentine’s Day

  • Alisha Vial
    Alisha Vial Year ago

    Trying to watch this video to get in the mood of a relax & pamper, and so far all that’s happened is five ads have loaded perfectly and played and then the actual video is just a black loading screen... definitely not helping me to relax haha!

  • Anna At The Movies

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  • Leslie Arlene
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  • Saundra Davis
    Saundra Davis Year ago

    I love everything about this video. Watching this relaxes me so much! I love how girly and vintage it is, just like your usual videos! I also love how you touch on making yourself feel loved on Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a boyfriend.

  • Nikki Liz
    Nikki Liz Year ago

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  • Emily Curtis
    Emily Curtis Year ago

    I hoard Twilight when Lush restocks it.
    Edit: Hoard, not viking horde

  • nicoleskey
    nicoleskey Year ago +1

    You always have such a sweet and graceful vibe💖✨

  • Shannon Brink
    Shannon Brink Year ago

    Steel Magnolias makes me sob. I received a kidney transplant 4 months ago so it hits home real hard!! Plus I was told I looked like Julia Roberts when I was younger. Not so much anymore lol!

  • Jillian Tormo
    Jillian Tormo Year ago

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    LOVE your channel! 💕 You have probably been asked this question, but where do you buy your Nancy Drew? They were my absolute favorite childhood books and sadly, I gave them all away years ago!

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    Janae Storey Year ago

    Yes! LOVE Paulas Choice!

  • Sill Zealla
    Sill Zealla Year ago

    I love Steel Magnolias too. Such a sweet film xx

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    I know you are a vegan and I thought you might like to know Victoria's Secret now test on animals.

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