Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Unboxing every Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. Colors include Clearly White, Oh So Orange and Just Black.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Month ago +3165

    Which color you going for?

  • DetMichI69
    DetMichI69 10 hours ago

    I'm going for oh so orange. It's different and cool. Can we get a follow up vid? Like a use of the motion sense software and a run through of the phone besides the camera and face unlock

  • Lu G.
    Lu G. 2 days ago

    Is he, @LewLater, the guy who promised iPhones to hundreds of people but only gave 20?

  • Patrick Erwin
    Patrick Erwin 2 days ago

    Hm where have I seen that design
    Maybe apple I phone 11

  • Elizabeth Parry
    Elizabeth Parry 4 days ago +1

    I've always wondered what do you with the extra tech that you don't use or are finished using?

  • Jose Davalos
    Jose Davalos 7 days ago

    Why pixel 4 comes with usb c cable both sides. So , How do you connect the phone to the pc?. Or you have to buy cable normal usb or buy a pc with usb c port?. What a service for what it cost the phone?

  • The Weeknd Remix
    The Weeknd Remix 8 days ago

    a phone, made the google way

  • Weizai Weizaitan
    Weizai Weizaitan 8 days ago

    No one talk about the storage?

  • Amanuel Wetessa
    Amanuel Wetessa 8 days ago

    Like the Asian guy

  • aldwin garcia
    aldwin garcia 9 days ago

    oh my god! please give me one please 🙏

  • XerXes
    XerXes 9 days ago

    Who actually uses this phone???

  • petani kacang
    petani kacang 9 days ago

    Subtitle indonesia pliss

  • Jayron Paul Pabalate

    i hope they’ll release a pixel 4a

  • Levi Fichman
    Levi Fichman 9 days ago


  • Victor Michael
    Victor Michael 10 days ago

    Plz give me one plz

  • Maria Pena
    Maria Pena 11 days ago

    Hey I was wondering if you could maybe give one to me if that cool with you I want it the XL and black

  • TheFuriousBull
    TheFuriousBull 12 days ago

    Google is copying Iphone 11 thats so so so obvious of google🙄😑

  • AMKR
    AMKR 12 days ago

    There are no headphones with the phone?

  • Xonist
    Xonist 14 days ago

    Damnit when you said 'ok google' my google assistant activated -_-

  • Niko Naisua
    Niko Naisua 14 days ago +1

    I wanna put a hidden virus so that I can get the 2.2million dollars that there offering to find any faults in the phone.😁 im broke like dat

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue 14 days ago

    I've had the pixel 4 XL now since day one. while it is a nice device I feel like I could have gotten something much better for the price. it is still very glitchy and the selling points of the facial unlock and swipe totally have been kicked to the side since day one.. I rarely have my phone sitting down where I can swipe --usually if I'm listening to music it's because I'm doing something and walking around at work or whatever else. As far as the transcribe that they boasted about? come on... how often are we going to need that. overall it is a nice device with nothing new to offer except.. the camera is better than the Pixel 2 XL on comparison. I noticed a much greater detail and that part I do enjoy. Google failed though. Pixel 4 was just to put something out. boo - hiss.

  • Firesquirrel12
    Firesquirrel12 14 days ago

    Bet then iPhone

  • makeup _njg_
    makeup _njg_ 14 days ago

    Watching on a pixel 1

  • Devin Dith
    Devin Dith 15 days ago

    Everyones google is getting activiated by his voice but mine only activates to my voice😏

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 15 days ago

    I miss purple-ish

  • Bird In Motion
    Bird In Motion 15 days ago

    They're all the same just different colors

  • sheng lb
    sheng lb 16 days ago

    Can google pixel 4 use play store?

  • severe and ashlee
    severe and ashlee 16 days ago

    I got the pixel 4. Wish they came with earbuds

  • Roy Zuniga
    Roy Zuniga 17 days ago +2

    Really digging that "Oh So Orange"

  • gamewithgo ,.,
    gamewithgo ,., 19 days ago


  • Potatomanツ
    Potatomanツ 19 days ago


  • Essblue
    Essblue 19 days ago

    Should I trade my s9plus for google pixel 4?

  • Manan Ginoya
    Manan Ginoya 19 days ago

    Hi, Unbox Therapy. I got a question for you. Does photo quality from any smartphone only depends on camera and the HDR or computational photography that every company apply on photo? Screen resolution or screen quality doesn't affect on photo?
    Let's look at an example, if I take a photo from pixel 4 and check that photo on iphone 11 pro or on a galaxy s10, then same photo looks better, right? Because iphone 11 pro and galaxy s10 have better screen than pixel 4.

  • Catalina Z
    Catalina Z 20 days ago

    so i just want to know only chinese people dont need google service over the world?

  • Kevin Ponce
    Kevin Ponce 20 days ago

    What if your screen cracks and its not able to do facial recognition then what ....

  • FatalThrive
    FatalThrive 21 day ago

    I don't care how much a company updates their products and promises bullshit. Out of Fingerprint,pattern,pin and face unlock. Face unlock is the most unsecure way to unlock your device.

  • Malith Seneviratne
    Malith Seneviratne 21 day ago

    When is the full review coming up?

  • RTV_ JoeBro Random Gaming

    He said every one but not different GB

  • Lester Gaming PH
    Lester Gaming PH 23 days ago +2

    Imagine you have an XL but the size is just like any other

  • Priyanshu Satote
    Priyanshu Satote 23 days ago +1

    Best video👍👍👍
    White colour is best 🤓🤓🤓

    225K views 23 days ago

    Don't buy a pixel they're not ready yet, at all, very very buggy phones and just no good, the only ONLY good thing is the camera

  • Helmut W
    Helmut W 23 days ago


  • Akash Gavali
    Akash Gavali 24 days ago

    White 😍😍

  • Zackary Stewart
    Zackary Stewart 24 days ago

    Shipping on my Oh O Orange one is stillllllllllllll delayed.. Bastards

  • Syed Khizer
    Syed Khizer 24 days ago +5

    This is called iPhone with Android Software .

  • Mayki 261
    Mayki 261 25 days ago

    I want a pixel please I'm from Peru

  • Hads
    Hads 26 days ago

    I loved the panda Pixel 2 XL.

  • Umberto van staden
    Umberto van staden 26 days ago

    Much better than iPhone

  • Joemar Jardiel
    Joemar Jardiel 27 days ago

    Can I have one of those PLEASE? -_-

  • Marwan
    Marwan 27 days ago

    hi Unbox therapy, its my birthday ,would it be possible for you to send me one of the many great phones you have as a gift(an iPhone or Samsung or Huawei maybe). Mine is currently broken. Pleeease ;)

  • Sean Nikolai Sanchez
    Sean Nikolai Sanchez 28 days ago

    This video proves that I am very poor

  • bj shepp
    bj shepp 28 days ago +1

    There copying iphone😮

  • maritim kan
    maritim kan 29 days ago

    The cam is amazing

  • Cris I.V.Y
    Cris I.V.Y Month ago

    Sexiest phone I’ve held yet and I’ve held the iPhone 11 Pro and note 10

    FOMAD Month ago

    Yo when you said OK Google.... My Google went off?

  • free rose
    free rose Month ago

    Can you give me a Google phone??

  • sushil p
    sushil p Month ago

    When is the full review coming in?

  • Olu Ade
    Olu Ade Month ago

    Exclusively face unlock what the fuck that’s trash

  • Carter Gabel
    Carter Gabel Month ago

    Can you do a full review

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith Month ago

    Google Pixel SUCKS! They copied Apple.