20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • The great thing about this continent is that you can travel to a completely different world by train and experience a whole new culture and language. Let’s touch upon some of the most beautiful things to see in the continent that was once considered the center of the world.
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    7. Lapland, FInland
    Okay, for those of you not sold on exploring the outdoors--think about how rare it is to experience the northern lights. There’s only a few places in the world that you can see those colorful, all natural lights in the sky. And one of them includes Lapland, Finland. The Lapland region measures to 100,367 kilometers square. When covered in snow and the moon’s our and the lights make themselves visible in the sky, a trip to Lapland looks like a scene from a Christmas movie. Would you traverse the cold for a chance to experience those lights?
    6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
    On a forested hill in the region of southwest Bavaria sits Neuschwanstein Castle, up at an elevation of 2,260 feet or 800 meters high. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the construction of the castle in 1832 to be a retreat as well as be dedicated to Richard Wagner--the famed German composer. Every year, 1.3 million people tour the castle, with a traffic of 6,000 individuals per day. Many get drawn to the architectural design of the castle, a mix of castle romanticism called “burgenromantik” and other styles.

    5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine
    Nope, that’s not from some children’s fantasy movie. That’s a real industrial railway that exists in the Ukraine. Located near the territory of Klevan, this section of railway got famous for the green leaved arches that surround the entire path--which extends to about 3 to 5 kilometers long. Called “the Tunnel of Love” for the many couples that frequent the path together, which does make it really difficult for train operators to watch out for.
    4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal
    Travelling to Sintra, Portugal means you’re going to see lots of 19th century architecture constructed in the Romantic style. As a result, the entire municipality had been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But perhaps one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Sintra includes the Initiation Well of Quinta da Regaleira. Through a series of tunnels and caves, you can reach the well, which has a spiral formation to get to the bottom. People did not use the well for water. Rather, it served as a location for ceremonial Tarot Initiation rites.
    3. Bavarian Alps,
    Let’s be real. The Alps in any country would be awesome to visit anyway. We picked the Bavarian Alps just because it looks a little more green. This region of the Northern Limestone Alps ranges from between the Saalach and Lech rivers. Not to fret--just because it looks green in these pictures doesn’t mean snow doesn’t still cover other parts of the Bavarian Alps. People love to ski here, as well as take in the health retreats, visit the villages, and relax at the spas during the non-ski season, too.
    2. Oxford University, England
    Located in the south east English city of Oxford, you’ll find one of the most well-known universities not only in the world but in history. Oxford University not only provides quality and expensive education, but it also has a lot of really neat architectural structures. From St. Mary’s church to the Radcliffe Camera to the All Souls college, there’s not shortage of pictures to take on an afternoon walk through campus. Alright, alright. If you prefer Cambridge, we can’t blame you. But for simplicity’s sake, we had to pick one. And we picked Oxford. If you want to argue Cambridge’s case, you’re more than welcome to in the comments!
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  • Talltanic
    Talltanic  11 months ago +2

    Have any of our viewers visited these places? Live in these places? Let us know down below!

  • Mike Tindle
    Mike Tindle 7 days ago

    Am I absolutely Retarded or is Russia not Asia

  • anerioone
    anerioone 20 days ago

    Bruges, Mont Saint Michel, The Romantic Road in Germany, Orvieto, Tuscany, Amsterdam, Sorrento, Monaco(though it is getting built up), Granada, Ninfa, Villa D'Este, ...In some cases it seems you have made odd choices if looking for the best.

  • Ran Dayan
    Ran Dayan 21 day ago

    20. Lavender Fields, France - 0:25
    19. Hallstatt. Austria - 1:04
    18. Sagrada Familia, Spain - 1:40
    17. Hallerbos Forest, Belgium - 2:25
    16. Sultan Ahmen Mosque, Turkey - 2:58
    15. Lake Bled, Slovenia - 3:45
    14. The Giverny Pond, France - 4:22
    13. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland - 4:58
    12. Rakotzbrucke, Germany - 5:32
    11. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic - 6:04
    10. Fountains Abbey, England - 6:28
    9. Oia, Greece - 7:05
    8. Hermitage Museum, Russia - 7:33
    7. Lapland, Finland - 8:08
    6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - 8:44
    5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine - 9:24
    4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal - 9:51
    3. Bavarian Alps, Germany - 10:27
    2. Oxford University, England - 11:00
    1. Venice, Italy - 11:40

  • Jervin Quisada
    Jervin Quisada 26 days ago

    DUDE, VERY NICE CONTENT! I did a NICE-Tavel Video ⚡️

  • Ups Ups
    Ups Ups 27 days ago

    @03:00 It was build as a church and then changed into a mosque

  • Leafy Leafeon 卐
    Leafy Leafeon 卐 Month ago +1

    The left is ruining europe

  • Leafy Leafeon 卐
    Leafy Leafeon 卐 Month ago +1

    Spain has 0% culture, they are all atheist and gay

  • You 2
    You 2 Month ago +3

    ...not a single place in the Netherlands?

  • Aram Domingo
    Aram Domingo Month ago

    the catalan name of sagrada familia is exactly the same as in spanish....

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald Month ago

    Yea, you better see Venice before it's underwater from rising sea levels. I've been lucky enough to see Montreux and Zurich Switzerland (and including the Matterhorn) and Berlin. Any chance you get to visit any part of Europe needs to be taken. You'll not be disappointed.

  • Barbara Eifler
    Barbara Eifler Month ago

    Very nice, have been to several of these lovely places,,,,,,,,,,her voice is quite grating!

  • MM LG
    MM LG Month ago +3

    Leaving Budapest, Hungary out of the list is a big mistake. Most underrated yet the most beautiful city in Europe.

  • Otvorka Chudotvorka
    Otvorka Chudotvorka Month ago +1

    Grandma's top 10 for sure

  • kryptonitegirl8
    kryptonitegirl8 Month ago +1

    Where the hell is Croatia? Plitvice Lakes, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rovinj, Split, Krka, Zadar.. I can go on till tomorrow.

    • Ashley Curtis
      Ashley Curtis Month ago

      These are fantastic! I'm going to Croatia the beginning of May. If you have any hidden secrets or any other must sees can you please tell me. I love nature and culture. Thanks so much!

  • My Wife doesn't believe in me

    0:20 "That was once considered the centre of the world" what do you mean "was", America sure ain't the centre of the world you squeaky voiced slut

  • Megumi M
    Megumi M Month ago

    I have been to Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. It's very beautiful. The entire place is like a fairyland, very gothic and impressive. And Oxford University...but that is nothing to shout about. Sorry, just my opinion. Oh, I wish I have lots of money so I can travel around the world.

  • carmel bugeja
    carmel bugeja Month ago +1

    my 20 not in order; Venice, Norway Fjords, Istanbul, Rhinefalls, Lucerne, Nimes in France, Florence, St petersburg, Neuschwanstein Bavaria, Vienna, Salzburg, Lake District, York, Verseilles, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Prague, Croatia, Cappadocia in Turkey and the Moscow metros. 2 months enough to visit them all

  • patch822
    patch822 Month ago

    Too many damn ads

  • Dragos Vieru
    Dragos Vieru Month ago +1

    Sultan Ahmet is correct.

  • Dragos Vieru
    Dragos Vieru Month ago

    The Tunnel of Love is in Romania

  • Adilson DeSouza
    Adilson DeSouza 2 months ago

    Still center of the world just not your or mine or any one else. What standTard shii! Communication.

  • cla mel
    cla mel 2 months ago +2

    Turkey is not Europe

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 2 months ago

    1.Valley of the Nuns, Madeira 2, San Sebastian beach and food Spain. 3. York minster and 2,000 beers England. 4. Giants causeway, Northern Ireland. 5 Austrian alps 6.Any Norwegian fjord.7.Venice (out of season) 8 Crete Mountains and very laid back people. 9. Moscow underground 10.British Museum London... a mind-bender! (As for blue woods in early may the U.Ks woods are all blue!!)

  • Laddy Netzach 7
    Laddy Netzach 7 2 months ago

    LOL, wacky universe...👌🌹

  • Nasroddin Mujawar
    Nasroddin Mujawar 2 months ago

    India is best for historical places.

  • SStoj
    SStoj 2 months ago +1

    "So if you're planning a Germanic - Polish trip...."

  • Michael Coley
    Michael Coley 2 months ago


  • Michael Coley
    Michael Coley 2 months ago

    Please check you pronunciation before you read your script.

  • mongrelrat
    mongrelrat 2 months ago +1

    20 beautiful places to see in Europe?? Europe has to many things to see. I mean, have you ever been in Rome? It's impossible to see every wonderful things in that city.

  • bkkhngr0000
    bkkhngr0000 3 months ago

    ad at the beginning and every two minutes thereafter... this is worse than TV!

  • Justus Abele
    Justus Abele 3 months ago +7

    turkey is not a part of europe

    • Justus Abele
      Justus Abele 2 months ago

      maybe some parts are a part of Europe geographically but it is definitely not a part of Europe culturally, or politically as its society is not based around the same Judeo/Christian values as the rest of Europe. It lacks democracy and an ability to respect human rights. Due to this, it should look that it aligns itself with the middle east as the current popular opinion of its population has no standing with the European community.

    • Danny Araujo
      Danny Araujo 2 months ago +3

      Really? You should know before you post, but how long does it take to Google and see that you're wrong? Blue Mosque is the European side of Istanbul.

  • wielkiewyprawy
    wielkiewyprawy 3 months ago

    It's not just a question of better vs. worse, sometimes you need to look at different aspects of those places: dictativ.com/s/city+europe

  • Sunniva Lindal
    Sunniva Lindal 3 months ago

    You should visit Preikestolen in Norway! It’s so beautiful!

  • Rice Cube
    Rice Cube 4 months ago +1

    russia really 😂

    • Rice Cube
      Rice Cube 3 months ago

      Pardon me, suuuukaa blet

    • Pardon me,
      Pardon me, 3 months ago

      Just because you're xenophobic doesn't mean others are ignorant. Russia receives lots of visitors, especially St. Petersburg, because that museum is beautiful and fascinating. That is, if you appreciate culture, architecture, and nature.

  • Graham Hodge
    Graham Hodge 4 months ago +2

    The person who wrote the script for this should be shot. In addition, the result would have been a lot better if the young lady doing the commentary had spent about 10 minutes learning how to correct the names of these places correctly.

    • Danny Araujo
      Danny Araujo 2 months ago +1

      Instead of a generic accusation, what about being specific on the places you feel she mispronounced? Also, you had time to write and correct your post, and yet you committed a mistake ("correct the names... correctly").

  • Philipp
    Philipp 4 months ago

    Oh come on! Bavaria/Germany has a little bit of Alps. Austria and Switzerland have a loooot of Alps. You should have picked one of them

  • Mario Losberg
    Mario Losberg 4 months ago +1

    Well, you forgot Island's: Mljet, Hvar, Brač,Cres and Korčula in Croatia... ;)

  • ishiigoing
    ishiigoing 4 months ago +9

    ur logo looks like the communist flag lol

    • David Lucente
      David Lucente 2 months ago

      “Our” logo looks like the communist flag comrade

    • ishiigoing
      ishiigoing 4 months ago

      but yeah pretty nice places i agree

  • 307 Wyoming 4F
    307 Wyoming 4F 4 months ago

    Didn't know about some of these places pretty cool!😎👍

    VALORES NET 4 months ago

    Vacations tips for the christmas season
    Getting the Christmas using your sanity sufficient reason for a smile on the face just isn't as hard as it can seem.

  • ILikeMe
    ILikeMe 4 months ago

    You dumb bitch

  • ILikeMe
    ILikeMe 4 months ago

    No Poland, really ?

  • S. B.
    S. B. 4 months ago +1

    I was almost through with the video and had so many complaints but my main one was "No Italy? REALLY?!" but ok n. 1 made up for that

  • Kyo Takeshy
    Kyo Takeshy 4 months ago


  • Ray Drake
    Ray Drake 4 months ago

    One of the pics of the "Bridge of Sighs" in Venice shown was actually a bridge in England at Either Oxford or Cambridge

    • Shortbrain
      Shortbrain 4 months ago

      Oxford. And in fairness, also called, albeit falsely, Bridge of Sighs.

  • jan veen
    jan veen 5 months ago

    Turkey is not Europe

    • Iveta Novotna
      Iveta Novotna 4 months ago

      That part of Istanbul eith a blue mosque is in Europe

    • Capital T
      Capital T 4 months ago

      jan veen do some research first

  • drazi73
    drazi73 5 months ago


  • shehab Diaa
    shehab Diaa 5 months ago

    ww.quran-ksu.edu.sa + ww.islam-guide.com + ww.peacetv.tv + ww. scienceislam.com

  • Veronika
    Veronika 5 months ago

    slovenia is actually pronounce slOvenia not sOlvenia.

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson 5 months ago

    Giver by Pond France 🇫🇷 beautiful place!!!

  • Lysha_Marie
    Lysha_Marie 5 months ago +8

    wayyy to many ads

  • Rafał Malcharek
    Rafał Malcharek 5 months ago +5

    Irleand Cliff is nothing. Check Cabo Girao on Maderia Portugal is 100 times better, it's no good video to travel sorry

  • mr_powder addict
    mr_powder addict 5 months ago

    This list id made by Google i guess

  • bolobar de la vega
    bolobar de la vega 6 months ago +2

    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, is Spain. Video forgot to mention it. Maybe deliberately. So information containing this video is not reliable.

    • bolobar de la vega
      bolobar de la vega 2 months ago

      +Danny Araujo Why then in the video are mentioned cities and countries very well known except in Barcelona where it does not mention the country? It is not negativity. It is suspicion.

    • Danny Araujo
      Danny Araujo 2 months ago

      Why are you so negative? Have you thought that perhaps Barcelona is so well known, that it's unnecessary to mention that it is in Spain?

    • bolobar de la vega
      bolobar de la vega 4 months ago

      +John Volken Do you speak on behalf 330 millions North Americans?

    • John Volken
      John Volken 4 months ago

      Why deliberately? Us North Americans don't care about the Catalonia issue. So why would we need to deliberately not mention Spain?

  • Ernst Sundin
    Ernst Sundin 6 months ago +1

    The video shows a travel to Europe, but what a travel? First off all, it`s only a part of Tyrkey that belongs to Europe, the part west of the Bosperus street. I`m an european, and I have never heard of some of the places. How come that Americans have traveled to these places. was it a mistake or what. The people who made this video have mist a lot of things. What about The Rapa Delta in Northern Sweden, The Bergen Railroad in Norway, Kronborg Castle in Denmark " Hamlet- Shakesp - you maybee know. I could continue - you Americans don`t know so much about Europe. Some americans know about the places where they have been as students on low budget travels. It´s nice places the video shows and that is it, but don`t think it`s the places Europeans think is
    the most incredible places worth to se i Europe.

    • Ernst Sundin
      Ernst Sundin 3 months ago

      ​+CJ Ninjas What do you think of. Do you think that an eleven year kid can debate about the situation in the world. Maybee you do, but even if you have a IQ at 180 you`re wrong. Intillegence is not enough. Expeirience is what matters.
      I have a granddaughter at 15, and she is much clever than you, because she can keep quite when she do know nothing about the supject. I think you can learn something. Since you have expirienced so much of the world, so you must be a child of an diplomat or an burgler who have an great dept to the US and have fleed. But I will ask you: what have you seen and what have learnt. In my opnion you have learnt nothing. How come: I think that is because you are 11 yers old and try to interfere with people who have the expierience , because you are curious, and I apriciate that. All child should be that, but it is not like that. If you still think you will have the connection to me , I would not say no. But think, when you write, I´am 75 years old, but maybee you can learn me something. With regards Ernst.

  • Accel Well
    Accel Well 6 months ago

    A list of 20 places I will probably never see

  • Penekamp11
    Penekamp11 6 months ago +1

    Jesus, learn how to pronounce the places you are featuring. You sound like a complete idiot pronouncing NEWschwanstein instead of NOIschwanstein and Givernay instead of Gheevernay!

  • Travelzoom Education
    Travelzoom Education 6 months ago +1

    Nice Video!!

  • Ömer Faruk
    Ömer Faruk 7 months ago

    Why only evening photos of Sultan Ahmed Mosque from Turkey? No other pictures of sightseeings of Istanbul?

  • Momplaygroup Fouz
    Momplaygroup Fouz 7 months ago

    Halstat, Austria (beautiful) , Sagrada Familia (overrated), Sultan Ahmet Mosque (blue mosque) (beautiful),

  • Ustas Alexu
    Ustas Alexu 7 months ago +4

    It's NOT The Ukraine, it's Ukraine!!! When will you learn?!

    • Doebys Boi
      Doebys Boi 11 days ago

      Ulraine is shit

    • Ustas Alexu
      Ustas Alexu 25 days ago +1

      +Pardon me, Shoot yourself, idiot!

    • Pardon me,
      Pardon me, 3 months ago +1

      That's what you get upset about? Your people are starving and your government is a dictatorship that commits genocide. The Nazi party has risen in power. You're on the verge of war with Russia. But you're worried about how people call your country?

  • Debre Szabolcs Attila
    Debre Szabolcs Attila 9 months ago

    No Norway or Balkans? What the fuck?

  • Debre Szabolcs Attila
    Debre Szabolcs Attila 9 months ago +24

    No Norway? Really?

    • Christel Haugen
      Christel Haugen 4 months ago

      Its the best

    • Christel Haugen
      Christel Haugen 4 months ago

      I live there

    • Enes Mühsin
      Enes Mühsin 4 months ago +3

      Turkey is part of both Europe and Asia and Blue Mosque is in Europe.

    • John Volken
      John Volken 4 months ago

      No Iceland either. Oh well, it's not a TOP 20 list..so I can't really complain.

    • Arvind Kumar
      Arvind Kumar 4 months ago

      may be its for budget trip destination.

  • Foxes on the Go
    Foxes on the Go 9 months ago

    There is so much to see and do! How can I chose? Lol. Your video is very nice. Thank you for sharing! -Michelle :)

  • Frog Warren
    Frog Warren 9 months ago

    Been to Fountains Abbey loads of times

  • abadplanner1
    abadplanner1 11 months ago

    Turkey, that shithole country is not Europe... You can keep it in Asia.

  • Alan Cring
    Alan Cring 11 months ago

    That was a great travel experience without the fatiguing and expensive travel. I was going to fuss about a destination in Turkey being included in the list, given that my old geography learning placed it in Western Asia, but it seems that it is now considered a "Eurasian" country, straddling the two continents. I'd still place it in Asia, not in Europe or the Middle East, given its continuing affinity for strongman leader types and its modern history of aggression against a European nation (Greece, with the occupation of Cyprus) and Middle Eastern ethnic groups (like the Kurds), but that's more politics than physical place. Perhaps Turkey is just lagging a half-century or so behind its fellow European countries. Anyway, a delightful video, narrated by someone who should be doing a lot more of them for Taltanic.

    • Fanbuoy
      Fanbuoy 7 months ago

      The Blue Mosque is in the European side of Istanbul though, so it doesn't really matter how the country as a whole is categorized.

  • Frank McCourt
    Frank McCourt 11 months ago

    Any other city that flooded and stank of shit would be regarded as a disaster but you guys rate it number 1 lol

  • OneMinuteFixed
    OneMinuteFixed 11 months ago +2

    Ah travel, best feature of the first world

  • MrSneakyBurt
    MrSneakyBurt 11 months ago +3

    Turkey? whut

    • Capital T
      Capital T 4 months ago +4

      MrSneakyBurt turkey is partly located in Europe. And some maps even include turkey as an European country. Russia is also located in Europe AND Asia. Why aren’t you saying anything about that?

  • Wonders to Discover
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    Hi dear, your 20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe video compilation is really so amazing, funny, informative and wonderful... I just like it.....plz keep upload this type of video every day... plz support my channel............don't forget to suggest how I improve my video quality....if you recommend my channel to your large subscriber family it will be really honored for me...stay happy and cool....have a good day.....

    ADIL SETIAWAN 11 months ago

    You look like Cindy Starfall

  • d.dot415
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    Turkey is a part of Asia tho

    • Chit Er
      Chit Er Month ago

      Fuck Turkey...

    • TheJayns
      TheJayns 4 months ago +1

      Tyrkey isn't part of Europe

    • Levent A
      Levent A 5 months ago

      Yes Turkey is part of Asia

    • Kenneth Illman
      Kenneth Illman 5 months ago +2

      EXACTLY, they just had to have a mosque in here... or something Muslim related..

    • Fanbuoy
      Fanbuoy 7 months ago +5

      The Blue Mosque is in Europe tho

  • Edo
    Edo 11 months ago

    Really the bavarian alps??! And chosen because they are more green??! Why not the dolomites?

  • Kiddy Kids
    Kiddy Kids 11 months ago +1

    wow nice video .

    • Svetlana Pankina
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      Animal Добрый день! Перешла по вашей ссылке ,подскажите как здесь заробатывать ? плиз

  • Alice McNeil - ZOCOM Raider Captain

    Thumbnail looks like a Shadow of the Collosus area cx

  • Maximus Prometheus
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    Personally I think the Swiss Alps are more beautiful.

  • GebGlassEye
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    Wow i love the places

  • Whiteowl
    Whiteowl 11 months ago +1

    Well first of all I really liked the video and would love to visit all of those places. Second, why do all these people in the comment section feel the need to announce that they are first or second,...and so on. Please stop it because it is extremely annoying, and nobody gives a shit. It shows that you are an ignorant child playing some stupid game.

  • Dee Cue
    Dee Cue 11 months ago

    Don't forget to show the tent cities and the migrants shitting in the streets.

  • balafas2
    balafas2 11 months ago +15

    From Greece only Santorini??? NO!! Check meteora, crete, athens... Pffff

    • Ian Nicholls
      Ian Nicholls 11 months ago +4

      I totally agree, Greece is an amazing place. Imagine how long the video would be.
      perhaps they should do a video just about Greece

  • Kronos -
    Kronos - 11 months ago

    Guys come on over to my new channel. I have lots of answers on the ancient cataclysm spawning all myth and religion. Just click my icon

  • Dusty Rusty
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    What a terrific selection of beautiful and mostly uncommon venues. Well done, Talltanic. You da best.

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    Nice voice btw

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    You sound like Melissa from "Planet Dolan"

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  • Nicolas Belmore
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    To like my one comment

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