20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • The great thing about this continent is that you can travel to a completely different world by train and experience a whole new culture and language. Let’s touch upon some of the most beautiful things to see in the continent that was once considered the center of the world.
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    7. Lapland, FInland
    Okay, for those of you not sold on exploring the outdoors--think about how rare it is to experience the northern lights. There’s only a few places in the world that you can see those colorful, all natural lights in the sky. And one of them includes Lapland, Finland. The Lapland region measures to 100,367 kilometers square. When covered in snow and the moon’s our and the lights make themselves visible in the sky, a trip to Lapland looks like a scene from a Christmas movie. Would you traverse the cold for a chance to experience those lights?
    6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
    On a forested hill in the region of southwest Bavaria sits Neuschwanstein Castle, up at an elevation of 2,260 feet or 800 meters high. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the construction of the castle in 1832 to be a retreat as well as be dedicated to Richard Wagner--the famed German composer. Every year, 1.3 million people tour the castle, with a traffic of 6,000 individuals per day. Many get drawn to the architectural design of the castle, a mix of castle romanticism called “burgenromantik” and other styles.

    5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine
    Nope, that’s not from some children’s fantasy movie. That’s a real industrial railway that exists in the Ukraine. Located near the territory of Klevan, this section of railway got famous for the green leaved arches that surround the entire path--which extends to about 3 to 5 kilometers long. Called “the Tunnel of Love” for the many couples that frequent the path together, which does make it really difficult for train operators to watch out for.
    4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal
    Travelling to Sintra, Portugal means you’re going to see lots of 19th century architecture constructed in the Romantic style. As a result, the entire municipality had been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But perhaps one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Sintra includes the Initiation Well of Quinta da Regaleira. Through a series of tunnels and caves, you can reach the well, which has a spiral formation to get to the bottom. People did not use the well for water. Rather, it served as a location for ceremonial Tarot Initiation rites.
    3. Bavarian Alps,
    Let’s be real. The Alps in any country would be awesome to visit anyway. We picked the Bavarian Alps just because it looks a little more green. This region of the Northern Limestone Alps ranges from between the Saalach and Lech rivers. Not to fret--just because it looks green in these pictures doesn’t mean snow doesn’t still cover other parts of the Bavarian Alps. People love to ski here, as well as take in the health retreats, visit the villages, and relax at the spas during the non-ski season, too.
    2. Oxford University, England
    Located in the south east English city of Oxford, you’ll find one of the most well-known universities not only in the world but in history. Oxford University not only provides quality and expensive education, but it also has a lot of really neat architectural structures. From St. Mary’s church to the Radcliffe Camera to the All Souls college, there’s not shortage of pictures to take on an afternoon walk through campus. Alright, alright. If you prefer Cambridge, we can’t blame you. But for simplicity’s sake, we had to pick one. And we picked Oxford. If you want to argue Cambridge’s case, you’re more than welcome to in the comments!
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  • Talltanic
    Talltanic  Year ago +8

    Have any of our viewers visited these places? Live in these places? Let us know down below!

    • jy006m
      jy006m 4 months ago +1

      I really appreciated this video. It's not the same old trite. From this video, I discovered at least 3 new places I want to go visit when I'm in Europe. Most other "things to do in Europe" youtube videos just give you a bunch of cities or major landmarks like the Roman Colosseum that are just waaaay too obvious.

    • Miquel Canosa Santeularia
      Miquel Canosa Santeularia 8 months ago +1

      Talltanic i am from barcelona

  • Come si viaggia
    Come si viaggia 19 days ago

    Top 10 Europe ru-clip.com/video/u8Acc1pWIWc/video.html

  • Buczo 4002
    Buczo 4002 Month ago

    Malbork in Poland

  • Станислава Стоянова

    Bulgarian Marvelous bridges are not so beautiful for your list.

  • Станислава Стоянова

    Bulgaria have the most beautiful nature in Europe and you didn't put anything from Bulgaria

  • Станислава Стоянова

    I don't know what Bulgarian smallest city Melnik wasn't here.

  • Free MGTOW
    Free MGTOW Month ago

    Europe is still the Center of the world.

  • Shailaja Nayak
    Shailaja Nayak 2 months ago

    Nice videos. Beautiful place tks for beautiful videos.

  • Boss Gk
    Boss Gk 2 months ago


  • Damon Robinson
    Damon Robinson 2 months ago

    Africa's natural resources is #1 for Europe.

  • leonmfrancis
    leonmfrancis 2 months ago

    Fountains Abbey?! I'm 42 and I've never heard of it

  • leonmfrancis
    leonmfrancis 2 months ago +1

    Turkey is not in Europe REEEEEEE

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  • Giovanni Becali
    Giovanni Becali 3 months ago

    Nothing from Iceland ?!

  • Jan Ulysses
    Jan Ulysses 3 months ago

    wow.. very impressive!!!

  • Rog5446
    Rog5446 3 months ago

    Surprised that the two most attractive and possibly most photographed buildings in Oxford were not shown.
    Just Google the Radcliffe Camera and the Sheldonian Theatre.

  • Limor Shakar
    Limor Shakar 4 months ago

    I love America 🇺🇸 best views - nothing beats Hawaii, Alaska , California (Southwest)! In Europe, I concur France for the flowers and for me Italy in general esp. Southern like the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Bay of Naples and of course if u travel up north Lake Como .

  • James Barron
    James Barron 4 months ago

    When describing Venice’s bridge of sighs an imagine of a bridge in Cambridge, England is shown. It’s also called the bridge of sighs. Fail.

  • Adolfo Formoso
    Adolfo Formoso 4 months ago

    is not the 20 beautiful place in europe., sorry.

  • GM Play
    GM Play 4 months ago

    "Dating back to prehistoric times"..next video

  • Fernado
    Fernado 4 months ago +1

    All scenery are lovely in this video :)

  • Osher Bachrach
    Osher Bachrach 4 months ago

    What is the name of the hostess of this video?

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  • harold canuto
    harold canuto 5 months ago

    i like it.. i want to try to travel to these place for a try. i traveled to philippines and so beautiful tourist spot. try to check this link.ckk.ai/Lh0e
    you might gonna love it.

  • Corto78
    Corto78 5 months ago

    Venice, seriously? f*** Venice?!?! Amonge all these beautiful places in Europe you put the ugliest, the smelliest, the dirtiest, most depresive and with inhabitants who will sell their own mother for 1euro - on the first place?! How shallow excatly you are?!

  • None None
    None None 5 months ago

    Is this segment aimed at 8 year olds or just at Americans?

    • None None
      None None 5 months ago

      "About Dublin : "and if you've already visited all the many historical landmarks in the city..". Such as?? The Guinness museum??? Bwahahaha

  • Geri Huginn
    Geri Huginn 5 months ago

    Don't shit on English heritage because of what the Rothschilds did to other countries. But instead you would rather help the Zionist occupied governments and steal from the native population.

  • lietuvaite2
    lietuvaite2 5 months ago

    Please welcome to Vilnius (Lithuania). We have UNESCO old town.

  • Perkeno
    Perkeno 5 months ago +1

    Yes, Venice is unique!

  • lonely leaf
    lonely leaf 5 months ago +3

    Other amazing places:
    Villa D'Este /Tivoli Gardens outside of Rome,
    Versailles Palace in France
    Bergen fjords in Norway
    Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland
    Lake Como in Italy
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Krakow, Poland
    The Cotswolds in Gloucestershire England
    The Black Forest in Germany
    Annecy in France
    Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls in Croatia

  • Asterix X
    Asterix X 5 months ago

    Nope - not even close.

  • bob lo
    bob lo 5 months ago +1

    florence,rome,dolomiti,maddalena ,Italy n1

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 5 months ago

    Wacky Wacky ...

  • Mike Tindle
    Mike Tindle 6 months ago

    Am I absolutely Retarded or is Russia not Asia

  • anerioone
    anerioone 6 months ago +2

    Bruges, Mont Saint Michel, The Romantic Road in Germany, Orvieto, Tuscany, Amsterdam, Sorrento, Monaco(though it is getting built up), Granada, Ninfa, Villa D'Este, ...In some cases it seems you have made odd choices if looking for the best.

    • soniarose1983
      soniarose1983 4 months ago

      You have good taste, these are some of my favourite places in the world!

  • Ran Dayan
    Ran Dayan 6 months ago +17

    20. Lavender Fields, France - 0:25
    19. Hallstatt. Austria - 1:04
    18. Sagrada Familia, Spain - 1:40
    17. Hallerbos Forest, Belgium - 2:25
    16. Sultan Ahmen Mosque, Turkey - 2:58
    15. Lake Bled, Slovenia - 3:45
    14. The Giverny Pond, France - 4:22
    13. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland - 4:58
    12. Rakotzbrucke, Germany - 5:32
    11. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic - 6:04
    10. Fountains Abbey, England - 6:28
    9. Oia, Greece - 7:05
    8. Hermitage Museum, Russia - 7:33
    7. Lapland, Finland - 8:08
    6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - 8:44
    5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine - 9:24
    4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal - 9:51
    3. Bavarian Alps, Germany - 10:27
    2. Oxford University, England - 11:00
    1. Venice, Italy - 11:40

  • Jervin Quisada
    Jervin Quisada 6 months ago

    DUDE, VERY NICE CONTENT! I did a NICE-Tavel Video ⚡️

  • Ups Ups
    Ups Ups 6 months ago +1

    @03:00 It was build as a church and then changed into a mosque

  • Leafy Leafeon 卐
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    The left is ruining europe

  • Leafy Leafeon 卐
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    Spain has 0% culture, they are all atheist and gay

  • You 2
    You 2 6 months ago +20

    ...not a single place in the Netherlands?

  • Aram Domingo
    Aram Domingo 6 months ago

    the catalan name of sagrada familia is exactly the same as in spanish....

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    Yea, you better see Venice before it's underwater from rising sea levels. I've been lucky enough to see Montreux and Zurich Switzerland (and including the Matterhorn) and Berlin. Any chance you get to visit any part of Europe needs to be taken. You'll not be disappointed.

  • Barbara Eifler
    Barbara Eifler 6 months ago

    Very nice, have been to several of these lovely places,,,,,,,,,,her voice is quite grating!

  • MM LG
    MM LG 7 months ago +6

    Leaving Budapest, Hungary out of the list is a big mistake. Most underrated yet the most beautiful city in Europe.

    • lietuvaite2
      lietuvaite2 5 months ago

      I would say one of the most;), like Vilnius in Lithuania.

    • Viktorie Holubová
      Viktorie Holubová 5 months ago +2

      You are from Hungary, aren't you? 😂

  • Otvorka Chudotvorka
    Otvorka Chudotvorka 7 months ago +1

    Grandma's top 10 for sure

      CLASSICALFAN100 5 months ago

      How could you possibly leave out Pee Wee Herman's birthplace?...(ROFL)

  • kryptonitegirl8
    kryptonitegirl8 7 months ago +5

    Where the hell is Croatia? Plitvice Lakes, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rovinj, Split, Krka, Zadar.. I can go on till tomorrow.

    • Marina Kaurloto
      Marina Kaurloto 4 months ago

      @Ashley Curtis Island of Vis is amazing ! Mama mia 2 was filmed there. Trogir is lovely place. So popular as well . Zadar is must. So many beautiful places on Adriatic coast and island's . Istria is very pretty as well. Plitvice lake's are masterpiece !

    • Ashley Curtis
      Ashley Curtis 7 months ago

      These are fantastic! I'm going to Croatia the beginning of May. If you have any hidden secrets or any other must sees can you please tell me. I love nature and culture. Thanks so much!

  • My Wife doesn't believe in me

    0:20 "That was once considered the centre of the world" what do you mean "was", America sure ain't the centre of the world you squeaky voiced slut

  • 张Megumi
    张Megumi 7 months ago +1

    I have been to Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. It's very beautiful. The entire place is like a fairyland, very gothic and impressive. And Oxford University...but that is nothing to shout about. Sorry, just my opinion. Oh, I wish I have lots of money so I can travel around the world.

  • carmel bugeja
    carmel bugeja 7 months ago +2

    my 20 not in order; Venice, Norway Fjords, Istanbul, Rhinefalls, Lucerne, Nimes in France, Florence, St petersburg, Neuschwanstein Bavaria, Vienna, Salzburg, Lake District, York, Verseilles, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Prague, Croatia, Cappadocia in Turkey and the Moscow metros. 2 months enough to visit them all

  • patch822
    patch822 7 months ago

    Too many damn ads

  • Dragos Vieru
    Dragos Vieru 7 months ago +1

    Sultan Ahmet is correct.

  • Dragos Vieru
    Dragos Vieru 7 months ago

    The Tunnel of Love is in Romania

    • El Sheba
      El Sheba 5 months ago

      The tunnel of love is in Ukraine near Klevan

  • Adilson DeSouza
    Adilson DeSouza 7 months ago

    Still center of the world just not your or mine or any one else. What standTard shii! Communication.

  • cla mel
    cla mel 7 months ago +3

    Turkey is not Europe

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 8 months ago +1

    1.Valley of the Nuns, Madeira 2, San Sebastian beach and food Spain. 3. York minster and 2,000 beers England. 4. Giants causeway, Northern Ireland. 5 Austrian alps 6.Any Norwegian fjord.7.Venice (out of season) 8 Crete Mountains and very laid back people. 9. Moscow underground 10.British Museum London... a mind-bender! (As for blue woods in early may the U.Ks woods are all blue!!)

  • Laddy Netzach 7
    Laddy Netzach 7 8 months ago

    LOL, wacky universe...👌🌹

  • Nasroddin Mujawar
    Nasroddin Mujawar 8 months ago

    India is best for historical places.

  • SStoj
    SStoj 8 months ago +3

    "So if you're planning a Germanic - Polish trip...."