Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg discussed the difference between yeast infection and candida infection. Yeast is a type of fungus and candida is the most common type of yeast infection. There are 20 types of candida but only the overgrowth that becomes a problem or pathogenic. Normally, we need this candida and fungus in our digestive system and around our body and it is a part of the normal flora and microbiome.
    Locations of Candida Overgrowth:
    • Vagina
    • Mouth
    • Under breast
    • Nail Bed
    • Arm Pit
    • Private Parts
    What Causes this Overgrowth?
    • Antibiotics
    • Sugar
    • Steroids
    • Stress
    • Estrogen
    What to Do for Yeast or Candida Infection
    1. Increase Stomach Acid - Betaine Hydrochloride, Apple Cider Vinegar
    2. Garlic Clove
    3. Probiotic
    4. Avoid Sugar
    Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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    Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients so he can focus on educating people as a full time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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  • furkanq güler
    furkanq güler 4 days ago

    Dr Eric Berg, i tried Keto, was also skinny but gut skinnier. The Candida is growing a Little Bit back but its Still there and don’t know if i should eat more (Maybe Keto bombs) to Stay on my weight, but don’t know if Candida goes away?

  • Sidrasana
    Sidrasana 13 days ago

    Hi dr i never understand which sugar to avoid apart from all carbs you say in one go.can you explain plz may be seperate video on all bad sugar.thanx

  • Hallelujah 123
    Hallelujah 123 18 days ago

    Can this cause gastritis ?

  • D Hoosier
    D Hoosier Month ago

    *Enemy = Sugar!!*

  • JustSimply Marie
    JustSimply Marie Month ago

    When you say avoid sugar of all kinds, does that include sugar from fruit, too?

  • Facebook21
    Facebook21 Month ago

    Can you get yeast on your scalp? Or is this coming from my body?

  • BPerry47
    BPerry47 Month ago

    The best Dr. In the world. Greetings from germany. I've learned a lot from you. Thx 🙏🏽😊

  • Allen Daily
    Allen Daily Month ago

    I struggled with monthly yeast infections for more than 20 years. Went keto/low carb and haven't had another since been 3 years now.

  • Dirty Hippie
    Dirty Hippie Month ago

    Imagine if this is how drs talked to you?????

  • Feinstein Kushner
    Feinstein Kushner Month ago

    Where can I contact get your email dr berg?

  • Daily Dan
    Daily Dan Month ago +1

    Private parts? Are we 12? Jk thanks!!

  • Hina Fatima
    Hina Fatima Month ago

    Sir which probiotic one can take..for women..and can coconut sugar and honey be taken..

  • Bubblie BrownJ.R.
    Bubblie BrownJ.R. Month ago +2

    My daughters candida overgrowth emanated from her pores. It resulted in a strong body odor.
    I had her quit all dairy and put her on a strict cycling herbal/spice,probiotic and oil of oregano regimen. In 3 months she was good as new

  • Cherylann K
    Cherylann K Month ago +1


  • Reality
    Reality Month ago

    My father is a stuck in his ways baby-boomer, I'm trying to help him out as much as I can healthwise.
    I got him down to no added sugar or sweet drinks but hidden sugars are everywhere and if I explain to him why his cereal is bad he looks at me like I'm sure Tucker Carlson would.
    One of his many ailments is bloating, mainly from Brassicaceae, fat, alliums, etc.
    Garlic will make him bloat and he will complain that I'm trying to make him sick and so he'll yell at my mother to make him something that he shouldn't eat ..and the cycle continues.

  • Anita B.
    Anita B. Month ago

    Could you do a video on Lymes Disease if you know that a food diet could help.

    IMADALBASRII Month ago

    Thanks we followed you , the sweetness in real raw honey will result same bad effects like refined sugar or any man made sugar ?
    For the whitish layer on tongue will be removed if I treat it with methods you described
    Thanks again

  • ran dom
    ran dom Month ago

    Please can you help and advise me on a fungal infection that keeps reoccurring i keep getting athleets foot it has also spread to the hands and other areas on my body . I keep treating my hands and feet with creams for around a week or 2 after it clears up but comes back within month. Yes i have changed my feet drying habbits and changed my socks, the shoes, insoles you name it ive tried it! ive even gone as far as buying a new washing machine. Im considering asking the doctor for antibiotics soon if i cant get rid of this but i really dont want to take them! i hate taking pills of any kind! Please anything you can advise would be a great help thanks

  • Ann Anzul
    Ann Anzul Month ago

    Dr Berg, I wish I had known about you when I was nursing my babies. I had such problems with stubborn thrush. Maybe you could do a specific video for moms with this problem.

  • Kiki
    Kiki Month ago

    Please make a video on l-carnosine

  • ScarlettDuchess
    ScarlettDuchess Month ago

    I've never had a single fungal infection in my 45 years. Regardless of my high sugar diet which caused severe insulin resistance, antibiotics, depleted stomach acid etc. I found out the hard way my kidneys are not up to scratch when I developed kidney failure taking lose dose magnesium. My kidneys look normal on labs with the exception of low bicarbonate but clearly have some damage from chronic insulin resistance. Biocarbonate back in range but on the lower end now. I am just a bit too acidic for fungus.

  • Courtney Gant
    Courtney Gant Month ago

    I am a male and I have dealt with this since my early teens. I am now 38 I have tried Selsum Blue, perscribed selenium sulfide, I drink lots of water I eat a lot less sugar than I used to. The only thing that worked was taking yeast infection meds, Diflucan I think but it still comes back. Currently it's on my lower chest, shoulders and all over my back. I am going to try eating more garlic but PLEASE how do I get rid of this FOREVER?

  • SaVVeD& SAAvY
    SaVVeD& SAAvY Month ago

    Dr.Berg, :oh I'll put the spelling below
    Me:well hurry up!
    I can't spell that big O word!

  • Blanca Dz
    Blanca Dz Month ago

    Thank you for such informative video!✋

  • Maurice Battle
    Maurice Battle Month ago

    The way phenol works... You are given phenol over the span of your lifetime. You will build one or more calcium deposits somewhere in the body, where ever it may fall who knows. Doctor's will claim it's cancer and you will believe them. Phenol causes extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and all the other symptoms of cancer! Phenol causes all auto immune disease's! Sounds unbelievable, but the body can't get sick! Age and gender play a big part of this! This is a test of your faith to GOD! This depends on how much you get if they're greedy you will get a diease that will change your life! This is why dogs get diabetes, hip problems and other health issues! Phenol is under different names, in majority of everything we eat and touch! Example: tires, charcoal, colonge, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc... I'm just listing a few items you can read the rest for yourself! I was given phenol for four years and six months. I was told I had MS, neuropathy, brian infection, part of my brian missing and on my way to being diabetic! I'm almost 100% back to being healthy! Doctors call it a disease when really all you have is nerve damage! The man upstairs won't be mad if you belive what the doctor told you because the doctor may or may know what's going on. He is just doing what he learned from the school this is where learning "practitioner"comes from! I've had multiple disease's! Just a few...swollen lymph nodes, impotence, no sex drive, blind in left eye, extreme fatigue, dragging of my leg, swollen head, depth perception, thick toenails, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, incontinence, constipation, deficate blood, urinate blood, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, weight loss, anxiety, deafness, fluid leaking from ears, thick dry elbows, crooked toes, receding gums ,lazy eye, dry mouth, excessive wax in ears, spots on fingers and bottom of feet this is just some. Geneva police department has some of this on file! This has been given to you through out your life and you don't know it! Phenol will take four to five years to get out of your system! This is how kids grow out of allergies! Think about this! Age and gender play a big part! This is in vaccines, immunization and meds. Comes in three forms powder, liquid and solid! Causes (supposedly) Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts, MS, lupus, autism, ADHD, impotence, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, renal failure, extreme fatigue, cancer, HIV, anxiety, deafness, bone structure changes, swollen head,speech problems, blindness, deafness, depression, dehydration, anorexia, starvation, constipation, PMS, weight loss and weight gain, numbness, chest pain, suffering, loss of appetite, dark patches on skin all auto immune disease's! Come to find out I have been getting this since birth!!! The human body needs no vaccines or immunization!!! The nerves run the body! I will not argue with anyone about this! Please look this up I'm not lying to you! They were experimenting in death camps! GOD put you here to live not struggle! There are three labs in America; ALK Labs, Labs of Oklahoma, Greer Labs and one in Canada. I'm NOT AFRAID! You fucked my life up since birth and I'm going to repay the favor! All the babies, kids, teenagers, adults, grandparents and pets lives you have taken will be redeemed! Maurice Montez Battle of North Aurora, Illinois. I'M NOT AFRAID! JESUS WALKS

  • Wet Lazer
    Wet Lazer Month ago

    "Woah, Candida. We could make it together..."
    -Tony Orlando.
    How could you not have known what you were singing about, Tony?

  • Wet Lazer
    Wet Lazer Month ago +5

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Candida.
    Just take my hand, and I'll lead ya'
    - Tony Orlando. Hehehehe....

    • karen slater
      karen slater 16 days ago +1

      That is Exactly what I thought of when I heard Candida!

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer Month ago +2

    refined sugar is the food business goodluck avoiding it unless you cook all your meals.

  • Wet Lazer
    Wet Lazer Month ago

    Rub garlic on your johnson? No, don't do that...

    • Allen Daily
      Allen Daily Month ago

      Some women put cloves of garlic in their vagina for yeast infections. It works.

  • Wet Lazer
    Wet Lazer Month ago

    "Woah my, Candida. We could make it together..."
    -Tony Orlando. Hahahahaha!

  • RandyFPV
    RandyFPV Month ago +1

    Something I have been using recently is silver colloid. It seems to kill these types of things. I use it as underarm deodorant and mouth wash and it works great. Silver colloid used to be used until the invention of antibiotics, then it was forgotten about. I wonder if it would help with yeast infections?

  • Chickity Chick
    Chickity Chick Month ago +1

    Every time I hear the word candida the 70s song “Candida” by Tony Orlando pops in my head. Sorry. 😬 I really do love all the videos tho 😁

  • jacksdad2626
    jacksdad2626 Month ago

    What happened to the erase board ? Are you in the middle of a REMODELING? ?

  • Rajinder Pahwa
    Rajinder Pahwa Month ago

    May i mention here some other really pathogenic fungi- Histoplasma capsulatum. Besides that Aspergilli and Geotrichum are also known to cause infections especially of lungs. Candida also does not attack in normal subjects if proper hygene is maintained.

  • Rajinder Pahwa
    Rajinder Pahwa Month ago

    Dr. Berg i wish to add some yeast infections. The fungal or yeast infections generally occur in immuno compromised patients. However some pathogenic yeasts like cryptococcus neoformis do exist.

  • squishy booty
    squishy booty Month ago

    I've been doing my best to avoid dairy and processed carbs and sugar because of you and my skin has been improving. My cystic acne has gone down so much

  • Tim Mcspillywhop
    Tim Mcspillywhop Month ago

    Heavy metals also causes overgrowth. If you have mercury toxicity, you will never get rid of your candida completely.

  • Naima Belmili
    Naima Belmili Month ago

    Dr Berg please comment on Glutamine supplements and their risk to feed cancer
    Glutamine supplements are largely used to heal the GUT

  • Texanboiii
    Texanboiii Month ago

    That damn sugar why the hell is it not illegal yet? 🤔

  • Punjabi Free thinker
    Punjabi Free thinker Month ago +1

    Thank you for making this informative video and all others. 👍

  • Carla Lejarza
    Carla Lejarza Month ago

    hello! i was in a intermittent fasting diet (2 times/day) for 3 weeks but I have flu and i have to ingest the medicine 3 times/day. Do the third medicine count as a meal?

    • Pakeezah
      Pakeezah Month ago

      Carla Lejarza , drink star anise tea to rid yourself of the flu and other infections.

  • Sandra Vilosky
    Sandra Vilosky Month ago +1

    I cured my infection by taking sugar out of my diet completely.

  • Keto Munchies
    Keto Munchies Month ago +1

    Thanks to 12 weeks of keto, my tongue finally looks pink :D It had a white coating on for yeaaars and I never thought it was weird until I heard of candida overgrowth. The ketogenic diet has also helped me get off thyroid medication, improved sleep and MANY other things!

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor Month ago +2

    Yes I love that you always get to the point Dr Berg

  • K King
    K King Month ago +1

    DEAREST DR. BERG~ perfect Timing~ I was on Anti-B's off and on 3 months for Throat. ENT looked in throat and said "Oh No, we need a surgical Biopsy" second opinion said "No ~ treat with Nystatin first". Nystatin helping greatly however ~ IT IS LOADED WITH SUGAR~! And I am Diabetic. Killing yeast with Sugar layden RX ~ Makes NO since to me~ but the NON sugar one, insurance won't cover and it is Very Expensive~!!! Are they trying to kill me or is our Medical Industry just this Wacked Out~! I do caprylic acid, garlic, oregano, olive leave all the time anyway. Any other Options???

  • Striving Muslimah
    Striving Muslimah Month ago +5

    Had to take antibiotics for infected wisdom tooth 4 years ago. Then noticed slowly that I had yeast infection and not realising I had to eat probiotics during the antibiotics to make it worse continued eating high carb foods . Anyway 4 years later the candida caused all the side effects including depression, high blood sugars. Tried to tell my Dr I'm not diabetic, she wanted to put me on meds. I started to take braggs apple cider vinegar with lemon water and blackseed. The die off symptoms were horrible, high temperature, fast heart beat, sweats, sudden blood sugar dips in the morning which caused me to shake and head spinning. To relieve this I took something called *Indian costus*, an anti fungal/anti viral and bacteria herb that got my blood sugar to normal and reduced the yeast infection, got my energy back, back and muscle pain gone, no more brain fog etc, still taking it, slowly but surely. I'm glad I didn't listen to my Dr, they're just programmed to give medication not to look at diet.

    • Mariam Degahburi
      Mariam Degahburi Month ago

      +Striving Muslimah thank you!

    • Striving Muslimah
      Striving Muslimah Month ago +1

      +Mariam Degahburi 1 teaspoon in room temperature water.

    • Mariam Degahburi
      Mariam Degahburi Month ago

      Salam sis, how much do you In the morning one teaspoon In warm water? Or is it 2 teaspoon. Thanks!

  • carl c
    carl c Month ago +2

    Ah, sea kelp. I heard “seek help”.

  • legalise nature
    legalise nature Month ago

    Should I tell my girlfriend to stop taking birth control because I've had a yeast infection 2 times now, or will changing her diet and force feeding her garlic be enough?

  • jfcrum99
    jfcrum99 Month ago

    What kind of fungus causes Geographic Tongue? I’ve been doing Your healthy keto diet for 60 days. My tongue still flares up. I’m keeping my carbs under 20 grams.

    • jfcrum99
      jfcrum99 Month ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I also drink lemon juice and ACV and use a strawand haven't had a flare up. I've been taking spirulina for quite a while. Interesting thing happened the other day...hadn;t had a flare-up in a while and I just used oil and balsamic vinegar on my salad and my tongue reacted immediately ...I added some mustard and stevia to the EVOO and balsamic vinegar and it doesn't bother my tongue...weird. Glad to know Im not the only one out there with this strange disorder!+belinda hawkins

    • belinda hawkins
      belinda hawkins Month ago

      Taking spiralina and chlorella seems to keep from having any flares Bc I drink lemon water every morning
      Three swigs of ACV
      Twice a day
      We both know when there is a flare
      No acidic nothing

  • Michael Hinck
    Michael Hinck Month ago +1

    Excellent advice and information ☝🏻

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother Month ago +2

    I heard candida can live on fat too. They just prefer sugar

    • Tacha D. Ruffy
      Tacha D. Ruffy Month ago

      +Animal Mother Nothing is impossible. It worked for me.🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Animal Mother
      Animal Mother Month ago

      Tacha D. Ruffy it’s sorta impossible to starve out candida since it’s natural in the body it takes very long time. And it’s still eating something most likely since when you fast your body eats itself

    • Tacha D. Ruffy
      Tacha D. Ruffy Month ago

      +Animal Mother why should it? Fasting means no eating.

    • Animal Mother
      Animal Mother Month ago

      Tacha D. Ruffy eh maybe while you’re fasting your body is still consuming raw animal fat

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother Month ago

    Please do a video on sunken eyes.

  • shoaib zaheer
    shoaib zaheer Month ago

    Fermentation occurs in absence of oxygen, is candida facultative?

  • Laurence Lagden
    Laurence Lagden Month ago

    Avoid all sugars is a phrase you commonly say. I have stopped eating anything with sugar in it, sweets, cakes, cookies etc etc. Questions; on packet labels it says carbs xxgrams of which xxgrams sugars. Does this count? Sugar in fruit does this count?

    • belinda hawkins
      belinda hawkins Month ago

      Laurence Lagden
      Yep the sugar in fruit counts
      So he eliminated it from a keto diet he suggests bc of the sugar content

  • Marc Gratton
    Marc Gratton Month ago +1

    Good one TKU DOC

  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez Month ago

    How about SIBO

  • Israel Ortega
    Israel Ortega Month ago

    What your take. I started having digestive issues several months ago, it start really bad in my stomach then down the GI. Now I have ringing in the ears, brain fog, and feel dizzy. What is the connection and what happened

  • nnr2d m
    nnr2d m Month ago +1

    Off topic but I'm going to try (nettle leaves) they are dried out...... Can anybody tell me what I do with them -

    • nnr2d m
      nnr2d m Month ago +1

      +20alphabet excellent thanks for the response -

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +3

      Yes, make tea.

  • Blue Butterfly Wellness

    What about on the feet? Is candida the same as jock itch and athlete's foot? Also does candida cause anal itching or is it just parasites?

  • Laura DeBorde
    Laura DeBorde Month ago

    Dr. Berg, have you heard of plexus? If so what is you thought on it? It claims to help gut health.

  • mrs_grissett
    mrs_grissett Month ago

    I have a question about hidrodinitis suppurativa. How can I get rid of it I’ve had it for 10 years and it’s really painful and stressful! Is there anything I can do to stop the excessive sweating and rid this illness! Thank u

  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts Month ago

    Hi Dr. Berg. I’m a long time subscriber to your channel and I’ve always wondered why you eat specifically “4” eggs everyday?? I know this is off topic from this particular video but I’m curious if it has to do with calories or nutrition or both? Also, perhaps an idea 💡 for another video, do you recommend sun dried tomatos as a source of potassium? Why are they so high in the mineral, and are they too sugary to be keto friendly?? Any advice would be great! Thanks for all the great work you do!

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago

      He has a dog... the dog has four
      legs. He eats one egg per leg. It's
      a superstitious belief or something.

  • Honest Explorer
    Honest Explorer Month ago +1

    What about consuming yeast, doctor? Would it worsen candida?

  • William H. Bonnie
    William H. Bonnie Month ago

    "It likes moist areas" eww

  • Colombiana Vero
    Colombiana Vero Month ago +1

    HELP Why do I get a Yeast infection every single month? Its been this was for about 2 years and its driving me crazy 😭😭😭 I try everything and it doesnt work

    • Nikki L
      Nikki L Month ago

      Have you tried plain yogurt (like Fage) both internally and externally? I have cured 2 yeast infections with coconut oil internally & externally first. Then at night do the same with the plain yogurt. The yogurt is more soothing than any over the counter cream. Coconut oil causes the candida albicans to explode. Then..the yogurt helps re-establish the good bacteria and it also has a way of assisting the death of the yeast. So during the day do the oil then at night do yogurt. Or do yogurt during day too if it's too unbearable. Mine went away after about 4-7 days.

  • Max anders
    Max anders Month ago

    how about making a probiotic tutorial at home. or link to one on youtube. you just buy some cabbage soak it in water and forget it.

  • Max anders
    Max anders Month ago

    so if you eat meat thats the generic store things with antibiotics in it.
    drink water from tap (pvc pipes) or bottles you get candida issues even on keto?
    i recently read that even just normal housedust have estrogenic effects as skinflakes with bpa sweat is about 90% of house dust.

  • Israela Israilova
    Israela Israilova Month ago +1

    Love your videos thank you

  • Nicole Cordova
    Nicole Cordova Month ago


  • Lamb Liver Superfood

    It's all from carbs. Ditch the carbs and you'll be fine

  • sasquatch1 ****
    sasquatch1 **** Month ago +4

    Every cancer patient is loaded w yeast. They keep eating sugar! Killing themselves.

  • Linda Walshock
    Linda Walshock Month ago

    As a senior citizen often plagued by this Beast I have found that taking probiotic specifically Geared for women has helped me tremendously as well as reduced sugar. The brand name I began taking is RepHResh Pro-B Feminine Probiotic Supplement

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey Month ago +30

    I eliminated sugar, and it changed my life , no more inflammation, lost weight, no more infections, I look and feel better. Thank you Dr.Berg, you encouraged me .

    • D Hoosier
      D Hoosier Month ago

      *How long did it take for you to notice a real difference? Not just with weight loss.*

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +1

      Good news!

  • Raja Shahja
    Raja Shahja Month ago

    garlic ushered the beginning of my leaky gut some 15/20 months ago, beware, or cook it well

    • belinda hawkins
      belinda hawkins Month ago +2

      Raja Shahja
      Garlic heals
      Not harm
      A product from God
      Whether u accept that or not

  • How to Medicate
    How to Medicate Month ago +1

    Did you know we need yeasts to make beer? 😏👌

    ANTIGUA ROCKS Month ago

    The views count and comments already confirm that this is a really hot topic. A followup with more details on the symptoms and diagnosis and on how to go about treating this problem is greatly needed.

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez Month ago

    This is Soo off topic but I I were to eat fatty beef like rib eye should I even incorporate carbs in my diet due to the high amounts of carbs ..if I'm eating beef liver that day.. from what I understand if you have beef liver there is no need for veggies

  • V. •
    V. • Month ago +2

    Fasting helps a lot. What do you think about diatomaceous earth, for this issue?

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago

      He's answered this in other videos.

    • Beauty Psycho
      Beauty Psycho Month ago

      It works better for parasites (worms kind).

  • sin car
    sin car Month ago

    dr acid reflux give white tongue

  • Salome Ofori Yeboah
    Salome Ofori Yeboah Month ago +2

    Thank you 🙏🏿 DR ERIC BERG for your nice 👍🏾 information ❤️

  • LaVern Reid
    LaVern Reid Month ago +3

    Good video as I was told that UTI's and yest infections are connected. If this is true, how so and what are natural remedies for UTI's...thank you in advance

    • ChaCha Dodds
      ChaCha Dodds Month ago +1

      The connection is likely blood sugar, as in diabetes.
      I suffered with severe & frequent UTI's, for nearly 15yrs, until I discovered this protocol. It worked far better than antibiotics, and I never got another one. You'll also get rid of vaginal yeast infections, & be practically immune to viruses going around.
      First, eliminate sugar. Next, make sure you're staying hydrated; drink plenty of water.
      During an active infection, drink Peppermint Tea; no sugar. As an antimicrobial, it will begin to cleanse the urine, while also soothing & eliminating the awful burning pain associated with UTI's. Forget the Cranberry juice; this works far better. And don't drink coffee, or black tea; it'll only create more problems.
      Next, take two capsules daily of Oil of Oregano, as an acute phase treatment, & one daily as a preventative. Oregano, is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral.
      Also, take D-Mannose capsules in the same way, as an acute phase treatment, & as a preventative. D-mannose, is a type of glucose, that prevents bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract, so your body can flush it out.
      As my dad got older, he was constantly getting UTI's, until I started him on this protocol, & he never had another one the rest of his life.
      Hope this helps.

  • Maxi Bake
    Maxi Bake Month ago

    Thanks for sharing this info. Never had this problem, maybe it's all the sauerkraut I make & eat. Lol. 🤗 Wasn't live yogurt supposedly good for this, or was that just an Old Wives tale, back in the day. IDK.? Take care. 💖🙂🐶

  • Jen & Dog Marty
    Jen & Dog Marty Month ago +9

    Hi 👋 Dr. Berg can you do a video on mucus in the body? Dr. Sebi said rid of the body of mucus its the cause of disease.

    • Austin Yipeo
      Austin Yipeo Month ago

      Jen & Dog Marty plus Sebi died of ammonia which is what Dr Berg has a video on how to prevent/cure.

    • Austin Yipeo
      Austin Yipeo Month ago +2

      Jen & Dog Marty no it isn’t if you don’t produce mucus that means your at risk of dying early because of no meat in the diet. Steve Jobs thought that was the way to go, he had no mucus because of his strict vegan diet, but smelled so bad, his boss thought about firing him at work. He couldn’t beat cancer because going vegan isn’t that helpful against fighting cancer.

  • T M F
    T M F Month ago

    Any truth to this being what the medical gangsters call cancer?

  • Gay Preator
    Gay Preator Month ago

    Eating Nutritional KETO / Healthy Low Carb will pretty much get Candida/Yeast under control.
    Side note I put My two dogs on a Species appropriate diet. That was an interesting experiment on massive Yeast die off. Carb heavy dog foods are sustainable for a while. But like Humans it takes a huge toll over time. Both dogs are doing Great: Dog-adapting was fun. Glad I did some research first.
    Nutrition is 🔑. 👑

    • Gay Preator
      Gay Preator Month ago

      Victoria Lanning Davis my guess; not a Dr. but.... massive die off happens when you restrict carbs/sugars. Will appear bad but that’s what happens - one needs to let the body correct. Do what you are comfortable with. Adapting/time.

    • Victoria Lanning Davis
      Victoria Lanning Davis Month ago

      Gay Preator not true for me - my candida gets worse when I am on 𝐊𝐞𝐭𝐨.

  • Vicki C
    Vicki C Month ago +5

    Thank you! I've actually been going through this for months now.

  • Grinder !!
    Grinder !! Month ago

    Pls bring back the old clear backboard, this new one is a step back. It’s soooo ugly and seems soooo outdated! Why????????

    • Grinder !!
      Grinder !! Month ago

      belinda hawkins I appreciate what u have to say! It’s my opinion and I won’t ever be told what to or not to say. I live in America and my freedom of speech will not be silenced. And I do appreciate his info! God bless

    • belinda hawkins
      belinda hawkins Month ago +1

      Grinder !!
      Granted like the glass better
      but value what he is sharing for FREEEE!!!!!!!!
      Without critiquing his bulletin board!!!!!
      Remember he eats this way too
      And it’s expensive for him too
      He may get a few perks
      But organic veg and grass fed meat and good fat oils r a fortune by themselves
      Give that a think 🤔
      B4 u knock something ofwhat somebody else is doing!!!!

  • Nobuhle Thusi
    Nobuhle Thusi Month ago +1


  • Bdiddy
    Bdiddy Month ago +2

    I’m dealing with GERD and yeast issues as we speak, I’m going to order the Betaine HCL... TY!!

  • Michele Ceron
    Michele Ceron Month ago

    I had no idea that stomach acid played a part. My doctor put me on betaine a couple of months ago but did not mention that specifically that would help with my candida. I have seen a great decrease in my candida symptoms but I did not relate it to the betaine at all

  • Pam Shearer
    Pam Shearer Month ago +4

    Good Morning, Dr.Berg - Thank you for sharing this very interesting information with everyone, stay safe , God bless you.
    Date 4/4/2019

  • __ __
    __ __ Month ago +4

    You're doing a great job educating us Doc! Thank you so much

  • __ __
    __ __ Month ago +10

    You're doing a great job educating us Doc! Thank you so much

  • Laura Randolph
    Laura Randolph Month ago +13

    What is the difference between taking Apple Cider Vinegar and taking lemon or lime juice as far as creating an acidic environment in your digestive system? Do other types of vinegar have a similar effect to Apple Cider Vinegar? What makes that so unique?

    • andymath89
      andymath89 Month ago +1

      check Dr. Berg's videos about apple cider vinegar.

  • Michele Ceron
    Michele Ceron Month ago +1

    Boron is also a good fighter against candida. This video didnt answer the question though on whether all yeast infections are candida infections and I mean specifically vaginal yeast infections. I have suffered from vag yeast infections for 20 years and I also had systemic candida for which I had other symptoms. My other symptoms of candida seem to have gone away yet I still get vag yeast infections so that is why I clicked on this video as I thought maybe my vag yeast is a different one from the systemic candida

    • Nikki L
      Nikki L Month ago

      Plz look at my replies to the above commenter 'Columbiana Vero' about vag yeast infection.

    • George Rambus
      George Rambus Month ago

      Google says that vaginal yeast infection is a form of candida infection!

    • sweetlilwitch
      sweetlilwitch Month ago +2

      Michele Ceron I’m in the same boat. Would like Dr Berg’s reply to your question.

  • Vida Twynham
    Vida Twynham Month ago +2

    Feeling informed 🧠

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +2

    Garlic and clove kefir anyone? 😜

  • Ax Marr
    Ax Marr Month ago

    Does anyone know the dose for apple cider vinegar in pill form? How many caps ( at 450mg/cap ) are equal to the recommended dose of ACV in liquid form?

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood Month ago +1

      +20alphabet awww, thank you "Alphie!" I was feeling sorta down today and your compliment was right on time!☺

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +1

      Gloria is a gem. She often has
      good information.

    • Gloria Mary Haywood
      Gloria Mary Haywood Month ago +2

      One capsule is about the equivalent of two teaspoons of the liquid. Most people take that amount either once or twice a day. (Anyways, that's the info I got when I googled it!)

  • Periwinkle Sky
    Periwinkle Sky Month ago +10

    Pau d'arco is GREAT against Candida. It also will dramatically help with sugar, it works ridiculously well ;)

    • sarai ramirez
      sarai ramirez Month ago

      ChaCha Dodds what brand do u use? Thanks !

    • Periwinkle Sky
      Periwinkle Sky Month ago

      +ChaCha Dodds wow. I never tried that one (cause of the price) but I've heard really great things about it. The Pau d'arco for me was kind of an accident. Had a cold one time and I knew it had a lot of benefits so I fasted and drank nothing but that tea 2-3 times a day. And I kept thinking "man, this cold is really bad. I feel terrible"....turns out it was the Pau d'arco tea killing off the Candida (Herxheimer effect). When the cold was finally done, my sugar cravings and cravings in general were completely gone. Coincidentally around that time is when I came across Dr Berg's information.

    • ChaCha Dodds
      ChaCha Dodds Month ago

      It may work for some people; it never did anything to eliminate my Candida, & I tried everything I could get my hands on, for years. Oregano Oil, changed my life. It brought the lifelong problem of Candida, under control, & over the years & decades of using it, I can occasionally indulge in a bit of fruit, or birthday cake, without suffering all sorts of consequences. And it works fast.

  • Holly S
    Holly S Month ago

    I have a Candida overgrowth but never had a yeast infection or any of the symptoms listed just acne!

    • Holly S
      Holly S Month ago

      Infinity Reaper I first did a GI MAP and levels of candida came back as not detectable but my functional medicine Dr said that doesn’t always mean you are in the clear so I did a OAT test which is a urine test and it showed a Candida overgrowth.

    • Infinity Reaper
      Infinity Reaper Month ago

      what diagnostic tool was used to determine your candida overgrowth?