Wild Season Trailer for Indiegogo

  • Published on Feb 5, 2014
  • It's going to be a "Wild Season" this 2014, thanks to Quickfire Games. Yes, indeed. Inspired by Harvest Moon. This is our video and its meant for the final stretch of our funding campaign, but this time, we're continuing it in Indiegogo. The reason we're doing it is because we have people who have issues making payments through Kickstarter and Amazon. So we're giving them another week to make pledges through Indiegogo.
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  • Cymo NET
    Cymo NET 5 years ago

    Sharan, please, read my comment.
    I was just thinking about relationship and storyline. I believe the game will have some events triggered by a certain relantionship line, am I wrong? If not, I have an idea. You said you guys want to do something more mature and diferent and I thought: alright, break the pace, give us the possibility to make everybody hates the main character which'll lead us to a diferent ending. What about that? If possible, I'll be really surprised and glad to see it. We always have games "like this" with happy endings, I think it'll be funny to see a disastrous ending by making only enemies throughout the game.
    I'm hoping for this game to be a hit! Best regards, guys. And keep us informed! (Sorry for the crappy english)

    • Cymo NET
      Cymo NET 5 years ago

      +Quickfire Games It's okay, take your time! I'm glad you replied and I'm happy to have some good news.
      It doesn't bother me if new routes will be via DLC or not. It's your game and I'm sure you know what's the best to do and the pace to do it.
      Thank you very much once again for the reply. I'm still looking foward.
      And I hope if it make a sequel, I'll be able to help (I'm a Music Composition student =P).

    • Quickfire Games
      Quickfire Games  5 years ago

      Simon! Thanks for your message! (sorry for the late response >.

  • Dustin F
    Dustin F 5 years ago

    I love this trailer. I added it to the Wild Season wiki @ Gamepedia

  • Quickfire Games
    Quickfire Games  5 years ago

    Yeah, my bad.

  • Orosa Asoro
    Orosa Asoro 5 years ago

    title says it for indiegogo, but the info in the video says it for kickstarter, pluss this video is on kickstarter, I think you uploaded the wrong vid, or if you did, you may want to redo some of the info, like reasoning for redoing this on indiegogo, while i see you did it in the description of the indiegogo page, its not fully explained over on the youtube page, just saying you may want to fix this up.