Are Celtics the biggest threat to Bucks in the East? | First Take

  • Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take debate which teams are the biggest threat to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference, noting the star power of the Boston Celtics lineup.
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Комментарии • 888

  • Big Junz
    Big Junz 2 дня назад

    No disrespect to the Celtics fans but all these mf analyst talking about Baston Baston Baston like STFU .They mentioned a little bit about the Bucks,Raptors and 76ers ..where's the Pacers at ?They slept on them really hard .

  • Elvia Calderon
    Elvia Calderon 3 дня назад

    What? Toronto has the best chance to go to the Finals, then it's the Bucks.

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 3 дня назад


  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 3 дня назад

    This retarded video aged horribly in less than a week. LMAO

  • Loudman Luke
    Loudman Luke 3 дня назад

    I hate her voice

  • Mr.nothing
    Mr.nothing 3 дня назад

    No one wants to say kyrie needs to come off ball a bit, kyrie should be at 50%ish n Hayward 30% n Tatum n brown 20%

  • Rodney Davis
    Rodney Davis 3 дня назад

    They disrespect the Bucks and the Raptors so bad. Both teams will play each other in the finals. No one else

  • Jared McGorman
    Jared McGorman 4 дня назад

    My eastern conference finals Boston Milwaukee Boston in 5

  • Montelo Payso
    Montelo Payso 4 дня назад

    76ers ECF ?

  • Must_Overcome
    Must_Overcome 5 дней назад +1


  • Estoniran
    Estoniran 5 дней назад

    Is this fool trying to say "reintegrating"?

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 5 дней назад +1

    Bucks have a really stacked team. They have one super star in giannis but i think brook lopez has the skill set on both sides of the floor to also be a super star. While bledsoe, brogdon, and middleton have been playing like all-stars recently.

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett 5 дней назад

    Celtics need to get rid of Rozier because he is a terrible bench player and is the biggest ball hog I have ever seen

  • Matthew Longo
    Matthew Longo 5 дней назад

    BOOHOO for the Celtics. Raps have had Kawhai, Lowry and Valantunis out for almost half the season. Best record in the NBA.

  • Matthew Longo
    Matthew Longo 5 дней назад

    Siakam is going to be better than every player on the Celtics.

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson 6 дней назад

    Stephen A👏🏾👏🏾

  • weirdo kid
    weirdo kid 6 дней назад

    That white guy is wack

  • Joseph Trigger, Jr.
    Joseph Trigger, Jr. 6 дней назад

    Max dumbass Never knows what the fuck 🦆 he talking about. Get this mane off ESPN

  • bench press360
    bench press360 6 дней назад

    They went way off topic 😂

  • Dominique Saddler
    Dominique Saddler 6 дней назад

    I love all of my Bucks haters😂😂 join the Haters line, take a ticket and head towards the back

  • Rey Gumbs
    Rey Gumbs 6 дней назад


  • Rey Gumbs
    Rey Gumbs 6 дней назад

    ppl fail to remember, when they went on that 16 gm winning streak last season, Kyrie only missed about 2 of those games w/ a broken nose...Stephen A is correct, Hayward is the problem #NoWorries #TheyllFigureItOut

  • mike west
    mike west 7 дней назад

    The Bucks are the most improved team by far.
    But keep sleeping on them. It works to their advantage.

  • Jinust
    Jinust 7 дней назад +1

    Molly needs to keep her mouth shut

  • manolo perez
    manolo perez 7 дней назад

    Toronto has the closest thing to MJ and Kobe on the team only way they get to ecf is if they get rid of Lowry ASAP and get a sg/pg that can pass/defend and hit open shots . Celtics are on streak and they can beat any team when rolling and of course they have the best PG in the league . Bucks have a demi god on the team with great shooters. Indiana you just never know.. not to hate on the 76rs bc Im an A.I fan but they’re not doing anything but upsetting phily again. If kawhi goes back to the kawhi he was in his last game in the playoffs against G.S.. no one is stopping that man no one is guarding him. Facts

  • Zombie Ape Gaming
    Zombie Ape Gaming 7 дней назад

    Harden tried to call a travel on giannis how ironic 😭😂

  • TrillWitThePimpin
    TrillWitThePimpin 7 дней назад

    Tatum can score but he's going to have to raise his defense a level or 2 .. I'm a Celtics fan but he needs to be that second guy to Kyrie they both can't be liabilities

  • Matthew Bryant
    Matthew Bryant 7 дней назад

    Raptors in the Finals imo... but I have said, after some Bucks games, I think Bucks will be in the finals. I just see a 79 NCAA Championship finals sitch where the better team shuts down the future hall of famer and they have no chance. East loses in 4 or 5 to West Conf Champs...

    RASTA GOD 7 дней назад

    The east only open up cause lebron gone!

  • Stargames
    Stargames 7 дней назад +1

    You talking about curry like he don't have 4 great player's who can find there own shot and also NO TEAM WILL DOUBLE TEAM THEM lol why cause you can't leave great shooters open

  • Stargames
    Stargames 7 дней назад +1

    You say ball hog, so why ain't you bring up harden or bron names? but it funny cause kyrie be passing getting crazy assist

  • Shadair Mitchell
    Shadair Mitchell 7 дней назад

    Last time I checked Kyrie was at the head of a 19 game winning streak. Or am I bugging. Max needs to stop the Kyrie hating

  • Shadair Mitchell
    Shadair Mitchell 7 дней назад

    Wait till the playoffs. We will see who the best

  • Bruce Zhang
    Bruce Zhang 7 дней назад

    god damn molly next epi i dont wana hear a word from u stfu let the grown ups talk

  • CCGG262
    CCGG262 7 дней назад

    Even when indicates the subject will be Bucks they still find a way to dominate the conversation with big market teams. great. BUCKS FOR LIFE. BEEN HERE SINCE '93 and watched 98% of games. Now we have arrived.

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 7 дней назад

    U forget about Indiana Pacers

  • 31 Hoops
    31 Hoops 7 дней назад

    I think the East is really Boston's to loose. They have too many pieces that could eventually come together come playoff time. Philly has absolutely no chance without shooting, and Simmons being a non shooter is a huge liability in a half court playoff atmosphere. Toronto has a huge chance as well if they can keep Lowery healthy, and I know Leonard will up his game. The Bucks are my sleeper...I just can't underestimate Giannis and his work ethic. Even though he can't shoot, and teams know that he's driving, he's still a beast. They also have shooting and scoring from Middleton too. I'm rolling with either Boston or Milwaukee in the finals.

  • black santa
    black santa 7 дней назад

    No one is

  • Panagiotis Tzatsos
    Panagiotis Tzatsos 7 дней назад

    The Bucks cannot win against the heat which will be their first round matchup. Though the celtics are also pretty badass

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 7 дней назад

    Stephen A can't hear a word against Kyrie ever since he came on First Take.

  • Skinnzy Kiwi
    Skinnzy Kiwi 7 дней назад +1

    Celtics just lost to heat and still middle of the pack with the supposedly most stack team in the east 😂😂 yeah i dont think so lmao

    • GiannisSmoothie
      GiannisSmoothie 5 дней назад

      Skinnzy Kiwi and they just lost to the Magic 😂😂😂

  • SpartanK07
    SpartanK07 7 дней назад +1

    Max explaining things to Molly is like when your big sibling explains your homework to you, but it's just going over your head 😂😂

  • Mental Mind
    Mental Mind 7 дней назад

    The Cavaliers are still currently the defending Eastern Conference champions as of 1/11/19

  • Kanal1
    Kanal1 7 дней назад

    Giannis is nothing in the playoffs, as he was in the past couple of years, best case scenario is 2nd round for them

    • Justin Ehmke
      Justin Ehmke 7 дней назад

      they a lot of three point shooter on the team

  • DanDaProducer
    DanDaProducer 7 дней назад +1

    fuck the bucks. its been celtics and raptors from the start. why? kawhi and danny have championship pedigree and know what it takes to play through the playoffs. celtics are a hard nosed defensive team with kyrie having championship pedigree and killer mentality.
    the bucks? need to leave the first round to earn the right to be in this conversation. its going to be a one man show with khris inconsistent ass as your second best player. if you think teams wont bust out zone and game plan tf out of giannis then youre crazy.

    • Justin Ehmke
      Justin Ehmke 7 дней назад

      The bucks have a lot of three point shooter on the team and the bucks could get to the ECF

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 7 дней назад +2

    The bucks are the only squad besides Golden State who has more chemistry out the roof. They have been playing together for the past 4-5 years same unit only adding Bledsoe.

  • Ronnie Headen
    Ronnie Headen 7 дней назад

    Max wins this argument. The Celtics are a better team without Kyrie. Watch, he will not be there next year. He will be in a trade for AD. Mark my word...

  • Sartaj Aziz
    Sartaj Aziz 7 дней назад

    lol i hope u guys know theyre talking whos the biggest threat to the bucks cus they already said previously toronto def going to ecf they talking about the other teams here

  • Bryan Breland
    Bryan Breland 7 дней назад

    ECF: Celtics vs Raptors WCF: Warriors vs Thunder

    • Jordan B
      Jordan B 5 дней назад

      Celtics are ass

  • jmcampos80
    jmcampos80 7 дней назад

    Wow...its really anybody over Toronto I see. They don't wanna see Raps in ECF or finals vs warriors. They can't stop the Raps...this is their year!

  • Zo Arms
    Zo Arms 7 дней назад

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Celtics?

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown 7 дней назад

    Still sleeping on the Raptors, smh...we literally got the second or third best player in the league and u still can’t admit it

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 7 дней назад


  • Torey Townsend
    Torey Townsend 7 дней назад +1

    After Max's negro statement yesterday it is a surprise he is on the show today.

  • Tulia
    Tulia 7 дней назад

    Kyrie is definitely the best player on the team, In the playoffs they will NEED a ball dominant player. Hayward scored 43pts, it will take time but trust me, Boston will need him in the playoffs. People can trash on the Celtics but it's only half way. They'll easily click by that time and Hayward isn't fully back yet, his injury isn't something you can just get back in half a season. Playoffs will be scary against Boston.

  • Mangesh Kulkarni
    Mangesh Kulkarni 7 дней назад

    Lol he compared Steph to Kyrie, put steph on this team and show me how much better it is

  • Mangesh Kulkarni
    Mangesh Kulkarni 7 дней назад

    Celtics have too many players on their team, come playoff time they're not gonna roll out a 10 man rotation and things will change

  • Ismael Lewis
    Ismael Lewis 7 дней назад +3

    Everybody says that the Celtics are so great, because of what they did last year without kyrie and Hayward, but now they just have too many good players that need minutes and need to grow. None of their young players are gonna grow, and Tatum, brown, rozier, and horford are all compromised because kyrie and Hayward are back and they can’t figure it out. I don’t see them making past the first round

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 7 дней назад

    Every time these ESPN retards think they can pump up the Celtshits again they get blown out once more

  • you so corny
    you so corny 7 дней назад

    bucks 4 seed at all star week. and if major trades happen they will be below.

  • Voice of Validity
    Voice of Validity 7 дней назад

    Celtics don't need Hayward.

  • Chris Davis II
    Chris Davis II 7 дней назад

    All of these Boston topics, which are negatives, proves that the Bucks are the biggest threat. Can these guys just give Milwaukee more credit this video?

  • P T
    P T 7 дней назад

    I’m honestly just happy to see the bucks getting some love on national Tv

  • Make Bucks Like Milwaukee
    Make Bucks Like Milwaukee 7 дней назад +1

    MAN! Fuck Jason Kidd!

  • harlequin75
    harlequin75 7 дней назад

    ‘Re-integrate” is a the appropriate word, Screamin A.

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 7 дней назад

    Raptors biggest threat

  • Prestige Painting
    Prestige Painting 7 дней назад

    does anyone else have a serious man crush Monday on Nick Nurse? I'm sweating.... whoa!

  • Adam Catchings
    Adam Catchings 7 дней назад

    I think at this point the problem is kyrie and Hayward playing together is hard to mesh with other players because their records when one of them is out is better.

  • HS Xu
    HS Xu 7 дней назад +1

    The Bucks beat a Houston team without CP3. The Bucks have close to none playoff experience, Giannis is a chocker in the playoffs until he proves himself otherwise. Boston will sweep them in the playoffs if and when they meet

    • Randall the kid
      Randall the kid 3 дня назад

      😂😂😂😂 this guy

    • Justin Ehmke
      Justin Ehmke 7 дней назад +1

      they got a lot of players of three point shooters

  • Delan Roof
    Delan Roof 7 дней назад +2

    Molly isn't pregnant yet? Wtf it's been over 3 months since she got married

    • LEX HEF
      LEX HEF 6 дней назад


  • Roger Blands
    Roger Blands 7 дней назад

    Celtics will not go where Kyrie and Hayward will take them. They need to know how to share like the Warriors.

  • Manuel Filimon
    Manuel Filimon 7 дней назад

    This is soo scripted. Why are they talking about this. Raptors are the clear best in the EAST. They haven't even had their full line up yet.

  • Mohamed Alkadry
    Mohamed Alkadry 7 дней назад +1

    Put some respect on the Raptors name #WeTheNorth

  • D2K Prime
    D2K Prime 7 дней назад

    The Bucks didn't get respect in 2001 with Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, and Glenn Robinson. I don't expect them to get respect with Giannis either. Of course in both case they both deserved and EARNED respect, but because Milwaukee is not the sexy-name like Philly, Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami, they get passed over.
    Just like Golden State, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to have to kick the door down and *TAKE* that Finals trophy to get some speck put on their name.

  • xErue
    xErue 7 дней назад

    A segment where there suppose to be talking about the Bucks and if they are actual contenders and it just turns into only Celtic talk lmao, we've heard whats wrong with the Celtics a million times now, and if you not worried that they'll fix the issue, then why keep talking about it

  • SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27
    SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27 7 дней назад

    I DONT get this its a fact Raptors win the championship this Year

  • M. Anthony Navarro
    M. Anthony Navarro 8 дней назад

    Bucks have played an easier schedule than Toronto also Bucks haven’t had to deal with injuries like Toronto has. Raptors have the best record with Kawhi playing every other game. Lowry was out. JV is still out. Norm was out. OG wasn’t with the team the first few weeks of the season so Raptors have the best chance at a championship.

  • Deontre Jones
    Deontre Jones 8 дней назад

    Stick to the topic false take smfh

  • Deontre Jones
    Deontre Jones 8 дней назад +1

    Is this a Bucks topic or Boston smh.. The national media Bucks coverage annoying asf...

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith 8 дней назад

    I'm gonna fuck Molly in her ass and make her shut up

  • Daniel Palmore
    Daniel Palmore 8 дней назад +1

    so the question is if the Bucks can make it to the NBA finals, yet Stephen A and Max spend the whole segment talking about if the Celtics will figure it out or not.

  • Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris 8 дней назад

    It really comes down to which teams in each conference finish as the 1 and 2 seeds. In the history of the NBA the 1's and 2's are "overwhelming" favorites to reach the finals unlike any other sport. The 3 seed has an outside shot and the 4 has barely a shot. All the other seeds are playing "powerball" type odds to make the finals. The NBA is really the most predictable league there is when it comes to playoff time.

  • jonathan tran
    jonathan tran 8 дней назад

    anyone else annoyed that stephen a doesn't even use the word reingratiate correctly because ingratiate means to bring yourself into favor by pleasing someone because what I think he means is reintegrate

  • thisiskamTV
    thisiskamTV 8 дней назад

    Steven A Smith keeps blaming Hayward yet he he hasn't caused anyone's shots per game or minutes to decrease.

  • Yahya Masri
    Yahya Masri 8 дней назад

    what kinda damm question is this. the Raptors are the best team in the east.

  • joe fresh
    joe fresh 8 дней назад

    Toronto is the team to beat in the East

  • Nam Pham
    Nam Pham 8 дней назад

    Max hates Kyrie, and it's mutual

  • Mike Bevi
    Mike Bevi 8 дней назад

    Molly is to smart for this spot

  • FOFF
    FOFF 8 дней назад

    People saying Kyrie is ball dominant in Boston are clearly not watching the games

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 8 дней назад

    What they failing to realize is the Celtics have figured it out they have been rolling lately everyone is finally playing their roles they acting like the Celtics are still struggling or haven't played well!!

  • David Callaway
    David Callaway 8 дней назад

    He get mad when you talk about his boo Kyrie. SAS is so full of it when it comes to Kyrie.

  • boricuaboss3
    boricuaboss3 8 дней назад

    Another year with raptor fans saying they are going to make it to the finals when will you give up and admit your team is trash! You won't make it anywhere stop it get some help.

  • Brandon Hamilton
    Brandon Hamilton 8 дней назад

    Its pathetic to hear the boston celtics still need to "Figure it out" 40+ games in and they cant find a good chemistry. Stop making excuses....

    • Brandon Hamilton
      Brandon Hamilton 8 дней назад

      Whats also annoying is and its a narrative they always use for celtics but not raps, celtics basically kept their entire team, and simply added two all stars back in, to their line up same bench as well. Raptors lose 2 key players move around other bench players and throw a couple into the starting line up and have had 14 different starting lines ups and still make it work....

  • Michaelveli9
    Michaelveli9 8 дней назад

    My celtics are back baby

  • Drizze Johnson
    Drizze Johnson 8 дней назад

    If you notice Lebron Stan’s in the media always try & indirectly shit on Kyrie as you see Max doing. Kyrie played most the season with them & they did good. It’s Haywood that’s the problem because him,Brown, & Tatum play foward

  • andrew payette
    andrew payette 8 дней назад +1

    ‘Ingratiate’ does not mean what you think it means.

  • Jak Dee
    Jak Dee 8 дней назад


  • Jay Rayburn
    Jay Rayburn 8 дней назад

    How come this channel doesn’t look at comments

  • Brittany Cary
    Brittany Cary 8 дней назад

    The ball stick with Kyrie but he avg more AST he have had more double digits AST games this season n he have had any season with the Cavs crunch time n a tight game I want the ball n Kyrie hands hell I be mad some time cause he have been off the ball too much this season.... Max always shit about kyrie that's not true at all