DO TEENS KNOW 2000's MUSIC? #3 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2016
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    The Teens give their reaction to hearing popular 2000s music, but do they know the songs?
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    Do They Know It #31 - DO TEENS KNOW 2000's MUSIC #3? (REACT: Do They Know It?)
    Do They Know It
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    Do They Know It
    Do They Know It
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Comments • 11 105

  • Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramírez

    I like the Oberyn Martell vibe Jasser is giving off

  • Sarah Steensen
    Sarah Steensen 10 hours ago

    Og God I´m getting old.. Still hearing a lot of these songs -_-

  • Andrew Ballesteros
    Andrew Ballesteros 4 days ago +5

    Why haven’t they done a full episode for Evanescence???🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Alexia Haász
    Alexia Haász 4 days ago +6

    I'm a huge skillet and evanescence fan and the guy 5:44 just made me rethink my life

    • Captain Avalon
      Captain Avalon 4 days ago +1

      Alexia Haász I have finally found someone like me

  • Syd Koh
    Syd Koh 4 days ago +6

    skillet and linkin park are male leads -.-
    this episode caused me so much pain..

    • Rvhx
      Rvhx 3 days ago

      Syd Koh oh of course lol that hurt too, they sound nothing alike😂

    • Syd Koh
      Syd Koh 4 days ago

      Rvhx and good charlotte was greenday..

    • Rvhx
      Rvhx 4 days ago +1

      Syd Koh omg yes😓 so much pain😂 especially when they thought 3 Doors Down was Linkin Park lol

  • Ben L
    Ben L 5 days ago +7

    you werent listening to music as a baby stop saying it was your era lol. I was born in the 80s but I dont consider 80s music to be my era, my era was 90s music.

    YOUNG_INDY 5 days ago +3

    Do a kanye video

  • Coolio Kid
    Coolio Kid 5 days ago +5

    "Kryptonite by The Doors"

  • Lucy Pimlott
    Lucy Pimlott 7 days ago +6

    Hips Don’t Lie is 2006!!!!

    • Lucy Pimlott
      Lucy Pimlott 5 days ago

      Coolio Kid it’s fine 😂

    • Coolio Kid
      Coolio Kid 5 days ago

      +Lucy Pimlott ohhh I understand, didn't get your point at first

    • Lucy Pimlott
      Lucy Pimlott 5 days ago

      Coolio Kid 2:06 and look on Wikipedia if you aren’t familiar with Shakira songs

    • Coolio Kid
      Coolio Kid 5 days ago

      +Lucy Pimlott no... They didn't

    • Lucy Pimlott
      Lucy Pimlott 5 days ago

      Coolio Kid They put it as 2002 if you look closely

  • Stefania Rahn
    Stefania Rahn 9 days ago +6

    is this linkin park on evanescence

  • Stefania Rahn
    Stefania Rahn 9 days ago +5

    lmfao the doors bro

  • Stefania Rahn
    Stefania Rahn 9 days ago +3

    clicked for evanescence

  • Stefania Rahn
    Stefania Rahn 9 days ago +1

    used to love good charlotte in 5th grade

  • SAM
    SAM 9 days ago +5

    really wanna kick these kids

    • Ben L
      Ben L 5 days ago


    • 82pixels
      82pixels 5 days ago

      Yeah this is pathetic, aren't they interested in the days before they were born? I mean I was born 82 and I still am interested what happened before :D

  • Shailin Lewis
    Shailin Lewis 10 days ago +14

    ~hey ya starts playing~
    “black eyed peas”
    excuse m-

  • Ebe
    Ebe 10 days ago +7

    Hips don't lie classic?!!!! 😱 we're getting old man...

  • gsusjews
    gsusjews 10 days ago +4

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that hips don’t lie wasn’t made in 2002 that it was made in 2006 😂😂😂

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 11 days ago +8

    Know who Kanye is, but not Outkast...
    Humanity is doomed, guys.

    • Coolio Kid
      Coolio Kid 5 days ago

      They're both great, kanye's better though

    • Bangity Tangity
      Bangity Tangity 9 days ago +2

      Kanye is one of the best artists ever.

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M 12 days ago +2

    Anytime they mention one of their parents love the song or artist I just feel extremely old!

  • Tryx Nexus
    Tryx Nexus 13 days ago +9

    God calling 'Evanescene' 'Linkin Park' and 'Skillet' was just sad. Jesus. Even teenage me wasn't that stupid -_-

  • liam o'malley
    liam o'malley 13 days ago +4

    The doors in the year 2000

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 15 days ago +11

    1:17 cracked me up😂😂😂

  • Dick Face
    Dick Face 15 days ago +2

    Alli and Tori are cuties

  • stevie Tamato
    stevie Tamato 15 days ago +12

    Hollerbackgirl fergie ??? Wtf

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 15 days ago +7

    "This was Hollerba-" HAVE SOME RESPECT.

  • Maaike van der Aa
    Maaike van der Aa 16 days ago +7

    "Now they are like old" - My god.. this hurts my heart!

  • Jacob Mullens
    Jacob Mullens 17 days ago +12

    Evanescence wasn't emo. LMFAO "emo" kids listen to MCR, Greenday and Botdf back in 2000s lol these kids geez

    • Evey Bemn
      Evey Bemn 14 days ago +1

      BOTDF was scene kids. no self-respecting emo

    • Maaike van der Aa
      Maaike van der Aa 16 days ago

      Oh come on, evanescence was pretty emo.

  • FaintFoal467517
    FaintFoal467517 17 days ago +12

    They don’t know evanescence 😫🔫

  • NPC
    NPC 18 days ago +19

    Rock song plays
    Everyone: LINKEN PARK!!

  • ciikumrsbabes
    ciikumrsbabes 18 days ago +17

    Black Eyed Peas? I want to stab that guy

  • Matheus Mariano
    Matheus Mariano 19 days ago +11

    Song : a
    Anna: "Is this Linkin Park?"

  • rebekah prather
    rebekah prather 20 days ago +12

    The Doors... respectfully oh lord we have some work to do 😂

    • monie802
      monie802 9 days ago

      Oh my. I had to literally pause and laugh when he said "Kyptonite by.... The Doors?" Just. wow.

  • Laddy LiiLy
    Laddy LiiLy 20 days ago +15

    Make a react to evanescence!!!

  • Ca
    Ca 20 days ago +14

    React to Evanescence's Amy Lee

  • Thunder93ita
    Thunder93ita 22 days ago +15

    Bring me to life got absolutely butchered by those kids

  • Darío Morgendor
    Darío Morgendor 24 days ago +6

    Amazing, I was twelve when this video came out.
    Please do elders react to Evanescence

  • MegaNamubiru
    MegaNamubiru 24 days ago +2

    Did anyone else realise the white girl mouthing the n word

    • TT
      TT 20 days ago

      wait where

  • youloveelindsey
    youloveelindsey 24 days ago +4

    LIFETIMES of the rich and the famous....

  • Jay Mulchandani
    Jay Mulchandani 25 days ago +9

    The fact they said 3 doors down probably only had that song as their only “hit” was like stabbing me through my heart!! Like cmon guys!!

  • Benjamin Blanchard-Saiger

    Anyone else wanna hear a Jim Morrison cover of Kryptonite in an alternate dimension?

  • Camila Torres
    Camila Torres 28 days ago +5


  • Carly
    Carly 28 days ago +1

    I love Eric omg hahahah

  • Thomas Gledhill
    Thomas Gledhill 28 days ago +11

    The lack of Outkast knowledge was vvvv triggering

  • Kat Webb
    Kat Webb 28 days ago +6

    The Doors?! 😂 I love how confidently he says the wrong answers. And really... not knowing Good Charlotte? My elementary/middle school self just died inside lol.

  • xyr3s
    xyr3s 28 days ago

    The only Kanye song I ever liked lol and that's partly cos of Jamie foxx as well lol

  • xyr3s
    xyr3s 28 days ago +8

    3 doors down have a bunch of good songs. And hollerback girl was imo the new Gwen lol, old Gwen was no doubt, and these kids are talking about elementary school. God I'm old

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins 29 days ago +3

    How does dweeby brace-face not know who Good Charlotte is, he's white. He prolly listens to Beethoven or some other stupid crap.

  • Winifred Sanderson
    Winifred Sanderson 29 days ago +6

    THE DOORS!? Man's been dead for decades, child!

  • Winifred Sanderson
    Winifred Sanderson 29 days ago +2

    His English accent 👍😂🖒

  • freddie james
    freddie james 29 days ago +3

    Why is every rock band automatically Nickleback!!!!

  • student umk
    student umk Month ago +12

    Am I only one didn't know Linkin Park has women singer?

  • Tyler Buck
    Tyler Buck Month ago +5

    Ryan Cabrera
    Hilary Duff
    Avril Lavigne
    Justin Timberlake
    Jesse McCartney
    Green Day
    John Legend

  • leslie Claire
    leslie Claire Month ago +12

    When the curly haired white dude said “I think that’s the only song they have” about 3 doors down, it literally hurt my heart.


    0.56 don’t sing the song if you don’t know the words it’s life styles not life time

  • Wait what
    Wait what Month ago +6

    7:23 is Kanye thank you goodbye

  • alcusiaa
    alcusiaa Month ago +15

    Holy shit, mistaking 3 Doors Down for The Doors, Evanescence for Linking Park (how?), Gwen Stefani for Britney and Outkast for Black Eyed Peas... Like what?! lol

    • Kat Webb
      Kat Webb 28 days ago

      Seriously. All of these bands/artists sound completely different. Sad when people just lump all of it together.

    • Tyler Collins
      Tyler Collins 29 days ago

      Don't feel bad, Jaxon on the other video bombs on every song. These kids are so painfully clueless about good music.

  • Bqh Sportscards
    Bqh Sportscards Month ago +8

    6:18 what you have said

    Is one of the most stupid things I’ve heard

  • Ace The Cat
    Ace The Cat Month ago +10

    I see Amy, I click Amy

  • Antonio Degas
    Antonio Degas Month ago +4

    how they all reacted to kryptonite made me smile :)

  • Lily Alarcon
    Lily Alarcon Month ago +6

    That one bowling for soup song lol

  • Lily Alarcon
    Lily Alarcon Month ago +5

    Ashley Simpson
    Goo goo dolls
    Sara Bareilles
    Fall out boy

  • Lily Alarcon
    Lily Alarcon Month ago +9

    No Doubt
    My Chemical Romance
    Three Days Grace

  • Beatmaster
    Beatmaster Month ago +4

    Yo when Hey Ya came on that was a hella throwback to the end scene of Shrek when everybody be dancin

  • xuxa nohely arriola astocaza

    Ooo come on.. outkast.. bep?.. plllis

  • lanji
    lanji Month ago +15

    im a simple man i see Amy Lee i click

  • Sam Gonzalez
    Sam Gonzalez Month ago +27

    They pissed me off when Evanescence came on

    • Kat Webb
      Kat Webb 28 days ago


    • Lilli Wages
      Lilli Wages Month ago +2

      Are you even a human if you don’t know Evanescence 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Andrew Ballesteros
      Andrew Ballesteros Month ago

      Sam Gonzalez same SMFH🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂

  • Darven Berdrer
    Darven Berdrer Month ago +12

    Since when was Kanye West considered music?

    • Alice Motionless Ledger 570
      Alice Motionless Ledger 570 19 days ago

      It's considered shit

    • Chandara Kumar
      Chandara Kumar Month ago

      Bruh listen to his first 4 albums then talk

    • Knowtheledge Thelastdayz
      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz Month ago

      TheDCbiz That has nothing to do with actually being good though wack artists win awards to doesn't make them good even If Kanye had no Grammy's like say Nas he'd still be great that dudes argument was that Kanye is wack not that he isn't successful

    • TheDCbiz
      TheDCbiz Month ago

      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz it’s the best way to validate mainstream success same with osacrs and emmys and tonys

  • Baron of Rhodes
    Baron of Rhodes Month ago +15

    Why do they all guess Green Day or Fallout Boy for literally any pop punk or rock song from 2000s?

    • Kat Webb
      Kat Webb 28 days ago

      Because those two are the only "relevant" ones from those days with that kind of sound. If you ask me, they all sound different lol. Unless you were really into that music, most people didn't know who a lot of bands were even back then. Sad.

  • roachxyz
    roachxyz Month ago +5

    May ya'll throw in christian bands like Thousand Foot Krutch and Pillar. They started in the 2000s.

  • Relentless Rescue
    Relentless Rescue Month ago +7

    That’s so ironic because Amy Lee in an interview stated that the label demanded them to have a male rap part in the song because of the popularity of Lincoln Park at the time. This just proves her point that the rap segment was way outside of their identity. The song is incredibly better performed live without it.

  • Kuririn Gdjdhc
    Kuririn Gdjdhc 2 months ago +6

    Ok, i think its time to you a REACT to Sum41 or Blink182 musics

  • O
    O 2 months ago +5

    This same boy Troy says I was born in 2000

  • Jacky Hernandez
    Jacky Hernandez 2 months ago +27

    i’m crying!! how tf do you confuse evanescence with linkin park? lmaooo

  • nannienita
    nannienita 2 months ago +5

    This s a fun channel! Would you please take a look at "Dimash Kudaibergen's singing SOS and Adagio" and give us a reaction? He's on "The World's Best" competition, has a huge range and is quickly becoming a huge pop star!! He has a channel on You Tube now, and I know you and your fans would love him as much as we do?? Thanks!

  • Bridget Hammel
    Bridget Hammel 2 months ago +2

    I got two wrong I'm dissapointed with myself.

  • TurntUpGodPJ
    TurntUpGodPJ 2 months ago +5


  • Mikael Thomas-Brown
    Mikael Thomas-Brown 2 months ago +36

    If you mistake Evanescence for Linkin Park, get some professional help

    • Tyler Collins
      Tyler Collins 29 days ago +1

      they all need professional help, and my playlist from the 2000's

  • Mar Lynn
    Mar Lynn 2 months ago +34

    "Is this Linkin Park?" *blinks and stares*

  • This Boi Loves P!nk
    This Boi Loves P!nk 2 months ago +9

    That ain’t The Doors kid 😂
    Also can you do a 60s react with Oh Well by Fleatwood MAC?

  • Javeria khan
    Javeria khan 2 months ago +7

    I only know shakira wow

  • Ambassador Trucker
    Ambassador Trucker 3 months ago +7

    This is like my old playlist. I am loving this. These kids make me feel really old though.

  • Sophia ela
    Sophia ela 3 months ago +25

    Omg he doesn't know evanescence

    • Thunder93ita
      Thunder93ita 17 days ago

      I get that these kids probably grew up with commercial pop music like rihanna, drake, nicki minaj etc. But at the same time, not even knowing who evanescence are is quite unforgivable if you listen to music regularly. The must have at least been 6 years old when evanescence reased Fallen

  • Simson Garcia
    Simson Garcia 3 months ago +4

    Well at least they knew who the old Kanye was. Surprised lol.

  • Simson Garcia
    Simson Garcia 3 months ago +11

    Typo, "Hips don't lie" came out in 05

  • Tasha James
    Tasha James 3 months ago +20


  • CA_Gizelle
    CA_Gizelle 3 months ago +17

    These kids' parents failed them

  • Emily Montejo
    Emily Montejo 3 months ago +3


  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 3 months ago +11

    Also The Doors and 3 Doors Down are two very different forms of rock music cmon bro The Doors are classic, 3 Doors Down are one hit wonders. 🙌🏼

  • alex
    alex 3 months ago +22

    Smh its Evanescence not Linkin Park

  • alex
    alex 3 months ago +12


  • Gracie Wilson
    Gracie Wilson 3 months ago +1

    I know all of these songs😇💕😆 love them!

  • Hormones of Destruction
    Hormones of Destruction 3 months ago +13

    Actually hips don't lie is 2005

  • bitbirdies
    bitbirdies 3 months ago +3

    5sos (inaudible) lmaoooo

  • MissAEK
    MissAEK 3 months ago +20

    “Lifetimes of the rich of the famous” much enthusiasm. So much wrong.

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +5

    Why is zach from try guys in this video?

  • Ella_Renfro
    Ella_Renfro 3 months ago +6

    I'm 12 years old and knew the majority of the songs😂

  • Maci Rothberg
    Maci Rothberg 3 months ago +8

    as a 2004, i just want to know how i know songs from before i was born

  • juliewoo623
    juliewoo623 3 months ago +32

    Skillet!? How do you confuse Evanescence with a skillet??

    • Ben Carlson
      Ben Carlson 3 months ago +4

      juliewoo623 how do you confuse three doors down and the doors?

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 3 months ago +35

    never mix up the black eyed peas with Outkast tf

    • alex
      alex 3 months ago

      Ikr wtf

  • karina bustamante
    karina bustamante 3 months ago +27

    I like how confidently he said black eyed peas 😂😂😂

    • Artzy Sky
      Artzy Sky 3 months ago

      And his face when he found out he wrong 😂😂😂
      Literally like his mind shattered