• Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • I originally recorded this for an April 1st video but hey it was my birthday so plans changed. Well here is the opening! 6 boxes of Duel Power!
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  • Dan c
    Dan c 6 months ago +1

    I buy one for the promos mainly, but an evenly or impermanence would be Nice, i pickup it up this weekend, share what i hey then

  • Bobby Aggarwal
    Bobby Aggarwal 6 months ago +1

    in one box i got ash blossom, ghost and snow rabbit and borreload dragon.

  • An !
    An ! 8 months ago +1

    Sorry, I meant to say this earlier, but the DUPO version of Aromage Rosemary is not worth that much. Perhaps you mixed that card up with Aromaseraphy Jasmine?

  • Edward Duarte
    Edward Duarte 9 months ago +1

    Happy birthday

  • BlackMagician28
    BlackMagician28 9 months ago +1

    The title says it all. INSANE PULLS brotha! Heart of the cards is definitely with you in these boxes

  • Visionary Training
    Visionary Training 9 months ago +1

    nice unboxing

  • Chris Porter
    Chris Porter 9 months ago +1

    Happy birthday ad worldwide

  • Firehawknation FRKN
    Firehawknation FRKN 9 months ago +2

    I wish I had your luck with Cybernetic Horizon 😂 awesome pulls and awesome video man 👊🏻

  • critico objetivo
    critico objetivo 9 months ago +3

    i pulled in 4 boxes:
    2 ghost belle
    3 brionac
    2 evenly math
    2 impermanence
    1 trishula
    1 valkyrius
    2 ra
    1 ghost ogre
    1 ghost reaper
    2 linkuriboh
    3 hot red dragon
    1 cyber dragon nachter
    1 platinum gadget
    and 1 galaxy soldier

    • Dog Is God Backwards
      Dog Is God Backwards 9 months ago

      From 2 boxes I pulled 2 Impermanence, 2 Nachster, 2 Ghost Ogre, 1 Ash, 1 Sphere Mode, 1 Immortal Phoneix

    • Yugioh Legend
      Yugioh Legend 9 months ago

      joseph mena Yeah, my dick

  • Zeracki Laser
    Zeracki Laser 9 months ago +1

    Nothing is short printed lol. I've seen playsets of almost every card pulled from a case or 2

  • mavo monarch
    mavo monarch 9 months ago +1

    Plant links worth money bro

  • Jordan Harkin
    Jordan Harkin 9 months ago +5

    I like your Yu-Gi-Oh videos keep up the good job what is your favourite meat monster

  • DarkMagician 81
    DarkMagician 81 9 months ago +1

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a good 1

  • ThatRandomMexicanGuy
    ThatRandomMexicanGuy 9 months ago +1

    far out man cant wait to get this with my friend

  • terry johnson
    terry johnson 9 months ago +1

    Wow now that's what I would love to see if i opened any very nice pulls and luck!

  • MattyB456
    MattyB456 9 months ago +1

    Happy Birthday man! :)

  • Twitchy
    Twitchy 9 months ago +1