The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how this amazing type of exercise makes you live longer. HRV or Heart Rate Variability is a test where you can predict your mortality for heart attacks. Every time the heart beats, it contracts (sympathetic nervous system), and then relaxes (parasympathetic nervous system). The normal healthy body should have a varied distance between the beat of the heart. BUT, if the heart beats with the same exact time frame, it's an indication of being very unhealthy. The more varied the heart is, the greater the ability of it to adapt to things, but if it is the same over and over, it is going to be very rigid and wouldn’t recover that well. It is much better to do an exercise based on waves, intervals, and HRV because most people have a weakened recovery system.
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    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of "The New Body Type Guide" and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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  • Inner Peace
    Inner Peace 10 days ago +1

    Dr Eric Berg is always posting the most important videos all the time

  • William Digregorio
    William Digregorio 13 days ago

    And the majority of all the marathon runners have very low fat in their body and the Brain the heart and the liver needs fat but good fat not the fat from carbs or sugars that's why these vegans and these triathlons and marathon runners you see them so skinny and they're suffering from thyroid issues and suffering from dementia because they don't have enough fat they're worried about being fat you better eat some type of fact to sustain your body can you explain that Eric Berg

  • Kelly Wolfe
    Kelly Wolfe 13 days ago

    Great video 💜💚💟💛💙 always a like 👍👍

  • David Matheson
    David Matheson 14 days ago +1

    Mountain biking offers the HIIT effect with short climbs scattered throughout separated by flat sections or downhills for recovery. Not only is it fun but it's good for you!

  • adam guild
    adam guild 15 days ago

    Are you saying Spin Classes will shorten ones life ?

  • Buster Rabbit
    Buster Rabbit 16 days ago

    What effect does Metoprolol 25 mg have on the HRV.

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 16 days ago

    Let me guess - walking. OK he says HIT, you'll be doing a lot of this in your 60s and 70s. You want HIT, walk up a hill; if you wan to make it really difficult wear a backpack. Actually, the most physically difficult thing I did was pulling myself up to some cave on a rope, my 80kg self was aching the next day, as was my monkey like 45kg girlfriend, strangely enough. A lot of this stuff has to do with weight, bodyweight.

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean Phillips 16 days ago

    I use Mike Mentzer's HIT training, so this is good news that it coincides and I won't really have to change what I'm doing - thanks for the video!

  • TruthSeeker-2019
    TruthSeeker-2019 16 days ago

    Thanx for all the natural advice i share with others helpin to awake the uninformed about natural health- organic,non gmo,reverse osmosis filtered water + exorsize and more ☺

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão 16 days ago +1

    Doc, I have a question, if you know something.(?)
    *can I switch between energy sources many times a day for multi-dairy training, while using a kitosis "diet"?*
    - using fat in a long run before breakfast.
    -After 2 hours eat my unique "main" foint of carbohydrates as breakfast
    - 1 hour after the breakfast do interval training
    -After 2 hours have small meal and ingest exogenous ketones
    -After 3 hours do a long fartlek.
    -after 2 hours eat a lunch rich in good fat and a little protein
    -after 2 hours do a long run
    -after 2 hours do a quick small snack of hydrocarbons
    -after 1 hour do a pyramid training at max intensity till all the hydrocarbons are burn (doing the pyramid in loops if needed)
    -right after exhausting all hydrocarbons of the body, ingest exogenous ketones
    -after 1 hour do a long run
    Well this might be one of the more crazy work outs I'm gonna try. 😮

  • gum trees & salt water

    Hey dr how dose swimming and mountain bike riding go I nearly ride every day but I have had treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma 3 times. abvd radiation twice 7 Gray . And then stem cell . As a side effect I have had af and cardiomyopathy but the cardiomyopathy is healed now and I need a second dual ablation for my AF any tips ? Thank you . Oh ps I don't drink smoke or do drugs or drink caffeine only a green tea once in a blue moon

  • Richard Garza
    Richard Garza 17 days ago


    BLITZKRIEG 74 18 days ago +1

    I have just become a new subscriber to yourself Dr Berg and all the information you have put out there has an abundance of substance that is priceless to anyone who is wanting to make changes for the better. Thank you

  • Eric Haynes
    Eric Haynes 18 days ago

    Uh, if you're out of shape, overweight and haven't been exercising then the last thing you want to do is high intensity can kill you due to undiagnosed out of shape heart. The best thing to do is FIRST see a doctor and request a stress test of your heart by walking an inclined treadmill or a stationary bike. They will strap a heart rate monitor on you and find out if there's any issues with your heart. If your doctor says your heart is fine PLUS give you the okay to exercise then I would highly recommend a six month walking program BEFORE you do anything high intensity Why? Walking is a cardio exercise and doing this daily for initially 5-10 minutes and add about 5 minutes a month will build your heart muscle even more than it already is. and in a much safer manner than doing a dangerous HIGH INTENSITY exercise. If there's any muscle that you must take care of FIRST it is your heart.

  • Nicholas Sans Pasty
    Nicholas Sans Pasty 19 days ago

    This makes the experiences I had last year make more sense. I was pushing myself and thinking I could sustain exertion for longer and longer and burnt myself out. Heart rate wasn't coming down to its usual 60ish. I ended up having panic attacks and I'd never had them before, took months of rest to get back out of it.

  • Will EDC
    Will EDC 20 days ago

    Great stuff

  • pierrelarouge
    pierrelarouge 20 days ago

    Cycle up and down hills, the best exercise.

  • Think 4 Yourself
    Think 4 Yourself 20 days ago

    More fun and keeps one athletic too.

  • sean weir
    sean weir 22 days ago

    So lifting weights is perfect.

  • Dave Crown
    Dave Crown 22 days ago

    How did you bring the patients 150 down?

  • A Singh
    A Singh 23 days ago

    Awesome as usual

  • Low Rider
    Low Rider 23 days ago

    Hate doing HIIT I rather lift weights

  • goku son
    goku son 23 days ago

    See my body already knew that long intervals of exercise at once was killing my body. But hey! A book knows more about the human body than natural instinct right?

  • goku son
    goku son 23 days ago

    How did the patient at 3:40 not get a heartattack and die? Isnt a pulse of 150 literally heartfailure?

    • Lucian BUJOR
      Lucian BUJOR 22 days ago

      I had 170 and I am ok. Depends on the body. Some people can have 200. Others have heart failure at 120. It's essential for an athlete to perform professionally at a reduced hear rate for his effort, like 130-140 HPM while cycling in a competition, even 110-120 HPM. You know you are pro level when you can perform at 120 and ride 40kms/h.

  • Siddarth M V
    Siddarth M V 28 days ago +1

    Great video again.
    I always watch the ads on your channel without skipping to support 😁

  • ryo roy
    ryo roy 28 days ago

    amazing thank you doc

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R 28 days ago

    Even during the Keto Diet?

  • Pat Green
    Pat Green 29 days ago

    Berger king

  • Bikramjit Roychoudhuri

    Hi Eric, fantastic.. You explain so well.
    Thanks a lot..

  • Peace Mon!
    Peace Mon! Month ago

    Question, Can I Use This Program Even Though I Have Afib??

  • Anthony D. Jackson, Jr.

    I'm not negating what you're saying, but how does that help with long distance running for a test?

    • Anthony D. Jackson, Jr.
      Anthony D. Jackson, Jr. 29 days ago

      +Asgar Thanks.

    • Asgar
      Asgar 29 days ago +1

      If you keep your breaks fairly short within HIIT, it seems to improve stamina for long-distance running too. Look up the Tabata method and the science behind it.

  • Noise Pollution
    Noise Pollution Month ago +1

    Your patient was dehydrated.

  • BlueSquareblogs
    BlueSquareblogs Month ago

    I'm using a great hiit app on my iPad, 34 minutes 45 seconds every other day it is most effective, along with resistance band exercises on alternating days, and I feel great.

  • x00p3
    x00p3 Month ago

    Walter Breuning, a man who lived to be 114 years old, did a few light upper body calisthenics in the morning and some casual walking, he only ate two meals a day, breakfast and lunch (His favorite meal was liver and onions). His body mass index was about 19 for many years. That.. is really thin. He retired from work at the age of 99!

  • John Mahoney
    John Mahoney Month ago

    yup. A couple of minutes of pretty intense exercise. Not many intervals though.

    DEG00GLEURSELF Month ago

    What exercise do I do when I realise my wife has no interest in sex anymore?

  • Danny Sutton
    Danny Sutton Month ago +1

    Dr, Have you had a sudden loss of weight recently? Your face looks so thin.

  • Ray Blazejko
    Ray Blazejko Month ago

    300 mcg selenium daily will prevent heart attack. Strengthens heart muscles to pump blood correctly. Never never never exercise strenuously unless you have selenium in your system.
    Prove me wrong .

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy Month ago

    So thats why connor Mcgregor gasses out so quick.

  • Ang Messina
    Ang Messina Month ago

    What happened to the poor lady with the 150 heart rate?😥

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy Month ago

    Surfing is the best.

  • L A
    L A Month ago

    So pretty much Keto + IF + HIIT saves lives whilst HCLF Vegan grazing all day + Long Distance running = fastest way to drop dead. Thank YOU kind sir!

  • Spider Salticidae
    Spider Salticidae Month ago

    Sympathetic nervous system to contract the heart And parasympathetic system to relax ?
    What a load of bs

  • john Cast
    john Cast Month ago

    For Para...I chug a beer it helps.

  • Safdar Kh
    Safdar Kh Month ago

    I'm very fond of HI IT workout. Now I'm glad that I am!.

  • Poet Victoria Hunter

    I have a friend who has done this for 20 years and he is super fit in his 50s, very muscular.

  • Misslisasolutions
    Misslisasolutions Month ago

    Terrible video you do not mention any specific excersizes ... according to this video Tennis may be very good? Just no directive. Ugh

  • 8 bit gamer
    8 bit gamer Month ago

    I had a minor heart flutter because i thought it was going to be walking.

  • Colin Marshall
    Colin Marshall Month ago

    I'm not sure that Dr Berg would approve but 3 hours of Argentine Tango with a series of beautiful women 2 or 3 times a week does me a power of good - will die happy a happy man.

  • Global Healing Exchange

    Awesome information thanks. Simply explained.

  • Greenlion781
    Greenlion781 Month ago

    That is MEGA misleading and irresponsible that you illustrate "sustained exercise" as someone doing nautilus machine chest presses. Resistance exercise is the most effective form of interval training imaginable.

  • Tim Starkes
    Tim Starkes Month ago


  • xx yy
    xx yy Month ago

    So then marathon runners are at risk...

  • WmTyndale
    WmTyndale Month ago

    We are learning things that are astonishing and not readily available. Dr. Berg's knowledge and wide vision is delightful to behold and learn from and this from a professional mathematician!

  • Purple Gh0st
    Purple Gh0st Month ago

    While I respect your advice pertaining to I.F. and the Ketogenic diet, you are definitely stepping out of your lane on this one Mr. Berg. Cardiology stuff is not your bread and butter.

  • karina wood
    karina wood Month ago

    From today I am gonna put my timer on for a min. I wanna live long.

  • Jump rope stairs
    Jump rope stairs Month ago

    We do that, sprint the job. It's like driving on the freeway then side streets.

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart Month ago

    BS walking.

  • valentina morales
    valentina morales Month ago

    What if you can't do hiit? due to autoimmune disease Raumatriod arthritis? I try it the next day couldn't walk my knee were swollen

  • Michael Szczys
    Michael Szczys Month ago

    Very interesting. That’s already the way I usually do it but now I ll pay more attention to it.

  • Jon Sprague
    Jon Sprague Month ago

    What about endurance and developing your second wind? Wouldn't running without a break be better for that?

  • Bat Eats Moth
    Bat Eats Moth Month ago

    Whole body circuit training with weights for 20-50 reps per set is far more effective than HIIT. Circuit training gives you muscle building, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance all rolled up in one, and it's more effective for fat loss because you get better caloric burn than you do with HIIT. Just like regular weight training with rests between sets, you get improved HRV because you rest 5 minutes between each circuit. You also get better cardio stimulation because you're moving from exercise to exercise with little or no recovery time, for around 10 minutes straight before you rest for the next circuit.
    As well as getting your cardio and muscle training all in one workout, you can also do it longer than HIIT, because unlike HIIT, which is high impact, circuit training is low impact. Even just a single weight circuit is better than a HIIT workout, but you can do multiple circuits: as many as you can fit into a half hour for general fitness purposes, or an hour or longer for athletic level conditioning. You can't do that with HIIT without overtraining or injuring yourself, and HIIT doesn't build muscle.
    You can also do circuit training 6x a week. You can only do HIIT 3x a week. You can do circuit training with IF and keto. HIIT doesn't work so well when you're in a calorie deprived or carb-deprived state.
    Circuit training is the complete Swiss Army knife. HIIT is just the toothpick.

  • Michaela Hoffman
    Michaela Hoffman Month ago

    Really good information! Thanks!

  • Alysia Montgomery
    Alysia Montgomery Month ago

    Just a side note. Using Kayla when she is running as an example of HRV was slightly misleading. As you flash her picture you mention athletes who run collapsing of a heart attack. None of this or HRV have anything to do with Kayla or how her body reacts after a race. We find it incredibly important that Kayla's likeness be used within the correct context.

  • M Cuch
    M Cuch Month ago

    Exactly why Zumba is so beneficial- it is based on HITTING heart rates and designed to be a way of life... dance life long

  • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep

    Sounds like another reason why the mini trampoline is amazing. It's already the best exercise for getting your lymphatic system moving.

  • Gee Dubya
    Gee Dubya Month ago

    Dr. Berg, ive been told (by a Doctor)that giving blood regularly can protect from heart attack. Is that true?

  • Nothing Free
    Nothing Free Month ago

    so hmmm iz dat like walk to work an the end ov day run out?😀😀

  • Charles Duke
    Charles Duke Month ago +3

    As a cyclist, we always work on high-intensity intervals (HIT) as a strength gain, exercise. Most coaches have theories on how long the intensity and rest periods should be depending on the goals. Never has the (HRV) heart rate recovery theory been mentioned, will have to research deeper.

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres Month ago +4

    if you don't want to watch the whole vid, just jack off alot. There, saved you 5 mins

  • Darin Steele
    Darin Steele Month ago

    what about a pro cyclists HR?

  • Tim Webber
    Tim Webber Month ago +1

    I watched several of this guys videos over the last couple months. I was always on the fence with him, not sure if he was legit or just a youtube fake. But, I subscribed today. I find his information credible and accurate. He is very generous and puts a lot of time into his video presentation and sharing of information.
    SUBSCRIBED! Thanks Dr Berg!

  • Tim Webber
    Tim Webber Month ago

    I watched several of this guys videos over the last couple months. I was always on the fence with him, not sure if he was legit or just a youtube fake. But, I subscribed today. I find his information credible and accurate. He is very generous and puts a lot of time into his video presentation and sharing of information.
    SUBSCRIBED! Thanks Dr Berg!

  • Civci
    Civci Month ago

    So marathon runners don’t exercise their para sympathetic nervous system as much and so have weaker hearts than those that do HIIT training? I understand the logic there but I’m not convinced.

  • jp grumbach
    jp grumbach Month ago

    Rope skipping with or without weights on the wrists works at home. Without shoes on a soft ground.

  • RadioRoswellTV
    RadioRoswellTV Month ago

    That’s why I love hiking in the trails in North Georgia mountains . It’s up and down and then flat then up again . Really lets your heart are go up and down constantly.

  • God is Watching
    God is Watching Month ago

    What if I have always loved and have been running long distances since Elemantary school? Should I just stop all of a sudden, and switch it to something totally different? If I don't run for a certain distance, I get a depressed or sluggish feeling. Or maybe just depends on individuals habits and body types.

  • bill r
    bill r Month ago

    So playing ice hockey in an adult league is good?...I do a 1 minute or so shift, rest for a couple minutes, and out I go again, over and over...I hope its good---but have seen 3 adults have cardiac arrest playing...but 2 were out of shape, 1 overweight, did nothing else.

  • Claude Desaulniers
    Claude Desaulniers Month ago

    Interesting. Will do.

  • 241hnd
    241hnd Month ago

    What about the recommendation that getting the heart rate above 70% for at least 20 minutes is good for cardiovascular health?

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy Month ago

    Intermittent everything..cycles in Nature....why is it so hard to accept.

  • cdT
    cdT Month ago +1

    watchin this on 1.25 speed

  • Bryan Scruggs
    Bryan Scruggs Month ago +1

    Try this with squatting.

    • jp grumbach
      jp grumbach Month ago +1

      Deep squatting and breaks for room cleaning is perfect.

  • Ricky Sunam
    Ricky Sunam Month ago

    Thanks.. We should work on anaerobic A lactic... Circuits

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Month ago

    I hate to say this but why do I know of so many people that have lived well into their 80's or 90's without having ever done any exercise of this kind?

    • nnr2d m
      nnr2d m Month ago

      No sweat therefore no lost electrolytes or minerals - little stress and strain too-

  • TheMissPalina
    TheMissPalina Month ago

    So I guess crossfit, which I currently practice, is a good sport. Many WOD works with HIIT concept...

  • Robyn Niblock
    Robyn Niblock Month ago

    I think any exercise you do on a regular basis will help you live longer 😁😁😁

  • kabsat dajaj
    kabsat dajaj Month ago +1

    have seen ppl live with cardiac problems upto 90 years.
    while others die at 30 in full health.

  • Nahas Ahamed
    Nahas Ahamed Month ago

    Does Weight lifting in the gym fall under HIIT?

  • EthereumCX Cx
    EthereumCX Cx Month ago +1

    Do weightlifting (with proper form) and jump rope. :)

  • Nur Chen
    Nur Chen Month ago

    Is this the same with the response on the treadmill saying " irregular heartbeat "? I always get that

  • Our Mobile Backpack
    Our Mobile Backpack Month ago +1

    Once again...very valuable information!

  • Esfandyar Mulligan
    Esfandyar Mulligan Month ago

    "Interval training" is not one exercise. Very misleading.

  • Kathy Terry
    Kathy Terry Month ago


  • Ian Moone
    Ian Moone Month ago +1

    Breathing! 😂😂😂

  • parsa khorasani
    parsa khorasani Month ago

    I did not understand it well?
    Can some tells me what does mean..the more you run or excerscise the more you are healthy?

  • Dave Beecher
    Dave Beecher Month ago

    da man, doc B, thanks

  • davidkozelsky
    davidkozelsky Month ago

    Hockey is a great sport for that!

  • Aqueous Entropous
    Aqueous Entropous Month ago

    If I work both interval training and long-distance into my workouts, does the endurance training still work against me still?

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