SAA LIVE - Elephants in Three Colours with Hazel Soan

  • Published on Nov 18, 2016
  • Join guest artist Hazel Soan LIVE from SAA HQ. Today, professional artist Hazel will be using just three colours to paint elephants in easy to follow step-by-step stages. All of today's products are available via the SAA Home Shop Website -
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  • Wolfgang Benfattoum
    Wolfgang Benfattoum 3 months ago

    just replicated the big elephant...amazing technique and's a pleasure to watch the succesive paint spread by just dabbing not too close to the bright edge...even though a few small msitakes, my wife wanted me to frame I did...18 x 24 cm...looking forward to paint the whole family tomorrow on a big sheet.

  • Barbara Verser
    Barbara Verser 3 months ago +3

    Hazel Soan, you are a pleasure to watch! Your love for painting, your energy, and happiness oozes from the video. Infectious!

  • Gayla Kristine Feeney
    Gayla Kristine Feeney 4 months ago

    Fantastic elephants!

  • Jerri Sanchez Edwards
    Jerri Sanchez Edwards 8 months ago +2

    These are the most wonderful paintings of Elephants that I have ever seen. You are a wonderful artist Ms. Soan.
    Thank you for these marvelous videos.

  • Rhonda TheWriter
    Rhonda TheWriter 10 months ago


  • Cecilia Löfgren
    Cecilia Löfgren Year ago


  • Awenda
    Awenda Year ago +1

    What/how do you use gum Arabic?

  • Vijay Pundkar
    Vijay Pundkar Year ago

    which paper and color you are using now?

  • Arty Girl
    Arty Girl Year ago +1

    Just love your teaching and you personality ....

  • Bardotte
    Bardotte Year ago

    Baby elephants smiles look so cheeky! (just like Hazels toothy scrunched girly grin) I used to feed elephants huge loaves of bread and it is amazing how quickly the loaf disappears and those lovely brown eyes look hopeful at you, for more. Hazel loves Africa, and each of her paintings glow with heat and light, she captures this atmosphere perfectly. The perfect artists for learning light against dark.

  • Svetlana Gillis
    Svetlana Gillis Year ago

    Шикарно! Фантастика!

  • Carol Reid
    Carol Reid Year ago +2

    Absolutely magical! A beautiful painting! Love to see someone who is SO enthusiastic about painting AND the subject matter.
    The elephants are amazing!

  • dr tony
    dr tony Year ago

    Are you married?

  • Jocelyne pastel
    Jocelyne pastel Year ago

    love it! Thank you!!

  • Big C
    Big C Year ago

    Brilliant video!

  • Stephen Turner
    Stephen Turner Year ago

    I like Hazel's painting. Good example of controlling the value. If you do that you can get away with less hues.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Year ago

    An excellent instructive demo - thanks.

  • Weedus
    Weedus Year ago

    Davys Grey seems to be a good "base elephant skin color" ;)

  • sally sirmons
    sally sirmons Year ago

    I love it, love it, love it. Beautiful elephants.

  • Melodee Claassen
    Melodee Claassen Year ago

    This is lovely; however, I find it interesting that you appear to love animals but promote sable brushes. Maybe you only love a select group of animals. The painting is beautiful!

  • Joan Porter
    Joan Porter Year ago

    Hazel Soan's vedio is not complete..i wanted to see the
    The whole thing

  • Shirley Covey
    Shirley Covey Year ago

    Wow, so expressive the way you paint and especially using only three colors! I'm happy that I discovered you!

  • georgewu5
    georgewu5 Year ago

    My Chinese background gave me the " Line " approach to my drawing, painting and architecture. I was aware of this. Sometimes I even hated it being imprisoned by this limitation. Therefore, I began to admire " surfaces " approaches whenever possible. Today, I see that Hazel Soan using " area " approach to her painting demonstrated. I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you, Hazel, very much ! George Wu, ARCHITECT, AIA, NCARB 2017-11-12

  • Christine Riddell

    Does anyone know , the type of weasel that the sable brushes are made of suffer to make the brushes??

    • Bardotte
      Bardotte Year ago

      Christine Riddell I wonder about this too. I have brushes made of Badger, Sable and Squirrel which I feel bad about when I realised that these poor creatures must suffer. I cannot find anything about the backgrounds of how any of the “Natural” brushes get the hair. It all seems a closed secret. When I asked the SAA about the Badger hair brushes they sell, ( I am a Badger Watcher and Protect them & their habitats) the SAA replied that they did not have any details regarding how or what brushes are from. I do not believe this.

  • Christine Riddell

    I love the painting :-)

  • kathy frye
    kathy frye Year ago +3

    please bring back hazel soan for another demo !!

  • TheSgyro
    TheSgyro Year ago

    It's funny when you say "ele" 😁.. In my language ele means mouse 🐀 😄

  • Bee C E
    Bee C E Year ago

    Awesome!!!! I really enjoy the way you paint. Awesome work. Thank you!

  • Ria22849
    Ria22849 2 years ago


  • brenda clague
    brenda clague 2 years ago +1

    Fab demo, can't wait to try this, thank you. 💕

  • Donna Terrell
    Donna Terrell 2 years ago +1

    Hazel, Love watching you paint, I hope SAA Live will have you as a guest artist frequently. Love your books and videos!

  • Elga Benedicta
    Elga Benedicta 2 years ago +1

    Hazel Soan ia such a wonderful teacher! love her and her works so much 💕👍

  • elsa Grace
    elsa Grace 2 years ago

    The painting is so adorable, full of character. I love watching the 3 colors blend into a painting.

  • Mala Thayalan
    Mala Thayalan 2 years ago +1

    You are an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher.....

  • Patricia Harris
    Patricia Harris 2 years ago

    Brilliant. My 'go to' water colourist!

  • magda salinas
    magda salinas 2 years ago

    me encantoooooo!

  • Jan Waddell
    Jan Waddell 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful..Jan from New Zealand

  • o8rufus
    o8rufus 2 years ago +3

    You are an amazing artist and instructor you are my favorite, I wish SAA would have you back more often.

  • Robin McKinlay
    Robin McKinlay 2 years ago

    Stunning use of watercolours depicting my favourite animal. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mandy Martin
    Mandy Martin 2 years ago +1

    Love how you paint your eles. I love them too having lived in Zim and S Africa for most of my life. Wish I had the confidence to paint like you.....magnificent talent and I love your work. Thanks so much for this video.

    • Patricia Franklin
      Patricia Franklin 2 years ago

      Thankyou so much. You are brilliant. I know it will never be anything very good but I am going to have a go at your wonderful elephants.

  • Eva Nichols Art
    Eva Nichols Art 2 years ago

    Awesome demo!

  • Azzu Paris
    Azzu Paris 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video. You are an amazing painter :)

  • Craig Nelson
    Craig Nelson 2 years ago +5

    Hello, Ms Sloan,
    You probably know this already,did you know the Elephant is the only mammal in the world that has never. Suffered from CANCER!!

  • Alfio Raciti
    Alfio Raciti 2 years ago +1

    Hazel is the best!

  • Carol Keller
    Carol Keller 2 years ago


  • Evelyne Self
    Evelyne Self 2 years ago

    That was so lovely, love the tip with the sponge on the bloom. Thank you.

  • Sherron Robinson
    Sherron Robinson 2 years ago +4

    Absolutely amazing!! Now if I could paint like that I would invite myself onto your show!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful artist!

  • Trudy Wilson
    Trudy Wilson 2 years ago +1

    Fantastic job you make it look so easy Hazel