High Liver Enzymes: What Do They Mean?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Overview of Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting:
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    In this video, Dr. Berg talks about liver enzymes. There are two main liver enzymes; the AST and ALT. As the liver gets damaged, these two enzymes go up. These enzymes are only one of the factors when you are evaluating.
    Some Main Symptoms of Liver Damage:
    • Jaundice
    • Tired
    • Ascites - it looks like a beer gut or a pot belly.
    • Itchy Feet
    • Edema
    • Bloating
    • Spider Veins
    • Digestive Issues
    Ratios of Enzymes:
    • High AST and High ALT: Viral Hepatitis
    • High AST and Normal ALT: Cirrhosis
    • AST more than double than ALT: Alcoholic Liver
    Ways to Repair the Liver:
    1. Healthy ketogenic diet
    2. Intermittent Fasting
    3. Avoid refined foods
    4. Avoid alcohol
    5. Avoid medications
    6. Consume enough vegetables

    Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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  • Donnie Londe
    Donnie Londe 21 day ago

    Great video. I learned a lot!

  • Aurora Trevino
    Aurora Trevino 27 days ago

    what if your ALT is high and your AST is normal?

  • Glory M
    Glory M Month ago

    Omg this is scary. Got from alchohol.

  • Nancy GS
    Nancy GS Month ago

    Dr. Berg my AST and ALT are both normal, however I showed reactive to Hepatitis A. I have not had the vaccine. I am very confused.

  • Lori Morse
    Lori Morse Month ago +4

    My AST is 81 and my ALt is 107......ugh no more alcohol for me!! Adding MSM, Milk Thistle, Choline, Apple Cider Vinegar to my water. Already on Keto. Lost 36 lbs.

  • Poetic Psypher
    Poetic Psypher Month ago

    My ALT levels have always been normal, I have been on keto for a month plus now and alt has doubled in the kidney function test... would u know Y that might be

  • padma kumram
    padma kumram 2 months ago

    My alt is low

  • jonathan williams
    jonathan williams 2 months ago

    Get of Lortab"s and all muscle relaxer"s for pain, and do try your life with added vitamin K and K2 and Calcium Citrate, to relax muscles, . no sugar, just use stevia extract, and raw honey, no soda pops, do as he says.

  • 57pixels
    57pixels 2 months ago

    I went to the Doctor and he told me that fasting was bad for your liver because it messes up with the enzymes 🤔

    SILAPDARREN 3 months ago

    Hi Dr Berg. Could you please talk about Alkaline Phosphatase. Thanks

  • Jodi-Ann
    Jodi-Ann 3 months ago

    Hi doctor my 26 my Alkaline Phosphatase level is 214 what can I do to bring it down ? I need your help currently don’t wanna fail my pre employment medical for a ship job

  • JWC gaming
    JWC gaming 3 months ago

    Dr Berg my total biliruben is 29 on the high side, I have itchy face and feel tired all the time, also my platlets are 130 on the low side. I don't appear to be yellow, on my last scan I was told I had a fatty liver, i get overall back/romboid ache,no gallbladder issues showed,everything else on full blood count within normal range,diet pretty good, I had my appendix removed a few years ago.any ideas,not getting much luck with doctors.

  • HereIsWisdom 1318
    HereIsWisdom 1318 4 months ago +1

    I just learned that my ALT is 134 and my AST is 86.

  • Tania Andrews
    Tania Andrews 4 months ago

    Hi, what about a normal AST but a mildly high alt reading? I have always had low numbers and now my ALT is over 40 and cholesterol levels jumped over 106.

  • Boris Ebejer
    Boris Ebejer 4 months ago

    My tests showed that AST was normal but ALT was around in the 70 range. I know this went over the threshold, but would this be an alarming figure for ALT? I'll redo the test soon to confirm if ALT decreased but would definitely appreciate an answer to ease my thoughts about this.

  • eyen edema
    eyen edema 4 months ago

    Dr Berg are vitamins problematic to the live ? Can you pls do a video on bitter leafs

  • Jin Kim
    Jin Kim 4 months ago

    blood work just came back today and doc told me that i have elevated liver enzyme & slight above average cholesterol.
    I was sick with a high fever and whole body shivers a week prior to it, so my doc just told me to eat healthy and exercise like i normally do.
    and here i was, craving some high carb food today..

  • Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward 5 months ago

    What about a normal AST but high ALT?

  • DéLay LéMor
    DéLay LéMor 5 months ago

    Help! I have fatty liver so I’m trying to lose weight. 6 weeks ago, I started I.F. eating with 2 meals, and then later I switched to 1 meal a day. I have lost 22 lbs. My blood test shown my AST and ALT are high. My LDL is still high and HDL is still low. However, my Triglyceride is normal now. I’m eating Keyo diet and no sugar and no carbs at all. Why my AST and ALT is high now since my diet is so good.

  • usama jadoon
    usama jadoon 5 months ago

    Doctor i have left side abdominal pain. I have high AST And ALT . H pylori infection . Privide you solution and medicines. I am talking amoxicillin ..Fasign and ulcerbrex 20mg

  • senen gacad
    senen gacad 5 months ago

    Hi dr, i am doing keto, but my sgpt is 105, my sgot is 25, i am worried why my sgpt is high, please help thank you

  • G Issa
    G Issa 6 months ago

    i have almost double ggt levels what could that be? im a lil bit fat, BMI says im obese but body fat percentage is at normal range 23%

  • Haley Allison
    Haley Allison 6 months ago

    When I had mono, my AST and ALT were 200.

  • Александр Иванченко

    Good day, doctor Berg. I have ALT-48 and AST-38. Are these normal from your point of you, since some mendicants say the highest ratios could 41 -ALT and 37 for AST.

  • six 4
    six 4 6 months ago

    This video has been very helpful for me.

  • Michael Hinck
    Michael Hinck 7 months ago

    Excellent advice and information ☝🏻

  • Deus Ex
    Deus Ex 7 months ago

    what about GGT?

  • Linda Linda
    Linda Linda 7 months ago +2

    What about adrenal fatigue coupled with non alcohol fatty liver? My dr said no intermittent fasting and that i need carbs for my adrenals. What is correct?

  • Dwell Eph.3:17
    Dwell Eph.3:17 7 months ago

    Anyone have experience with liver stones?? Different than gallstones. The right side of my liver had stones in it. Did ultrasound, CT scan with contrast, MRCP finally caught what was going on in the liver. My bloodwork had always looked decent but I felt pain. Had an ERCP, stent put in liver duct due to narrowing, ruled out bile duct and pancreatic cancer, and had gallbladder removed due to stones in there too (for 13 years tried to hold on to it). Just wondering what causes liver stones specifically. I eat a clean diet but have developed major chemical sensitivities the last five years - I’m sure there’s a connection.

  • Frejdig
    Frejdig 7 months ago

    Is it a myth that the body only utilises (for muscles I guess) 20-30 grams of protein per serving? And that a higher intake per serving can damage the liver? I have heard this over and over again, and would like to hear your comments. It's an issue I have not heard mentioned in connection with OMAD, so I suppose it's a myth?
    Best regards
    Mette, Denmark

  • Pradeep Singh
    Pradeep Singh 7 months ago

    Thanks Doc for a lovely video. Any advice for Gilbert’s syndrome ? I eat healthy but would IF help for elevated serum bilirubin?

  • Turtle Days
    Turtle Days 7 months ago

    Wonderful, thank you. 🐢

  • Stephen S.
    Stephen S. 7 months ago +8

    No mention of milk thistle or dandelion root to heal the liver?

  • Mi a
    Mi a 7 months ago

    Milk thistle and dandelion are excellent for liver healing...also...you cannot do a high fat diet on a damaged liver...

  • Band Buddy
    Band Buddy 7 months ago

    Can vitamins and supplements harm the liver? I take potasium and magnesium.

  • DIANA1999
    DIANA1999 7 months ago +1

    Love you Dr. BERG!!!!!!!!

  • Ca Bo
    Ca Bo 7 months ago

    Is it a waste of money for a hypothyroid to buy your electrolyte powder and the iodine kelp supplements if that body type doesn't absorb supplements like you mentioned in the Body Type seminar way back in 2012 or something like that?

  • Holly Thompson
    Holly Thompson 7 months ago

    Love your videos. I would love to see one on adrenal glands. I have been doing the keto diet and recently have heard that due to less carbs, it can stress the adrenals, which in turn affects your hormones and throws them out of balance. Would love to hear your views on this

  • Jaye Ankh
    Jaye Ankh 7 months ago

    Dr Berg do coffee enemas help? Many health books say so. Thank you.

  • S.N M
    S.N M 7 months ago

    Thank you for these wonderful and informative videos

  • twilight
    twilight 7 months ago +7

    Thats true, liver is super strong. Some people can drink alcohol everyday for years and somehow they still can function

  • Dont Doit
    Dont Doit 7 months ago +1

    Anthony Williams book Liver Cleanse will explain the truth , keto Is NOT healthy.
    Bless you all on your journies.

  • Maaifoedie De La Rey
    Maaifoedie De La Rey 7 months ago

    To note : In many countries, acetaminophen is called paracetamol, and marketed as a general OTC pain killer under brand names such as Panado etc (found in the majority of generic OTC pain killers).

  • Gurpreet Panesar
    Gurpreet Panesar 7 months ago

    Sir what is the best diet for a diabetic, hyperuricemic also suffering from NAFLD patient?

  • Mariehans !
    Mariehans ! 7 months ago

    When I crave chocolate in the evening I have itchy feet at night

  • Spirit Rider
    Spirit Rider 7 months ago

    I currently have primary hyperparathyorism ( 1 adenoma) and both my ast and hlt are high. My operation is next week and hoping to see a stabilization of these enzymes! Told I have a fatty liver aswell and 4 weeks into the keto diet. The keto education is like I have discovered the elixir of life!!

  • Richard Sorel
    Richard Sorel 7 months ago

    I'm an alcoholic and when I had my annual blood test the day after partying real hard my liver enzymes were through the roof! within 2 months of taking a green food supplement that contains refractance dried cereal grass juice powders and things of that sort, (along with high doses of milk thistle, molecularly distilled fish oils and phosphatidylcholine) I brought my enzymes down to the normal range. I still drank beer the whole time throughout the process. I also took high doses of vitamin C three times a day primarily before drinking my first few beers.

  • Ashish Jain
    Ashish Jain 7 months ago +1

    Dear Dr. Berg,
    Thabk you for sharing knowledge.
    Pls advise..
    Can a vegetarian eat only Cottage cheese and cheese along with vegetables to stay on keto and get rid of high AST levels(80)

  • Likes To Laugh
    Likes To Laugh 7 months ago

    Soooo less carbs and refined foods more greens and Whole Foods...seems reasonable enough

  • Vanessa 420
    Vanessa 420 7 months ago +1

    Thanks, 🙏great information, your the Best at explaining where it’s understandable! ❤️ The white board 👍

  • Mike V
    Mike V 7 months ago

    Nice info

  • Restored Beauty
    Restored Beauty 7 months ago

    So what test should we do in order to find out this. I have the same belly but Tests showed my liver is good.

  • Op Hs
    Op Hs 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for this Dr. Berg. Very valuable info. As always, I love your videos, always to the point, concise and always chock full of positive useful advice. Much love. Thank you for the greatest service to communities. Namaste .

  • NaturalHI
    NaturalHI 7 months ago

    Hydralazine skyrocketed my liver enzymes big time and gave me poor appetite, cold chills, flu like symptoms as I usually don’t have the flu. Be careful when taking any kind of pharmaceuticals.

  • Daisy Powponne
    Daisy Powponne 7 months ago +1

    Before starting a Keto diet would you recommend a detox of the liver?

  • John Snow
    John Snow 7 months ago

    Is IF enough to fix liver or is keto required?

  • Mayano 4Xx 777Xx
    Mayano 4Xx 777Xx 7 months ago +2

    God bless you........ihave none alcoholic fatty liver .IV changed all my diet.iv noticed that I do have this sack around my Tommy it's not too big thoug .IV used milk thistle but i had Avery bad itching and rach.and the itching all over my body it's like needle sting especially around my joints .what can I do . please.
    Thank you so much for your great information and knowledge.

  • M Ganim
    M Ganim 7 months ago

    My ALT is at 155 ⬆️high but my AST were normal? Have no idea why? Perplexed, I don’t drink alcohol at all.

  • Bu Kab
    Bu Kab 7 months ago

    Thanks doc :) spring colors !!! Nice shirt doc..

  • Clara Bartha
    Clara Bartha 7 months ago

    I was wondering when alcohol is mentioned, could 'alcoholic liver' and other similar problems be caused by the conversion of sugars in a high sugar diet? High sugar, of course, meaning the new western refined food/processed food diet which contains inordinate amounts of sugars compared to what western world humans used to eat. So, wondering whether if you don't drink much or anything typically, still, can you be examined or diagnosed to have some kind of alcohol related disorder? Thanks Doctor.