Fox News Liberal Takeover Underway & Owen Benjamin Demonitized

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Nathaniel Bables
    Nathaniel Bables Month ago

    Hey as a liberal I don't like either fox, CNN, and msnbc. Many could argue Fox is basically to the republican party what msnbc is to the democrats.

  • Nathaniel Bables
    Nathaniel Bables Month ago

    Pretty sure if fox news go's I think true America will take it's place. Plus fox is at the top of the ratings game.

  • Casimir Alexander
    Casimir Alexander 2 months ago

    Lucid analysis. Thank you!

  • Tina Bailey
    Tina Bailey 2 months ago

    Watch One America News Network !!!💖👍😀🇺🇸

  • CoffeeOnKeyboard
    CoffeeOnKeyboard 2 months ago

    my fave An0m to date. EXCELLENT session!!!

  • Jason Natsis
    Jason Natsis 2 months ago

    I feel like someone that genuinely doesn't like ANY music is probably a sociopath lol

  • george cushing
    george cushing 2 months ago

    Thank you ..i know your real bcuz you dont cave to condem trump...condem alex willing to help for free if ya ever need manpower for any real cause....thank you

  • Bonnie Archie
    Bonnie Archie 2 months ago

    If this rlly happens we'll be off all news altogether. This is the worst kind of monopoly...We are fighting now for democracy..They're all crazy..I will stop watching fox news now and that's that.No news for me...Someone out there has to take over..Who sold out? Get their asses...BTW-- Who do you know that's on the left that has a debate even.I don't know one person. Not a one..Strength now means be ready to kick someone's ass.If this is the end of fox all we have is Trump now.His support will go thru the roof..There's a network out there to be made.. The media struggle used to be called "Hearts and minds"..Now its, I'm an idiot follower..People start to think CSI is real.Courts of law work in the same dramatic fashion of TV..idiot morons. I've seen it o tv.Left leaning people have a disease..We are forced to choose now right or wrong. Democrats are wrong.They stand for nothing. Republicans are the lesser of two evils..When they attack us they are waiting to get fucking hurt..How do we stop tis? Its been tis way thru history.In the end you surrender and look back and those f us who know better wanna just blow their heads off.In the end they will grow up knowing they fucked up America..They will just ask themselves y did they want is? You cant fix stupid.The masses are asses!!! I've said every day what would I give to sit in with an actual CNN daily meeting undercover..You know they talk about liberals as idiots and throw them this or tell them that they'll believe anything. Would that prove be enough to change these reversely educated shit for brains....No. They want us to destroy ourselves..I just need to know what do the middle class get out of losing their own asses? They'll fight amongst themselves as they currently are, they will destroy their own..

  • Del Monte
    Del Monte 2 months ago

    great broadcast nom, shared. god bless you brotha.

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez 2 months ago

    An0maly, do you plan on debating any top progressives like Kyle kulinski or jimmy Dore or Sam seder? Also potholer54 is really into climate change and makes videos debunking other people's anti climate change videos. I feel like potholer54 would be a great debate for you regarding climate change!
    I would so love to see you debate these people. You're the only one I know with fresh original ideas/arguments that can most likely get through to them regarding socialized medicine and climate change (:

  • mysterious144
    mysterious144 2 months ago

    I pray that they (journalists) over come project mockingbird and report the real news.

  • mysterious144
    mysterious144 2 months ago

    If you control the past you control the future.

  • Tamera Lengyel
    Tamera Lengyel 2 months ago

    Are you blocked from FB again? Couldn’t find you yesterday so went looking to RU-clip!

  • Bee Write Bear
    Bee Write Bear 2 months ago

    If you’re a Libertarian, you’ll want to check out the ministry website that discusses taxes:
    S E D M dot org (the algorithm won’t let me share the link).

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode 2 months ago +1

    DT wins in 2020. Stay home. Relax.

  • Aaren Graham
    Aaren Graham 2 months ago +1

    You, sir, are amazing!!!!

  • Kit McKillington:
    Kit McKillington: 2 months ago +1

    100% conservative = factual

  • Catherine Benton
    Catherine Benton 2 months ago +1

    Been saying this since Disney bought Fox. Go watch OAN

  • Gregory Rogalsky
    Gregory Rogalsky 2 months ago

    Legacy Media is dying.. Fuck them.. Glad your talking about Owen. the tip of the spear on free speech.

  • AK 4o
    AK 4o 2 months ago

    Is this Han Solo's kid?

  • America First
    America First 2 months ago +1

    Before the yr is out Tucker, Hannity, and The Judge will be gone.

  • Mark Magram
    Mark Magram 2 months ago

    Bro im 2/3rds liberal. I've engaged friends and family and have sought a dialog such as yours from an objective conservative. You are like looking in somewhat of a political mirror. I'd only wish to ask whether you would consider the somewhat inherent and historically liberal/progressive underpinnings as the core of any and all of the "arts"? It's fairly well documented, and if you've been around a lof of the arts the people do tend to be overwhelmingly liberal in their general thinking and attitudes. Media, as much as you are concerned about the highest and most influential media movers and their agendas, but what about the idea that these outlets are driven by eyeballs which drive advertising which drive dollars? And how do any arguments beat the almighty dollar? Chicken and egg? And last, what political and media and social media control tactics do Republicans utilize? If handed equal opportunity, are you certain they'd not do the exact same? Isn't that the game? Keep on keeping on man. I simply want to understand why people have these thought processes whether I agree or not.

    • Mark Magram
      Mark Magram 2 months ago

      ... And your movement's message aimed at conservatives I'll confirm as a fairly lousy liberal, it would help.

  • Rapid Wav
    Rapid Wav 2 months ago +1

    Wait a minute, a guy helps kids cheat on SAT is prosecuted, a lady helps a presidential candidate cheat on debates and gets a Job on FOX?

  • Classically Gail
    Classically Gail 2 months ago

    An0maly is almost up to 100k subscribers! I just subbed; let's put him over the top💯😃🇺🇸

  • Veronica Lavigna
    Veronica Lavigna 2 months ago +1


  • Y Vi
    Y Vi 2 months ago

    Anomaly : Please check out (Kip Simpson) page. Women dies after exposing Bill Clinton tides to baby slave farm. Please report this to all your supporters after you watch the video of Kip Simpson report.

  • Lorin Lewis
    Lorin Lewis 2 months ago +3

    It's all lies. Even the weather reports can't be God Bless

  • no one listens to Lesley Imknow

    Um? That's a REALLY BIG micophone.

  • jan Lastovica
    jan Lastovica 2 months ago

    can you imagine thinking that you have one hour and 48 minutes to share real info with others? i don't have the time to watch a monologue. even if it was original and smart.

  • jan Lastovica
    jan Lastovica 2 months ago

    glad you have owen to quote..and quote

  • jan Lastovica
    jan Lastovica 2 months ago


  • Y Vi
    Y Vi 2 months ago

    I don’t care about Fox News they have never ever really been conservatives. Watch their ratings go down the toilet. Liberals are getting ready for the presidential elections. So they only want liberals at Fox News. Let’s watch their ratings go all the way down the toilet. Trust and believe.

  • Ben Dominguez
    Ben Dominguez 2 months ago

    I really enjoy how you can speak both dialectic and rhetoric. It helps to reach those who think mentally and those who think more emotionally. Its truly sad how they have pushed so many of us so far right.

  • MoonGlow
    MoonGlow 2 months ago

    This is so true. I hope your message reaches people and opens some eyes.(on BOTH sides) A Judge once told me usually the truth is found somewhere in the middle.

  • my girl ut
    my girl ut 2 months ago

    Pray pray pray and prepare for God's will. Spread love n light.

  • MoonGlow
    MoonGlow 2 months ago

    America is dying before your eyes and with it the freedoms we hold. Closed minds brainwashed by media and liberal teachers. I am old and seen it all. I have NEVER seen anything like what is happening in America before. They have control of the media, the narrative, the internet, group thought like never before. People used to have different opinions and still talk and more. Its sad to see.

  • Carrie Peach
    Carrie Peach 2 months ago

    AnOmaly.. Thank you for addressing the "Jew" thing I see so much of it.. There are so many factions of every belief system.
    When we latch on to anything that divides us.. It's detrimental. It's divisive. We're absolute idiots when we fixated in this Shite..
    So many "woke" people.. who research their asses off.. and they can't see the forest for the trees

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 2 months ago

    FOX is already gone!And so am I!! Carlson And PIRRO only ones with a backbone!!I've stopped with all their advertisers and the network altogether!!When Disney went perverted and total leftist I knew it would only be a matter of time too when they boughtFox!I'm through with this crap!Just saying!Have a great day!

  • tmass
    tmass 2 months ago +1

    I don't know any conservative that wants to take away free speech.

  • Laffintig
    Laffintig 2 months ago

    Sorry, but you really talk too much and in circles. I'm not saying you don't have a good message, I'm just saying you are sloppy in your delivery.

  • william punte
    william punte 2 months ago

    Another great 1,,, move to az , snowboard with me too

  • Sandy Welch
    Sandy Welch 2 months ago +1

    I'm sure Maduro promised the Venezuelans Nirvana too. Now look at them. Absolute power corrupts. And Dems want absolute power.

  • die2no
    die2no 2 months ago

    We need a balance.

  • Leah Hunter
    Leah Hunter 2 months ago

    Look at what the Chinese do to Christian's in their own country . Bolsheviks of the east bringing communism, atheism to the twentyfirst century, 2.0 style. The internet allows for all of this. It is the new tree of knowledge and we've all taken a bite . Having your entire lives routed through a screen in the palm of your hand, where every question is a Google search away, where every animal need from food, companiomship, transportation,education understanding of reality, search for answers, is available from a single tangible sources, your computer or phone, you become conditioned to look towards authority sources for all your answers, conditioned perfectly think an omnipotent provider doesn't seem like a bad idea, perfect for socialism. It wires your brain to filter out information instead of absorbing knowledge for there's too much knowledge to search and consume patiently. It's like a mouse eating snake in a barn infested with thousands of mice. It's no longer a hunter. It's a prisoner that only comes out to feed itself then recoils back to whatever corner it feels safe in. Following such an authority is madness, a madness which serves caters to every emotion possible, so you but need a second to get millions of possible places to look for your choice in an internet search while the providers of such convenience control which four or five sellections you'll chose from the first page listed. There's no need for patience. It's no longer a virtue when convenience caters to our emotional states and desires. The smart phone with it's apps, it's interconnectivity, allowing you to put your life into itwhile it tells you what to do everyday, leads more and more lives to be led by authority not ourselves. Is it any wonder people do not think for the!selves anymore, and to react with an opinion backed by feelings and moral relativism has taken its place? Those born to a world with the internet do not understand how differently wired their brains are to human beings who've lived their lives, were educated, were loved, only by other human beings. Because they are young, this internet generation lacks the mass wisdom of age to fully understand the deep psychosis this internet bred form of humanity has. They prefer to see the past as outdated, lower value and lost in the past. But they're no different than any other generation at their youth for all generations at the point of youth perceive the past and the previous generations in this light. It's nothing new. The only way to reverse the madness is to move away from pouring more and more of our lives into this thing of authority which tells us what to do at every waking moment what to do, where to be, how my finances are, who's saying what, what opinions to have and to keep watching the screen, who to love, what to shun, what to buy, and what to accept as a meaningful life. Get rid of a social media account. Delete an app, move without prompting. Schedule without group chats. Go to your bank and get out cash to pay a for some things. Email some more and Facebook less,do some of your math with a pencil. Go to a restaurant and ask your sever their name and use it in a sentence to them when they come back. Be more of a human being tomorrow than today, small moves. Get away from the authority in your pocket, controlling the narrative for you. You'll wish you had when you're older anyway.

  • Jamie Konz
    Jamie Konz 2 months ago

    I love you An0maly. I am thankful for your voice in the world. Godspeed.

  • Joshua Hillman
    Joshua Hillman 2 months ago

    I'm glad we're going through these times. It will keep us strong.

  • curlybrownk9
    curlybrownk9 2 months ago

    To be good and upstanding,a family man or woman, to be hardworking, openminded, is no longer virtuous. To do the right thing and be a good neighbor, to mind your buisness,and do your own thing, to be an individual, that is looked up to, is no longer a noble thing. What we thought when we (my self) were younger ,was that the counter culture would free us from some sort of box. The fedora and sunday suit, were like hand cuffs. Looking and acting our best, was something arrogant and hypocritical. Well the bar is now set so low, that it's almost non existant . It turns out society ,needs it, it's actually really part of the game. History shows that it always, ebbs and flows back to it. Any walk through walmart, in any city, shows you that people just don't give a fck anymore. No character, no self esteeme. Empty selfish, crybaby ,virtue signaling,zombies. What's even crazier is that , they want to make it even worse. What a suckey time we have entered. To think we thought 70,80,90s were crummy. It's your time now kids, cuz your version of "better", is crap.

  • Mimi Hensley
    Mimi Hensley 2 months ago

    One America News Network. OANN Find it, watch it and you'll never go back, I haven't.

  • existextinct
    existextinct 2 months ago

    Thanks for the high quality content

  • Heather Riede
    Heather Riede 2 months ago

    1:03:00 you gotta not take comments like that so personally. It is true, you're young, just like I'm still young but older than you, so we don't know everything yet. My opinions have changed A LOT in just the last 2 years, and the more life we experience the more we realize things. So you need to not come off too arrogant or personally offended when people say things like that to you, and you just dismiss the comments themselves and react very immaturely about it. This is a regular thing w/you the more i watch you, and you tend to talk for too long on all of the same topics over and over, when you can say what you want and get to the point more w/o doing 2-4 hr live streams etc. This is my honest opinion, block me or not as you seem to block others over stupid things like this for just speaking freely to you and not being menacing to you... I respect you enough to listen to you and give you these constructive criticisms so just don't take it so personally.

  • Rio
    Rio 2 months ago

    Respect Anomaly, but have you been to many liberal marches? I'm sure liberals would love that slogan "don't be a pussy' ha haah :) :) :) Agree with you about the mainstream news, it is mind control, however, it does have a Liberal spin. I think I left a comment to you a while back, but here it is again.... A book that will expand your mind like the Mishka dolls... None Dare Call it Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. What about this book? It was written almost 50 years ago! Why? would I want to read it you ask? The book has stood the test of time. It could have been written today. The information has come to pass. I have evolved since reading the book.

  • Kristi Dykstra
    Kristi Dykstra 2 months ago +1

    What do you think about Donna Brazille becoming a new Fox News contributer? Van Jones at CPAC?

  • Kristi Dykstra
    Kristi Dykstra 2 months ago

    YES! I am so happy and relieved to hear you speak of your plans of things you want to do and creating your own platforms and avant guarde! More debates--yes! Merchandise--yes! and more interviews with interesting innovative creative balanced individuals--yes!! How about Shoshana Zuboff, she wrote a 700 page book about The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

  • Valerie Pratt
    Valerie Pratt 2 months ago

    You'd be surprised to see the comment I received when I ranted about the addition of Donna Brazil but Judge Jeanine is mia

  • clarity seer
    clarity seer 2 months ago

    Oh for sure FOX is the controlled opposition... 🤮💩

  • Jeffrey Sanders
    Jeffrey Sanders 2 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of people voicing their opinions. Whether its Owen or An0moly or Rogan or Dore or etc. Please gather what you can from these people. Make your own conclusions.

  • Norma Alvarez
    Norma Alvarez 2 months ago

    Thank you An0maly, always learn so much from you. May God continue to bless you.

  • Valus
    Valus 2 months ago

    People who trust them may be caught in an echo-chamber, but, I no longer believe that the majority of media elites are well-intentioned people, simply stuck inside a cultural bubble. We give them far too much credit, when we imagine that they are merely gullible. They are, in fact, unscrupulous.
    They know exactly what they are doing, gas-lighting you and laughing while you tear out your hair. They know they are liars and, not only do they not care about the truth, they are supremely proud of being the postmodern ubermensch, transcending such pedestrian concerns as factual or logical arguments. For them, truth is perception, perception is power, and all they care about is shaping perception in order to grab power.
    This is why they go to such lengths to censor opposition, slandering all who dissent as the lowest of the low; as no-account, racist, sexist, cousin-fucking, subhuman scum, who it would be morally reprehensible even to hear out. This is their one and only real tactic, like a giant hammer they continually use to slam any problem that comes up. They draw the conclusions that serve their interests and then work backwards to create narratives, misquote, and deny context, in order to support those preconceived conclusions. The end is whatever they say it is - and the means to that end is "anyone who disagrees with us is literally a nazi".
    It's not their unconscious irrationality or hypocrisy which should astound you, but their 100% conscious disregard for rationality and consistency. They are bad faith actors, not moral people. Period. Stop shaking your head over their obtuseness to the truth -- they deliberately buried their heads in the sands of ideology long ago.

  • Sniper Bear
    Sniper Bear 2 months ago

    People are too black and white now(marxism).
    I'd take a bullet for owen, that doesn't mean i have to agree with everything he says. Most of what he says is FOR the ability TO say it.
    Principles, logos, etc.
    I'd do the same for my muslim doctor and i'm NOT a fan of islam. She's a good person.
    Granted i prefer not to take a bullet just saying.
    We need discussion, that PREVENTS violence. Not 100% sure but nothing in this world is.

    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 2 months ago

    there's a reason why television showx are called PROGRAMS & PROGRAMMING.

    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 2 months ago

    he has to be calm "this year"? when was he not overly calm?😕

  • Sniper Bear
    Sniper Bear 2 months ago

    I mostly agree. Just an aside (not to nit pick) handguns are semi automatic.
    It just means for each trigger pull you fire one bullet.
    If you have to chamber a tound each time like in a bolt action rifle, it's NOT semi auto.
    Chambering is automatic, firing requires trigger pull then it chambers another-repeat.

  • Moflyboy Blanquito
    Moflyboy Blanquito 2 months ago

    It’s because they are busy working and paying taxes. That’s why they are not great entertainment. They are highway builders. Car manufacturers truck drivers, mechanics.

  • Moflyboy Blanquito
    Moflyboy Blanquito 2 months ago

    I don’t know sometimes you need to be rrarrr.

  • Jane Irish
    Jane Irish 2 months ago +1

    They hired Donna Brazile..that should tell you the direction the Network is going .

  • Thomas Mihelic
    Thomas Mihelic 2 months ago

    Big Krit is indeed dope as hell

  • Laurie H
    Laurie H 2 months ago

    I wish you had a public/general email address. I have a crazy-great musician I'd like to hook you up with. Not "hip hop"... but an Eastern European (American citizen) composer, pianist, singer from Chicago whose music is like a 2019-version of Sting with a throwback 70's vibe. I haven't heard anything this good in 30 years. And I've never actually met the guy (but he's sent me some of his music... and I was blown away). I only know him from an online conversation about a symphonic oboist. Weird. But I tripped onto something REALLY special. I'm a former singer/flautist... but his stuff is really something special.

  • SFN
    SFN 2 months ago

    If you know the Bible then you know why Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. Jesus told us that because the world hated him, it'll hate us. More than anything, the hatred for Christians is the biggest proof that Jesus is our savior. The devil doesn't bother with other religions because he already has them. He attacks God's people.

  • Deborah Revell
    Deborah Revell 2 months ago

    I think if you control the media you control the weak minded

  • virgohedgie
    virgohedgie 2 months ago

    Forgive my ignorance y’all, what exactly happened with Judge Jeanine?

    • America First
      America First 2 months ago

      The mob called in to Fox and got her suspended for two weeks because of what she said about Omar last week

  • Geeter Dun
    Geeter Dun 2 months ago

    So they kicked the judge and added Donna Brasil

  • Laurie H
    Laurie H 2 months ago

    This is what's scary: the Left controls the media, Big Tech, pop culture, public schools and the universities. The idea that you can do your own research to find the truth is slowly shrinking because these same people control what you can access. THIS is what is really scary. When I talk to young people about school life these days... it's completely foreign to me. It's NOTHING like what I grew up with in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. When I tell them about what it was like in "my day" - they are shocked. They honestly do NOT know what freedom is. And THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. You can't "miss" what you never had.

  • Sandy Bouchard
    Sandy Bouchard 2 months ago

    Anti semetic? Anti Muslim? Anti whatever? Adam through Noah were not Jews. Up until Abraham, there were not Jacobites. Jacob was a grandson of Abraham. It is all nonsense.

  • Laurie H
    Laurie H 2 months ago

    Apparently, Donna Brazile has signed up with Fox News. With two exceptions (Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity), it's getting more and more liberal. I don't personally care - haven't watched Fox in years. I'd rather to listen to non-corporate beholden conservative voices on RU-clip (until they get censored).

  • Elizabeth Whaley-Avery
    Elizabeth Whaley-Avery 2 months ago +1

    Speaking of Fox News and how it's turning left. Anomaly did you see the Sunday program with Chris Wallace yesterday that he had Mick Mulvaney the new chief of staff for the White House on? I have lost all respect for Chris Wallace. He's a POS. Him and Mulvaney were talking about the New Zealand shooter and Chris Wallace says is alluding to the fact that he said Trump is to blame. And then goes to read something from the crazy Shooters Manifesto but only part of a sentence that says he was following Trump. Mick Mulvaney quickly calls him out on it and says that's not fair read the whole statement the whole sentence you clearly see that the shooter was not a trump fan. He told him he called them right out on it and said that was not a fair thing to do. Right on Fox News Chris Wallace tries to blatantly lie to show that the shooter in New Zealand that Trump was directly responsible for it because he didn't read the whole statement until Mick Mulvaney told him too. It's liberal bulshit trying to blame Trump for everything that happens in this freaking world. And then lying and scheming the truth to fit their agenda.

  • Elizabeth Whaley-Avery
    Elizabeth Whaley-Avery 2 months ago

    When Bill O'Reilly used to be on Fox News he used to have opposing viewpoints. He always had liberals on that he would debate and argue with all the time. Tucker Carlson is the one who does that now. The interesting thing I don't know if Hannity does it as much but on his radio show he certainly does.

  • Kari Dufano
    Kari Dufano 2 months ago

    You're welcome again.

  • esther shelton
    esther shelton 2 months ago

    Gavin Newsom is Pelosi family member. He just spent 45 million on a shelter for the illegal immigrants. Why OUR STREET people get a kick in the ass. So sad

  • Cabeza de Vaca
    Cabeza de Vaca 2 months ago

    I think if someone has broken bone or needs stitches there ought to be many good places to go to get that taken care for little to nothing and I don't have a problem with gov. subsidizing that. I don't want to pay for anybody's chemo that probably won't help anyway.

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 2 months ago +4

    I leaned to the left before finding Owen. He loves woman, and family which is the one thing that seems to be missing in the far right. He's all about men and women coming together, and building our culture back up. I truly believe feminists would disappear if we had strong men to love and protect us.

  • BBM
    BBM 2 months ago +2

    Television will be a thing of the past. Think about why a 50" is so cheap now days.

  • BBM
    BBM 2 months ago

    Brother, stand up for yourself. You are literally going to take over. Have the faith that we do not need Fox news. We have the internet.

  • George Gucake
    George Gucake 2 months ago +3

    Can we please get this man on Joe Rogan

  • lrish Sighs
    lrish Sighs 2 months ago +1

    Owen Benjamin started his own antiSemitic cult. He deserved what he got.

    • Prague UnderWorld
      Prague UnderWorld 2 months ago

      lrish Sighs - thank you for seeing this. I’ve been on RU-clip for a long time and once owen came along, I suddenly start seeing Jew haters blooming across the platform like wildfire... and I’m not talking about a healthy ‘conversation’ but out and out hate. I’m conservative and believe in free speech but not hate-cults.

  • Cindi Gonzalez
    Cindi Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I don't agree with everything other conservatives think but i still consider myself a conservative. And i don't care about Ilhan Omar having her speech (i really don't care how racist anyone is) it's just i think there's a difference between that and whether she belongs in her place of power. I don't think she has good intentions... And yea i practically graduated like 2 yrs ago and i grew up with that shitty education where they make u write notes and the teacher adds in their opinion but never go in depth about the subjects especially in History. My mom came to the school ,mad as hell, a few times becuz of this😂

  • Mad Bro
    Mad Bro 2 months ago


  • Sassy CountryGirl
    Sassy CountryGirl 2 months ago

    An0maly I always enjoy your work, I enjoy listening to your perspective, very much enjoy the fact that you try to be balanced and fair. I always recommend that people I know listen to you. because you don't push the right you don't push the left you try to focus on truth in fact while still able to have feelings With out disregarding facts! In this day and age I think all of those things are very important, we must all be able to be open minded and see different perspectives.So thank you very much for what you do.I would also just like to say you spoke briefly about our food drugs media control etc.. I would love for you to do a video about those things you know go more in depth about the drugs and how it came to be and the food and how that has come to be where it is today and of course the media. I have heard over the last few years a lot of talk about those things but I would really enjoy your perspective.
    again thank you for your work, your attitude and your positive role.

  • Maria Leon
    Maria Leon 2 months ago

    Before you vote for govt controlled healthcare, take a really good look at the VA Healthcare Systrm and the Health care system on the Native American Reservation...both are totally gov't control healthcare system....and if you have to use either, you don't have a choice, you can't sue for poor service, you can't go see the doctor you want....

  • WisconsinEric
    WisconsinEric 2 months ago +11

    Fox News was 100% against Donald Trump in the Primaries. I was MAGA from the jump.

    • Heather Riede
      Heather Riede 2 months ago

      Yeah they're too deep state establishment overall and only reluctantly supported Trump near the end and only a few people like Hannity and Tucker I believe.

  • Hobo Sermons
    Hobo Sermons 2 months ago

    Hey Anomaly! great stream. But bro after seeing your Faded vid I just want call you "Ricky"! Wasn't Rubio called a Spanish Unicorn? What shall we call you? I think Puerto Rican Porcupine. Cuz you so sweet and harmless-looking until people try to rattle you and get too close. Then STING! to ya face.

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 2 months ago

    the murdochs are libs and they want fox news to be just like like others, lib mouthpiece for the DNC.

  • Brandon Charbonneau
    Brandon Charbonneau 2 months ago +2

    The Greatest story never told
    March to Zion
    Watch these for these are very important.

  • Skin Green
    Skin Green 2 months ago

    duddddde....your freck'n people out with your introo dude...liv'n fuck dust bro,,,your the.....HI KID's .....

  • Lee Hunter
    Lee Hunter 2 months ago

    I predict that all conservative voices will be completely shut down leading up to November 2020.

  • Monica Figueroa
    Monica Figueroa 2 months ago

    Didn't Trump end the Eugenics program in America already?

  • Robert Deal
    Robert Deal 2 months ago

    Sorry 1 1/2 hr too long, I had to quit at an Hour

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode 2 months ago +1

    No need to vote. DT has got it in the bag. Stay home and relax...

    • Dan Rode
      Dan Rode 2 months ago +1

      +America First Evangelicals and conservatives stay at home. No need to vote. DT wins so so so easy in 2020. Relax. Take a vacation...

    • America First
      America First 2 months ago

      Don't listen to this.... Please vote #TRUMP2020

  • Jenn
    Jenn 2 months ago +1

    Great job anomaly you are very effective in changing minds

  • C Jackson
    C Jackson 2 months ago
    Watch this on Fox News.

  • Linda White
    Linda White 2 months ago

    I know 5 people who have NO jobs, 4 of them are on Social security disability. One had open heart surgery and hospital care for a stroke. Another had hospitalized long term recuperate care for a stroke. Another is going in for back surgery the 3rd had hospital care for a arm broken in several places and the 4th had her baby in a hospital with TOP NOTCH care in a beautiful pampering facility. ALL OF THEM RECEIVED PAMPERED, PROFESSIONAL, TOP LEVEL CARE !!! So what is there to complain about ?? Our American people who are not working who can't work are getting incredibly great Medical Care ....Open heart surgery used to be for only the very rich. The woman I know who had open heart surgery never earned over $7 an hour in her life. She hasn't got two nickels to rub together and she was given open heart surgery. From what I can see...medical care for the poor is GREAT in this country !!! And I am glad it is !! I am also upset at anyone who wants to change it.!!