• Published on Mar 25, 2018

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  • Michael Netherton
    Michael Netherton 11 days ago

    Dumbass looking big-wheel baggers


    Polícia com atitudes desnecessárias! Idiotas

  • Phily
    Phily Month ago

    Was that a dyna that first chick had?

  • David Tucker
    David Tucker Month ago

    Bikes with the giant front wheels look like the big wheel I had when I was three.

  • amitnarayankar
    amitnarayankar Month ago

    Can i bring my scooter.

  • Tony Antonio
    Tony Antonio Month ago

    What is this cops problem. Talking about freedom. Bunch of jack asses.

  • Matt Ichikawa
    Matt Ichikawa Month ago

    Bitch cop ass

  • Koos is grandioos Komediant

    mooi dit feest met motors in Nederland hebben ze het afgeschafd al een paar jaar mer mortors😢 jammer

  • theone2be33
    theone2be33 Month ago

    First chick with sandals on: DUMB! Motorcycle Sidecar CAR: COOL! Big Chick on white crotch rocket : HOT!! American Flag Bike: Totally Awesome!!! The rest of em: LAME AS FUCK!!!

  • Highway Tales
    Highway Tales Month ago

    More on motorcycle in my channel

  • Kim Pickens
    Kim Pickens Month ago +2

    I'll bet if it was a long ride to get there, most were trailer jockies.

    • EzEddie
      EzEddie Month ago

      Kim Pickens oh yeah. For sure

  • John P M
    John P M Month ago

    Doesn't anyone listen that good music anymore I mean honestly I was some of the lamest ass music I've ever heard in my life

  • R. S
    R. S 2 months ago

    Awesome bikes

  • straycat1674
    straycat1674 2 months ago

    Bike week has got to be a cash cow for the city by way of citations!

  • Shawn Villalobos
    Shawn Villalobos 2 months ago

    3:30. Damm Jesse James got fat. Hahahahaha jk

  • POC Skellington
    POC Skellington 2 months ago +1

    Most of these people look stupid on their motorcycles

  • Jake Day
    Jake Day 2 months ago

    Baggers are silly

  • Zombie Biker
    Zombie Biker 2 months ago

    More "walkers" than riding, especially those cartoon bikes that you can't ride in case you scrape the panniers, skirting etc lol

  • Anthony O Riordan
    Anthony O Riordan 2 months ago

    Looks like cops giving tickets and generally a hard time to poser wannabe biker types, "America land of ? No Fun"

  • Doug Allen
    Doug Allen 2 months ago

    Looks like a fashion show,,look at me rally,,,this is why I don't go to these events,,i grew up in the 70s and 80s and that was true biker days,,its gone,,I still ride but I stay in the country roads away from the costume riders

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 2 months ago

    They should call it Daytona Fashion Week

  • abc123
    abc123 2 months ago +1

    This is why they get shot..

  • derek beaudry
    derek beaudry 2 months ago

    Is it bike week or pig week

  • Carl Schmiedeke
    Carl Schmiedeke 2 months ago

    Get the fuck outta here, brothers on Harley's lol, rice rockets ,& that rap shit they call music

  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz 2 months ago +3

    This is a "look at me" contest. Its not about being a biker and loving the road. Its a glam show to see who has the most expensive and over the top bike. There's way too many cops. There's no freedom. I like the el diablo run footage. Just a few dozen dudes on their bikes. Most of their bikes are not harleys. There are no show bikes ridden just whatever gets you on two wheels and the wind. Sturgis and this have been nothing but a fashion show for the last 40 years.

  • henlow1
    henlow1 2 months ago

    What's with those ugly big front wheels! Over compensating for something me thinks!

  • Joe Klopp
    Joe Klopp 2 months ago +9

    Those cartoonishly big front wheels are odd.

  • Janie Baker
    Janie Baker 2 months ago +1

    That rally looks pretty boring. Check out murrells inlet sc spring rally.

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris 2 months ago +5

    That first girl did not look at all comfortable on that bike.

  • Jeff Floyd
    Jeff Floyd 2 months ago

    Daytonas Finest Fat Fucks Being Assholes Bunch Pussies..WHATS THIS HOW UGLY AND STUPID CAN U BUILD A BIKE WEEK ??

  • David D
    David D 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ they having fun just relax and watch the video ffs.

  • Don Michigan
    Don Michigan 3 months ago

    The chocolate girl at 4:05 yum

  • Richard WILSON
    Richard WILSON 3 months ago +1

    *big front wheel ugly ass bike...*

  • Ricky Harvey
    Ricky Harvey 3 months ago

    I know i bought a brand-new roadglide my buddy says lets trailer the bikes to daytona from michigan so i get there i did spend one day on main street and we took off up to st Augustine and rode all around the fucking place had a riot get the fuck out of daytona as quick as you can

  • Donald Warnick
    Donald Warnick 3 months ago

    Annoying beat into the ground music and arrogant obnoxious bikers yea my kind party

  • Freddie Ray
    Freddie Ray 3 months ago

    All those posers........

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo 3 months ago +1

    *All law enforcement Personnel are bored ,Petty people who were never invited to parties in high school*

  • Robert Rohrs
    Robert Rohrs 3 months ago

    The cops are as thick as flies on a bull's ass.

  • chez-d usa
    chez-d usa 3 months ago +1

    The shorts and tennis shoe crowd musta drove their rv down for the big wheel geezer glide show the commandos have taken over they can have it

  • Dragan M
    Dragan M 3 months ago +1

    Cops writing tickets to bikers but letting naked women walk around, go figure!

  • Henri Aho
    Henri Aho 3 months ago

    överii överii

  • Randy Delmont
    Randy Delmont 3 months ago

    C.O.P.= Cunts on Patrol

  • Fully Involved Fishing
    Fully Involved Fishing 3 months ago

    God big wheels are dumb

  • Shawn Ironhead
    Shawn Ironhead 3 months ago +2

    To many freakin cops! Not interested.

  • deep south
    deep south 4 months ago

    Antifa is coming to bike week 2019 !!!

  • sinnombre666
    sinnombre666 4 months ago

    A lot of freaks with a lot of money.

  • el shony viuu
    el shony viuu 4 months ago

    Ni un pelagato

  • Nino Nice
    Nino Nice 4 months ago

    Fucking dudes wearing Shorts are so fucking lamn. Shorts, flip flops, sneakers. No true biker gear. Ride a damn scooter or those shit trikes that looks like a big wheel. Radios, GPS, cup holders, water holders, fucking dinner tables and shit. Wish I didnt need turn signals. Just a head and loud ass bike on the open road.

  • don haydt
    don haydt 4 months ago +8

    i miss 80,90s Daytona. i thought i was watching a san fran gay parade.

  • Len
    Len 4 months ago +1

    most of the bike look ridiculous. but i guess thats the goal

  • zooksv1k
    zooksv1k 4 months ago +1

    Bunch of posers. I bet most of those choppers and stupid looking lowered big wheel abominations don't have more than a few hundred miles on them and they were trailered in.
    I don't sell any of my bikes until I put at least 100,000 miles on them.
    These rallies are nothing but a place for posers to show up, they are all the same. The real riders are out putting 400 to 500 miles on their bikes finding every twisty road that they can and having fun instead of riding the clutch on their toy bikes in a parade trying to impress people that they don't know

  • Mxr Wxl
    Mxr Wxl 4 months ago +1


  • Jed Clampit
    Jed Clampit 4 months ago

    Different strokes for different folks! Gotta expect the circus, once you let the genie outa the bottle. This shouldn't bother real bike riders, cause the clowns have the circus to distract them and keep them in their own hole!

  • RRRobelt Nest
    RRRobelt Nest 4 months ago

    too many cops takes the fun out of it.spend your money at some other biker party. it would be fun. this looks like sturgis.

  • L S
    L S 4 months ago +2

    lil momma at the beginning sandals on her feet must not like havin toes

  • Derrick Evans
    Derrick Evans 4 months ago

    I have better vids.

  • Pedro Garcia Román
    Pedro Garcia Román 4 months ago

    Los americanos, los más horteras del mundo pero con muchísima diferencia.jajajajaajja

  • Marcilio Pereira
    Marcilio Pereira 4 months ago


  • ted intessimone
    ted intessimone 4 months ago +9

    This is why I only go to private property rallys..too many damn cops and rules...just sayin.

  • Glen Whyte
    Glen Whyte 4 months ago

    Bellend City

  • Tom Fox
    Tom Fox 4 months ago

    Where the worst bikers in America trailer the ugliest bikes down to ride through the center of town dragging their feet around.

  • Jhonny Need cash
    Jhonny Need cash 4 months ago

    Old school for me

  • Johnny Lindo
    Johnny Lindo 4 months ago

    i wish all video on RU-clip was this good. i'll stick with my old flh...

  • Czarująca Kobieta
    Czarująca Kobieta 4 months ago

    0:40 oo yesss

  • Road Glide
    Road Glide 4 months ago

    It is what it is. It wouldn’t be a Bike Week without all the “look at me” big azz front wheels and the beauty & fugliness. Just peeps having a blast and 10 seconds of fame. Life’s short quit your bitch’n and do something fun. Whatever it is.

  • jason nelson
    jason nelson 4 months ago +1

    Best thing about Daytona is leaving

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 5 months ago

    For fucks sake if peeps wanna customise their bikes and ride enmass who cares? each to their own. Allot of riders from Australia go to these events to experience something different. Some buy bikes and ship them home after riding across the States. It's better to wear away than rust away...

  • Christer sjöström
    Christer sjöström 5 months ago

    många av dessa "bikers" verkar rätt så obekväma på sina järn det blir mycket paddlande med fötterna ser för jävligt ut eller har dom fel på balanssinnet !

  • The ripper 3
    The ripper 3 5 months ago +1

    0:06 ACAB

    • Cali_Boy19
      Cali_Boy19 4 months ago

      He saved her dumb fuck. She Would've fucked up her feet wearing those flip flops.