Woodturning A $100 Beautiful Vase From A $5 Ugly Log | Woodworking Fast and Dangerous

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
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    Woodturning A $100 Beautiful Vase From A $5 Ugly Log
    Woodworking Fast and Dangerous
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  • making Porridge
    making Porridge 11 days ago

    Is it a jackfruit wood?

  • making Porridge
    making Porridge 11 days ago


  • min bannister
    min bannister 28 days ago

    it's a bit ugly,

  • Вячеслав MagicOfMogikan Чуриков

    Это не ваза, это бита.

  • Raúl Montelon padilla
    Raúl Montelon padilla 3 months ago

    te vas a cabar el pinche tronco y no vas a sacar nada

  • John C
    John C 3 months ago

    Hummm isn't a Vase hollow???

  • Scott S
    Scott S 3 months ago

    When are you going to finish all those fine looking projects you have started?

  • Reynald Gimpel
    Reynald Gimpel 3 months ago

    Magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henry 44 mag.
    Henry 44 mag. 4 months ago

    Ugly log turned out beautiful

  • polk
    polk 4 months ago

    *were going to need a bigger center finder*

  • Ringo Wong
    Ringo Wong 4 months ago


  • François Wognum
    François Wognum 4 months ago

    This is how they teach workplace safety in countries where they place zero value on human life.

  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson 4 months ago

    The homosexuals have really fucked up hobbies, but I guess that why they suck guy off. NO LIFE

  • HeavyMetalMechanic80
    HeavyMetalMechanic80 4 months ago

    Lost interest When I saw the knot tied in the lifting strap.

  • Gary Portell
    Gary Portell 4 months ago

    Excuse me, aren't vases HOLLOW????????????

  • Smokey Doke
    Smokey Doke 5 months ago +2

    You have to know when to quit....it could have have been so nice!

  • Keira Donnelly
    Keira Donnelly 5 months ago

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  • call me ishmael
    call me ishmael 5 months ago


  • Cedric LM
    Cedric LM 6 months ago

    How many hours of work went into this?

  • Truong Tran
    Truong Tran 6 months ago

    Nhìn gỗ nhìn dao nhìn máy móc lại nhớ đến nghề

  • Scott B
    Scott B 6 months ago

    It's just a design on a log, it's not a vase until it's hollowed out.

  • Richard Hineman
    Richard Hineman 6 months ago +1

    Bye bye thumb

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot 6 months ago

    Nice hookah

  • Jaime Abad
    Jaime Abad 6 months ago

    The title should be something like: "Turning a 100$ vase from an ugly 5$ log with a BIG-ASS LATHE"

  • Jack Harris
    Jack Harris 6 months ago

    Ugly log ugly vase

    MATHEUS E ERIK 6 months ago

    Interessante e bonito trabalho... pena que se aproveitou tão pouco daquela tira de madeira! 👍

  • Rendi Pratama
    Rendi Pratama 6 months ago +1

    Lemes aku cuk

  • Дмитрий Болсуновский

    $5 for a log, $30 polishing materials, oil, wax, $5 electricity, approx 8h of work $10 rate. Finaly a $100 vase from a $120 log (not counting lathe and instruments $1000+). Nice work, though.

  • Jeffrey Mince
    Jeffrey Mince 6 months ago +9

    I couldn't wait to see him turn that giant log into a custom tooth pick

  • Lucas Castro
    Lucas Castro 6 months ago

    Esta bueno pero pobrecito el arbol

  • Stephan Lourens
    Stephan Lourens 6 months ago

    Was that a fart at 26 seconds?! lol

  • murom A
    murom A 6 months ago

    приятно смотреть, как другие работают ..

  • Nikolas S
    Nikolas S 6 months ago

    А чё это за хуетень то получилось ?

  • zeus lim
    zeus lim 6 months ago

    What you say at 7:32 though

  • Дон Кихот
    Дон Кихот 6 months ago +6

    Ещё десять минут и получился бы черенок от лопаты и мешок опилок.))))

  • DarkNik
    DarkNik 6 months ago +10

    Сколько бля дерева портачено ради какой то хуйни!

  • San Simeon Koizumi
    San Simeon Koizumi 6 months ago +3

    Aren’t vases hollow?

  • Geison Rodrigues
    Geison Rodrigues 6 months ago

    ei Mah o cara se garante

  • Ethan White
    Ethan White 6 months ago

    Make some good fire wood

  • The False Prodigy
    The False Prodigy 6 months ago

    Not much of a vase if you can't put anything inside it. I was really waiting for seeing how someone would hollow that out

  • Dharmveer Khuttan
    Dharmveer Khuttan 6 months ago

    Plz show it with a polished look

  • Noname Noname
    Noname Noname 6 months ago

    Красивая работа!!!

  • Blarg Kliggle
    Blarg Kliggle 6 months ago +6

    Dammit man, put on a face shield before one of those logs turns you into roadkill! Being a professional wood turner is hard enough without adding the possibility of a gruesome death...

  • White Russian
    White Russian 6 months ago

    У него что - большой палец на левой - титановый?! 😂😂😁

    • БАМ БАМ
      БАМ БАМ 6 months ago

      @Толя Козлов не на руке,а в перчатке.

    • Толя Козлов
      Толя Козлов 6 months ago

      когда вырывается стамеска палец остаётся на руке. .....

  • Hose Fernando
    Hose Fernando 7 months ago

    Рискованный труд!

  • luis antonio gualpa pena

    Pudo buscar un tronco mas delgado....y no desperdiciar tanta madera...

  • Monthy laiho
    Monthy laiho 7 months ago

    Isn't there a machine that can turn all those wood splinters into MDF wood? Also i woudn't describe it as a vase but rather a chess piece ^_^

  • Robert D
    Robert D 7 months ago

    What size flowers do you put in this "vase"? Dinosaur roses? Is is sure gunna look funny on the table.

  • Dominick
    Dominick 7 months ago +3

    Why more than 100 dollars worth of my labor involved. I'd have to sell it for 5k

  • David Redden
    David Redden 7 months ago +1

    You couldn’t pay me to put that in my house. Probably made for the people who have more money than taste.

  • NTT Vlos
    NTT Vlos 7 months ago +1

    Made in vietnam 🇻🇳

  • Jerimah Noonan
    Jerimah Noonan 7 months ago +1

    Terrible turning. Jesus your dangerous, gloves at a lathe ffs. Also this isnt a vase. You never opened or hollowed it....

  • Somebody Someone
    Somebody Someone 7 months ago +13

    The shape looked like it was going somewhere good at 10:50 for a vase... But then you went crazy with it...

  • GERARDO villarreal
    GERARDO villarreal 7 months ago +1

    Me parece un desperdicio de material. Podría haber hecho lo mismo con un tronco e más pequeño diámetro.

  • CptKiddy Man
    CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

    Seems like you like to make the same thing a lot lol (end of the video) but it looks great. I enjoy the simplicity of just grabbing a block of wood sometimes and not having any shape or idea in mine. Just let my creativity take me where it wants. Or sometimes I just wood turn the wood till its almost gone because I like doing it.

  • CptKiddy Man
    CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

    Is it just me or do other people come watch these videos to relax and go to sleep to. Its became a routine that almost every time before bed I watch a wood turning video and it calms me down so I sleep easy.

  • Gypsy Paz
    Gypsy Paz 8 months ago

    that's awesome! I don't know if I'd be wanting to wear gloves though. if his glove gets snagged by a hidden nail it'll tear his arm off.

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      That is a real danger. That's why it's always best to buy fresh cut unused wood or just go chop it yourself. Also I'm sure he is wearing them mostly to protect is hand from the 1000s of wood chippings constantly flying at him.

  • Nicole Court
    Nicole Court 8 months ago

    Whats. That ? For sure not a vase...

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      If you squint really hard, it almost looks like a big giant king piece from chess... That might be a fun idea actually. Making a set of giant life sized chess pieces.

  • drummerman1206
    drummerman1206 8 months ago

    Looks nice I guess. I’m assuming there’s no finish on it and it’s basic for a reason?? Also, not a case. Also assuming it’s not finished.

  • Lindsey Stoneham
    Lindsey Stoneham 8 months ago


  • Phạm Sang
    Phạm Sang 8 months ago


  • Pike Evans
    Pike Evans 8 months ago

    Only a 100 dollars?

  • Luca Miglietta
    Luca Miglietta 8 months ago +2

    ugly log, ugly vase.
    sorry, I didn't like the shape

  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia 8 months ago +2

    No eye protection? Bad idea.

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      I took too many addis so I'm replying to random comments because addis make me chatty.

  • Edgar Laguado Rojas
    Edgar Laguado Rojas 8 months ago

    Mucho desperdicio de madera. Un tronco tan grueso y bonito. Es como si agarrara un tronco de cedro para hacer un mondadientes. Tanto trabajo y tiempo para que un árbol llegue a ese grosor y luego desperdiciarlo.

  • Tough Talk
    Tough Talk 8 months ago +4

    Darn, that was a perfectly good piece of firewood😏

  • David Smith
    David Smith 8 months ago

    I didn't see how you drill the center out for the cord.

  • watchinghistoryhappen
    watchinghistoryhappen 8 months ago +9

    Beautiful work. Where is the hole for the vase?

    • Rohit Diesh
      Rohit Diesh 6 months ago +1


    • Evelyn McGill
      Evelyn McGill 7 months ago +1

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  • Harris
    Harris 8 months ago +2

    woodworking fast and dangerous... nice clickbait

  • yhann vallross
    yhann vallross 8 months ago


  • FrisbeeBiscuit
    FrisbeeBiscuit 9 months ago +1

    What kind of wood is this?

  • fred grove
    fred grove 9 months ago

    I'd be more impressed with a 5 dollar vase from a 100 dollar log.

  • Edward Maumbauer
    Edward Maumbauer 9 months ago

    not impressed

  • Jeannie Alford
    Jeannie Alford 9 months ago +1

    You and Norm Abrams are master's. Beautiful.

  • miguel rodriguez
    miguel rodriguez 9 months ago

    It was probably free

  • Edward LaBonte
    Edward LaBonte 9 months ago +1

    I don't see a vase but lots of wood chips.

  • simon sequeira
    simon sequeira 9 months ago +16

    those are posts you put for staircases it is not a vase

  • Nicholas Ianos
    Nicholas Ianos 9 months ago


  • Hilario Martinez
    Hilario Martinez 9 months ago

    Awesome work very incredible

  • panicfan420
    panicfan420 9 months ago +5

    I seriously doubt he paid $5 for that piece of wood.

    • Frontal Lobotomy
      Frontal Lobotomy 6 months ago

      By backyard is full of those logs. I've got an oak tree with a 5 foot diameter trunk. If you come take it down you can have it for free.

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      Would is quite cheap my friend. Especially if you don't buy it from a store. Or if you go chop it yourself. Even stores some places will sell almost an entire tree worth of logs for 30 or 40. But if you just invest in a nice axe along with the wood turning equipment you can make some decent money. It is time consuming and not for everyone but I find it relaxing and the best part is I can make people pay huge amounts more than what it costs to buy the wood or chop it myself.

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 9 months ago +36

    looks more like a huge chess figure to me...

    • Henry Smith
      Henry Smith 5 months ago

      I have a huge collection of 16,000 woodworking plans that I am offering people.

      Go here to get them: *WoodPlan. info*

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago


    • Shiva Kumar
      Shiva Kumar 8 months ago


  • Ben Mac
    Ben Mac 9 months ago +12

    If that's a vase how do you put flowers etc in it. It looked solid to me.

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago +2

      Maybe he hollows it off camera? Or he could just leave it how it is. Still looks beautiful.

    • Stuart Smith
      Stuart Smith 9 months ago

      @Lucas Silva Here's a huge collection of woodworking plans: WoodSun. xyz

  • Dennis Downes
    Dennis Downes 9 months ago +3

    Awesome!! Great project, but it must get a little frustrating looking for buried tools!! Hahahaha!

  • Cherie Ozga
    Cherie Ozga 9 months ago +2

    Hope you do something useful with the shavings

    • Walter Baker
      Walter Baker 6 months ago

      Foreign countries have no laws or rules for safety , it's all about turning out product , no product , no pay , for what little they are paid

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      It is quite a lot of shavings... Wood turning can be a mess. Maybe use the shaving for a future project or fire kindling? I'm not sure honestly. Annnnd Google has told me that it is good to use for mulch... I'm way to fucked up right now.

  • Hardtail Suicidaljockey

    That was a huge piece!

  • RCKN-RNDL West Virginia RC

    Amazing work.....love watching you turn

  • Larry Rice
    Larry Rice 9 months ago +1

    This is CRAP! THIS video should be removed unless you support 3rd world folks being injured so the rest of the world can have pretty turned objects! Remove this unsafe video. Or do you profit from the sale of these objects?

    • James Bean
      James Bean 8 months ago

      I believe it's your approach bub. Nobady said you were wrong but as mentioned it is not a how to and he is showing his work. Yes. He should need a face shield. Yes. He should do some things different but getting g.g b bent out of shape over something you have zero control over to be heard is silly. Especially your first comment I saw from you saying what the ####. That sir was not necessary. Saying a lessons video is CRAP is some a troll or immature person would do. Wear you safety gear everyone safety is always first. But this is a beautiful piece of work.

    • Lion Chavez
      Lion Chavez 8 months ago

      @Larry Rice oh my goodness you need to loosen up your butthole.
      Too tight buddy, your way too tight.

    • Larry Rice
      Larry Rice 9 months ago

      Andrew Brannan: I guess any intelligent person would know the difference but if your not a wood turner, you know not what you speak. This is a dangerous activity, the workers are putting themselves in danger and you most likely do not care as long as you can buy the items they make at low prices.

    • Andrew Brannan
      Andrew Brannan 9 months ago +3

      Larry Rice at any time in this video did he claim this was a how to? If not, then it’s up to the viewer to educate themselves on proper safety and form. If you want to play OSHA, go do it on your own channel.

    • Doug In Texas
      Doug In Texas 9 months ago +1

      You know it's a 3rd world worker? How?

  • Larry Rice
    Larry Rice 9 months ago +2

    What the F**K! No face protection? This is an UNSAFE method of turning and should be removed! Don't try this at home or YOU ARE A FOOL!

    • Larry Rice
      Larry Rice 7 months ago

      CaptKiddy Man YOU ARE A FOOL IF you think they have safety glasses available!

    • CptKiddy Man
      CptKiddy Man 8 months ago

      Logically, if it was a issue for this guy he would have realized it and put on safety goggles long before he really got started turning the wood. Because it would be in his eyes.

    • Josey Wilds
      Josey Wilds 8 months ago


    • James Bean
      James Bean 8 months ago

      Second post on this? Your a troll sir.

    • Lion Chavez
      Lion Chavez 8 months ago +1

      Safety third.

  • Максим Клёва
    Максим Клёва 9 months ago +1

    Вот что значит токарка по взрослому

    • Афанасьевич
      Афанасьевич 9 months ago

      17.29 "У меня..." Дальше я не понял , что у него...
      Держу пари , как только изделие высохнет , оно всё равно растрескается!

  • Giang Nguyen
    Giang Nguyen 9 months ago +14

    Who is selling that log for $5, I want to buy some???!!!

    • Mart
      Mart 3 months ago

      @CptKiddy Man Not in the UK you can't

    • Ryan cook
      Ryan cook 6 months ago

      Used to have a deal with a local farmer, I could have any fallen tree on his property for a crisp five pound note, as long as I took it away before the end of the day.

    • OJ Love
      OJ Love 6 months ago

      Frontal Lobotomy damn...

    • Frontal Lobotomy
      Frontal Lobotomy 6 months ago

      Here in south carolina.One acre of hardwood forest about $8k

    • Invent Gaming
      Invent Gaming 7 months ago +1

      CptKiddy Man coulndt have said it better

  • ko loi xin loi
    ko loi xin loi 9 months ago +1

    Đeo cay theo cua may se thanh khúc gỗ ca za lon gi

  • DIY Daily
    DIY Daily 9 months ago



    Very nice video thank you for sharing

  • Watson Jesus
    Watson Jesus 10 months ago

    Que lindo trabalho Deus te abençoe sempre

  • Quang Hưng
    Quang Hưng 10 months ago

    Viet nam

  • rocketman ure
    rocketman ure 10 months ago


  • R G
    R G 10 months ago +1

    دائماً أشاهد هذه القناة. عندهم كم هائل من الأشجار.
    الا أعلم من أين هم. ولكن اعتقد من الفلبين!

    • R G
      R G 9 months ago

      @Samer h
      نعم. عشان بس صاحب القناة يقتل نفسه ويعرف ويش قلت لهم. اخليه يتعب ويروح يترجم 😂😂😂
      نحاول نفرض لغتنا غصب عنهم 💪

    • Samer h
      Samer h 9 months ago +1

      R G تعليق بالعربية 😊

  • Cats*and*Dogs Working
    Cats*and*Dogs Working 10 months ago


  • AMLO, Estamos Contigo
    AMLO, Estamos Contigo 10 months ago

    WOOW, Nice Job,So Pretty Shape, Congrats.

  • nofiker service
    nofiker service 10 months ago +1