MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 'Alligator' MV

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • MONSTA X's The 2nd Album Take.2 'WE ARE HERE’ is out!
    ▶Apple Music :
    2. Alligator
    3. 악몽 (Ghost)
    4. Play it Cool (Prod. by Steve Aoki)
    5. No Reason
    6. Give Me Dat
    7. 난기류 (Turbulence)
    8. Rodeo
    9. Stealer
    10. Party Time
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  • duhhh its dakota
    duhhh its dakota Hour ago +1


  • neknarf1973
    neknarf1973 5 hours ago +1


  • Maddie Boyce
    Maddie Boyce 11 hours ago +3

    Welp yes call me a Monbebe i just started stanning today and these boys are so talented dear God they have me dead

    • Princess MONBEBE
      Princess MONBEBE 11 hours ago

      Welcome to Monfam
      If you want to know more about them ask freely

  • Anaomi Morales
    Anaomi Morales 12 hours ago +3

    I'm sure that those 5.9k that gave 👎🏻 it's because they are crocodiles, not alligators.

  • Malynn L
    Malynn L 13 hours ago +3


  • Azael Batista
    Azael Batista 13 hours ago +4

    2:34 amazing dance

  • Seda .Y
    Seda .Y 13 hours ago +5

    I still listen to this song all the Times ❤

  • Nichapat Kalyaalang
    Nichapat Kalyaalang 17 hours ago +6

    MONSTA X ❤❤

  • Diablo
    Diablo 20 hours ago +3

    Im army and

  • Diana Bazan
    Diana Bazan Day ago +2

    37 674 043 🐊♡

  • St. Lalisa
    St. Lalisa Day ago +1

    Eu fui contar a parte que eles ficam ja-ja-ja-ja-caré ai eu cantei já-ja-ja-ja-racaré kakakakkakakakk

  • Sùgå Glîder
    Sùgå Glîder Day ago +7

    5.9k Dislikes must be from the Alligators held in Captivity.!

  • Maryem Jmil
    Maryem Jmil Day ago +1


  • aya elhag
    aya elhag Day ago +8

    Ppl how could u not like this song and their choreography is the best ...FIGHTING!! U r the best

  • Melaniaa
    Melaniaa Day ago +7

    It's nice to have on Hoseok in life, but having two? Incredible. There is nothing better than that 😉 Happy 5 months with MX for me 🎉💞

    • flywithIM
      flywithIM 20 hours ago

      @Melaniaa Sunshine ): im really sorry for everything. I apologize for everything i said against BTS. especially RM. Im really sorry. Hope u can forget everything. its not ur fault for choosing them to stan. i cant stop hating bts but i can love u

    • Melaniaa
      Melaniaa 20 hours ago +1

      @flywithIM Minhyuk 💙☀️ 166 days without my cutie 😫

    • flywithIM
      flywithIM 21 hour ago

      @Melaniaa Melody? :0 really? :0 whos your bias? :0

    • Melaniaa
      Melaniaa Day ago +4

      @flywithIM 🔁 BTS ~ BTOB ~ MX ~ BigBang ~ GOT7 ~ iKON 🔁

    • flywithIM
      flywithIM Day ago +2

      Just how many groups do u like? :) i see you everywhere :0

  • azra hajdarevic
    azra hajdarevic Day ago +4

    jooheon: excuse me im walking like zombie
    jooheon:hello im an alli-alligator
    jooheon *changes his name to jooheoney*

  • iam vebby
    iam vebby Day ago +7

    *For New Monbebe*
    0:21 Wonho
    0:33 Shownu
    0:43 Hyungwon
    0:48 Minhyuk
    0:52 Kihyun
    1:21 Jooheon
    1:31 I.m

  • Danh Đoàn
    Danh Đoàn Day ago +1


  • Анастасия Путевская

    Классный клип!
    Слушала раз сто.

  • Sondra Buttolph
    Sondra Buttolph Day ago

    is anyone else super upset that the water stage part with all the lights goes all pixelated and low quality no matter what quality you watch it in? ive watched it on different devices and its always the same T^T LET ME SEE THE WHITE SHIRTS ON THE WATER STAGE DANGGIT

  • Alma Florez
    Alma Florez 2 days ago +3

    El mejor video ♡♡

  • devilish pinkon
    devilish pinkon 2 days ago +9

    Keep this in ur mind my dear MBBs (n me as well) : *MONBEBE* *IS* *A* *PEACEFUL* *FANDOM*
    *Don't hate the whole group/fandom just bcoz some of their immature/fake stan. N please keep that personal thought of yours about them (the negative one) to urself, no need to make it public. Remember that almost 'ALL' the fan(fandom) came here from time to time, we r not the ONLY fandom here. It's ok to defend our fandom n group but let's keep the positive spirit of MONSTA as well ok. I 💙 u guys. Fighting!😘

  • Angry British Frog
    Angry British Frog 2 days ago +2

    I wish there was a performance video of the footage they got with them dancing in the water, 'cause I'm way gay for that

  • 350Volts Segredo
    350Volts Segredo 2 days ago +1

    Ja-ja-ja-jacaré KSKSKSKK amei a legenda

    K-POP GIRL 2 days ago


  • Wendy Neko
    Wendy Neko 2 days ago +1

    Por qué son tan sexys por qué A.R.M.Y BTS 💖

  • Maløne m
    Maløne m 2 days ago

    all men do is lie

  • Tete AL C.
    Tete AL C. 2 days ago +1


  • W P
    W P 2 days ago +3

    kihyun in that trench coat and that hair needed a spotlight that was a whole ass MOOD

    • MX Stan
      MX Stan 2 days ago

      W P for sure!!! Such a look!

  • devilish pinkon
    devilish pinkon 2 days ago +9

    ALLI-BEBE, keep fighting (str**ming😉) for 30M!🤗

    • MX Stan
      MX Stan 2 days ago +2

      devilish pinkon fighting!!! 💪

  • Groovy Lisa
    Groovy Lisa 2 days ago +5

    I spent so much to get floor seats at the staples center. I can't wait to hear this live.

    • MX Stan
      MX Stan 2 days ago +1

      Groovy Lisa I’m glad you were able to get tickets!!! Enjoy the show!

  • Monbebe For Life
    Monbebe For Life 3 days ago +2


  • El
    El 3 days ago +2

    Changkyun and Wonho slayed so much here gosh

  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le 3 days ago


  • Вера Дьяченко

    монбебе, чат по монсте давайте общаться @t

    BTS TXT 3 days ago +3

    This song has 666k likes...

  • Shobha Aithal
    Shobha Aithal 3 days ago +5

    Here for the millionth time cuz I love this song.
    THE VISUALS!!!!!!😫😍

  • iameden p
    iameden p 3 days ago +1

    It sounds like AOA's Good Luck.
    Go shownuuuuuu 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Khánh huyền Phạm
    Khánh huyền Phạm 3 days ago +3

    Wonho and Kihyun is. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Koepex
    Koepex 3 days ago +3

    So happy i found this Kpopshit.
    Fcking love it xD

    YEOMOI 3 days ago

    espero que no próximo comeback eles não usem a mesma "fórmula" de shoot out novamente

  • Monbebe Sunshine
    Monbebe Sunshine 3 days ago +1


    KATIA VISCARRA 4 days ago +6

    Let's give them even more wins! I don't want them to ever blame themselves and say they aren't good enough. Let's give them those 7 wins they deserve. One trophy for each member and next comeback we CAN give them 10 wins. I believe in us Monbebes ❤ I also believe in our precious boys,NOW OR NEVER BECAUSE THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING

  • sol viscarra
    sol viscarra 4 days ago +5

    Let's give them even more wins! I don't want them to ever blame themselves and say they aren't good enough. Let's give them those 7 wins they deserve. One trophy for each member and next comeback we CAN give them 10 wins. I believe in us Monbebes ❤ I also believe in our precious boys

  • 442 Different Ways To Cook A Taco

    Still str**ming. I think I have a problem. I am addicted to Monsta X music. I thought I was addicted to the last group I stanned. Monsta X has no bad songs. They deserve all the good that’s happening for them.

  • heE heE
    heE heE 4 days ago +2

    *-Nahh-** y'all some clowns, 666k likes- ∆ Illuminati confirmed ∆*

  • Jia Khan
    Jia Khan 4 days ago +3

    Fallin down....

  • Joohoney Babe
    Joohoney Babe 4 days ago +2


  • Alexander Ramirez
    Alexander Ramirez 4 days ago +6

    MONSTA X I love you

  • Alexander Ramirez
    Alexander Ramirez 4 days ago +1

    I love you Monday x

  • Irismar Andre
    Irismar Andre 4 days ago +3

    Eu amo todo a voces

  • ÉOQ BTS?
    ÉOQ BTS? 4 days ago +4

    Shownu meu amor

  • Jiminie Mochi
    Jiminie Mochi 4 days ago +4

    This is Illegal.

  • Alexia Avila Huitron
    Alexia Avila Huitron 4 days ago +3

    Fua subtitulos en español gracias❤❤

  • Monbebe Sunshine
    Monbebe Sunshine 5 days ago +4


  • Melanny Bermudez Calvo
    Melanny Bermudez Calvo 5 days ago +2

    Que papasitos 🌚

  • Catalina Belén
    Catalina Belén 5 days ago +2

    this songs screams GET OUT OF MY SWAMP

  • Orca
    Orca 5 days ago +6

    this is my first monsta x mv I've seen and I can say I'm impressed

    • Monbebe Sunshine
      Monbebe Sunshine 5 days ago +2

      I’m really glad you like them!! They consistently come out with really good music!

    • Porcelain Ivory Steel
      Porcelain Ivory Steel 5 days ago +2

      Please Check out Shoot Out, Beautiful, Jealousy and Destroyer as well!! Monsta X never disappoints And if you're in the mood for some Japanese songs, there is Spotlight, Livin' it Up and X-Phenomenon. For English bops, Play It Cool and Who Do U Love!

  • شيماء المالكي

    my boys 💋💋💋

  • MarMar
    MarMar 5 days ago +6

    Come and stream Phenomenon everyone!!!!

  • Indira Iman
    Indira Iman 5 days ago +5

    wjsn bought me here

  • Алена Мельникова

    Люблю вас !!!

  • Ngoc Van
    Ngoc Van 5 days ago +7

    Jooheon: Hello I’m an Ali aligator

  • devilish pinkon
    devilish pinkon 5 days ago +5

    Wonho : "Make my wish come truth, make everything go my way"
    So far, my wish to meet u guys in real life has not yet been granted🐰 Keep dreaming🙈....

    • Monbebe Sunshine
      Monbebe Sunshine 5 days ago

      Same here! I’d love to meet them one day & tell them how much their music means to me! ❤️

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 5 days ago +1

      Same here knowing I will never see them live only in dreams ^-^

    • Melaniaa
      Melaniaa 5 days ago

      Dreaming with you 😎

    • devilish pinkon
      devilish pinkon 5 days ago

      @Irkustk that 'one day' sounds not anytime soon😆

    • Irkustk
      Irkustk 5 days ago

      You will meet them one day 😉

  • 김 유진Kim Yudzin

    1:24 ебать мне нравится эта моська Чжунхона

  • Corey Wifey
    Corey Wifey 5 days ago +3


  • KimChae Taewon
    KimChae Taewon 6 days ago +4

    *FINALLY AT 27.5M - 500K more for 28M. We can get it ASAP right monbebes? 30M is on its way as long as we continue to watch this masterpiece*

  • Seo Changbin
    Seo Changbin 6 days ago +3

    I want wonho to pull me into his swamp 💦

  • Yakseli Adriana Ramirez

    Jeje como an crecido estos hermosos son tan ellos su esencia siempre está en cada cancion esto están genial❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mavic Martinez
    Mavic Martinez 6 days ago +4

    Srsly its my first time to see a filipino translated cc in a kpop song Im shooked lololowlsz and I likey xD

    • Que Hana
      Que Hana 2 days ago

      Monsta x song always have a subs from others country..since dramarama era

  • Emmie Sumski
    Emmie Sumski 6 days ago +5

    ʰᵉˡˡᵒ ⁱᵐ ᵃⁿ ᵃˡˡⁱ ᵃˡˡⁱᵍᵃᵗᵒʳ ʷᵃᵗᶜʰ ᵒᵘᵗ !

    • Emmie Sumski
      Emmie Sumski 6 days ago

      He’s supposed to be intimidating but he said it in the most babie voice and I just...
      Yes Jooheon, I am so intimidated by your tiny voice

  • the lisha
    the lisha 6 days ago +3

    Im crying bishhh

  • امنيه الهروبي


  • Shadi Khadour
    Shadi Khadour 6 days ago +1

    Very nice😍😍🌸

  • Forever Lps 443
    Forever Lps 443 7 days ago +4

    Changkyuns nails were painted black on some nails so i did the same.

  • 歐膩薛
    歐膩薛 7 days ago +3

    GOOD I LIKE MONSTA X I LIKE ALLIGATOR GOOD(Good I Like Monsta X I Like Alligator Good)
    BY SEOYEOM SEM (By Seoyeom Sem)

  • Diana Ramos
    Diana Ramos 7 days ago +1

    And what to keep playing the boys setan striving hard

  • Noor Sabir
    Noor Sabir 7 days ago +1


  • Ariana Monbebe
    Ariana Monbebe 7 days ago +1

    27 450 447

  • sebush mcchill
    sebush mcchill 7 days ago

    greepy retort

  • Princess MONBEBE
    Princess MONBEBE 7 days ago +1


  • Yasmin Ylj
    Yasmin Ylj 7 days ago +2


  • Ma Ma
    Ma Ma 7 days ago +1

    Lady Boys! !

    • Monbebe Sunshine
      Monbebe Sunshine 5 days ago

      I’m sure these guys get the attention of all the ladies!!

    • Momo
      Momo 7 days ago +3

      go to your mama ik they are too much for you kid

  • Hassan Azfar
    Hassan Azfar 7 days ago +5

    i wanna stan now

  • chris bang
    chris bang 7 days ago +3

    My name is aly and my nickname is alygator so it's like they're calling me in the beginning but their not
    And when he says "I'm an alligator" makes me laugh.
    Idk life anymore

  • Ania Ko
    Ania Ko 7 days ago +6

    Ok, but this needs MUCH more views!!

  • 442 Different Ways To Cook A Taco

    I.M & Joohoney are two of the best rappers I’ve ever heard. Such power.

    • Monbebe Sunshine
      Monbebe Sunshine 5 days ago +4

      They really are awesome rappers in their own right, but together they’re such a force! Unbeatable in my opinion!!!

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 7 days ago +5

      Honestly yes they are so talented:Rap-Vocals-Dancing-Writing/composing and their stage presence are no joke

    MONSTA X 8 days ago +9

    Months passing, still 2:47 blessing me~

  • Insomnia Armyland
    Insomnia Armyland 8 days ago +8

    At 1:55 when Kihyun is writing on the wall, if you look closely at what he is writing: x=4155102M. That is their debut date reversed. 2015-5-14.

  • A.R.M.Y Forever
    A.R.M.Y Forever 8 days ago +4

    V I S U A L A F T E R V I S U A L
    D E A T H

  • bestfriend blink
    bestfriend blink 8 days ago +5

    *M O N S T A X*

  • bestfriend blink
    bestfriend blink 8 days ago +3

    IM 💗💗💗💗

  • devilish pinkon
    devilish pinkon 8 days ago +3

    They can dance in mudflat n still looks sexy af😂

  • Miss Fatty
    Miss Fatty 8 days ago +5

    Monsta X in mv's : zombies, alligators 💣💣🐊🐲🐯🦁
    Monsta X in real life: 🌸🐥🎠🎉 cutties ❣️

  • Patuuu 7u7
    Patuuu 7u7 8 days ago +1

    Jooheon te chupo el potooooo

  • Real Win
    Real Win 8 days ago +2

    I love u oppaa

  • yisung j
    yisung j 8 days ago +3

    Still streaming my kings ♥️

  • Chimkie 's
    Chimkie 's 8 days ago +3

    Remember #GUN 😭❤

  • Ooo Nightcore
    Ooo Nightcore 8 days ago +7

    I don't get bored of this song, how ?!! :))) !!