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⚡️41 Times Around the Sun ⚡️ Zeus ⚡️ God Star by Dwardu Cardona - Chapter 1 “Myths and Legends”

  • Published on Apr 7, 2020
  • Happy Late Birthday to Me!

    God Star - Written by Dwardu Cardona
    Back Cover Súnopsis & Chapter 1 - Myths and Legends narrated by Electric Universe Eyes

    Fair use. For educational purposes.

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  • Newarkitect
    Newarkitect Year ago +6

    I think this is awesome. & I really enjoy following your inspiring journey. Recently, I helped a friend move from Seattle to Joshua Tree, CA. On the long drive, I asked him if I cd lay out a new cosmology and physics concept. I took about an hour to articulate EU theory and Velikovsky as well as I cd manage. By the end, he was asking all the right questions. Later, he told me he bought a copy of God Star, & is now totally convinced of these great ideas. Onward!

  • Death Valley Dazed
    Death Valley Dazed Year ago +7

    You are wise beyond your years and the myth legends are our basis for reality. Thanks for sharing your new book!

  • Deborah Sloan
    Deborah Sloan Year ago +2

    Thanks for sharing your b-day with us! Happy late birthday! Looks like an awesome read.

  • The Good Vibrations
    The Good Vibrations Year ago +4

    Bravo on the book! Ah... to be 41 again would be awesome for me! Happy belated B-Day Electric Geologist EUE!

  • Beadybonce
    Beadybonce Year ago +4

    Cardona’s books are awesome

  • NeNee57
    NeNee57 Year ago +2

    Happy Birthday!...thanks for sharing...blessing upon your house my friend. :D

  • neonpop80
    neonpop80 Year ago +1

    How do you know the eagle is Mercury? Any reference link would be greatly appreciated

  • Tobias
    Tobias Year ago +2

    Happy late birthday to you and it sounds as a good read.

  • S RC
    S RC Year ago +2

    I only wish Dwardu had a more natural readability style. He is very trudging. But the research is tip top.

  • Janice Phillips

    You've now been around the sun 42 times!

  • S RC
    S RC Year ago +3

    Got some new research coming that will make you so happy. There is a new paper up which will enjoy about the Saturnian and Jovian proofs from Maputo and Bakoni.

  • DfntlyGood
    DfntlyGood Year ago +5

    Happy birthday!!

  • gerard_ Geert
    gerard_ Geert Year ago +1


  • FinsToRite
    FinsToRite Year ago +2

    Check out Jimmy Buffett's another trip around the sun. You might like it 😁

  • Bubba Bong
    Bubba Bong Year ago +3

    Happy Birthday Bruhda!

  • Mimsical Renegade
    Mimsical Renegade Year ago +2

    Happy birthday !

  • timyjl
    timyjl Year ago +3

    Happy 13th prime of your life!

  • Gerald Bradford
    Gerald Bradford Year ago +3

    Happy 41 brother

  • Baja Jones
    Baja Jones Year ago +4

    another bulls eye! Danke!

  • bmxion
    bmxion Year ago +1