• Published on Mar 24, 2018
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    This week I had to prepare to leave yet again on a massive trip!
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  • Danica Christin
    Danica Christin Year ago

    Yummy, strawberry smoothie 🍓

  • iAwareNow
    iAwareNow Year ago +1

    why not make a T-Shirt saying the world is one 'VISA' after another and we really live in a prison called 'Government of the world'.. ?

  • M G
    M G Year ago

    Aly, could you help with the size guide on the T Shirts page? The women's slim fit has a highest bust size of 21 inches! Am i too well endowed or is that crazy small for a 2XL? Please help, i'd like to buy.

    • M G
      M G Year ago

      I'm looking for a 38 inches Tee on the bust. What size do you recommend?

  • Compass North
    Compass North Year ago

    Stumbled upon your channel and love it.
    I have a wife and I have finished our "parental duties" and would like to travel. We want to meet people and live like we could not when we were younger. I was taught school,school,school,work,work,work......but now, I want to do what I never gave myself a chance to do. I am 54 and she is 49. We are in excellent shape. Would Hostels be too weird for us?

    • Pipe Travels
      Pipe Travels Year ago

      Compass North It depends on what you're after? I'm in Thailand currently staying in hostels I'm travelling solo so it's a great way to meet people however bare in mind a lot of them are full of 20 somethings trying to party and have a good time so they can get a little loud they do normally specify on their website if they are a "party hostel" so always check ahead some of them are pretty chilled out though also in Thailand for instance you can get a room to yourself for 400 baht in Cambodia it was around 10-15 dollars just do your research and you should be fine even the party hostels are OK just a bit loud and as long as you don't mind drunk people staggering in late if you have a shared dorm on rhetoric upside they are definitely cheap on the downside... Bedbugs can be a problem sometimes read the reviews but most of all have fun it's your life get out there and live it whilst you still can all the best

  • Sebastian Porter
    Sebastian Porter Year ago

    In Jordan now and it’s so warm and beautiful and just great, you will have an awesome time Ally :)

  • Ammar Ahmed
    Ammar Ahmed Year ago

    Hey Ally, I would love to meet you in Cairo. I am from there. It would be great to see you in person. You inspire me!

  • Usama Haider
    Usama Haider Year ago

    Hi ally can you plz visit Pakistan someday
    Its neighbour of india
    And hope you will also love it

  • Ak TV
    Ak TV Year ago

    Love you aly

  • Alina Petrea
    Alina Petrea Year ago

    it would be nice to take the funicular or what's it called up to the castle, and if u extend that out the window.... and film that... olso i would just extend it full and keep it above me as an umbrella and just walk the town...

  • Chantal Eva Jean
    Chantal Eva Jean Year ago

    Just curious, why is a visa for Cairo in US dollars ?

  • Mel J
    Mel J Year ago

    Oh my gawd Allie - soooo jealous, Cairo is my dream trip - enjoy :)

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross Year ago

    I have the Original Source Mint Body Scrub. It is sooo damn tingly when you use it it's ridiculous !! Rub it on your "bits" for a surprisingly interesting time. #forewarned

  • Sheree Rushworth
    Sheree Rushworth Year ago +1

    That keyring looks like the one I have from Traveller Collective. They have little rings with the country name. :)

  • Julia chulman
    Julia chulman Year ago

    Hey Ally! I'm going to israel in July and I really wanted to visit jordan and egypt but tours are so expensive and i don't have that much money and there is like cero information in how to go without a tour and everyone says it's dangerous and bla. So yeah if you could do a video talking about that or giving some information i'll be real thankful❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇷

  • Andrew Mack
    Andrew Mack Year ago

    Sorry, I can't see the point of the flags thing. I'm sure some will like it in the same way some people collect tea spoons from places they've been to... But definately not for me.

  • Deborah Conkle
    Deborah Conkle Year ago +1

    Safe travels!

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer Year ago +1

    The Storyteller flags look EPIC - what a bloody great idea, I can't wait to start collecting flags!

  • Daniel Womack
    Daniel Womack Year ago +1

    I think the idea of taking it down the Danube or the Nile, on a boat and just use it to have the GoPro sort of dangling inches off the water level. Only worry with that would be any potential river animals who then might see your GoPro as potential food

  • Ishii__
    Ishii__ Year ago

    I got excited to see my future blender !

  • Alyssa Arroyo
    Alyssa Arroyo Year ago +1

    Haha Ishi is wonderful! Have fun in the middle east; Israel is beautiful haven't been there in 12 years so it'll be fun to see what it looks like now through your eyes

  • MeowMeow789
    MeowMeow789 Year ago

    Isn't there a bridge that shows both sides of the city? Using that turning part would make a decent shot i would think..heh...Good travels for your next trip..can't wait to see it

  • Stuart Youll
    Stuart Youll Year ago

    Can't wait to see the next trip vids and I already ordered 2 stamp collector t's

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      Woohoo! Yay! Thank you so much that's awesome!!! 👏👏👏

  • Ztez Maxim
    Ztez Maxim Year ago

    I want to go to Egypt, Petra, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem

  • Amber Katie
    Amber Katie Year ago

    Not sure about shipping charges, or if her shop will be closed at your potential time of order, but Prana Potions on Etsy makes an incredible dry shampoo. Highly recommend it!

  • ujash kadakia
    ujash kadakia Year ago

    Waiting to see exciting videos from Egypt

  • Sierra Cook
    Sierra Cook Year ago +1

    Im so envious, I would love to travel with you. I hope you have a wonderful, safe, fullfilling trip Darling!

  • Philbo Baggins
    Philbo Baggins Year ago

    wtf this video is not in my sub box

  • רחל כהן
    רחל כהן Year ago +4

    I am from Israel!! I can't wait to see what you think of it🤣 There are so many things to do and see here I hope you will have time for it all!
    Right now i'm doing my national service as a paramedic in the MDA in the Haifa area so not very close if you'll be in Jerusalem but still... If you need any help or whatever i'd be happy to😄
    PS- between the 30.3-6.4 we have a holiday called Passover so all of Israel will be travelling with you

    • Amber Katie
      Amber Katie Year ago +1

      רחל כהן just got back from visiting Tel Aviv a few weeks ago. Israel is nothing short of a blessing and a beautiful paradise. Can’t wait to get back there. You are so blessed to live in such an amazing place!

  • Ankit srivastava
    Ankit srivastava Year ago

    Dont upload so lengthy videos it decreases your views keep them a little short like between 10-15 min max as I follow a lot of vloggers n it really works you can trust me on that Dont keep them so long n your videos are amazing but lengthy makes them a little boring after 10-15 mins so I hope u understand what m trying to tell you

  • Rene Garofalo
    Rene Garofalo Year ago

    Be safe. Enjoy your trip!

  • Shoshannah Higgins
    Shoshannah Higgins Year ago +1

    Yeeeessss Israel!!

  • J A
    J A Year ago

    You look good in black and gold

  • Victoria Llanas
    Victoria Llanas Year ago +2

    I look forward to your blogs every day. I often find myself searching through your videos to see if I've missed one. Luv, luv, luv all your brightness, and your insight. Plus, you make me laugh. Have fun on your travels, and I'm looking forward to your videos of your upcoming adventures!

  • Wendy P Mann
    Wendy P Mann Year ago +1

    Literally SO excited for your trip and all the vlogs to come!!! Yes!!!! 👊🏻👌🏻

  • Joan E
    Joan E Year ago +3

    So excited for "our" next trip Aly❣ Take care and safe travels~ 💕 Joan 💕

  • marabanara
    marabanara Year ago +5

    Yasss, woman! So psyched for the Cairo/Jordan/Jerusalem/wherever else vids. Be safe and healthy, that’s an order- you know you shouldn’t worry a pregnant woman! :P Go be awesome, we’ll be here.
    I have no idea about the selfie stick thingamadoovit, but I’m sure you’ll get some great shots with it. That, or clobber some people. Yeah, anyone who makes dirty suggestions, just whack ‘em with it.
    So I’m considering getting an Instagram account, just for you. I’ve held out this long, but I get so jelly when you say you’ve posted stuff there. Snapchat is well beyond me, I’m afraid. You young whippersnappers can have it.
    Sending love and non creepy affection your way, Aly, as ever.

  • fii kahlo
    fii kahlo Year ago +1

    That keychain is super cool! Had to go back it up ❤ I'd love to carry my travel memories with me wherever I go, but I live in my rv so I can't really haul that many items in the car.
    Plus the memories I'm most fond of, I didn't get anything physical to remember it by, like when I was looking at the stars in an outdoor onsen, after a long day of hiking near Kyoto ❤
    Also I think it's a great way to have a tangible bucket list, writing your travel dreams on the flags and when you're finally able to experience them, putting them on the chain!

    • Sheree Rushworth
      Sheree Rushworth Year ago +1

      Look up the traveller collective. :)

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      Kuuraa ahhhh i love this comment!i want to get the bucket list chain.such a perfect concept 😍😍

  • A. Kröger
    A. Kröger Year ago +1

    Does the mini-jib have a tripod mount on the bottom? If so, the top down angled shots of beautiful streets can look really cool from that height. Plus you can do some nice pans with it!

  • Adventure Jenny
    Adventure Jenny Year ago

    Hi Aly! My hairdresser gave me some VERB dry shampoo to try and I've been using it for about 6 weeks now and I really love it! Made give that one a try? Safe travels! :)

  • victoria vicious
    victoria vicious Year ago +1

    Omg Jordan! t’Egypt! Israel! How exciting! Are you going to the banksy hotel in Bethlehem? That’s totally on my bucket list x x

  • KeshetD
    KeshetD Year ago +1

    Hi Aly! when are you coming to Israel?
    Just so you will know we have a holiday (passover) next week starting Friday for 8 days :)
    I work at ben gurion Airport at the book store and live next to Tel aviv if you need any tips !
    Enjoy your tripp 😍

    • Amber Katie
      Amber Katie Year ago

      KeshetD such a cool airport! I bet Passover in Israel is amazing 💕

  • WnD
    WnD Year ago

    Good choice. Good timing. Nowadays, younger generation there opt to change. Middle east is more open now. Good luck with your journey.

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      WnD Jordan and Israel felt incredibly safe and open to me when i visited last year! i loved it so much i am planning to be back next year 😊aly is gonna love it and Egypt looks super cool too

  • Madalena Caldas
    Madalena Caldas Year ago +1

    also for the Budapest vlogs when you're back;free things to do in Budapest would be a great guide :) plus hidden treasures in the city; im planning to go for a city break there in May 😊 x

  • maite maite
    maite maite Year ago

    Long vlog, love it!

  • smart ali
    smart ali Year ago

    and i can't see right now

  • Annabelle C
    Annabelle C Year ago

    Panoramic shots of Budapest??

  • Joanne Bussey
    Joanne Bussey Year ago +4

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your Middle East trip, Egypt and Jordan are on my bucket list of places to see 😃

  • Ahmed Alqarin
    Ahmed Alqarin Year ago

    I like Ur Volga so much it help me so much 😋 one fan from Saudi Arabia watching Ur bolg

  • Madalena Caldas
    Madalena Caldas Year ago +1

    have a fantastic trip aly! i.went to Jordan and Israel last year and it was one of my all time favorite trips;planning to go back next year! would be amazing to squeeze in Egypt too 😆 so excited for the vlogs

  • David
    David Year ago

    You should leave your hair down Aly, Looks good.

  • Michelle Vine
    Michelle Vine Year ago +1

    Can't wait to see your videos from Egypt & Jordan! 🤗

  • Graeme Brand
    Graeme Brand Year ago

    Another fun filled week of Aly-ness. Looking forward to the vlogs to come.

  • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod
    Lizzeebuffy Sharrod Year ago +4

    See you in Cairooooo! ❤

    • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod
      Lizzeebuffy Sharrod Year ago +1

      Madalena Caldas aww dont be sorry! :) you wasnt being nosey at all, just curious and i totally get why youd think what you thought. So honestly its fine :) She really is! I hope one day you'll get the opportunity :)! X

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      Lizzeebuffy Sharrod oh i see !sorry for misinterpreting and for being nosy. she truly does;she is such an inspiration to me her work ethic is second to none and her personality honest and amazing. i really hope to meet her one day :) x

    • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod
      Lizzeebuffy Sharrod Year ago +2

      Madalena Caldas Yeah... we grew up together and lived like a few seconds away from each other. No... i wont be joining her but that would have been awesome! I meant see you in Cairo because we will all be seeing her when she's in Cairo. I think its a travel board trip. She will have a blast. So excited for her and her future. She works so damn hard. :)

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago +1

      Lizzeebuffy Sharrod awwww your alys childhood friend she always speaks of rignt? 😆😆 will you be joining aly for the whole trip? i don't know why but i assumed that this trip was a press trip; haha im being so nosy!hope you have a wonderful time x

  • Karina Morr
    Karina Morr Year ago +4

    I just discovered your channel a week ago and cannot stop watching your videos , it's like a TV show for me :D So entertaining, funny and educating/informative at the same time! Girl, you know your stuff!
    Youre amazing, never stop vlogging! 😍

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      Ah i love this comment. Thank you so much darling and welcome to the family ☺☺☺

  • Kotanyi Reka
    Kotanyi Reka Year ago

    Is Ishi from Hungary?

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      awws Portugal repping !i hope you make it to our country aly 😆

    • Kotanyi Reka
      Kotanyi Reka Year ago

      I hope she also enjoys staying/living in Budapest. :)

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      No she is from Portugal 👌☺

    NIKHIL RAJAN Year ago

    Where are you leaving to?

  • Chow Rajaa
    Chow Rajaa Year ago

    Come back to India to complete the trip ❤️👍😀

  • Enora Segeren
    Enora Segeren Year ago +3

    Hi Ally, could you do a blog post with all the cafe's, restaurants and bars that you really liked in Budapest? All the places you visit look great and it would be nice to have an overview of places to eat and drink in Budapest. Enjoy your travels and the warm weather!

    • Lindsey Jin
      Lindsey Jin Year ago

      Yes I second this! Heading to Budapest in two weeks and I could use some recommendations

  • Don't Forget To Live

    Soooo looking forward to agony aunt Aly! 👏🏼

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      PsychoTraveller yes sorry! i didn't mean it wasnt there just that the live has passed 😅 x

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      It's still live on my channel! Never fear, you can still watch it now? 👌

    • Don't Forget To Live
      Don't Forget To Live Year ago

      Madalena Caldas Oh wait what, she’s not gonna upload itttt?

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas Year ago

      its already passed! :(

  • Dogs are Awesome
    Dogs are Awesome Year ago

    Love your videos you are so inspirational. Are you coming to Tasmania anytime soon.