CREEPIEST Plants in the World

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • We live in a world where plants can catch and consume insects, and others can trigger a debilitating pain that lasts for years from the slightest of touches. A world with plants that smell of rotting meat and others that secrete thick, red liquid reminiscent of blood. It’s a strange place we live in, and these are just a couple of the odd living things in it. This is Weirdest Plants in the World!
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    5. Monkshood
    These plants truly are beautiful and go by all kinds of names, such as blue rocket, devil’s helmet, aconite, queen of poisons, leopard’s bane, women’s bane, mousebane, and wolfsbane. Now, some of those names should clue you into the nature of this plant. They typically grow naturally in mountain meadows in the northern hemisphere and can come in all kinds of colors, like yellow, pink, white, purple, or blue. The name monkshood comes from the shape of the flower’s petals, as they look like the robes and hood of a monk. The name wolfsbane (and all of those other banes for that matter) comes from the use of the poison of the plant on baits or on the tips of arrows to hunt wolves. Symptoms of poisoning by wolfsbane can come on almost immediately, and large doses can take out a full-grown human within minutes. First, a person will get nauseous, diarrhea, and vomiting, which could turn into heart and respiratory center failure or ventricular arrhythmia. Scary stuff!
    4. Guarana Plant
    We’ll bet that you didn’t know what guarana looked like before this, did you? This plant loves to climb and comes from the Amazon Basin and is extra abundant in Brazil. This is the same thing you see labeled on some of your soda cans, but especially your energy drinks, as guarana seed works as a stimulant. When you think about a coffee seed, what do you think about? Caffeine? Well, a guarana seed contains roughly twice as much caffeine as a coffee seed! The excess caffeine is a sort of defense mechanism that helps to keep herbivores from eating up all of the plant’s seeds and berries. The fruit itself ranges in color from brown to red, and when they split open, their partially white ariled black seeds show through, and it’s quite a sight. Imagine seeing these peering at you through the trees in the forest? Too creepy.
    3. Devil’s Tooth
    This plant also goes by many other names, such as the red-juice tooth, strawberries and cream, and bleeding tooth fungus. Now, if none of those names were enough to creep you out a little bit, you are safe to proceed onward. For some time, these were only found in Europe and North America, although in 2008 they were found in Iran, and in 2010, someone found them in Korea. It’s fungi, and, as if that weren’t enough, it produces spores on the surface of the plant-spores that contain sporocarps, or “fruit bodies”-which discharge a thick, bright red fluid when they get wet. Do you want to hear something kind of disgusting? People have obviously tried eating them, as we know that they are edible. We also know that the bright red fluid has an extremely bitter taste. Gross. This is one of the weirder plants we’ve seen; how about you? Let us know what you think about this odd-looking fungus in the comments below!
    2. Pitcher Plant
    Now, these plants may not pose much of a threat to humans, but for many bugs, these things are a nightmare, kind of like that devilish Venus flytrap! There are many different kinds of pitcher plants, which generally fall into the Sarraceniaceae and Nepenthaceae families, although similar prey-catching traps appear in some members of the Bromeliaceae and Cephalotaceae families. They are little death wells that almost resemble tobacco pipes, but they’re filled with digestive liquid that first drowns the plant’s unfortunate victims and then slowly digests them. On some plants, various visual stimuli attract bugs and other small foraging creatures, and it’s also said to have an attractive scent, which helps lure dinner as well. The rim of the pitcher is slippery, so when the bugs go to investigate, they fall right in, and it’s mission accomplished for the pitcher plant.

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  • Straizo
    Straizo 21 day ago +1

    Guarana might be creepy and stare into your soul but it tastes absolutely delicious. Here in Brazil there's a guarana soft drink. It has a light, refreshing and unique taste. It's hard to describe it to foreigners but try to imagine something between apple juice and lemonade.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 26 days ago


  • Genie Griggs
    Genie Griggs 26 days ago

    Ink cap mushroom needs to be added to me of these list

  • Melissa Prather
    Melissa Prather 27 days ago

    I haven't even tie I have two favorites. one of the Morning Glory and the other is in fact wolfsbane they are both beautiful

  • Mark Garin
    Mark Garin 28 days ago

    Fungi aren't really plants....

  • João Victor Freitas Ribeiro

    Mushrooms are not plants

  • David _doez
    David _doez Month ago +1

    we have pitcher plants too

  • David _doez
    David _doez Month ago +1


  • David _doez
    David _doez Month ago +1

    my fav plant is a jugle tree and my sisters is a pitcher plant

  • Jon Sutherland
    Jon Sutherland Month ago +2

    I'm quite fond of the cannabis plant, for obvious reasons.. i already own a few of the carnivorous plants shown in the video.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess Month ago

    @3.20 min.- Jimson Weed is known in Colombia as "Burundanga" or the Zombie plant. If you even get a sniff of it, you lose conscious memory / Will. Any criminal using this on a victim, can do anything with that person, from robbing, or having the victim go to their bank, & give all their money to the criminal, etc. And when the victim wakes up, days later, they don't remember anything. That's how bad it is.

  • Dancehallmojo Music reviews

    My favourite plant is Marijuana because you can smoke it you can cook with it and used it as medicine

  • Aztec Dragon
    Aztec Dragon Month ago

    Corpse flower Because it a tropical plant

  • Sam Poulin
    Sam Poulin Month ago +1

    Creepiest plants my family tree and the tree outside of my house that has a face on it

  • virgo wolf eyes
    virgo wolf eyes Month ago

    this first plant has in asia as well,tropical asia,probably brought for from the americas by the iberic explorers

  • Lukeman253
    Lukeman253 Month ago +1


  • johneygd
    johneygd Month ago +1

    I would be not surprised if trump planted the devils tooth plant in iran, hahaha

  • C.O. Jones
    C.O. Jones Month ago +1

    The corpse flower’s stench is vastly overstated. It’s stinky, sure, but doesn’t reek anywhere near as much as an actual rotting corpse.

    AWSOMUS MUSIC. Month ago +1

    First plant .....alien eyes

  • G.O.D No G.O.D
    G.O.D No G.O.D Month ago

    This bitch has an annoying ass voice!!!

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher Month ago +4

    One of my favorite plants is the aquatic banana plant No actually bananas They’re a plant that doesn’t need dirt and the roots look like miniature bananas💯

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher Month ago +1

    What she didn’t mention about loco weed is that horses get addicted to it and will avoid good pasture to eat it💯

  • Lukis Morris
    Lukis Morris Month ago +1

    I have seen a Venus fly trap so many times even in real life.

  • Joanah Napier
    Joanah Napier Month ago +4

    Um im taking a flame thrower if I ever go hiking

  • Slutsamillion Goatsasshole

    Hey everybody did you know that everybody is telling everybody in the comments that fungi grow on vaginas

  • Prairie State Auto Restorations

    Devil’s Snare...anyone think of Harry Potter?

  • MewNew
    MewNew Month ago +2

    I live in Canada, and while on a school trip Me and my friend both found the doll eyes plant, not even knowing what it can do if we swallow the berry, we brang it to my friends house because we were planning to have a sleepover, when we researched the plant? We were terrified, knowing that something in your hand can kill you in such a painful way.. Is not satisfying

  • Aye Jay
    Aye Jay Month ago +3

    Guarana and Devil's Tooth are creepy. I don't think Datura is creepy though, well maybe the seed capsule. Gives me Hellraiser vibes - especially since it messes with your head too! Ok, maybe it is creepy. Henbane could be on the list, because it smells, its branches grow out like tentacles, its leaves' growth habit give the impression that the flowers are flying, which is interesting, since it is purportedly the herb that started the whole "witches flying on brooms" lore. My favorite plant is a hard one. I like too many.

  • Thaine Smith TV
    Thaine Smith TV Month ago +3

    Bru non of venus flytrap and the other carnivorous plants are cute.NOT CREEPY.
    Actually,only one of these are wierd.But still not creepy.

  • Annabelle MacTavish
    Annabelle MacTavish Month ago +1

    Be my mom so I bleeding tooth

  • Christine Marie Zamets


    DEEP SAT Month ago +1

    I bet some of these plants are needed for or main!!!!!! Supply of oxygen..

  • Walter Tomaszewski
    Walter Tomaszewski Month ago +2

    Any of the poisonous plants listed here good for medical research?

  • Yepeto Aye
    Yepeto Aye Month ago +3

    Enlightening about Venus fly trap in 2019??? 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kat Marusiak
    Kat Marusiak Month ago +8

    Cool video, but you do know fungi aren’t plants, right...?

  • Luxus Häuser
    Luxus Häuser Month ago +4

    We are decades away from fully understanding plants and, seeds.

  • Bendy Channel
    Bendy Channel Month ago +1


  • toedlowk Grems
    toedlowk Grems Month ago +2

    Cannabis indica/sativa

  • DogGone Natural
    DogGone Natural Month ago +4

    Not a strafe place we live's wonder-full

  • Johnny k
    Johnny k Month ago +4

    lilacs are my fav plant they smell and look wonderful

  • Jeannine Jenova
    Jeannine Jenova Month ago +30

    Creepiest plant? My family tree 😂

  • Marie Thomas
    Marie Thomas Month ago +4

    I really love this video it was very interested

  • Vaithy M
    Vaithy M Month ago +1

    Hey talltanic

  • Lucas Romagnollo
    Lucas Romagnollo Month ago +21

    Fungi are not plants for christ sake, it is 2019 already people!

    • Slutsamillion Goatsasshole
      Slutsamillion Goatsasshole Month ago

      Lucas Romagnollo DILDO

    • Tree
      Tree Month ago +1

      Lucas Romagnollo... 2019 didn’t all of the sudden make it a fungus either!😆👍🏼

  • Edward Pincus
    Edward Pincus Month ago +9

    So, in the section on Saracenas (pitcher plants) why do you show images of two orchids? More careful editing is surely needed.

  • Zhero Zhero
    Zhero Zhero Month ago +2


  • Sky Martinez
    Sky Martinez Month ago +2

    Devil plants looks like fruit gushers candy and I would try it

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Month ago +2

    Missed the coca plant!

  • boredinmission420
    boredinmission420 Month ago +8

    Lions mane and bears tooth are two different mushrooms.

  • Meschel  Watkins
    Meschel Watkins Month ago +4

    My favorite plants are the bird of paradise, pitcher plant, and the venus fly trap.

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton Month ago +1


  • jason morgan
    jason morgan Month ago +5

    Feed me Seymour 😒

  • John Michael Rutherford

    My favorite plant is the western red cedar

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Month ago +1

    Probably GMO.
    Choose Jesus Christ

  • ella ivyellam
    ella ivyellam Month ago +2

    First comment