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  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • A boxing match turns into assault and crazy lady wants to cure your skin with bleach, all that and more in today's EP...
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  • Henry Draws
    Henry Draws 3 hours ago


  • MalWave
    MalWave 4 hours ago

    Skin condition or not......bleach doesn't go on the skin.

  • Reilly Morin
    Reilly Morin 12 hours ago

    It’s pronounced (eggs-ma

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores Day ago

    Lol it's pronounced like eggs emma

  • Samir Khan
    Samir Khan Day ago

    I have eczema

  • Official Frostbite

    15:20 you can see someones shadow

  • NoSimCardInstalled
    NoSimCardInstalled Day ago +1

    Ahhhhhhh. The way he pronounces eczema

  • Da Mandarin
    Da Mandarin Day ago

    hey im type one diabetes too. I know your pain man

  • ella marushka
    ella marushka 2 days ago

    Wait a second, so i have had idiots insist that my vitiligo is just scars from pouring bleach on my skin, and idiots apparently believe pouring bleach on your skin cures eczema (idk if i spelled that right) so if my calculations are correct eczema + entitled idiot= vitiligo. Good job idiots, by your logic skin conditions are cured by creating more skin conditions.

  • panda punchYT cool
    panda punchYT cool 2 days ago +1

    Fing racist

  • Hybrid Dragonwolf16
    Hybrid Dragonwolf16 2 days ago +1

    I am type 1 diabetic too

  • Frederik Mejndor
    Frederik Mejndor 2 days ago +1

    Great video!
    I can't wait to see Moar of your videos

  • Vicki Crowder
    Vicki Crowder 6 days ago

    The book store one is a copy

  • Chelsea Rhue
    Chelsea Rhue 6 days ago +1

    Where's my daughter?
    Your WHAT? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 8 Gohan
    8 Gohan 9 days ago +1

    They tried to set my mans up bro.

  • The Undying Fighter
    The Undying Fighter 9 days ago

    You pronounced eczema wrong. I should know...cuz I have it.

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri 9 days ago

    During the book store story, you left off the part at the end where dad had been switching out the expensive wine with cheep shit, giving the expensive stuff away to friends. Thus why he gave op a bottle of wine. :0

  • Mik c:
    Mik c: 10 days ago

    eits pronounced "Eggs emma" but quickly

  • johsPha
    johsPha 10 days ago

    i once spilled bleach on to my hand when i was putting milking machine ready to be washed. Burned like hell.

  • 0 subscribers With 0 videos challenge

    This kid is black and he doesn’t belong here

    This isn’t the 1800s hell this isn’t a third world country fuck that lil Karen bitch

  • comic cat
    comic cat 11 days ago +1

    "Your diabetis isn't my problem so I don't care!" **gets fired because of diabetis*

  • Joseph Nason
    Joseph Nason 11 days ago

    moar, can you put a background noise? Like ru-clip.com/video/RnGtl_tTXnM/video.html

  • Zuri Terry
    Zuri Terry 11 days ago

    Me : "is black and tall"

  • LightRaider
    LightRaider 12 days ago

    These are people who take internet memes wae too fat.

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White 12 days ago


  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 13 days ago

    At least the bleach one had good intentions

  • iRaspBerry Pi
    iRaspBerry Pi 14 days ago

    To be fair, as a person that had/has eczema, I feel as if the EM probably had somewhat good intentions because there is a bleach bath treatment for eczema. She probably thought it meant to drown the person in only bleach, when it's supposed to be a tub full of water with a little bleach poured in.
    Im not making this up. I had to sit in a tub of bleach + water for maybe 45 minutes. It stung only for a little while at the start, but afterwards it was relaxing, and then it burned while drying off. Still helped a bit though.

  • Locust Zedicus
    Locust Zedicus 15 days ago

    11:30 I had a similar thing. I'm type 1 diabetic. I was in 2/3rd grade the it was about 2 hours before lunch and I raised, I was VERY shy when I was little so that should be a sign something wrong, and told her my blood sugar is low I need to go to the nurse. She tells me 'no' you can wait 2 hours to eat something. Well I last about an hour and have a diabetic seizure everything, I'm fuzzy as to what happened during, I remember someone saying my name. I come to with nurse in the room yelling at while checking my blood sugar that if D says he has low blood sugar then he has low blood sugar. The nurse takes me to her office and gives me pineapple juice and sends me back class with about 10 minutes before lunch.

  • A Normie
    A Normie 15 days ago

    The library one though

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 15 days ago

    Yo I’m sorry but fellow Eczema guy here it’s pronounced (Ex-Emma)

  • shkunk1
    shkunk1 15 days ago

    The story with the racist white lady pissed me off. If I was the cop, I would have arrested her for filing a false report.

  • PurpleFormula
    PurpleFormula 15 days ago

    So it’s a crime to ask for directions??? Ok ok ok. Entitled people are:
    People who have no logic or brain
    Should burn in hell

  • PurpleFormula
    PurpleFormula 15 days ago

    Bleach. Bleach. Ducking bleach. *sigh* I really need to kill the entitled a holes

  • Jack Perrin
    Jack Perrin 15 days ago

    7:15 only true undertale fans will get this

  • Hexenkönigin von Angmar

    The one with the bookstore:
    In the end EM had to find out, that every single wine ND had collected had been replaced by cheap wine, the expensive ones he had given out, e.g. at OP.

  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 18 days ago

    Honestly the title story's EP just seems like she was wildly misinformed. Like, one of those post on r/ facepalm level of misinformed.

  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 18 days ago

    I'm only at the first story's title so far and I'm already reminded of that World's Dumbest clip of the mother of a losing boxer attacking the winning boxer with one of her high-heeled shoes. DURING THE MATCH.

  • the mind toust
    the mind toust 18 days ago

    I dont want to discriminate both so lets discriminate both in the same video

  • Nycto - Gaming and stuff

    The substitute must be an anti Baxter
    I don’t get the idea of anti vaxxers

  • Lokifdog
    Lokifdog 18 days ago

    EP : ThAt BeLoNgS tO mY sOn Or I wIlL cAlL pOlIcE oN mE

  • Jennifer Chocolate Gaming

    Story beginning at 5:51: I’ve heard this exact story before, except it took place in a grocery store. This one actually had a different way of the dad arriving to pick up the daughter. The other one had the dad randomly come into the store I think.

  • LittleTinyNoam
    LittleTinyNoam 18 days ago

    That racism cringed me. Sometimes i can even be racist to white people, despite the fact im white too

  • William Bryant
    William Bryant 18 days ago

    Entitled racist parents ,I'm mixed but look white so I'm kinda offended

  • LegOfSnake
    LegOfSnake 20 days ago

    *sigh* that story about the black kid who was arrested reminds of how black wallstreet got burned down. the woman frustrated me so effing much

  • Zaynab Pizza
    Zaynab Pizza 21 day ago

    I think you're miss pronouncing eczema 😕

  • Fight Me
    Fight Me 22 days ago

    "My brother was 6,3 at the time"
    Me: That's tall 0.0.
    "Now 6,7"
    Me: wHaT KiNd oF gRoWTh SpURt?!

  • Becca Voss
    Becca Voss 23 days ago

    Ok, Canadian/Norwegian here ( so don't really get the racial stuff of the USA). That poor 15yr-old kid thrown in a cops car? Bitch I'll put the fear of a 5ft tall white bitch in you, if you pull that shit again!

  • Vicki Shaw
    Vicki Shaw 23 days ago

    Eczema.... It's not hard to pronounce, it's ex-e-mar. This guy makes it sound like it's a rare condition, extremely common, everyone gets it at least once(most at birth but for alot of people it goes away), I get it on my elbows pretty bad, I can't wear anything on my elbows if it's acting up, too painful.

  • Drazzy
    Drazzy 24 days ago

    Genius as limits
    Stupidity as none

    TUNE PD 24 days ago


  • Rosemarie McGowan
    Rosemarie McGowan 25 days ago

    Stupid old man! More or less attempted murder on his part xx

  • Story Tell
    Story Tell 26 days ago

    I am literally just waiting for an entitled parent to have an entire army arrested for killing their child in combat.

  • sarah rigdon
    sarah rigdon 26 days ago

    my first thought when a black family was moving in to our neighborhood was, "Yes the asshole (neighborhood bullies old house) moved out oh they have a Foosball table I should say hi" turned out no one my age so no playing with them waved when I passed walking my dog.

  • sarah rigdon
    sarah rigdon 26 days ago

    something in the discussion for the little girl dropped off at the book store the dad had been giving out his expensive wine for months and replacing it with the cheapest he could find so the mom wound up with a shit ton of worthless wine.

  • keatsuki
    keatsuki 28 days ago

    so the woman didn't get charged with falsifying a report or defamation of character or harassment or child endangerment or anything?!?!?

  • Sir Sidewalk
    Sir Sidewalk 28 days ago +1

    17:30 Ok, when people do crap that's homophobic or racist or sexiest or anything like that, I get into a FRICKING BLOOD LUST! I don't even get triggered, I just want to murder someone, wether its verbal or LITERALLY TEARING SOMEONE TO PIECES!

  • Sir Sidewalk
    Sir Sidewalk 28 days ago +1

    I have eczema. Its on my right eyelid so when I have my eyes open its pretty much unnoticeable.

  • Avia oof
    Avia oof 28 days ago

    Hold my bleEach

  • Aimi
    Aimi 29 days ago +1

    I have mild eczema and it sucks, but it prolly isn’t as bad as this poor dudes...

  • Irondragon97
    Irondragon97 29 days ago

    In austrailia we pronounce eczema ects-ma

  • Kristina Adams
    Kristina Adams 29 days ago

    racist bitch made me so f*** mad at 17:01

  • Kristina Adams
    Kristina Adams 29 days ago

    did aneyone see the guy walk acrose the roed 14:10

  • Jesse Halberd
    Jesse Halberd Month ago

    I have eczema too, on my arms. I have to have a humidifier to prevent my skin from drying up and cracking open. Fucking stupid EM...

  • Dark Dylan79
    Dark Dylan79 Month ago

    The mother the expects for her kid to be babysitter for free sounds like my auntie who gets my granny to mind her autistic son while she gets drunk

  • raspberries
    raspberries Month ago

    I’m kinda concerned for the ND in the 2nd story, the OP didn’t really inform of what he felt or thought after their convo.

  • Hunter Stiegler
    Hunter Stiegler Month ago

    What a racist bitch

  • GNM Studios
    GNM Studios Month ago

    plague.inc / infection bio labs players: as if i didn’t know

  • FoxyDaPirate FNaF
    FoxyDaPirate FNaF Month ago

    Pour bleach on my skin I pour t into your eyes

  • Benjamin Abel
    Benjamin Abel Month ago

    Yesterday my student from Kenya (grew up in NY) told me how he got stopped by some police while jogging because he and his friend "fit the description of a car thief".

  • Lordof Music 420
    Lordof Music 420 Month ago

    What is a vp

    LINAPEROXIDE Month ago

    Bawwww i dont wanna b demonityzzzd so im gonna b kid frndly

  • NavyTurtles
    NavyTurtles Month ago

    You pronounced eczema incorrectly

  • Dynamic AO
    Dynamic AO Month ago

    bleach my butthole

  • Faith
    Faith Month ago

    I could not stop laughing with the way you pronounced eczema, I have and everyone always acts as if I'm over reacting

  • Xander French
    Xander French Month ago

    Ok I didn’t expect a RACIST entitled Mom but now I know that they can be from any where from your bff to this bass (I don’t curse even through text) let’s hope the number dies down in the future

  • Xander French
    Xander French Month ago

    THAT FLIPPING SUB-TEACHER!!!! My step-dad DIED two+ years ago!!! From (what I could remember) DIABETES!!! A-HOLE TEACHER! (To any one with diabetes I ask you to stay strong and show people like that substitute teacher diabetes isn’t good it’s just terrible so F THOSE GUYS)

  • Frank Vinagro
    Frank Vinagro Month ago

    Rather than having the entitled parent spend more than a year in jail, they should have bleach poured on them.

  • Michael Leonard
    Michael Leonard Month ago

    the ep who poured the bleach on the skinboi should do the same to herself

  • Farming Wooshes
    Farming Wooshes Month ago


  • 10000 subscriber with no vids? Central1046

    I also have eczema and I HATE when people bring it up like random people it’s annoying

    SHARK NOM Month ago +1

    Okay for he bleach one:
    yEaH bLeacH iS sAfe 4 SkIn!1

  • Gamersguide 9000
    Gamersguide 9000 Month ago

    Gimme Moar

  • xRavenholm
    xRavenholm Month ago

    hahahahahah demon spawn

  • Wintertimber17
    Wintertimber17 Month ago

    *Y O U R W H A A A A T*

  • Slippedtiger282
    Slippedtiger282 Month ago

    Thank you "Moar" for giving us moar entitled parent stories, these are entertaining but these make me very angry about how idiotic people can be.
    The story that had the worst people in this video is the story that this b*tch called the cops on a man for being go black. Equality for all, if someone injures you on purpose, you can injure them back regardless of gender and race

  • SpidermonkeyMC
    SpidermonkeyMC Month ago

    Racist: omg your skin is so black let me fix it *pors bleach on skin*
    Oh no your still black
    Kid: f**k you
    Edit: I swear to god I’m not racist, it was just a joke

  • chris blackledge
    chris blackledge Month ago

    and woman think men are bad...

  • 《Wendigo_animations 》

    About the bleach story you said eczema wrong it's (ec-zama) not (ec-zema) I'm just correcting you

  • Recruit Grimm
    Recruit Grimm Month ago

    i have eczema but btw just to let u know its said xma im not mr perfect i was just lettin u kno 👌

  • Pandazarecool 12
    Pandazarecool 12 Month ago

    Hey could you Kinda fix your Thumbnails they kinda Repel me from the video like the art styles don’t work well

  • Squishy Banana
    Squishy Banana Month ago

    It’s pronounced ek-Zama
    I’m honestly triggered because I have the skin condition.

  • luupi kit
    luupi kit Month ago

    2:29 ...did you just....call eczema....ezema........................

  • meme jesus
    meme jesus Month ago

    Honestly if someone forced me to watch their child I would just leave them outside

  • Marcus Yorba
    Marcus Yorba Month ago


  • wes rob
    wes rob Month ago

    I want moar r/entitledparents

  • OrionoftheStar
    OrionoftheStar Month ago

    That black kid that got the cops pulled on his was lucky as all hell the way that turned out.
    What a shitty bitch.

  • Actualex
    Actualex Month ago

    It's pronounced egg-zehm-uhh not ez-ee-mah

  • Skeletor !
    Skeletor ! Month ago

    Dumber then my no good flea bag minions

  • Ugly Spider
    Ugly Spider Month ago

    I have eczema too and if you see another story like it I don’t want to be rude but that’s not how you pronounce it and I don’t want you to get hate because of pronouncing, you say it like x-uh-muh but fast like the c is silent

  • Kaitlyn Groody
    Kaitlyn Groody Month ago

    I’ve had type one diabetes since I was 16 months old. I’ve been accused of doing drugs when giving myself shots of insulin, accused of going on my phone when using my insulin pump, and even had a teachers assistant grab my pump (attached to my body with tubing and such) and yanked hard pulling out my site and causing me to bleed a lot. Some people are so ignorant and think they know so much more and would rather watch other people suffer than admit they are wrong.