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  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • A boxing match turns into assault and crazy lady wants to cure your skin with bleach, all that and more in today's EP...
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  • Okalani5000
    Okalani5000 20 hours ago

    OMG. I feel so bad for the teenager who only asked for directions! I had racism in high school from a group of entitled Mexican brats. Before you judge me for saying this, I want to say that I didn't care about their skin tones or where they came from.
    All I know is that racism comes in many shapes and forms. I just wanted to make friends with someone... anyone. I had a hard time finding friends because I was a very bright and beautiful person. And since I was overweight and nice, I got bullied a lot. These Mexican girls from my Jr. High school would spread awful rumors about me, call me stinky, and kept calling me names. Turned out that not only were they spoiled rich kids, but they also had Super nice clothes, weren't being abused at home, and pretended to be nice to get everything they wanted. I know because I ended up moving to their neighborhood and one day, I accidentally mistook one of their houses for mine because the houses all looked the same.
    I can't forget their nice furniture and stuff. I was envious how we had no broom to sweep the floor and they did. I was sad that those girls had makeup and I had the play makeup you give to a 10-year-old kid for practice. I also wished I could talk to one of the girls about my problems.
    One day, they acted nice to me. I thought: Maybe they changed and decided to be nice to me? But it was a facade to trick me. I had revealed to them that I was extremely poor and couldn't afford makeup or nice hair products.
    They decided to "help" me with a makeover. I reluctantly agreed to see if they would help for real. And I sat there, letting them put mousse into my hair. Note: My hair is super straight and mousse just dries it out.
    Then I let them put makeup on my face. I tried to tell them the makeup was dark for my fair skin, but they insisted. I let them continue until I was done. My mom called out to me and when I got to her, she told me that I looked like Frankenstein's Bride. I thought she was kidding about it since she's made jokes like this before. But when I saw myself in the mirror, I wanted to smash my own face in. These were different girls than the high school ones, but I still had a distrust of other girls by then.
    In highschool, I learned how mean people can be, so. I began to become really defensive about people mistreating me. When the girls refused to let me in the group, I finally told them, "It's not fair to me, the way you act." I didn't seem to phase them with my words, but these girls did the same thing as the last girls did. They spread rumors about me, called me stinky, and even went as far as to messing with my mind. Even though I was smart enough to not buy into their games, I told them that I was not going to put up with that kind of behavior. After that, they took notebook paper and wrote onto them, 'Op is a sexy beast'. And being obese due to stress in my life, PCOS, and genetics, I felt like they were calling me a beast. I had self-esteem issues and had a cute, harmless crush on a guy in one of my classes.
    To make matters worse, the school board decided to make me go to the counselor and talk about my issues at school. I could only manage to tell them about the bullies who were currently bullying me. One was a Karen in the making, another was a guy who would touch me without knowing who he is. And to say the least, they never even addressed them about the harassment and would just make me sit there while I was crying about the bull. I wanted to talk about the racism, but I had more problems with the girls who kept screaming in my face about stuff I didn't even do. I even mentioned about how a teacher who worked for the school and they didn't do anything about it.

  • Dashiel Withers
    Dashiel Withers Day ago

    Please pronounce eczema correctly. Ex-mah

  • CoolBoi Gabriel
    CoolBoi Gabriel 2 days ago +1

    I have eczema

  • _Mercury Gacha_
    _Mercury Gacha_ 4 days ago +1

    Me: _sees title_
    Also me: *aight imma go kill karen*

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 5 days ago

    I have eczema to

  • 《Galaxy Wolf》
    《Galaxy Wolf》 7 days ago

    I have eczema and its horrible

  • Unicorn Farts
    Unicorn Farts 7 days ago

    18:19 “Demon Spawn” I died 🤣

  • Harley Vails
    Harley Vails 9 days ago

    Entitled parents

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 10 days ago

    I can imagine the gym teacher being extremely overweight

  • JacksFacts
    JacksFacts 11 days ago

    2:25 I have a similar condition but I don’t know what it’s called

  • Me the boy Hays
    Me the boy Hays 12 days ago

    It’s pronounced exima but it is spelled eczema

  • Hidden Collector
    Hidden Collector 13 days ago

    Story= Your sexy diabetic host

  • Samantha Holly
    Samantha Holly 14 days ago

    Your gonna have a bad time sans

  • Noah Baumann
    Noah Baumann 18 days ago

    You're emphasizing the wrong part of the word eczema 👍👌
    You mean you guys haven't tried bleaching a rash away??

  • DailyDoseOfExtra
    DailyDoseOfExtra 19 days ago

    Eczema sucks. Mine flares up in my elbows and the backs of my knees when it gets hot and dry. If someone tried to cure it without my moms permission, I’d probably slap them

  • Tristan Jones
    Tristan Jones 20 days ago

    7:14 Megalovania intensifies

  • Olivia Mclean
    Olivia Mclean 21 day ago

    I eczema too it is soooo itchy and painful too

  • Kesi G.
    Kesi G. 25 days ago

    Nope that racist women needs to go to jail and rot in there

  • Lila P
    Lila P 26 days ago

    I’ll have EM charged with assault and file restraining order on her

  • Lila P
    Lila P 26 days ago

    I would have told EM How about I call the cops for you with plans on having her charge with harassment

  • Kaledo Flex
    Kaledo Flex 26 days ago

    I have really bad eczema to and I know how he feels because I have to use prescription cream everyday

  • SSSnakey
    SSSnakey 26 days ago

    It would have been difficult to mistake bleach for water.A water cap just twists off. a bleach cap needs to be pushed down and twisted
    it's actually pretty much a pain in the neck to open bleach bottle just like an aspirin bottle. That said it would also be difficult to get a great deal of bleach on someone's arm. Their arm would immediately jerk and knock the bottle away and they could easily rinse the bleach away.

  • 77 NATION
    77 NATION Month ago


  • Hellbound Life
    Hellbound Life Month ago

    Entitled babysitter... you mean entitled mom, Person who made the post?

  • Jonny Darley
    Jonny Darley Month ago

    Sow when I was about 7 I was on a car trip with my big brother and I acsedently opened the door to far and ew(entitled women) steps out of her car and she literally says this:WHAT THE F*** YOU LITTLE B**** YOU BROKE MY CAR(there was not even a dent) sow my awsome brother just looked at her and got me and him in his car and drove away.

  • Queen Monarch
    Queen Monarch Month ago

    14:06 Calling it now, she's gonna be racist.

  • Lexi S
    Lexi S Month ago

    You should put the Entitled parents as stupid parents

  • Lyca 33
    Lyca 33 Month ago

    Eczema (ehx-ehm-ah) I don't mean to be rude but my OCD was outta the roof

  • Ozvan Starr
    Ozvan Starr Month ago

    Imaging trying to protect your mom and you get knocked the fuck out

  • Owen Reamer
    Owen Reamer Month ago

    Why is it always a mom or a girl

  • ThatOneDude 473
    ThatOneDude 473 Month ago +2

    EP: We don't really like to say no to him...
    *Well that explains A LOT*

  • The Bowser Youtuber
    The Bowser Youtuber 2 months ago +1

    *Megalovania starts playing*

    BIG TREES 2 months ago

    Some people just have no class.

  • Drachen Gaming 11
    Drachen Gaming 11 2 months ago

    The skin condition is pronounced eggs-a-ma I also have it

  • Cheri Basso
    Cheri Basso 3 months ago

    I'd eczema to I have eczema to but don't worry I'm getting

  • Amanda Olynick
    Amanda Olynick 3 months ago

    That extremely racist woman wasn't so much an entitled mother as, well, an extremely racist woman.

  • Ceil Yurie
    Ceil Yurie 3 months ago

    "THey are little and don't know better" is NEVER a good excuse. HOW THE FUCK WILL THEY LEANR EBTTER IF YOU NEVER TEACH THEM!?

  • Elijah Gellock
    Elijah Gellock 3 months ago

    Excema: Cracked, Dry skin. no fun during winter, I know from experience. Pronounciation: Eggs-e-ma

  • Alycia Wilson
    Alycia Wilson 3 months ago

    I’m so thankful that the supervisor cop care by to save that poor teenager being accused of something completely false. Broke my heart listening to that one... I can’t imagine how scared and upset he must have been. That kinda stuff should suffer some kind of punishment.... make her silver spoon ass pay a huge fine or something.... make her think twice before making very serious accusations against innocent people.

  • Alycia Wilson
    Alycia Wilson 3 months ago

    “My girlfriend is fine with my skin condition as long as the rash isn’t too severe.” Wtf?? Who has a problem with their SO having eczema?!?!?!? Wow she sounds like a winner lol eczema makes people itch and burn and just hurt everywhere and feel inflamed and just miserable... last thing they need is a gf who is only okay with it when it’s not severe... be careful... apple may not fall far from the ignorant tree!!!!

  • Winter Burn Gacha
    Winter Burn Gacha 3 months ago

    Bullies.... helping OP.... now I seen everything

  • snake gaming
    snake gaming 3 months ago

    17 and something I wish rasisim was a crime

  • snake gaming
    snake gaming 3 months ago

    boxing is voilent combat I am a boxer some matches can have a lot of blood

  • Some_ Shiba
    Some_ Shiba 3 months ago

    I have 3czema

  • ChasehaWing
    ChasehaWing 3 months ago

    That woman who tried to arrest that little boy should be beaten and dragged outside of the cop car before being put in prison for life!!!
    Racists like her deserve nothing but pain. And she tried to teach her daughter her hateful ways!

  • Reigne Stephen Regalado

    Great logic of EPs : I am not a dermatologist...SO I'M GONNA POUR BLEACH ON YOU! Because that's a nice medicine than lotion.

  • that random dude that's so random

    ( • - •)
    ( > >🥞
    Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    I made pancakes want one too?

  • Ms. BobaTOTES
    Ms. BobaTOTES 3 months ago

    Any one else notice that there was a Minecraft backround

  • Nancy Hughes
    Nancy Hughes 3 months ago

    My brother-in-law is a boxer. A pretty famous boxer, i think. He had a whole signing thing. Anyways, he won a match, then proposed to my big sister. Cute, right? Well, i wonder to this day, if he had LOST the match, if he would have still propose. 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔

  • Wolf Pup
    Wolf Pup 3 months ago

    eczema is pronounced eggs-ma

  • Floofboye
    Floofboye 4 months ago

    These sound astoundingly fake

  • Lemur Blue Animations
    Lemur Blue Animations 4 months ago

    Moar: Ex-Z-ma

  • J T
    J T 4 months ago

    JESUS my partner has eczema and id fucking explode if someone brought bleach near them

  • 1caramarie
    1caramarie 4 months ago

    Targeting the liver? I thought that used to be illegal, from way back. I guess things change or the guy posting this will do anything to win. In other words an entitled guy complaining about entitled people.

  • Dememeitized
    Dememeitized 4 months ago

    If ur racist and u read this, grow up its 2019 and go fuck urself

  • Squish Plays
    Squish Plays 4 months ago

    All I thought about during the first one was she told her kid to kill you but you won and she tried to arrest you
    The third one MEGALOVANIA

  • Smöl Frâppucinö
    Smöl Frâppucinö 4 months ago +1

    18:30 how the heck do you pay someone with aesthetics

  • Izzy Lien
    Izzy Lien 4 months ago

    That title "entitled mom thinks we're a daycare. Her child is now gone" made me think wtf did they do to the kid God damn 😂😂

  • CallMeHBoB798 Junghans
    CallMeHBoB798 Junghans 4 months ago

    My aunt has eczema too but way worse where she's always in pain shedding skin and can barley take a shower because it feels like she is being stabbed she says but she getting a little bit better so she can move more because she takes a needle every week and she does bath in water with a little cup full of bleach so her skin doesn't shead as much be NEVER PUTS IT ON DERICLY

  • Boda Cious
    Boda Cious 4 months ago +1

    On the bleach story, that’s actually a very loyal gf, guys, get you one of those.