Dip It #6: Bubble Wrap Coasters

  • Published on Feb 22, 2016
  • Bubble wrap is so much fun to pop! So, what if you couldn't pop it?!
    Yes, the idea is a bit evil, but I have to say these coasters are not only interesting to look at they also have a fantastic texture to them!
    Full Write Up: shop-time.net/unppopable-bubble-wrap-coasters/
    Want To Make this Project?
    Clear Epoxy Resin: amzn.to/1T0w5FE
    Coaster Molds: amzn.to/1T0wwQj
    Mixing cups & stir sticks: amzn.to/24lvstM
    Rubber Gloves: amzn.to/1T0wIyZ
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  • Frida Kristianne Haugen Varskog

    absolutely malicious

  • It's Vonnie
    It's Vonnie Month ago

    Your diabolical plan has been stopped lol now we shall enjoy the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap.

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    I'd love to see a revisit of this one, but maybe fill in the negative end with an opaque resin. Or color the dots like pixels.

  • Operator 801
    Operator 801 Month ago

    Aww man, put this in a vacuum chamber to harden and the bubbles would puff up with no wrinkles.

  • Kevin Hatley
    Kevin Hatley Month ago

    Why the intro sound like it belongs in a 2008 Pokémon ds game?

  • ღDawn Drawsღ
    ღDawn Drawsღ Month ago

    Thanks a lot...


  • Cynthia Lemus
    Cynthia Lemus Month ago

    This makes me uncomfortable. Lol

  • wayne burden
    wayne burden Month ago

    Colored resin in a and put in a window would be really neat.

  • Sam van der Slikke
    Sam van der Slikke 2 months ago

    Love itt

  • Marilyn Mc2Bitz
    Marilyn Mc2Bitz 2 months ago

    Make a mold and pour marbled resin over these. Omg it would look soooooo cool.

  • Shyam Sundar
    Shyam Sundar 2 months ago

    Fill the negatives with photochromatic pigment and resin. You'll get some cool colour changes when you place a hot mug over the coaster 😃

  • Daniel Segel
    Daniel Segel 2 months ago

    It looked better with the black background. Or maybe a mirror would be cool.

  • chris18228
    chris18228 2 months ago

    You monster

  • Kate Allen
    Kate Allen 2 months ago

    It would look great with a colored layer behind it !

  • Cal Thompson
    Cal Thompson 2 months ago

    You should make one of those out of silicon, then make an actual resin bubble wrap sheet. So it frustrates people who try to pop it.

  • Daniel McDermott
    Daniel McDermott 2 months ago

    How would it look if you filled the bottoms with a coloured resin?

  • Isaac Wynyard
    Isaac Wynyard 2 months ago

    Fill the bubbles with a clear silicon so that it grips the table and would look like you could still pop the bubble wrap.

  • stephanie tozer
    stephanie tozer 2 months ago

    I'd like to c a colored resin on the bubble side I think that would look coll

  • Spencer S
    Spencer S 2 months ago

    hahahaha i just watched this video and the big bubbles dipped in resin look like condoms before theyve been cut apart at the factory XD and i know thats not how theyre made but still

  • Lcatch
    Lcatch 2 months ago

    fill the back with a different color!!!!!!!!!

  • Lcatch
    Lcatch 2 months ago

    Dip it in epoxy, hand it up, repeat.

  • Matthew Fox
    Matthew Fox 2 months ago

    Forgive me - I’m new here to this channel but it doesn’t appear that you really dip anything - rather pour it...???

  • Ian Holmen
    Ian Holmen 2 months ago

    That would make a good lens for a tail light.

  • Ethan Cohoon
    Ethan Cohoon 3 months ago

    Maybe fill the negative with a different colour/color resin

  • Matti Parviainen
    Matti Parviainen 3 months ago

    Actually doesn't have anything to do with the bottom.
    Apparently the resin doesn't stick on the bubble wrap and when you cut it to pieces, the bottom and top part separates, because when you cast it like that, there's no connection between bottom and top halves of the resin.
    If you want to keep them together, you either need to find resin that sticks to bubble wrap or puncture the sheet so that the both sides of resin connects together.
    Also what you should take care is the sides. They won't look that neat if not casted separately.
    I guess you could also first cut the bubble wrap to the correct size, then build oversized mold and finally sand the final product to the correct size, so that you won't cut into bubble wrap, but leave a little resin at sides as well.
    I hope you get what I mean. English is not my native language.

  • Xenotric
    Xenotric 3 months ago

    would look really nice with an opaque black resin bottom if ever do it again with a thicker bottom

  • Chandra The Strange
    Chandra The Strange 3 months ago

    Bob ross moment. Happy little accident

  • mess up naill gun face guy

    I make them red and print tention rap on them. An sell them to red drawf fan's.

  • Desmond's Corner
    Desmond's Corner 3 months ago

    want a shower door done like this

  • Midnight Zirconia
    Midnight Zirconia 3 months ago

    Resin the bubble wrap like you did, then remove the wrap and put in a second color of dye for a cool effect, maybe

  • Braydan Allen
    Braydan Allen 3 months ago

    You should fill the tray with epoxy, put it in a vacuum chamber so the bubbles fill, let harden... And boom (but this is still awesome too😂)

  • 4PixelCorner
    4PixelCorner 3 months ago

    deadpool spatula!?

  • Rachel Tiffany
    Rachel Tiffany 3 months ago

    I wonder how it looks when you fill the empty holes with color...

  • Mary McCauley
    Mary McCauley 5 months ago

    Hi Peter. I love this idea with bubble wrap.I will try a few perhaps some alcohol ink for colour. My friend and I are always looking for a new idea and we found one today. Thank you for this cool idea.

  • Lolz Lelz
    Lolz Lelz 5 months ago

    I need these in my life 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Noelh96
    Noelh96 6 months ago

    Oh god, That pizza pan failure fortelling the future of the clockwork clock project 😮😦

  • Annabelle White
    Annabelle White 6 months ago

    Kerblam it.

  • Mr Alan the Ninja
    Mr Alan the Ninja 7 months ago

    its not that the reverse layer was too thin, its that you cut/sanded away all the points that bound the top layer to the bottom layer. the bubble wrap acted as a shield, so little to no contact beyond the outside edges to actually bind the top to the bottom... and then you went and cut and sanded those edges off, of course the 2 layers came apart...

  • MysticGalaxy
    MysticGalaxy 7 months ago

    Tissue paper + oil 🤨+ resins = optical illusion oil lamp. 😏

  • dooks4life
    dooks4life 8 months ago

    I love how you think!

  • Maddie Wilson
    Maddie Wilson 8 months ago

    What if you then took one of those negatives and filled it with a colored resin to fill the bubbles, so then it was still flat on both sides of the coaster, and youd still have the bubble wrap effect, just now in color? You could even play with it with different colors swirled kr mixed in different ways!

  • James TheDoctor Duncan
    James TheDoctor Duncan 8 months ago

    Note to self: bubble wrap = excellent mold release.

  • Travis Pisani
    Travis Pisani 8 months ago

    What type of lathe do you use? I really want to get into wood turning but lathe's are so expensive. Will a mini lathe be good enough to start or are there major drawbacks to it other than just not being able to turn larger pieces?

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P 8 months ago

    I love to see your experiments; and hear the wit that goes with it; hilarious! You know, I quite liked the toasters. They looked OK to me, except, it's just that I'm a bit of a neat freak; and the edges weren't good to say the least. Graeme Evans had the right idea, but everything is perfect in hindsight. Gotta look on the bright side; this experiment was far more a hit than a miss, and at least you didn't make use of the food processor. lol. A big No No! :)

  • Crazy Nerd Inventor
    Crazy Nerd Inventor 8 months ago

    The intro tho, was pure evil.

    It is perfect

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 9 months ago

    Wubble brap... bad spellers of the world untie.

  • Suzette Kath
    Suzette Kath 9 months ago

    As for what happened. The late Bob Ross said "Happy little accidents."

    • Doug Alexander
      Doug Alexander 9 months ago

      Suzette Kath: Indeed. I miss him. In a way I guess he was a forerunner of the RU-clip format. Do it, and film it.

  • Robyns Nest
    Robyns Nest 9 months ago

    So Cool!!!!! I was thinking the same thing about using them inverted to "catch" the condensation and also so the smooth side is on the furniture and no chance of scratching!!! So Cool!!! My hus6and I Really need to do this, also!!!! 💗💕💗

  • Ludovico Maletti
    Ludovico Maletti 9 months ago

    Maybe you could fill those prints with lightly coloured resin (very light pink or blue)

  • Erin Toal
    Erin Toal 9 months ago

    Love it! So creative and out of the box. Great work!

  • Lookoutitsdomke
    Lookoutitsdomke 10 months ago

    What if you redid this, but put it in the vacuum chamber and pulled a weak vacuum to make the bubbles in the bubble wrap expand?

  • Wolfy Wolf
    Wolfy Wolf 10 months ago

    Every time I watch this I think about how evil you are!

  • duck
    duck 10 months ago

    This is pure evil.

  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 10 months ago

    How dare you

  • Joy &!
    Joy &! 10 months ago

    This video was the one that made me find your channel! It is always so fun to revisit

  • Glenn Hanlon
    Glenn Hanlon 10 months ago

    I thought the wrapping might melt or warp

  • Cheap Tactics
    Cheap Tactics 10 months ago

    You absolute monster. If I had that I'd be constantly in pain cause I can't pop the bubbles
    Jokes aside, it's pretty cool

  • Lisa Cameron
    Lisa Cameron 11 months ago


    FUZZII EVERLOVE 11 months ago

    432 THAT'S AWESOME...
    Now you can fill each gap with different colors... Try it with the bigger bubbles...... aaaawwww.....

  • Chrisanna Fabela
    Chrisanna Fabela 11 months ago

    whats the best thing about bubble wrap...
    me: it pops
    what if it didnt do that any more
    me: wtf nooooo....