Dip It #6: Bubble Wrap Coasters

  • Published on Feb 22, 2016
  • Bubble wrap is so much fun to pop! So, what if you couldn't pop it?!
    Yes, the idea is a bit evil, but I have to say these coasters are not only interesting to look at they also have a fantastic texture to them!
    Full Write Up: shop-time.net/unppopable-bubble-wrap-coasters/
    Want To Make this Project?
    Clear Epoxy Resin: amzn.to/1T0w5FE
    Coaster Molds: amzn.to/1T0wwQj
    Mixing cups & stir sticks: amzn.to/24lvstM
    Rubber Gloves: amzn.to/1T0wIyZ
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  • Mr Alan the Ninja
    Mr Alan the Ninja 17 days ago

    its not that the reverse layer was too thin, its that you cut/sanded away all the points that bound the top layer to the bottom layer. the bubble wrap acted as a shield, so little to no contact beyond the outside edges to actually bind the top to the bottom... and then you went and cut and sanded those edges off, of course the 2 layers came apart...

  • MysticGalaxy
    MysticGalaxy 22 days ago

    Tissue paper + oil 🀨+ resins = optical illusion oil lamp. 😏

  • dooks4life
    dooks4life Month ago

    I love how you think!

  • Maddie Wilson
    Maddie Wilson Month ago

    What if you then took one of those negatives and filled it with a colored resin to fill the bubbles, so then it was still flat on both sides of the coaster, and youd still have the bubble wrap effect, just now in color? You could even play with it with different colors swirled kr mixed in different ways!

  • James TheDoctor Duncan

    Note to self: bubble wrap = excellent mold release.

  • Travis Pisani
    Travis Pisani Month ago

    What type of lathe do you use? I really want to get into wood turning but lathe's are so expensive. Will a mini lathe be good enough to start or are there major drawbacks to it other than just not being able to turn larger pieces?

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P Month ago

    I love to see your experiments; and hear the wit that goes with it; hilarious! You know, I quite liked the toasters. They looked OK to me, except, it's just that I'm a bit of a neat freak; and the edges weren't good to say the least. Graeme Evans had the right idea, but everything is perfect in hindsight. Gotta look on the bright side; this experiment was far more a hit than a miss, and at least you didn't make use of the food processor. lol. A big No No! :)

  • Crazy Nerd Inventor

    The intro tho, was pure evil.

    It is perfect

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 2 months ago

    Wubble brap... bad spellers of the world untie.

  • Suzette Kath
    Suzette Kath 2 months ago

    As for what happened. The late Bob Ross said "Happy little accidents."

    • Doug Alexander
      Doug Alexander 2 months ago

      Suzette Kath: Indeed. I miss him. In a way I guess he was a forerunner of the RU-clip format. Do it, and film it.

  • Robyns Nest
    Robyns Nest 2 months ago

    So Cool!!!!! I was thinking the same thing about using them inverted to "catch" the condensation and also so the smooth side is on the furniture and no chance of scratching!!! So Cool!!! My hus6and I Really need to do this, also!!!! πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—

  • Ludovico Maletti
    Ludovico Maletti 2 months ago

    Maybe you could fill those prints with lightly coloured resin (very light pink or blue)

  • Erin Toal
    Erin Toal 3 months ago

    Love it! So creative and out of the box. Great work!

  • Lookoutitsdomke
    Lookoutitsdomke 3 months ago

    What if you redid this, but put it in the vacuum chamber and pulled a weak vacuum to make the bubbles in the bubble wrap expand?

  • Wolfy Wolf
    Wolfy Wolf 3 months ago

    Every time I watch this I think about how evil you are!

  • duck
    duck 3 months ago

    This is pure evil.

  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 3 months ago

    How dare you

  • Joy &!
    Joy &! 3 months ago

    This video was the one that made me find your channel! It is always so fun to revisit

  • Glenn Hanlon
    Glenn Hanlon 3 months ago

    I thought the wrapping might melt or warp

  • Cheap Tactics
    Cheap Tactics 4 months ago

    You absolute monster. If I had that I'd be constantly in pain cause I can't pop the bubbles
    Jokes aside, it's pretty cool

  • Lisa Cameron
    Lisa Cameron 4 months ago


    FUZZII EVERLOVE 4 months ago

    432 THAT'S AWESOME...
    Now you can fill each gap with different colors... Try it with the bigger bubbles...... aaaawwww.....

  • Chrisanna Fabela
    Chrisanna Fabela 4 months ago

    whats the best thing about bubble wrap...
    me: it pops
    what if it didnt do that any more
    me: wtf nooooo....

  • Katie Mate
    Katie Mate 4 months ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (jan. 1st, 1:00 am)

  • Alex Weare
    Alex Weare 4 months ago

    Hot wheels tray for hardware

  • Kayla Ellison
    Kayla Ellison 4 months ago

    You should do something with sprinkles if you can ✨

  • Kasra Torabi
    Kasra Torabi 4 months ago

    Do it under a partial vacuum so you get fully inflated bubbles

  • Dawn Westerbeck
    Dawn Westerbeck 4 months ago

    Too simple for me, but it was cool looking.

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 4 months ago

    What if you made another one but the original size before cutting. Then use that to do a silicone mold and boom unlimited bubble wrap molds.

  • the cyan platipus
    the cyan platipus 4 months ago

    ypu monster!

  • unboxer origomist
    unboxer origomist 4 months ago +1

    You should fill the voids with a different color

  • Agathi
    Agathi 4 months ago

    the intro was really cringey

  • Simply Atlas
    Simply Atlas 5 months ago

    Some men just want to watch the world burn

  • Beejay Swifter
    Beejay Swifter 5 months ago

    Cool. This is better than the original plan. ;)

  • Breadward W.
    Breadward W. 5 months ago

    Dip outs?

  • Maelav Drak
    Maelav Drak 5 months ago

    Your home decor must be really fucking interesting

  • and what about it?
    and what about it? 5 months ago

    if i saw this id throw it and smash it

  • WhatEver
    WhatEver 5 months ago

    The purpose of a coaster, is to keep moisture OFF your wood furniture. What a neat look though!

  • Laura Marin
    Laura Marin 6 months ago

    Still awsome result! Love it 😊
    Bubble wrap did not stick to the resin, becouse it is plastic. Try, after you pour first layer of resin and let it dry, to add on the bubble wrap side, some super glue (all over) then stick it to that first layer of resin. After that pour the other part . Just saying. Idk πŸ™ƒ

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 6 months ago

    Would you try using paint brushes?

  • Jeremy Meigs
    Jeremy Meigs 7 months ago

    You should collect the whole bunch of dead flies and make a soup bowl LOL

  • Karen O
    Karen O 8 months ago

    MUCH BETTER 'SPLIT'! = ) Try as Light Lens ~ *

  • S. Smithie
    S. Smithie 8 months ago

    More outline base resin designs :)

  • Outdoors Polska
    Outdoors Polska 8 months ago

    Would a heat gun work

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 8 months ago

    You could have melted some rubber and put it in the holes, might have looked nice

  • Catherine Anninos
    Catherine Anninos 9 months ago

    Probably one of my favorite projects from you... (i love all of them.. but something about this one)

  • Melahat Kavak
    Melahat Kavak 9 months ago

    I like it is nice simple but good excellent work but your coffee and tea or make bigger size and put souce pan

  • Vere Absolutum
    Vere Absolutum 9 months ago

    Use a hairdryer to remove bubbles. No FLAME needed for bubble removal.

  • Lacey Jade
    Lacey Jade 9 months ago +1

    the larger bubbled bubble wrap would be really cool for a cutting board since it would show so many more bubbles on it with the larger space

  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat 9 months ago


  • Jeff Haskin
    Jeff Haskin 9 months ago

    It'd be cool if you put, like, maybe gold(?) resin into just the holes, and leave the in-between stuff clear.

  • Pickles Osiris
    Pickles Osiris 9 months ago

    Omg you should fill the holes with another color resin 😍😍😍😍

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 9 months ago

    What's the point of the bubbles if you cant pop them?πŸ˜€

  • DimensionZombie
    DimensionZombie 10 months ago


  • Morgan  Schodlatz
    Morgan Schodlatz 10 months ago

    ....I can't help it I got to say:
    You look and sound like Rob Dyke

  • theblackswan84
    theblackswan84 10 months ago

    lol "what if you couldn't do that?" *evil laugh

  • Mason Calkins
    Mason Calkins 10 months ago

    You should fill the holes with resin and pigment

  • Je Prends Soin De Moi
    Je Prends Soin De Moi 10 months ago

    put colored resine inside the holes :)

  • POOTIS13
    POOTIS13 10 months ago

    you're literally Sheogorath

  • Luis C. Terrazas
    Luis C. Terrazas 10 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant intro with that question.

  • Carlos Orama
    Carlos Orama 11 months ago

    I liked it better with the black on the bottom

  • Pressure Designs
    Pressure Designs 11 months ago

    The reason why it separated was that the foil separated them entirely and was only hold together on the sides. After cutting them into shape there was no meeting resin surface anymore.

  • kanesha streat
    kanesha streat 11 months ago

    I love watching u

  • JohnyGage
    JohnyGage 11 months ago

    so wait, you intentionally put bubbles into your resin this time

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 11 months ago

    Need to put color layer under it once you pull bubble wrap off

  • PhonesKP
    PhonesKP 11 months ago

    They looked really nice with the black background. Made the bubbles stand out way more.

  • Michael
    Michael 11 months ago

    Dip a Bic lighter!!! The lighter you can't light!!

  • Sarah Fowler
    Sarah Fowler 11 months ago

    You could fill it with a different color ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THE POSSIBILITIEEESS

  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 11 months ago

    You're an evil genius.

  • Cindy_
    Cindy_ 11 months ago


  • GachaGarbage
    GachaGarbage Year ago

    You...... You


  • Mason Corey
    Mason Corey Year ago

    Pour coloured epoxy in the holes plz

  • Dennis Chen
    Dennis Chen Year ago

    Keep on pressing 0:12 πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜€
    Like out of a horror movie!

  • Georgia Burger
    Georgia Burger Year ago

    My favourite part about this channel is the Dad jokes. Honestly makes my day πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

  • moonlight shining

    [suggest that you Can inject Resin inside the babbls with colouring some of them it will be more beautiful

  • Kanchan Karai
    Kanchan Karai Year ago


  • Cecilia Colley
    Cecilia Colley Year ago

    why arent ur videos monetized?

  • TheWanderingMuzungu

    What putting them in a vacuum chamber and sucking them taught so the bubbles are smooth and uniform?

  • SpartaGames
    SpartaGames Year ago

    Idea: make a new bottom layer with a different color redid so the bubbles are visible and it gives it 2 colors

  • Kennedy Brinkhurst

    β€œWhat’s the best thing about bubble wrap, what if you can’t do that?” πŸ˜‚

  • Muhsin
    Muhsin Year ago

    at 3:02 I fully expected him to say "Okay so a couple seconds has gone by"

  • Gennie Chappell
    Gennie Chappell Year ago

    Make a plate out of the first one to put cheese and crakers on next to the coasters.

  • 2s7a2m7
    2s7a2m7 Year ago

    What if you filled all of the holes with colored resin?

  • Racquel Flores
    Racquel Flores Year ago

    I love when you RU-clip suggests videos you didn't know you wanted to see. Your channel was one. Subscribed!

    • Peter Brown
      Peter Brown  Year ago

      Awesome! Thanks for giving it a whirl!

  • Tracey Platt
    Tracey Platt Year ago

    I love these. Will give this a try, but I will drop some alcohol inks into the resin. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nathan Ho
    Nathan Ho Year ago

    He kinda looks like a skunk just sayin

  • Engelhome
    Engelhome Year ago

    You could fill each bubble

  • dominator2486
    dominator2486 Year ago

    This is an old video but anyway, the US government has invented bubble wrap that doesn't pop

  • April Slayton
    April Slayton Year ago

    do you sell your projects?

  • khaza1wolfgurl
    khaza1wolfgurl Year ago

    this is one of my favourites! x3

  • rachel noske
    rachel noske Year ago

    hes got resin in his hair.

  • Kron Muharemi
    Kron Muharemi Year ago

    You should inject the resin in the bubble wrap

  • Lexus Edith
    Lexus Edith Year ago

    fill one of them with color

  • Donna Wolcott
    Donna Wolcott Year ago

    A transparent dye would be cool.

  • Matthew Henington

    They look like they would make really cool tiles for a much larger project. Plus you may not even need to get too much bubble wrap since you could reuse it. Or just make one really huge slab and cut into tiles.

  • Murderous Noodles

    You should make bubble wrap placemats

  • ??????? Ihatecoffee

    Bubble wrap bowl?

  • Misty N
    Misty N Year ago

    So a few sheets of this then fill them with a different color. Once those are done encase them, alternating colors, in more resin then make something cool it's that!

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo Year ago

    seringe fill each bulle with couloured resin then cast that be cool

  • Burgess Forge
    Burgess Forge Year ago

    I bet it would look really cool if you put different colored resin over the back of the coasters. You probably won't see this but hey my statement still stands